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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Thank you Meg and Brand for the comments! <33

In case you haven't seen it yet, that was my most recent ecard. :) Now I've made 2 Oofuri cards in a row. Lol, what I LOVE about the Oofuri category here is that the majority of the cards were made by either me or Ritona. XD And the other ones were either made for me as gifts or for challenges. Lol. Just a funny observation...

Next off, I just wanted to put a reminder out there about my fanart challenge. I know just a couple of you have worked on entries and DO plan to enter. But so far, I have NO submissions. ^^;;;; No one can win if no one enters! Lol!! And if only 3 or less people submit, then haha, automatic wins no matter how they make Belimai look. XD Tis a shame. I thought that more people would like my challenge. Now it's been pushed to the second page of challenges, so no one will ever see it lol. And I'm sad that the artists that I sent the invites to didn't reply at all...and i was SO looking forward to seeing how they'd draw him. ;__; Oh well. There's a couple weeks left, so yeah. Just again...wanted to shamelessly advertise that! XD

I love the song Speed of Sound by Coldplay. D: I LOVE IT. I never really liked Coldplay before, but now I'm really enjoying their music lol. And that song is on one of the Karaoke Revolution games I have, so I can sing it >D Pretty good, I must say.

So the Phillies~~~ Hehe! They won 4 games in a row! Swept the series against the Reds. <33 And they're a first place team in their division! While we're still in 3rd place...these wins have really helped us. They were all CRAZY wins, too!!! XD All very very very close games that had to be decided in extra innings, except for today. But the first 3 were walk-off wins (please look it up if you don't know what that is), and that was the first time in Phillies history to have that happen!! Lol. So it was really great~ Although nerve-wracking. And now it's the All-Star break, so there's no regular games for the next 3 days. :( The All-Star game is tuesday though, but only 2 Phillies made the team. Last year, when we were on such a roll, we had 5 guys on it.

So today was the first day I had school things due for class. This stuff was for Lifespan (psych). I worked my butt off on all the questions and the essay, especially since I just got the book 2 days ago! My neck really really hurts now cause of having to look down at the textbook while typing and stuff. My neck hasn't had to do that for a while. T__T Ugh. Stupid neck. And the torture won't end! I still have my stuff for philosophy to do by tuesday night. I would be in good shape with that stuff had I noticed earlier that there were more questions to answer about the book. *sigh* I thought it was just the summary/essay and the forum posts, but NO. There's also 13 questions regarding the book (Man's Search for Meaning, Vicktor Frankl)...I answered 4 of them today, as well as doing my psych hw. I also answered one of the forum discussions, but I have one more to do of that. Gawd, there's too much work! And I technically haven't finished reading the book yet either. ;__; *sigh* I guess I'll have to skim and look online the rest of the way to get the answers I need. >>'

This summer...has been going too fast, and I haven't really done anything. :( Now the rest of the way will be filled with school work...until school really begins!!! D< I haven't gotten to do anything with friends (besides one), and now I feel like I won't have time to ever do anything. I wanted to go to more baseball games, but the tickets cost too much...and dad said he'd take us SOMEWHERE "fun," (aka amusement park or zoo) but that hasn't happened yet either. What a sad summer. It's been mostly stress. :[

Random point about facebook: I find it amusing that I thought that I'd get an account there and actually reconnect with old friends...from school and stuff. You know? People I know IRL. Hah. I really haven't! I may have them added on my list, but I rarely hear from them, even when I comment on their stuff. And yet...YET!! I have so many of you guys added (dear online friends), and I hear from you lol. All the time. XD It just shows that my online friends are better than any IRL ones I ever had. ^^;;; So I'm very grateful to have met you guys. And if you want to add me, go right ahead. Just PM me.

Ok, I'd better head off to bed. *hugs* Thanks for reading this! If anyone did! Haha. XD Take care~

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Monday, July 5, 2010

fireworks and stuff.

Hey guys! OMG. Jungy wtf? Where have you been?? Talk to me more!!!! ;__; I've missed you. MyO is quiet, but theO isn't. So nice to see you. *hugs* I thought you forgot about me. XD Foxerz, Raisha, and brand (please comment on my post, don't just do a one-liner), thanks you guys! <333 Sorry it's been a bit longer in between me posting here.

