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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

this is just some rambling, well, a lot of rambling.

Hey guys!!! *huggles* Thank you for the comments last time. ^^ I know, it's been over a week since I posted here. But I warned you before...I won't be posting as often here on myO. I always log onto theO first, so then sometimes I don't even log on here...and fewer and fewer people are visiting here. :( Heck, who am I to talk about that? LOl. I only got one comment on my last World post anyway. XD I'm just not likeable anymore. Haha. Anyhoo, thanks so much Jes, Kojiro, Raisha, and Stephie! I appreciate it. ^^ Yes, my grandma is doing better thankfully. And my dad had a fine trip. Didn't catch much though. XD

Should I start copying and pasting all the posts I do on my World, no matter how long or short, on here as well? I just feel bad that I only post once a week or less here, and then news is all old when I rehash it here...for those that don't comment on theO at all. :/ So help me decide!!! *hugs*

What happened since my last post that I've talked about on theO: I spoke with my dad about the credits thing. It was pretty bad...I did cry, though not as much as I thought I would. He was incredibly upset. Really really mad. At me, at the school, at everything. That was on...friday or something...or saturday; I don't remember. Whenever it was, well, he hasn't talked to me about the school stuff since then. So there's been no solution brought up to help me with next year. I THINK though...that he's letting me go an extra semester or year or whatever I need...I think. >>' Like I said, he didn't tell me directly. Mommy said that would be fine, but she doesn't have the final say. Dad does. Lots of people have been asking me or telling me to just talk to my mom about this whole thing, but like I said...it really doesn't matter WHAT SHE thinks since my dad is the money-maker (or money-lender?) lol. So I'm stuck with dealing with the tyrant.

Other stuff has probably happened, but I don't feel like going over it again. XD So now for the new part of the post!

Why on earth am I posting anyway? I'm not sure. I just felt like putting something here. Well, I made a new wallpaper! It isn't the one that I've been slaving over for a couple weeks...this was just a quick one. :) I really like it though. Hopefully more people do! Lol, barely anyone's commented or hugged or anything. >>' Oh well. I LIKE IT.

As for my WIP, I'm at a crossroad with it...about the bg. I really don't like it. Lol, even though I'm just mimicking the original scan's, it just doesn't look right. :/ So I have two versions I'm deciding on which to work with: this one that has the green side that's like the original's, and then this one that has blue all over. >.< I don't know. I realize they're messy, but I kind of want it that way!! It's all impressionistic painty...thing...yeah. If you don't remember, this is the original scan. I really like how I painted the girl, but everything else is just BLEH.

I've been plagued with more headaches and neck aches lately. Well, everyday. I haven't had a pain-free day in a really long time. *sigh* I hate it. Even with the meds that I take, nothing really works!! So I'm just like WTF. Whatever. I just have to live with it. I've been pretty down today. School was ok, even though I got a 70 on my marketing quiz today...we haven't gotten back ANY of the other quizzes, so I'm pretty scared. If I got a 70 on this one, I can't imagine my grades on the others. But that's not why I'm feeling down! It's my physical pain, it's the graduating credits problem, and it's just my general feeling of...wanting to just go anti-social. I know, I'm writing this so I must not be! Right? Yeah, well. I've just been feeling...left out...unloved...like I'm not good enough. I feel like every time I say something, it makes someone mad or they misunderstand it. That's why I just want to be antisocial, become a hermit and not talk to anyone!!! Even though I want to be more included and feel loved, at the same time, I don't want to bother being around people...where conflicts can happen. And yes, most of these things are stemming from here on theO and other friends I have online, not IRL. I just don't bother with IRL friends at school. I just don't. It makes things easier.

I've been kind of annoyed by some artists here. I can't stand seeing the same people and their same stuff being on the front page. Being so popular. There are LOTS Of other talented artists here, you know?? But it's like they just get ignored for the name-brand, or whatever you want to say. I know that Nami and Mariel have had similar complaints. So yeah, I feel the same. :/ And not just fanart, I'm talking about the other categories, too. It's ok to have your own style, most definitely! I mean, that's what makes an artist, right?? But sometimes I wish certain people would do something DIFFERENT. *sigh* If I'm guilty of the stuff I'm ranting about, I apologize. Just let me know.

I've been playing FF13. I think it's good so far! Not GREAT yet, but it's just the beginning. I have the some complaints that a lot of people had, about there being so many movies and not enough playtime. But I'm only on the second chapter. :) I need to get the new Ace Attorney game! EDGEWORTHHHHH. <333 And I still haven't gotten the new Pokemon either. Hopefully this weekend, which IS Easter break! I have tomorrow off, and friday as I usually do, plus monday. :3 Hooray. I need another break. School is getting tiring.

Wow, I think I'm writing too much. I'm just putting down whatever the heck comes to mind...no matter how unimportant. ^^; Like the fact that I have spider bites on my forehead! Yeah, WTF. How did that happen??? Itchy. *thinks* I know other things are bothering me, but I can't put my finger on them lol. I'm just a miserable, useless blob today. Sorry. XD

I wrote way too much. Thanks to whoever reads this brainspill!! *hugs* If no one comments, that's fine, too. I was just...writing for myself I guess. Take care~

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Monday, March 22, 2010

same post as theO!! just some things. quizzes and school and WIP

Hey!! *hugs* Thank you for the comments last time! <333 I'm so sorry that I haven't posted here in a while. By that I mean over a week. ^^; Well, as I warned, I may not be posting here that often. This time I posted on theO first and THEN copied and pasted it HERE. Yeah, reverse from what I usually do. It's just that I was on there, and I thought it'd be a shorter post, but it's pretty long! Lol. It's myO worthy. XD Anyhoo, thanks to you sweeties for the comments~ Wow Lys! So nice to hear from you again! It's been FOREVER. And Deb, your memories of myO were very touching. :) Jes, Meg, and Angelbest, thank you all, too!! *hugs hugs hugs*

Look! New theme! It's all bright and green and springy. :D I like it. ^^ It had to match my avi, lol.

My dad left for his fishing trip to Florida early this morning. He'll be gone until Thursday night. :( Even if he's mean sometimes...or really hard to talk to (like about my school stuff, which I'm waiting to tell him about when he GETS BACK), I still love him and miss him when he's gone. We're real good buddies most of the time, usually when it comes to watching sports lol. It's just when it comes down to school-related things or business-y stuff, that's when I'd rather not be around him...and if you're not feeling well (like sick), he really isn't fun to be around. He can't stand it if I'm not feeling well or my mom has another migraine. Instead of being consoling, he yells. He gets mad at us for not feeling good! ^^; That's how he always is. Anyhoo, I hope he has a nice, safe trip. He's fishing with his friend down there and visiting his mom (my grandma).

