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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Arg. I really don't want to update. *pouts (If thats spelled right 8D)* Holy freak. There was this kid JUST barely walking by the (empty) Classroom I'm in and he was STARING at me every time He could see me. It was freaky.

So today was... interesting. My dad wanted to go talk to the school councelor about something with me, and I was crying. I don't think I normally would, but I've been really depressed lately (for some unknown reason *coughmomcough*), and really stressed about stuff. But, it went well, so its all good. My lover Friend, Duo, found some earings at a church she was at and gave them to me. Mostly because she doesn't have her ears pierced, but they're really cool. I like 'em. They're all dangely and crap.

But anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! *blows something up* we were talking about the history of halloween today and it was lotsa fun. And if it wern't for some stupid people, I'd still be in that class. *glares* but whatever. NO, I was NOT bullied, but something else happened. But whatever. HAPPY ALL HALLOWS EVE~!

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