[this paragraph deals with my post on theO]
Konbanwa, minna-san. *hugs* Thanks for the comments on my last post lol. It's ok if you didn't read it...cause really, most of it was a false alarm. XD As I'm sure you can tell by all the things being struck out! My brother D, I THOUGHT, was wiping my computer clean of everything and starting over because of how crappy it's been acting; turns out he was just doing more scans. So he FOOLED me. I told him that when he came over that he was going to redo it, but since he didn't this time, it means more waiting...and more dealing with my computer's retarded problems. Oh well. That's fine cause I might not have had everything in good condition for tomorrow.

What's tomorrow? When my summer classes start. ;___; But remember, they're just online ones. The problem is...that they won't be easy. The only good thing about them being online is that I can still sleep in and do stuff at home. XD The bad thing is that these teachers have to squish a whole semester's worth of information into 6-7 weeks, online. I can already tell that the philosophy class won't be a walk in the park, as I mentioned in one of my other posts. But luckily the book I have to read is somewhat interesting so far (the guy was in a concentration camp) so I'm on page 52 (out of 178 or something). Though technically the book started on page 21 from the prefaces...lol...so yesterday I only read 30 pages. Ah well. It's still something! What's stupid is that one lady in my class already posted her answers to the discussion questions, and the class hasn't even started yet. >>' Wow. She has time on her hands. You know what? I'm one of only 2 (at least that i see so far) students taking the class that aren't adult students. As in, undergraduates, not CLL. Everyone else are all people with jobs and kids and stuff lol.

And as for my psych class, I have no clue how it'll be. Since that's the one I'm taking through the other college, I don't even know HOW their online classes work. ^^; Slightly scared. I haven't gotten my textbooks yet in the mail...they better come soon.

Ok, so yesterday was the fourth of july! Did you guys have fun? [those of you that celebrate] Fireworks? Parties? Well, we just did our usual little things. Those little cylinders that you light and sparks and stuff come out...not those huge kind. XD But we're lucky that we can see some of those pro fireworks from our house! We THINK that it's this school that's down the way that sets them off. We're really not sure where they come from, but it's a good guess lol. So it's great. We don't have to go anywhere to see them. Though we can't see everything cause of the trees being in the way...it's still pretty good. I took lots of pictures of them and the ones we did~ I'm too lazy to put these anywhere else, so feel free to look at them on my FB. ^^ I really like how they turned out. <3333 AND I also took a couple videos, which I'll put in this post.

Something strange though, when we were doing our fireworks...we saw these like balls of flame floating in the sky. O__O 3 of them. Just floating by high and far-ish away from us...it was...really creepy. We were thinking they were UFOs!!!!! T__T HERE is a picture I took with my fireworks option, so it shows its path...so it was floating around like that. I took a vid, too, but I didn't upload it (hard to see). I mean, who knows what it was! Lol. Maybe you guys know something I don't? About fireworks or fireballs that you can set off that fly?? I don't know. D: TELL ME.


Ok, now stuff from today. [sorry this is already a long post] Watched Kung Fu Hustle for the Nth time lol. It's such a great movie. X3 Aside from that, nothing much! BUT my dad was really mean. ~__~ I won't go into the details of it, but there's this flea market he wants to do, and he wants us to go there and sell our stuff. He wants me to sell my old stuffed animals. NO. And for a few reasons. Anyway, I told him I wasn't going to go or do it, and he got soooooooooooo mad at me. He threatened that he'd just throw them all away instead, so I got mad at him. And then he yelled at me to just GET OUT (of the kitchen). I've never heard him that mad, and it all started over something so little. So stupid. He's so hardheaded. Gawd. Of course he didn't apologize either. He upsets me so much sometimes...it's just ridiculous how mad he gets over such things. :( It's not that I don't think it'd be fun, but I don't like how he wants me to sell things I don't want to, and also the concerns with my allergies...I won't get into that though. That will take too long to explain.