Grandma Shirley (who he's visiting) had a mild stroke the other day. Very scary. :( She lives alone in this old folk's community, and she had the stroke when she was working on taxes or something. She couldn't think straight at all. Nothing made sense to her. And then what did she do? She DROVE to the hospital!! O__O She didn't even call 911! And there was no one there to help her. It's a miracle that she made it to the hospital without anything happening then. My dad was so scared when he got that phone call about it...thankfully she's doing better now, but it was scary. We're going to get her one of those "Life Alert" things, you know? That infomercial where the old lady falls and says, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" Lol. So yeah, I think it would be really good for her to have something like that in case something like this ever happens again.

So what did I do today? I made a quiz! Yes, a quiz here on theO. XD Since Meg (innocent heart) mentioned that she was going to make another one, well I decided I should finally try making one!! I thought it would take forever and would be really hard, but it wasn't. It was really fun to do. :) TheO has developed a really good way of creating them. It's easy to follow and works! I thought it was going to be really confusing, but each page helps you along. So yeah. ^^ What series did I make it for? Descendants of Darkness (well, Yami no Matsuei) since I've been rereading all of the manga I have, and I rewatched the anime before. <3 The first quiz I wanted to do was Oofuri, but I figured that would be a bit more difficult since it's really difficult to pinpoint things about some of the side characters. :/ But maybe one day I'll work on that. Now I need to wait for it to be accepted! Apparently it can take weeks before it is. ^^;;; But I hope that they accept it sooner...cause I really can't wait to see it. >__<

I'm just afraid that some of the results will be lopsided! Most people will probably get Tsuzuki or Hisoka, and then maybe Tatsumi. Watari and Muraki will probably be rarer...just cause their personalities aren't as common, I guess. Lol. If you don't know who these guys are, well, ok then! XD I think it's more fun to take quizzes from series that you're not familiar with because then you can't anticipate the results. You know? Like if you love a certain series and take a quiz from it, and all of the questions have really obvious answers, then it's like WTF no fun. For my quiz, I TRIED to pull out more obscure info that people may not necessarily connect with the characters...but I don't know. Most might be obvious if you're a fan though! XD

We had a thunderstorm today. Lots and lots and lots of rain. I'm assuming this was the snow that so many people in other states were getting...but since it's warmer here, we just got a ton of rain. And thunder and lightning! XD It's awesome. I love this kind of weather. <3 Though I love it more when it's the weekend and I can sleep through it, lol. Then again, I was really enjoying that sunny, warm weather we had over the weekend~~~

Ugh, my neck hurts. I'm tired of it. :( Stupid neck. I need a neck transplant! Lol. I don't think that's possible, hahaha. But both my mom and I would like head transplants as well cause we're sooooo tired of having migraines almost everyday. ^^;; And why does migraine meds have to cost so freaking much??? T__T My dad said the other day, "I hope your migraine pills DON'T work. They cost too much to get again." ~__~ Well, sorry...unfortunately they sort of WORK for me. See? Money is a big thing for my dad. He'd rather have us suffering in pain than pay more money to help. He'd rather me suffer through an extremely stressful and busy school year to graduate next year no matter what than allow me to go another year...I know it's a LOT of money, but still. :/ STUPID MONEY. THE ROOT OF ALL EVILS.

Hmm...oh, we got back our tests in history of costume. I got the highest again. >>' A 99%. Lol. If only grades counted for a lot more than they really do. They don't help pay for tuition. They don't get me exempt from things. They don't make my mentor like me more. -___-'

So I worked more on my wall yesterday. No more today. I'm basically on the BG next. I actually like how it's coming along! I think! Lots of people agree. ^^; So that's nice. I'm not completely sure...just looks messy to me, but hey, it's my style. I can't really help it.

Ok, I guess that's all! I wrote too much. XD Alright then. *hugs* Thanks sooooooooooo much for visiting me! I love you guys~~~~ Take care!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

lots of myO related stuff, today, school, art etc.

Hello!!! *hugs* Hello...nobody. XD *watches dust fly by* Well, not nobody exactly! Thanks to Char and Deb for commenting last time. ^_^ Though I got a few from Deb! Hehe! NICE. <33 Thanks, you guys.

Yeah, I guess it's because of that...that I don't post here as often. :( So few people actually comment myO nowadays! It's so sad! But things are just evolving, I suppose. More and more people are moving away from myO and onto the main site. Those of us that started here will never forget this site, and the new members that never visited a myO or even know what it is...well, they're missing out. But there will still be some of us to keep the memories alive. ^_^ Right?? So even if I don't post here much anymore [I might not even do so once a week...it depends], I'll never forget it. *hugs everyone* I'd like to hear some stories of your favorite myO memories! So feel free to share them, whoever reads this. XD

For me...I guess maybe not "favorite," but just what I remember most. A few years ago when it was still the hottest place around...I had sooo many friends on my list! My goodness I would spend ALL day commenting because everyone would be highlighted blue. Lol. It was tough work. VERY stressful. Back then, I even got uber depressed when I couldn't go on and comment. Like...I felt so pressured to be on everyday. XD So I would! I'd go on everyday and post everyday; that's why I was promoted to Legend so quickly (and back then there were no +++++ in between). Anyway, some good things I remember...the closeness of everyone. The amount of comments (I remember I almost got 30 a few times; and Steph used to get 90 on a regular basis lol!)...just everything. The old way contests were held, the incredible customizations you'd see on sites. Cause now, you know, Worlds are so standard! You can't change much at all!

Anyhoo, off of that subject. *thinks* Well, I have been posting on my world a lot more...so if you've been reading that, then there isn't much I can talk about! If not, uh, I'd have to wrack my brain to remember things, lol. I took a new pic of my hair today. So you can see the highlights and also, you can see it straightened! My mom got me a straightening iron, so I tried that for the first time ever. XD I kinda burned my forehead a little...but nothing bad. It was harder than I thought it'd be. The first strand we did, it stood straight up!!! Lol. It was hilarious. And NOT what I wanted it to look like. XD But I like it straight. I like it curly. I like it however. I just really like this haircut. ^^
Sorry, I'm not smiling in the pic. But I still think it turned out pretty well...except for my horrendous pajama shirt. XD Forgive the ugly stripes!

