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Monday, January 8, 2007

Th New Layouts coming along i PROMISE!! I've just about finished the layout, but I haven't had a lot of time to be on the computer. I didn't eat a lot on saturday, so my body was angry at me, and then Sunday is a NO computer day for my house ('Cause of my mom). So... I'm not actually sure when it would be finished. I may be able to work on it for 45 min. after school today, but I really should be practicing during that time. I have a lesson on Tuesday, so I need to be a bit more ready than I am. Luckly, its at 7:30 PM, so I have a bit of the day to work on my songs. I really need to learn to not put off doing my piano. It'd make life so much easier, but I just DONT. and I don't know why. My attention span isn't all that long, and it doesn't help that I can only practice for so long before my back hurts.

But anyway, I. Freaking. Love. Tech Center. Its SO much fun!*hearts*. I really should start working on my project, 'cause its due at the end of the week (and I haven't started it). They're supposed to be really good projects that you've worked on all quarter, but I, being me, Procrastinated. So, I don't have anything. la Grr. And, there's another big group Project (I Hate Group projects. Single ones are so much better) thats due next week in English, and its about some random author. We picked... the Guy who did Moby-Dick. Thats really all I know. He likes sailing, but I'm not sure what we can do with that *growls* I really don't like the end of the quarter. Its soo frustrating. OH! I also have 25 sketches due on Wednesday, and I have about 16 done. *fumes* And I still don't have my new years resolutions done (not that they're required but...)

And I got to go now. Stupid Acadamy *Fume*

P.S. although I'm seeming angry, I'm really actually in a good mood, besides being slightly stressed and having a headache. But, such is life.

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