Sorry. >.< Too long of a post. I'll try not to post for a few days then. ^^; Wish me luck with my classwork. Lol. Oh, btw, Phillies won tonight. Very very important win. <3 Thanks for reading this!! Sorry again. Take care. *hugs*

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Monday, June 28, 2010

some good things~

Thank you all~~ *hugs* Deb, Lute, and omg Anis-chan! *huggles* Welcome back! :) I've missed you~~~ Thank you guys for the great comments. ^_^ I love you guys. <33

Something I wasn't going to start off with but...did you see the NYAF winner?? ~__~ I'm sorry, but I'm not enthused. What made that entry any better than Amy's or a slew of other people's? I mean, sure, it's great. The coloring etc. But it isn't anything special. :( But what really pisses me off is this person isn't even a MEMBER here. What I mean by that is...that's the only thing they have submitted, they have no subs, they have no worlds, they have no comments, no nothing. So basically they only made an account here for that contest only!! >E That should've been looked into. I mean, it was a contest made here on theO, right? So shouldn't really active members be more highly considered? I just didn't find it fair. [/rant]

Ok. So now that I got that out of the way...on to more important things! Or at least, I find them important. >>' Who's to say what happens in my life is of any importance to you guys anyway lol? Sometimes I feel like there's no point in posting...cause doing all this makes me seem like I'm some person that just wants attention. ~__~'

Anyhoo. Some good things and some bad things to report! There's actually more good things though. :)

Good: Yesterday was a pretty nice day for the most part. Corey went back to work, so yay...freedom from my brother every other day. XD I took the time to do a lot of...CLEANING. Yeah. Haha. Fun? Yes actually. ^^; I found it quite rewarding. I cleaned my room, and I cleaned our game room. That part...kind of annoyed me though cause the game room was absolutely FILTHY, and it was all Corey's fault. He never throws anything away, he never PUTS anything away...so DVDs and CDs were strewn about everywhere, etc. D< I was tired of being in that disgusting room! So I had to clean up his mess. Did the vacuuming and everything. Like I said though, it was rewarding. I felt good after doing all that cleaning! To have a nice clean room to play games in is soooo much better.

I was going to say yay to the Phillies winning yesterday and all, but today they lost badly. Lol. But...they've been doing a lot better lately. Still in 3rd place though...

Um, I think other good things happened yesterday. *thinks* Ahah. OH YEAH. Dur. Actually, not yesterday, but today! But since I'm going in chronological order, I gotta say what BAD things happened yesterday. :[ Mostly one thing. I had to clean Totoro's butt cause he's stupid and sometimes doesn't complete the job, if you will. >> And he HATES that. So it's going fine, wash wash wash, and then he BITES ME ON THE ARM. Sure, he's a little dog, but that doesn't make his teeth any less sharp. It hurt like HELLLLLL (no, I don't curse, look...that's not how you spell it lol)...he's such a bad dog sometimes. Ugh!!! So I got a blood blister/bruise. It was bleeding, and it is bruised, and scratched up too. It still hurts a lot. Stupid stupid. It hurt sooo much yesterday. I mean, it's doing a bit better now, but still. :( He capped off a great day with something bad.

Sooooooooo~ Today. Wow, it does feel like yesterday though. O__O Um, good news! I GOT INTO THAT CLASS I NEEDED AND WAS TRYING SO FREAKING HARD TO DO. Remember? The one where I did all that paperwork only to find out it was filled up?? Well, my dad knows this lady that works at that community college, and she found out that there were 2 openings today! And so...she put me in. XD She isn't really allowed to though. You have to see an advisor first, and THEY do it lol. She even got in a little trouble for doing that. ^^;;; But still. She saved that spot for me, hehe! So today I went in, saw the advisor, and was officially placed in the online class. ^^ Lifespan Human Development. Doesn't sound all that great, but I have to take it. The advisor lady asked if I had the prereqs to take it..."WHAT?" D: Apparently at Delco you have to take Psych 101 to be able to take this class, but at my school, we don't have to. I started freaking and thinking I'd have to take another class lol. Thank goodness, no. If you're from another school, you can bypass that if you don't need it. Thank goodness.