So daylight savings time started today. I can't stand it. ~__~ Losing an hour of sleep! Getting up for school will seem like an hour earlier...and eating dinner will be later since our biological clocks are messed up now. Haha. But I'm sure things will get back to normal in a couple days. It's the first day that screws me up. Why on earth do we still do this? What's the point? I mean, sure, waaaay back in the old days, there weren't lampposts and other lights and things to help farmers SEE their crops...but now there's plenty! They can harvest as long as they want!!! D< And just...where does that hour disappear to?? Lol. I've always wondered! Because DST supposedly starts at 2am. But what does that mean? At 2am...does it stay 2 am for an hour? At 2am, does it completely go away and it's automatically 3am? WHO DECIDED THESE THINGS?? O__O

Well, my brother didn't remember so he was late to work this morning! I woke up to go to the bathroom around 9am, umm...the new 9am or old? Now I don't remember. XD But I didn't hear my brother getting up! So I thought maybe he forgot...and so he'd be late...I even considered waking him up, lol. But I didn't. ^^; So 45 minutes later I heard him scrambling and running around; he obviously found out that the clocks had to be changed then! Haha. But he didn't mind. He texted me, "I was late for work today cause I didn't remember! It was soooooo cool! I gotta be late more often." XD

*yawns* Tired. And I have to go to school tomorrow. ~__~ Fuuuuun. Worked on some homework today. I can't stand busywork, you know? The kind that teachers give you just so you have homework to do. My typography stuff is due tuesday...she gave us this thing that's a part of a project to do, but she ALSO gave us the chapter reading and questions to answer. Those are pointless! All the answers are right in the book, yeah, but it takes time to answer them and type it all out...it just wastes time. ^^; Other than that today, and my hair straightening adventure, I watched hockey and other stuff. Lost the hockey game. :[ It sucked. But yesterday's win was so incredibly incredible that I guess it makes up for it. XD Thoughhhhh...really, we should've won today. Anyhoo, um, I didn't do much else today. Time just flew by since I got up past noon and finished breakfast at close to 2. Lol. Stupid DST.

Remember those internships I inquired about? Like I sent those people emails...3 places, I think. I haven't heard back from any of them. T__T It's so weird! Especially since my dad talked to the lady in charge of one place that MIGHT be having an internship (that was the gem magazine place)...and she never replied to my 2 emails. My dad called her again, got the answer machine, and we haven't heard back since. :/ It's discouraging. I at least want to hear back from Iris Creative because that's a graphic design place that's sort of close, and they for sure have an internship this summer. But there was only one email address to contact on the site, so I don't know if it's the right one! Will they check it?? Will I get an answer?? ;__; I'm really worried because if I have to do this for the summer...like my dad definitely wants me to, then I need it all set up before May 1. *sigh*

I'm so scared about this crap. And my dad is really stressing that I NEED to graduate next year. I can't go an extra semester or anything because he doesn't want to pay more. Even though before he (or at least mom) told me that it would be ok...because I'm behind on some credits, and I don't know if I can make them all up in one year! If I have to, then I'll be stressed triple-time...cause I'll have like 3 night classes + other stuff all in one semester. I'd rather die. My dad doesn't care about my mental wellness though. Everything is pressure from him. Business mode. Pressure. Stress. "Have you done this yet? Do that now." .__. Ugh. Just ugh. I really don't like talking to him these days! Until I get an internship secured and a "plan of action" for next year, he won't back off.

Here are the cards and things I've done in the past week:

And...now one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs. :) Alejandro~ The person just edited together some of her other music vids for this one.

Ok!! I might've written too much. And too much uninteresting, rambling stuff. ^^; Oh well. Thanks to whoever visits me here! *hugs* Thank you!!! Take care~

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

a review of this past week + today [my xbox died]

Hello guys! Girls, mostly. Lol. Thank you a ton for the comments last time. ^^ You're all lucky you read the "in a really good mood" post! XD Cause unfortunately those don't happen all that often. ;__; Deb, Sam, Raisha, and Serpy (that's it!!), thanks a ton for the comments on my last post here! I really appreciate them. I see that a couple of you had problems with your comments being cut off. :/ That's stupid. Sorry about that! :[ I hate it when that happens. And thanks for answering my random question about two spaces or two at the end of sentences. XD Glad I'm not the only one blown away by the change! O__O OOooooh and Serpy that is such GREAT news about Yami no Matsuei! Goodness, I hope that article is true. I needs me more. <3333 After all these years. T__T Arigatou again, everyone~

Ok, so I've been posting more often on my World now. :( I guess it's just more...convenient now. Fewer and fewer people are coming on myO and especially updating myO so I find myself constantly on theO commenting on posts there! Also, I suppose I don't feel as "pressured" to write as much there, lol. Hence more frequent, shorter posts. But here I've become known for my really long posts, right?? So I can't let that down! But anyway, that's why I only post on myO once a week. If there are some of you that ONLY visit here, please LET ME KNOW, ok?? :) Just so I'm made aware. Cause I think Raisha and Sam, definitely you two...I usually only get comments from you here, not on my World. So of course I would still post here even if only 2 or 3 people are commenting on myO. ^_^

This post is mostly going to be a summation of what I've written in posts on my World over the past week. Plus, of course, some new things. I'll probably put those on theO, too...ANYHOOOOOOO. How are all of you doing?? Spring break yet? Finishing it? Not having it for a while? Well, my spring break is over now. ;__; To be exact, monday it will be...but come on! Tomorrow is sunday. And as most of you probably know, sundays are for homework! Lol. Darn it. My break wasn't much of a break; the only great thing about it was being able to sleep late. But I've had a lot of stress during it...not enough full relaxation. ~__~' Here are the major stresses of my spring break:
1. Hearing about the death of my classmate, Josh. Very sad. Most likely suicide. I only had one class with him, but jeez...it still leaves a hole in my heart. You know? Just the fact that you KNEW OF somebody, it makes the death even sadder. Like there's still a connection there, even though it's not as much as a family member or best friend. May he rest in peace up in Heaven. Thanks again for all the condolences. *hugs*

2. Constant migraines. Neck pain. Almost everyday I've had a migraine...and my new meds actually give me nausea. :/ It's not pleasant! *sigh* I have one right now...well, mostly it's the neck PAIN. But my mom says that's a part of the migraine, too. Ugh. I hate it.

3. My dad...has been really intimidating me with the whole internship thing. Yesterday he brought me ANOTHER place he found and wanted me to contact the people about. Another place that wasn't in my interests at all. So I tried to talk to him about it...like how I don't feel comfortable with how he approaches me about this stuff. He feels more like a business boss instead of my dad/friend, and I don't like it. He really scares me sometimes. So yesterday I told him that stuff, but I CRIED AND CRIED. So much crying! I had such a mental breakdown. And as usual, he's not good at consoling...he just stood there and stared at me while I cried. *sigh* I hate that about him. Gawd, I couldn't breathe at all after! Crying for at least a half hour straight isn't fun. ~__~ I can't talk about my feelings without sobbing my eyes out. It sucks. I'm such a wuss. And I doubt my talking to him really helped...I wonder if he'll change his approach next time?

