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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Holy smokes
Wow, I've been really neglectant (sp?. Lol, I still can't spell worth crap) to this site. Its been over a month with no update. Its just a phase, where I really don't want to go and update. I have these weird phases when I check MyO at the begining and end of each day, and when I just don't want to update at all. And... sadly, its been the last one lately. And i put up a new layout last time so that I would update. :P. I'm so horrible.

Anywho, school's been fun. I have two classes at the school each day, then I go to this tech center thing for the rest of each day. Its a lot of fun. Its a place that high school students can go if they want, and there are different programs like Floral Design, Programing, EMT Training, Cosmetics, and just totally random stuff. I'm In the Multimedia Program, and its SO much fun. I really like it. I'm in an advanced part of the class because I took Multimedia 1 last year. The advanced class is going a lot into 3D art, which is really good because its what field I want to go into. Eventually, the advanced class can either continue with 3D stuff, or go and make a really good portfolio with different fields like sound editing, video editing, graphics, and the sort. If you chose the 3D portion (which I probably am), you can either do short video clips and add sound and stuff, or you can start making games and programing them. Its a lot of fun!

The other classes are alright at school as well. I'm taking an advanced US history class, which my parents tried So hard to talk me out of doing. I've never really been good at organization and studying, and both those things are crutial for the AP classes. So, as my dad called it, Its baptism by fire. But, its been alright. My teacher is kinda freaky, because she's a unmarried female. And... halfway acts like a student. She's also my finincial literacy teacher (financial lit is required in our district). But she's a lot of fun at times. I'm also taking physics, with a really fun teacher. And my last class is English. Now thats a funny class. the teacher is absolutly hilarious.

And, piano has been a pain. I really enjoy it, but I don't like how much I have to practice (actually, I don't think i'd mind it as much if my mom didn't nag to much). But, its a really good thing if I can work hard on it. I'm learning a piece that is 96 pages long! Its a concerto by Beethoven, and at the end of the year I have to work on it, there's a compitition, and the winners get to play with an orchestra. UBt.. I have to get that good first. *sigh* alls well.

And... I'm out. Ta!

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