Yeah, I can't believe I'd be happy about getting a class to take during the summer. But it saves me a lot of stressful time during the regular year, making it a TAD bit easier to graduate on time. :) So I'm taking 2 classes, and thank goodness they're both online.

Other than that...didn't do much today. Made a new card though. ^_^ Enjoy~

*hugs* Okies. I wrote enough. More than I thought I would. These posts take me...about...15 minutes to write? Something like that. It's 12:30am now...I go to bed later and later. Dx Oh well. *hugs* Thanks you guys~~~ Take care!!!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing's easy! (same as theO)

Thanks for the comment, Lute! *hugs* :) Oh, Nodame is a really good anime, though I admit I didn't care for the seasons after the first! XD I hope you can find it again. Thank you again for your comment!!

Soooo...things haven't been going so well for me lately. Everything has to be harder than it should be, you know? So this post will be mostly the not-so-good things that have been happening to me over the past few days. ^^;;; Sorry~

If you want, I'll start off with good things. Unfortunately, it's just sports-related. XD The Phillies won today and yesterday and the day before!! <3 They swept the Indians, and that was the first time they won all the games in a series against an American League team (too lazy to explain that do you who don't know) since 2007. XD See, we tend to really suck against teams from the AL. ^^;; Every year when there's interleague play, we fail miserably. So this is amazing. Although the Indians are one of the worst teams, it's still something! Haha. So at least I think the Phillies are on the right track and making me happy. :)

Ok so yesterday was supposed to be a fairly easy day. I had to go and get this sheet signed by Sister Joseph so I could take the summer class at DCCC (the community college), and then we were going to take my new glasses back and show them that they didn't do them right [They didn't put on the anti-reflection coating that we paid for] and have them redone. (I have to wait another 3-5 days to get them back...hopefully correct.) Well, earlier in the day I called up Sister Joseph to tell her that I'd come in so she could get the sheet signed for me. I had to leave a message cause she was on the phone at the time....#1 I HATE talking on the phone; I always freeze up and say the wrong things. So apparently, according to her, I said that I was on my way. But I gave her my number to call me back if she was too busy!! Anyway, I get there, and she's all MAD AT ME CAUSE I DIDN'T MAKE AN "APPOINTMENT." Hello? I called you and left my number so you could call back if something was up. WTF. She's a NUN, shouldn't she be nice??? :[ She gave me a stern talking-to about how it was rude of me to come in and not make an appointment first.

WTF. It took a total of 5 minutes. I'm not joking. It only took 5 minutes for her to fill out that sheet. Oh heaven forbid I take that much time out of her BUSY day during the SUMMER. *rolls eyes* Ugh. I was bothered by that the rest of the day lol. I'm over it now, but it's still stupid how she acted. Several people suggested she was PMS-ing. Normally I'd say that wasn't possible cause most of the nuns are ancient, but she seems a little younger. XD

More bad things yesterday...mostly had to do with my dad's driving. *sigh* We almost got into 2-3 accidents...it was very scary. :( Thank God we were safe. The one was where a lady stopped at a flashing yellow light before going under a bridge. She isn't supposed to stop there, and dad wasn't paying attention. Mom was yelling at him to WATCH OUT!! So he swerved to the side and almost hit a tree. ~__~ Gawd. The next happened when he ran a red light which was red from a mile away; it's not like it just changed. The third happened at the gas station. I'm so thankful I made it home safely, but I must say that was a terrible day out.

Now today I was supposed to close out the rest of the things I needed to do to sign up for that darn summer class. I had to bring in all the paperwork and all that's been stressing me out for weeks now...finally! Finally. I can sign up. Right? NO. *sigh* After doing ALL OF THIS, I get there and hand her my stuff, and then she tells me to talk to this lady to sign up to meet with the adviser so I can register. Alright. Well, I was going to set it up to meet next week...she said, "Well, I don't know if the class will be available then." So I ask her WELL? IS THE FREAKING CLASS AVAILABLE STILL??? Hah! She was going to make me do more work before I could find out. So she checks...and guess what? Yeah, exactly. The frickin' class is all filled up. All 3 classes of it. .___. *sigh*

It's not fair!!! After doing all of this, I can't even get into it...I'm screwed. I don't know what I'll do now...she said to call next week to see if anyone dropped it though so I could get in. Dad wants me to call every single day and annoy them so much that I'll make them get me in. *sigh* But I don't want to do that. :( It won't work. It's so stupid! Why do I have to do all of this other stuff just to finally find out I can't get it??? Don't they know how much crying I've done over this? ^^;; Ugh. So if I can't get in, we'll have to find a plan B...which means more "talking" with my dad...