4. The newest problem came today. MY XBOX360 DIED. T___T It got the red ring of death today. It's horrible!!!! Of course after having it for 3 years, the warranty's expired, so it would cost $100 to send it to them to repair. It really sucks. :( I was so close to finishing Star Ocean 4, too. And FFXIII is coming out soon!! So anyway, I'm really upset and pissed about that...but I won't send it to get fixed. My brother had a good idea: sell it on ebay for parts and then just buy a new/used one. I hope that will work. >.<

Ok, lol. That was my list of stressful things that have happened this past week!! XD Great, right?? Ugh, my neck! DX Anyhoo, today we were going to just have a short trip out and walk the park with Totoro. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. We had to take this long detour for another errand...to this far away place. It was fun at first being in this new area and all, but Totey isn't used to long car rides! ^^;; And then by the time we got to the park...it was cold [see, we wanted to go for the walk since it was really nice out! but it took us a couple hours...so by then, it was windy and cold]. So we walked for like 10 minutes, and most of that time was taken up by Totey...and his bathroom troubles. >>' He went #2, but uh, didn't quite get it all out. It's disgusting. It happens to him a lot. Lol, but it's so gross!! He was walking around with poo on his butt. ;__; And it was just...bleh!! Had to rush home to wash his bum. Soooo gross, but it happens all the time. Still, it really ruined the fun.

Um, here's the card I made~ My 100th! ^_^ Thanks already for the comments on it. <3333

You've noticed on theO...now they have that featured artwork/fandom thing on the side. I wonder if mine ever will be? :/ Even though I don't care as much about popularity as I used to, I'm still pretty envious of those that already got their stuff featured. And they're all people I'm friends with, too!! ^^; I get jealous so easily.

I got my hair cut on thursday, again, if you didn't know. Lol. XD Super short pixie cut! Here is the better of the 2 pics I took. [I really really appreciate all your sweet compliments! so many people have been like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to me!! <33 ;__;]

Ok. I better go now. I wrote more than I thought I would. :/ And I lost my train of thought since Corey came down here and was talking to me...telling me to sell stuff. I'm so tired of him ordering me around. *sigh* Anyhoo, thanks soooo much for everything! I love you guys!! Take care!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodness, I'm in a good mood for once today! O__o

Hello guys! <33333 Thank you for the comments last time. :) Meg, Deb, Jes [all 3-letter names lol], Angelbest, and SS (you need a better nickname). I really appreciate all of your wonderfully long comments on my last post. ^^ They were all encouraging and whatnot. Yes, I'm definitely ALL better now from my flu. Thank you, thank you! <333

I feel kinda bad only posting once a week here now. To think I used to post every single day. But I can't manage that anymore, lol. 1: I'm not that interesting. 2: It would be bothersome to you guys. 3: Just not enough time. 4: Less people seem to comment anyway. Hence fewer posts from me! But I'll never give myO up! >D NEVER.

[random topic!!]When you learned to type and use word processing, what grade were you in? Like...did you guys have a computer class that would teach you "proper typing skills"? Back in my day (haha, I sound so old) we used computers in elementary school...but they were Apple IIGS (OLD) and there was no typing then, haha. In 7th grade we had a computer class that involved nothing but typing drills. So I guess that's what I'm talking about. ^^; And when you learned, did you learn that there are always 2 spaces after the period [end of a sentence]? Cause apparently that isn't necessary anymore!! O__O My typography teacher told me that you only need ONE SPACE after a sentence. Lol, that's what I always use when I'm typing emails and posts, but when I do papers, I still do 2 spaces...because teachers would always nitpick about that. But really? Now it's officially fine to only have 1? Did you learn that or something else? XD Sorry, I'm just really curious!

I know, that was a random topic to bring up, but it just came to me to ask, lol. Cause wtf. Earth-shattering info. Right? Haha. Anyhoo, today has been a pretty good day so far. :) I've been in a GOOD mood today! *__* That's kidna sorta weird for me. I'm usually in a bleh to average mood. But for some reason, I had happy feelings~ Kind of hyper! <3 Maybe it's because of the prospect of having a whole week off this week thanks to spring break. Or maybe...I don't know, my hormones decided to be positive for once. Today I haven't really done much though...I watched some What Not To Wear (i love that show), RuPaul's Drag Race (OMG I can't believe I did...lol, it isn't too bad!), and I took out Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei). I got that outta the dumpster that is my bookshelf...after several years. I haven't watched it in like 4 or 5 years. I MISS THE MANGA. The mangaka totally fell off a cliff or something. :( She stopped writing it in the middle of a story arc...years ago...so depressing. But anyhoo, I got out the dvds and watched a couple episodes. ^^ Haha, I still like it.

I was afraid I wouldn't care for it anymore because I really haven't watched a lot of anime lately. [I have no patience anymore.] I've watched maybe 2 episodes of any anime in the past week...Lol. "BACK IN THE DAY" I used to watch at least 10 episodes of various anime in a day! But now I'm kinda fading out of it, I guess. :/ I only watch things that I'm certain I'll like, mostly older shows that I've already watched. Sure things. You know? Or if there's a new series of a show that I love, then I'll watch it. But otherwise...I've kinda given up, lol. I have been an anime fan for around 13-14 years, so I guess it's about time that my interest wanes a bit. I still love manga though (I like manga more than anime these days), and I obviously still love certain characters and the art. If I didn't love the art, I wouldn't be making all these cards and stuff, right?? I'll never denounce my love for anime, but I'm just taking more of a break from it. More manga, more novels, video games, normal TV shows, etc.

Ooooh, watched the last event of the Olympics today. The HUGE hockey match between team USA and Canada. <3 It was soooo exciting!! Unfortunately USA lost. :( But goodness they played such a close game...coming back in the last period to tie it up and go into overtime. But eh, I guess Canada deserved it. I mean, they're THE hockey country. They love it like nobody's business, and plus the Olympics were in Canada...so yeah. ^^; If they lost, there would be a lot of angry people there, lol. Some possibly suicidal, too. >>' They take it really seriously, which is awesome. So yeah, the Olympics are now done with. I watched waaaaay too much of them...hahaha...

