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Friday, January 19, 2007

*zombie* Hello people. Hows it going? I'm kinda Really dead this week, it being end of the semester and all. Luckly, next week starts the new semester, and the stress level will hopefully go down. If, that is, I can actually get along with my mom so that home life isn't freaking awful. -_-.

So yeah, Its been a bad week. Started off the week by crying and leaving church to take a shower and a have a nap, and the rest of the week hasn't been much better. I wake up every morning in a bad mood ('cause hey, I hate mornings. Especially in the winter, because I hate the cold), and I've been going to sleep in a bad mood because no one will freaking leave me alone! Gah! The main part of the day has been okay, but it really doesn't help when you go to bed depressed. I talked to my dad about it, and he feels bad that there's nothing he can really do about it. I also really want to take a break from piano, but I cant with this new teacher. So, I've been sleeping most of the days because
  1. I haven't been getting sleep because of headachs
  2. I'm actually left alone when I'm asleep
Ugh. So, Hopefully Next week will be better. And we have Monday off! Thank God! *dances*

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