Ugh. Today we also had a huge thunderstorm!! HUGE. It just came out of nowhere when we were out driving. It was so scary. T__T Hail and everything! We couldn't see the road...mommy was holding on for dear life lol. Luckily we got home safely, but the cable went out. It's back now, good thing. But jeez, my life is threatened every time I go out. ^^; That's why I like staying home more.

Okies. I'm sorry this is so long, but I had a lot to get out. Comment on whatever you can. *hugs* Thank you for visiting me. :) Love you all!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

this post on theO was pretty long, so I figured it'd be myO material too lol!

Hello, guys. :) Thanks to those that commented on my last post! It was a pretty long one. XD Lots of...well, not exactly ranting, but not a lot of positive things. All that school stuff, and then the random little annoyance with new members...lol. But yeah, thank you guys~ Both here and myO. Lute (you're very welcome, too! And your advice does help...I'm not sure if I'm afraid to graduate, but more like too lazy to take all these classes at once), Raisha, noir, and Nana. Thank you all sooo much~

I made this card today~ I really like how it turned out. x3 Although I only JUST realized how my text/quote that I came up with...kind of...hearkens to Journey's "Don't stop believin'" a bit too much, haha. Not my intention! Lol. Not at all. But I do love that song. ♥

I need to start catching up on the Oofuri S.2 episodes! ;__; I've fallen so behind. I think the last episode I watched was 4...and there's 11 out now. I think. I stopped after my computer got totally screwed up when I was trying to download eps from somewhere. DX So I gave up. And I didn't think it was as good as the first season...but jeez, finding pics on pixiv to use for my cards or just to look at as eye candy, I'm seeing too many spoilers! T__T So I have to get back into it. I mean, look at my desktop for heaven's sake. XD I mean, even that awesome piece of fanart has spoilers from some episode I haven't seen yet! .__. So I just downloaded 5-7. Hopefully I can watch them soon. My problem is that I don't like watching stuff on my computer. Just not comfortable.

And my computer has been really wonky lately. My brother says something is wrong with it, but he's not exactly sure, and he doesn't know how to fix it. I just know that firefox crashes randomly often, internet explorer and Chrome don't work AT ALL, and I can't upload images on imageshack or photobucket using the usual multiple attachments upload option...thing. Thankfully imageshack has the "Can't upload? Try this." link to the thing that DOES work for me. Lol. Anyone have any ideas or solutions?? ^^;

I haven't really talked about anime in a while. Wow. So that paragraph on Oofuri was unexpected lol. I just don't watch much anymore; I only prefer the classics...stuff that I watched in my "prime" of anime and still find to be my favorite. Like right now, I'm rewatching Samurai Champloo for the n'th time. XD Ah, it's still so good. But the other day my brother and I ordered some dvd's for once! Again, of our faves that we knew would stay good--Air, Rozen Maiden, Claymore, Seirei no Moribito, Wolf's Rain--because those we watched on the computer, and that's just not good enough now. Hard copies. <3 Using that money we (really I) earned by selling stuff on ebay.

Ok, now for the title's meaning. Well. I guess I just gave in to my dad's wishes. ~___~ I'm going to be taking summer classes in a few weeks. *sigh* The good thing is that they're online courses...the bad thing is...they're summer courses. That doesn't change. I've never taken summer classes before. :( I like my summers to stay clean and pure from anything school!! *sigh* But my dad will not let me graduate even a month later than spring of next year...he wouldn't budge. Who knows why. He knows. Mom said maybe he would take it as a blow to HIS ego if his daughter, heaven forbid, doesn't graduate in exactly 4 years. Cause money shouldn't be the issue. It would cost the same amount for me to do the summer classes this summer and graduate next year than it would for me to take the summer classes NEXT summer and graduate in August instead of May. I mean, COME ON. But whatever. I just signed up for one of the classes, a philosophy class. ~__~ Unfortunately the other class is filled up at my college, so I have to try and take it at the local community college. The only thing with that is I have to sign up before June 30, but before I can do that, I have to get all this paperwork filled out first! I don't even know if I can get it done and they can get it processed in time. .__.