Hmm. *thinks* Oh, remember last week I had a test in history of costume? I got a 97%!! ^__^ Wow. <3 I totally didn't think that. I barely had time to prepare, PLUS I was absent for 2 of the chapters. XD Gah. Um, and last week on thursday we were supposed to present our b-boards (poster project) in visuals, but HEY-O. We had another snow day! ^^; I haven't been to that class in 3 weeks. And now spring break...it'll have been a month since I last was in that class. Wooot. *thinks more* I don't think there's much else to talk about. If you didn't see it yet, here's my newest e-card, which is uber popular, and I LOVE IT. I don't usually love my works that much, but I'm so proud of this one. Thanks a billion to those that commented/hugged/faved it~

And now Taylor Swift. I love her music~ Especially this song. :)

*huggles* Thanks for visiting me! I love you guys!! ^_^ I hope you all stay healthy and have a lovely week. Take care~

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Being sick, being very busy. Ranting!

Wow, only 2 comments! Lol. XD BUT! They came from 2 of the sweetest people in the world. :) My twin Meg and triplet (YESSS) Deb! <33 Haha. Thanks for the comments last time. They were so nice and long~ Thanks for the congrats on being here for 4 whole years! Wow! ^_^ Yup, and for looking at all my V-day cards. You guys are great~ And if you didn't read my last post...well, I think it would be interesting if you guys (who didn't comment) want to know how I came across theO!

I'm going to make this short. I'll put it both here and on my World. I'm sorry I didn't get to post at all this weekend. :( But if you haven't read my posts on my world either [well, lots haven't lol] and you don't know, but I've been sick. SUPER SICK. I had the flu last week. Monday night was the worst thing in the world...and same with the next 2-3 days. It was the stomach kind of flu (T___T) so I was in the bathroom a lot more than I'd like...*sigh* But I also had body aches and a fever of 102. Not pleasant at all. I missed all last week (except monday) of school...so I'm struggling to make things up now.

I'm doing better, like mostly all better now. Thank goodness. But I had a bad migraine today. >.< Just so much stress...because I have been doing nothing but homework today! My teachers don't care that I was out sick ALL week with the flu; they haven't given me any allowances...any extra days to do anything. So I'm just stuck with making up work at the same time as having to do the normal days' work. It's really...really bad. Exhausting. Tiring. Depressing. I'm trying my best to do it all, and for heaven's sake!!! It's ONLY MONDAY!!! ;__; Most of the work I missed was in my night class, typography. Because I missed 2 classes of that...and there's an assignment due tomorrow normally, as well as a quiz, but I had to make up stuff from last week and the week before. *sigh* Bah! I'm just going crazy here.

Tomorrow I have my gym class and then the hours in between that and my night class. During that time I have to study for my typography quiz, study for my history of costume EXAM (on wed.), see if I can do the typo. assignment that's due tomorrow (tonight I worked on this other project that was due last week), and my dad is making me send an email to this company he's trying to make me work at for my internship. *sigh* Oh, and I forgot there's something I have to read for marketing class, too. ^_^; Wow. I'm really...really...going to die!!! Die or fail. Or just not do as well as I'd like. Now I'm going to rant on that thing my dad wants me to do:

So he found some company that's in the area that's some gem stone magazine publisher. Um, yeah, ok. He contacted the lady in charge and asked if they had internships; they don't, but they were thinking about having them soon. So my dad says "HEY MY DAUGHTER NEEDS AN INTERNSHIP THIS SUMMER YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE SHE WILL WORK FOR YOU." All without first discussing anything with me!! :( Like wtf! A magazine about gem stones?? About mining them, producing them, cutting them, and oh yeah, the jewelry part. If it just had to do with them as accessories, I think that would better fit my major...but the other things? I'm not so sure! And what the F would I do for them?? What pisses me off is that my dad just does all this without asking me, and he just assumes that it's something I want to do. And now he's making me email them back, showing that I'm "really interested" in the position (whatever the position is) TOMORROW. He just tells me today, and he wants me to do things zip-zip-zip! I don't get any time to think about it. :[ What about what I want? I mean, ok, it sounds a lot more interesting than me working in some retail store, but I don't even know if my school will accept it for my major. ~__~ I haven't had my meeting with my useless mentor yet, so who knows if this will even work! *sigh* I'm just really bogged down with things at the moment, and having this future item piled on right away is not helping.

I don't like it when my dad gets into "business mode." I can't stand talking to him when he's like that. You know I can't stand thinking about the future; I have so much anxiety about it, but my dad doesn't know how to speak to me in a calm manner that would help me. If you in any way show disinterest or are like "I don't know...I don't think it's for me," then he takes immediate offense and gets angry. :/ Bah. Whatever. I guess I'll just have to send off that email and see what the heck it's about. And if I somehow, for some reason, get this internship, I'm just going to have to force it down my mentor's throat whether she thinks it applies or not.

Man, I haven't made an ecard or anything in a while! I haven't had the time!!! :( Stupid illness and now school. But next week is spring break! It seems so early. O__O But hey, I'll gladly take it. I need it. So yeah, um, thanks to all of this business I haven't had a lot of time to be on here. Commenting, contributing, etc. Until later this week, it will be the same. ^^; Sorry~~ Who knows when I'll post on myO next! [these posts have become few and far between lately, and it saddens me]. Umm...aside from all these things I've ranted about, I've mostly been watching the Olympics. A LOT. Lol. Nothing else!

Ok, that's all from me. XD Sorry this is such a long post that mostly revolved around my stresses. I'd prefer not having comments that say things like "STOP PANICKING, all that stress is making it worse on you! you need to stop it with all the anxiety." If all you're going to do is tell me to STOP, well, please don't. ^^; I think I'm entitled to some rantings about being stressed, right? Lol. THANK YOU. I was going to put a music video in here, but all the ones I wanted to use embedded was disabled. Oh well. Thanks again for dealing with me!!! Lol. *hugs* I LOVE YOU GUYS!! <33 Thanks again for sticking with me~ Take care!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-day, anniversary, and just whatever I could think of.

Hello, you guys! *hugs* Thanks for the comments last time!! :) And...

That's because I'm lame, and I'm an attention whore, so I decided to put all my Valentine's day cards there for you to see!! Happy Valentine's day! *hugs* At least right when I'm posting this. When a lot of you will comment/read this, well, it probably will be later in the week anyway. But yeah! Today is also the Chinese New Year. :) Year of the Tiger! And it's also my Otaku anniversary! I've been on this site for 4 years. It feels like even longer than that. ^^; It's amazing I've stuck with this site for that whole time...literally. Like I barely ever took hiatuses from this site...so I can pretty much say I've logged on every single day for 4 years! ^^;;;;;;;;;; WOoooooooooo. I have NO LIFE. I usually forget about and totally abandon most websites, but this one I haven't because I've met so many wonderful people that I want to keep up with. You know? It's not that easy to dump good friends!

I probably do this every year, but I'll say how I came across this place back in 2006. XD I had this online friend that I actually met on Ebay. He's a seller on there that we've bought from, and we became friends...lol, he's very gay. Anyhoo, he sent me a Valentine from theO! So I viewed it, and I thought it was cute. :) I then looked around the site for one to send back, and I explored the other parts of the site...I thought it looked like a nice place for me to submit my artwork! So I got an account!! Man, back then, the site was so dark and gloomy. XD So gray. I mean, a lot of you probably remember that since this whole Otaku renovation happened, jeez, 2 years ago now? But yeah, before, it looked so bleh, but we all grew to love it. <3 I sure did. I was OBSESSED with the site sooooo much. Hours and hours and hours spent on it; I posted every day without fail, if I didn't, I felt really guilty. Ugh. I shared many deep feelings I had within me...lots of depression back then. ^^; But yes, I met a lot of sweet people on here, so I've stayed put!

My first friend, well, VERY first one, she's no longer on here. But my second friend I made on here is Claes. :) She still wanders on here every once in a while. *hugs her* My other first friend would have to be Mew (Rachel), and as most of you know, she's still pretty active. ^_^ I just looked through my old GB sigs...and wow...so many people gone. XD But several still around! Back then, I tried to pull a sorta bad-arse persona! I tried to be "cool" with a really dark theme, bloody Jo (from Burst Angel) avvies, hahaha...that didn't quite last long, did it? Lol. Cause it's just not ME! Anyhoo, I thank all of you that became my friends, no matter when.

So did any of you do anything special for Valentine's day? I haven't. It's basically just another day in the life of me! No boyfriend to spend it with, just my family, but even then...we don't do anything lol. My mom got me some new pajamas, and my dad got me this stuffed animal which....is supposed to be a dog, but it looks more like a gorilla or moose. ^^; Ahah. Thanks to those of you who sent me gifts for it though! <333

Well, tomorrow...back to school. As usual, my stupid college doesn't give us holidays off! It's Presidents' day, but we don't have off. I'm sure SOME people do, right? But hey, I can't complain since I had a 5-day weekend from all the snow days last week! :D It's just a shame this little break has to come to an end, and now it's back to school. T__T I don't wanna!!! I'm afraid of my typography class since I didn't go last week, and my teacher hasn't gotten back to my email. I sent her 2. :/ She'll probably take lots of points off, and I'll be behind in crap, since it IS just once a week. I hate that class. I really don't like school much this semester...ahahaa...I'm having senioritis, and I'm not a senior YET! Um, I probably have homework I should do, but I totally don't remember what. :( My memory has been failing me lately!

Yesterday I watched some of the Olympics. The men's speed skating races. They were exciting~ Yay for Apolo Ohno! He got silver. ^^ And the other US guy got bronze. <3 Earlier I watched hockey, and my Flyers won. They've won 4 games in a row~~ But now it's the olympic break for them, so I won't have any hockey to watch (except for the olympic games) for 2 whole weeks! O__O Nooo. But hey, this wednesday is when pitchers and catchers report to spring training!! So that means the baseball season is coming~ Woohoo! Spring training games start in March; my dad will be down in Florida for a fishing trip when some of the games will be played, so he might be able to go to one and MAYBE get me some good photos or autographs. ^^ Most teams have their spring training facilities in FL, obviously because of the warm weather. Some are in Arizona. Hmm, some of you were confused about sports seasons and when they start! So for those of you interested, here you go:
Baseball/MLB: officially starts in April, is completely over by November (a very long season)
Football/NFL: starts in the fall (september or october, don't remember) and then ends in January/February
Basketball/NBA: October-April
Hockey/NHL: basically the same as basketball, Oct-Apr

Interesting, yes? Haha, no? Ok then. Anyhoo...I can't really think of anything else to talk about. I've been feeling kinda bleh today. Just sorta depressed, sorta out of place, sorta...just weird. I don't know. >.< Whatever. *sigh*

*hugs* Thanks for visiting me!! I hope you're all doing well. Sorry if this was a boring post or whatever. :/ I don't want to go to school!! Booooo. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Happy love day! Take care~

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

some rants, some art, some pictures, lots of snow!

Hello guys! *hugs* Thank you for the comments last time. :) Once a week updates seem really....well, it just seems like it's a long time in between them! Lol. But I can't seem to find more time to post during the week. Thanks for the comments angelbest, Sam, Deb, Jes, and Lute! And also a lot of thanks to those commenting on my World. I really appreciate it. <3

So how have you guys been doing? I feel like I haven't heard from lots of people in a long time. DX I guess they're all busy. I did a good rant last night on my World post. ^^; If you want to read it, you can go ahead...it's just...a lot of me complaining and feeling bad for myself. I'm in a needy mood lately because I feel left out of things or unloved. It sucks. I bet it's my hormones doing this...I guess...I don't know. But lately I've felt like crap! My self-esteem has been subterranean. Lol. Like I've actually been examining my WEIGHT and thinking I'm FAT. I never do that!! T__T It's because I weigh like 5 more pounds than I did last year. I was even checking out that BMI scale thing to check where I am. Ok, it's good that I'm in the normal range...but I'm not content, lol. Which, again, is WEIRD for me to be thinking. :/ Bleh. Today my mom was pointing out all the flaws on my face...pimple here, irritation there, hairs to be plucked here and there, etc. It made me feel ugly! >.< Again, it's not something I should think though...I know that.

I just need some...something to cheer me up, lol. I don't even feel like posting right now. But I wanted to at least write something here so that the last post on here wouldn't be from January. What do you guys do to cheer yourselves up? Or make you think "I'm beautiful"? I think I can partly blame watching shows like "What not to wear" and stuff on tv. All these makeover shows make me feel like I should completely change how I look or dress.

Anyhoo, let's see...nondepressing things! Yesterday/the night before we got tons and tons of snow!! It was crazy!! We had almost 2 feet of snow. Some areas got 30", lol. It just kept falling and falling...it was so pretty~ I just wished that it happened during the school week! You know?? Cancel me some classes! It does me no good when it's on the weekend. My brother couldn't get out, so he stayed home from work. I'm sure most of you noticed that I don't complain about him as much as I used to. Lol, I can thank his PS3 for that. XD I've said this before, I know, but yeah. He's always in his room now, just playing games. Fine by me! But he still decides to invade my space when I'm trying to watch something on TV, and then he interrupts and makes me watch something else with him. He's so annoying. He still is and always will be. We're all waiting for him to get a better job and just move out...come on, he's 29!! ANYHOO!!! SNOW! It was awesome. And we're supposed to get some more this week~~~~~ Tuesday into wednesday. I'm just hoping and praying (*crosses fingers*) that it happens earlier on tuesday...like it starts during tuesday afternoon so that my night class will be canceled. That would be the best thing in the world. It would relieve a lot of stress from me to not have to go to that class...