It's really quite stupid, and my dad gets so mad if you try to sway him any other way. So I'm screwed. Whatever. I just have to suck it up and have a terribly exhausting senior year (that just got extended by month+ of summer!) Ahah, happy father's day. Tomorrow is father's day...well, my dad better like this gift of me doing this for him. If it were up to me, I would've waited until next summer. *rolls eyes* But yeah, really, happy father's day to all of your daddys!!! Even if they're not the best, even if you "hate" them, even if there's estrangement there, they at least gave you life.

Hmm...another "oh wellz" came with the Phillies. They've actually been winning! Yay! And today was supposed to be another easy win. Like wtf. But no. They lost. -___- Totally blew it. Totally. We were winning 9 to 3 (NINE RUNS TO THREE), going into the 9th inning...but our pitchers blew the big one. Dx It was so terrible. We ended up losing 13-10. *sigh* Oh well. I'm not following the World Cup all that much, but alls I knows is that some ref screwed team USA out of a goal in that last game. There was NO FOUL. Hmph. [/sports]

Yesterday I helped dad clean the jacuzzi. Well, it was quite sunny, and even though I was only out there for like 40 minutes, and I had a hat on...I still got sunburned. ;__; My NOSE. And shoulders. And cheeks, but mostly my nose burns. Ugh, stupid sensitive skin!!!!

Ok, I ended up making this post long, too. Sorry. :( Didn't mean to lol. But it was that random anime talk!! ^^;; Thanks for reading this. I love you guys~~ Take care!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

same as theO, so if you don't go on there, the part about new member intros might not make sense.

Thanks for the comments last time. You're all great! :) Nana, Lute, Raisha, and Lestat! <3

Pathetic thanking paragraph. Not even a paragraph lol. But I'm trying to make this as quick as possible...cause it's pretty late, but I just wanted to get some stuff out about today. D:

But first, a random little note. About the new member introductions page...lol. I'm an Otaku Angelite, and so I'm supposed to greet these people, but I honestly haven't been doing that job. And I haven't heard anything from Sabrina about more Angelite recruits or us already angelites being promoted in any way. I don't really care, but ANYHOO. The new members, haha, I just have to laugh. Why does the majority of them introduce themselves as if they're an actual anime character? I'm sorry, but I'm pretty annoyed about that. XD It makes me not want to greet them or help them out in all honesty. Cause if this person is going to think that they're really Akamaru or whoever from Naruto, or other Bleach/Naruto characters, I have a feeling...I don't know if it's possible to make a real connection. I understand they're having fun, and maybe they like RP-ing, but I just find it a little stupid. Just like how most of the new members are just getting into anime via mainstream stuff, so probably 80% of them say they like Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyasha. I have NOTHING against those of you that like those shows; I'm just making an observation that most of the new members only seem to like those lol.

I guess I'm a bad angelite if I'm discriminating who I'm greeting because of how they introduce themselves...but really:BARK! Bark bark ruff ruff bark woof. Woof bark bark ruff! *sniffs* Ruff woof ruff bark? TRANSLATION: Hi! I'm Akamaru, Kiba's friend. I'm new, hoping to find my master. *sniffs* Have you seen him? Sorry, no.

I mean, we all have to start out somewhere, right? And when I first joined, I was probably an ignorant little girl trying to be "cool"...which I was. I was totally different then. ^^;; Ahaha. Anyhoo, sorry about that tangent rant thing...>>'

Now then, about today. It sucked. I had that meeting with my dad and Sister Denise (head of the fashion department, nice and funny nun who taught my sewing classes). It didn't go over well. *sigh* It was extremely stressful, and I cried a good amount! I didn't think I'd make it out without crying, that's for sure. I simply can't talk about stuff that deals with my future or really...assert myself or tell me opinion about such things without crying. I'm sensitive, ok? I just am. And I've been emotional lately with having migraines and other pains everyday. It's a breaking point. So we talked, and Sister didn't budge, and neither did dad. So I'm going to have to graduate next year no matter what...even though dad said that it'd be ok for me to take an extra semester before. He changed his mind or SOMETHING. Ugh. So, here are the choices of how I'm going to graduate next year:
1. Take 18 credit semesters (well, technically 19 and 18) for both, AND have the internship during the spring, which is 90 hours. <--deathly stressful
2. Take 1 class during this summer (the second half, starting July) and then have an 18/19 credit fall (ughhh) and only a 15 credit spring, when I'd do the internship. <--not AS bad
3. Take 2 classes this summer II, making next year 15 credit semesters with the internship.

Choice 3 sounds great, right? Right? Kind of. No. The problem is that I really don't want to take summer classes this summer. I'm not mentally prepared...and they would start in 2 weeks!! And they would go until a week before the official semester starts, so wtf. Where'd summer go? And the bad thing is that the one class would be twice a week from 7:20pm to 9:50pm!!!! >[ NO THANK YOU. THAT'S TOO F-ING LATE. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I COMPLAINED ABOUT HAVING THAT NIGHT CLASS THIS PAST SEMESTER, AND THAT WAS ONLY ONCE A WEEK. *sigh* The other one is online, so I'm fine with that, but not fine with the other. And the additional problem, which is why I really wanted to take the additional semester instead, was that the majority of the classes I have left are EVENING courses! So every day of the week I'd have a night class, and that would be torture. :( But seeing as my dad won't move on this...I'll have to go with one of those horrible choices.

BUT I want to try and convince him to let me go this summer, and then take those 2 courses NEXT summer. That way, I'll still be graduating next year with the less credited semesters, but I would just be graduating in August instead of May. That doesn't sound bad, right??? Sounds good to me and mom. ^_^ SO I just have to be brave and convince my dad. *sigh* I hate talking to him, you know that. It'll involve more crying, I'm sure. >> But first, mom and I have to look at some community colleges to see if they're offering the same classes at better times or both online cause they'll be cheaper. These summer classes ain't cheap! $400 PER credit. ;__; I'm sorry, but $2400 for 2 classes is insane.

So anyway, I didn't have a good day. I had another migraine, too. Lots of aches. And then the stress and crying. ^^;; And Meg (innocent heart) still doesn't have her comp yet, and for her b-day (this sunday) she was supposed to get a laptop, but they can't afford it...so she won't get it yet. She's really upset about that and has been stressed, too. :( So keep us in your prayers, I guess. *hugs* Thanks.

At least the Phillies won! Haha, beat those Yankees. >D

*hugs* Sorry, long post. Didn't want it to be. .__. It's 12:30am...I'm so bad at going to bed earlier. Ugh, oh well. It's the summer. I have to find a way to enjoy it SOMEHOW. Cause so far I haven't. T__T Take care you guys! Love you! <333

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

[complicated?] same as theO!

Hello, guys! *hugs* Thanks for the comments last time. It's been a few days since my last post...hmm...my last one was about the Flyers losing. [but not here on myO...sorry it's been longer! So yeah, the Flyers lost to the Blackhawks...no stanley cup for us. :(] I guess it's "been a while" for me! Right? Lol. So thanks to whoever commented last time! <3333 [myO: thank you, Anna, Lute, and Lestat!! You're all awesome for visiting me here!!!]

I'll start off by saying I'm sure a lot of you are glad you don't have to read my rantings about hockey anymore. XD But unfortunately for you, there's still baseball. BUT unfortunately for me, the Philles have been sucking lately. I mean, REALLY BAD. A championship going from first to third...and not scoring any runs while giving up tons and tons to the frickin' Red Sox of all teams. They're cocky enough as it is! ^^; But anyhoo, they're just in a major mix-up right now, and it's painful to watch. So surprisingly, I haven't been watching all that much. I'm going through sports withdrawal. D: I know the World Cup is going on, but soccer/football really isn't my thing. :/ But the US tied today! I do know that lol, and apparently that's good. XD