Here's a few pics I took of the snow yesterday and today:
Photobucket Photobucket

And if you haven't been on theO much, here are a couple new ecards:

If you REALLY haven't been on theO at all, you might not know that I got my Photoshop and everything! ^^ I had some problems at first with installing it and getting it to work, but now all is well. So I can finally have fun with graphics again. A friend on AP and I are collabbing on that Ritsuka wall that I started a while ago. She works WONDERS, I swear! It's gorgeous cause of her painting skills. So now it's up to me to put some finishing touches on it, and then it will be done. So look for a new wall from me (and her) within the week [hopefully].

Gosh, I don't want to go to school this week. Bleh. The following week we have a poster project due in my visual merchandising class, which is a partner thing. So me and my partner have to get together this week to discuss what we're going to do for it...and then also WORK on it. I hate posters. T__T Last week I had tests in both my fashion classes (visuals and history of costume), and I did well!! Lol. I got A's on both. A 98.5% (O__O) for costume and 95% for visuals. I thought I'd do better on visuals cause it seemed easier, but I was wrong. Although...I think getting A's is amazing no matter what. XD That's one thing I can do well! For the most part. Though sometimes I wish I were a lazy, noncaring student that didn't bother with doing work or paid attention to grades. It would make my life less stressful. In my other classes...I just have a good amount of homework I should be doing now. ^^;; Oh dear.

I got a new betta the other day. :) I named him Chipper! He's so perdy. I love his colors (white/pink and black polka dots! Lol, it's true.) I took a video of him~

Ok, I should stop this post now. Sorry if it was boring or depressing! I'll try to get through this crap. Thanks for visiting me! *hugs* Take care~

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm posting this on my World, too. Happy go bye-bye.

Hello, hello! *hugs* Thank you so much for the comments the last time! It's been a week again, I think. ^^; I guess that's all the time I can find to post these long ones on myO this semester. If I had a schedule like last time, I would be able to post when I'd have a break in between classes. But I don't have that this time around! :/ Oh well. *hugs* I hope you guys don't mind. ^^; Thanks so much Deb, Jes, and SS (solemn, what should I call you? I need something else! Lol)! It's great hearing from you guys~~~ MyO isn't dead yet!!! D<

So how are all of you doing? The weekend is just about over now, darn it. Even though I have a 3 day weekend every week, it still seems too short. ;__; This past friday I went to the neurologist to get some advice on my migraine meds. He gave me some free samples of some other kinds...so we'll see how they work. And as for my muscle relaxant, he just said to take more. Lol. My neurologist is so funny, so casual, haha. I love it. XD But I wish he'd help me just a bit more! Cause I still have my neck pain all the time and my headaches, although honestly I haven't been having quite as many headaches lately, which is good. Though I might just be jinxing that now!! ^^; I think the huge amount I was having before was because of my old, really uncomfortable glasses. Unfortunately, the glasses I have now (which were an old pair of years ago that WERE comfortable) are now irritating me....like on my ears. I don't get it. I've had them adjusted so many times, but I still feel like they're too tight on my ears! :/ Haha, but the glasses people keep telling me that they look too LOOSE. ^^' Ugh, I have lots of problems...some little and some a bit larger that I wish would just go away.

I have some homework I need to do. And there's a project (partner project) that's due next week...not this week but the next one. I don't know when me and my partner will work on it at all. >>' It's for our visual merchandising class. I'm not even sure what the poster has to be! I really don't want to do it. I really hate posters. As much of an "artistic" person as I am, I've never enjoyed making posters. I mean, sure, I could make them on the computer fine, but I mean cut & paste poster board ones. ~__~ Bleh. They just take too much time...so yeah, that's one school item on my mind that needs to be taken care of soon.

Ok, so big news of the day. I gave away my Happy boy (guinea pig) today. Yeah. Sad. I loved him a lot! He was soooooooooooo cute and sweet. I enjoyed having another furry animal that I could care for and love because my dog really doesn't like me much. :/ Unfortunately, I couldn't handle all of the cleaning. Guinea pigs are the biggest poop machines in the world, and it just got annoying, having to clean it all up more than once a week, and then it smelled up the room...and then I didn't want to pick him up as much because of the thought, "Ew, he's just been sitting around in his poo all day." So basically my family and I made the decision to give him away based on the hygiene factor. :( I wubbed him, and I wish I could've kept him, but my thoughts turned to the future. "He's still going to be alive (hopefully/probably) 7 years from now...that's a lot of money being put into his bedding, and a lot of effort put into cleaning for all those years." I just couldn't handle it. ~__~ It makes me sound like a bad pet owner, but this had to be done for his well-being.

I was really sad today about it. But now...I'm rather happy for Happy. :) So my dad took him to Petco because he asked them today about whether they would take him to adopt him out. They said yes, so he took him there. Well, RIGHT when he brought him in, there was a little girl looking for a guinea pig! Hers died recently, and so she and her family was there going to buy her a new one. They saw Happy when dad was there getting the paperwork done, and they inquired about him! ^_^ Yay!!! So now Happy has a wonderful new home with a family that knows how to take care of guinea pigs, and the little girl was sooooooo happy about it. She's also keeping that as his name. <3333 It's great!!! Now I don't have to worry about him being in the store for who knows how long. :) Brianna, you take good care of Happy for me!

Here's a video I took of him today before taking him. I love it when he stretches and yawns...and then after that, hahaha, he comes up to my camera! Lol. Watchhhhh.

I mean, I'm still sad that I had to let him go, but it makes me really really relieved and glad for him to go to a wonderful new home.

Thursday, after class, I got a haircut! Yes, another one. ^^;;;; Lol. It's the same style that I had before though, just a little shorter. :) I needed my layers back and it to be restyled. I think the lady I had this time did it better than who I had before. It's really cute. ^^ I took a pic of how it looks, but for some reason, it's not working...like I took it with my phone, and usually I can send it to my email, but it isn't working this time. So yeah. It doesn't really matter though...it's just, uh, short. XD

As I've mentioned before, I'm getting the Adobe Creative Suite 4 that comes with Photoshop CS4, Illustrator, and a few other programs...I hope it comes soon! This week! Please!! I can't wait for it. *__* I've been PS deprived. Since I made that ecard challenge the other day, I've been itching to make some more! Lol. I have so many entries for that already. O__o But don't let that discourage you! If you're entering, please go right ahead!!!

Hmm...let's see...there were probably some other things for me to talk about, but ehhhh...I can't think of them. ^^; And I want to play some Star Ocean 4 first before going back to my homework. So I'll leave it at this! Ok? *hugs* Thanks sooooo much for visiting me. Sorry if I didn't get to comment a lot on posts~ I haven't felt up to it. And now it's back to the school week...bleh. TAKE CARE!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Computer problems, school stuff, makeup, Happy. Longer post than I thought it'd be. XD

Hello, peoples!!! *huggles* Thanks for the comments last time. OMG, I know. It's been a week since I last posted here!! ^^;;; Well, if you've been reading my posts on theO...you should know what's up. Arigatou to those that commented last time: Angelbest (it's been a while!!), Lute, Kiba, Reki, and Deb. :) I really appreciate it!! I know this is going to be weird, but I'm going to make this a short post. I guess it's just a little update for the myO crowd. ^^ Cause I've been doing some short updates on my World, too. Next time I'll copy and paste the post in both places. So yeah, thanks again!!

Alrighty, so if you haven't heard, my computer's been dead. ^^;; For a week. It got some sort of virus...horrible. It wouldn't even START. It wouldn't boot up. So I had my brother D come over to help me...a few times...but each time he would forget something that he'd need to fix it. My brother is really, um, I don't know how to put it. :/ But let's just say he doesn't like helping people all that much, lol. He'll do it only if he gets something in return, even if it's for family--even for his most favoritest ONLY sister. So when he would come over, the first thing he'd ask for is FOOD. "What do you have to eat?" *rummages through pantries and fridge* He just takes food without asking. And THEN he starts working on my comp and finds out that he brought the wrong boot discs and stuff. He also doesn't like coming over 2 days in a row...so that's why it's taken this whole fixing process SO long. He'd come over, do a little, leave, and then I'd have to wait another day or more for him to come back and work some more. ~__~ The last time he came over, friday, he got my comp working enough so that it'd start and I have my internet.

He's coming over in a little bit to finish everything up. *crosses fingers* Unfortunately I WILL have to reinstall EVERYTHING. It saddens me the most about photoshop. But thanks to Jes (ulterego333) I have a way now of getting it back. :) I'm just hoping it will work. I'm sure it will. She's a life-saver! <3 Cause otherwise I'd have to buy it. ^^;; I know that someday I really SHOULD buy PS and Illustrator...so that when this happens again, lol, I won't have to try and find more less than legal ways of getting it. XD But it's just so darn expensive! Um, so yeah, once everything is fixed, I'll finally be able to put the finishing touches on that wallpaper of mine and submit it. I can't wait to get rid of it. It's been over 5 months since my last wallpaper submission on AP. >>' Now I'm not even a ranked waller there. I guess I don't care, but it sure was nice being in the top 100.

The other day I had to buy art supplies for my typography class. LOTS of them. I totally was under the impression that this class would be mostly computer artwork. Apparently not. I had to get gray layout markers, black markers, tracing paper, 2 rulers, etc. etc. etc. etc. The total was over $200. -__-' Ridiculous. It's such a rip-off. Schools really really know how to rip off students. I guess the huge tuition fee just isn't enough for them! We also have to buy all the expensive books and supplies!! :/ Anyhoo, my dad wasn't in a good mood that day, lol...seeing his money disappear on that stuff. And it's all for a class that I don't know if I'll like. It's my NIGHT class, and that first class last week really didn't go over well for me. What with getting a bad allergic reaction and all. I hope it was a fluke and that this week will be better. It still doesn't help that this class goes until 10pm (just about)...*sigh*

My other classes are fine though. I have a marketing quiz this week, either tomorrow or wednesday. So I really need to take some more notes and study. :/ That's what's a bit annoying about this class though: that he doesn't give us notes. It's all on us to read the book and take them. A big pain is what that is. But oh well. My two fashion classes...just like my other classes with that biatch. Tons of notes, lots of projects in the future, bleh. Gym is gym. It's just a hassle since that's in the morning, and then I have all those hours in between until my night class. So it's back and forth all day. DX [my parents don't like that! I still don't drive so it's on them to take me.]

Today I mostly watched the hockey game. Unfortunately my Flyers lost. :( It was such a close game, and action packed, too. But jeez. .___. I could rant on it, lol, but I don't think anyone would care. XD During it though, I asked my mom if she'd like to put make-up on me! ^^; Yeah, even though I'm 21, I never wear make-up. I don't even really know how to put any on. I'm just too lazy...too lazy and I think it takes too much time. But when my mom did it today, I think it turned out well. :) I look perdy! It was just a light bit, but it was enough to make a difference. Too bad no one can see it, haha. Just staying at home. XD Here's a pic though! I doubt you can really tell, so if you can't, well here's just another pic of me. Lol.

Ok, so lately...I've had anxiety about some things. School, of course, my future regarding the whole internship thing, and Happy. Yes, my guinea pig. I LOVE him to death. He's adorable. He's sweet. I got him before my b-day...but I honestly didn't think that he would require so much work. Well, by work I mean cleaning. I had no idea that guinea pigs were SUCH POOP MACHINES. I swear. He does billions of poops all the time! When I clean them out, there's more again. And it stinks. :/ It just sucks really. Especially since my brother Corey complains about his stink, and now my parents are saying we should just give him away. My dad helps me with cleaning his cage out, and he thinks it's quite a hassle, too. :[ So like...I just don't know what to do. I don't think I can keep this up for 7+ years, as much as I love him, I just don't think that a guinea pig is right for me. I wub my Happy...but I suppose he should go to a better home. ^^; One that is used to guinea pigs and their habits and doesn't mind all the cleaning efforts. I'll miss him, but I guess it's the right thing to do...right? I don't know. >.< I'm really conflicted.

Umm...*thinks* Oh yeah. XD Um, this will sound really stupid, but this is another..."anxiety." Hah, not really. But it's bugging me. I CAN'T FIND MY BOOKMARKS. Not for the comp, but for my BOOKS. Lol. When I finished reading this one book last week...well, I guess I didn't put my bookmarks where I usually do! And so now I can't find them. T___T I wouldn't mind if it was just a piece of paper or one I can buy in the store, but they're special. One I was using was a card from one of my Pullip dolls. So I'd have to buy him over again just to get it, lol. And the other is a special character card that came in one of the limited edition box sets of Basilisk. :/ Of my favorite guy [though now I can't remember his name!] So yeah, I've looked and looked, but I can't find them anywhere. I'm just hoping my dad didn't throw them away...yes, I know, it sounds so stupid, but they mean a lot to me. ^^;;;;

Ok. That's all. I better stop this! It's a lot longer than I expected. XD But most of it is sorta rehashed stuff that's been said on my World. So if you comment there, then I guess you could just comment on the new stuff in this one. :) *huggles* Thanks for visiting me! Take care! Good luck to those in school and work!

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