Now then. On to other things that don't involve bats and balls (teehee). So yesterday I went to see my neurologist (well, since it's midnight it's officially sunday, so Friday I went)...and surprise surprise, he didn't really help me. He suggested physical therapy and gave me more free samples: the med I'm already taking for my migraines, and a new muscle relaxant. Ho hum. His other suggestion was to give me a cortizone/novacaine shot in the back of my head/neck. ^^;;;;; He says that works 70% of the time to get rid of neck pain and migraines for at least a few months! Sounds like a miracle! BUT! I'm sorry, I just don't want a shot in the back of my head, thanks. I hate shots...scared to death, and the thought of having one back there, where I can't even SEE it, scares me even more! Lol. Though the results sure do tempt me. If these meds don't work (which so far, they haven't...*sigh*) and if physical therapy is a flop, I may have to suck it up and take a shot in the back of my neck. .___.

And as for the therapy, I don't even know I'll go. One, it might cost a lot. Two, all they'll do is show me little exercises my mom can. Three, a friend of mine who works at the pharmacy told me that her neurologist wanted her to do the same when she was having a ton of migraines, and all they do is work on posture positions. Her migraines lessened as time went on. I can only pray that that will be the same for me because nothing else is working. I'm getting depressed about this stuff...cause I've tried so many things, but I have no relief. Not even when I take my migraine pill does it go away. It comes back later. :[ And the new muscle relaxant does SQUAT. Ugh!!!! I feel so hopeless and helpless! And if I'm going to have these for the rest of my life...well, I at least hope I find something that will help me regulate them.

Here's my most recent ecards. Made this one today as a b-day gift for solenm serpent. :)

And this one made yesterday. It ended up really popular! Didn't think it would.

Today we (mom, dad and I) went to get our eyes checked. I need a new prescription again, just a bit stronger, but maybe that will help me enough so I'm not straining my eyes! Maybe that will lessen the migraines? ^^; I don't know. But we were supposed to then look at the glasses frames today, too...but dad was crabby and rushed us along. *sigh* So maybe tomorrow. After church. We haven't been to church in maybe a year now...it's so bad of us. Really bad. But it's because the last time we went, mom and I got really bad allergic reactions to who knows what...so we had to leave early. :/ So we've kinda been afraid to go again! ^^;; But! We're going tomorrow! Unless something comes up or I feel really horrible lol. WE NEED THE POWER OF GOD TO HEAL ME. AND MOMMY.

Hmm...I've been playing Yakuza 3 a lot. Lol, nonstop. I love that game. XD It's just so fun. Killing guys, singing karaoke, playing darts, gambling, killing more guys! Ah! Heaven! Haha. I love the main guy, too, Kazuma Kiryu. If anyone can find me scans from the game...that'd be really awesome. If anyone wants to make me an avi from it, too, that'd be really cool. XD I haven't been able to find any anything from it. ;___; KAZUMA-CHWAN~~~ Haha, he seems so tough, but he's really such a nice guy, being in charge of an orphanage and all!

Okies. I think that's all I have to talk about. XD Good enough? Yup. Good. *hugs* Thanks for visiting me. I'll try to comment more tomorrow...cause of those new meds, I haven't felt up to doing anything. I don't think I'll take them again. ^^; So yeah, anyhoo~ Take care!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quite the fun day! [same as theO except for one thing]

Hey guys~ Thanks for all the comments last time! On theO and here on myO!! :] Anna-chan, Lestat (omg where have you been?? Thank you!), Lute, Wall-ie, and everyone else~ Thanks again. <33
For those of you that don't check theO first, or haven't seen, this is my colored version of Tiealania:

I'm pretty tired, so I'll try to make this quick. But knowing me, it'll still be fairly long. ^^; Ah but I didn't get such good sleep last night, again because of Totoro. He is...ugh! I mean, it's so weird! Maybe because he's getting older? His sleeping patterns are changing? Well, for the second night in a row, and probably the 4th or 5th time in the past week or 2, he's woken up around 3:45am...and scratched at his door. Whining. Barking. But the SCRATCHING. See, he sleeps in my dad's room, but my dad gets up super duper early every morning (2-3am) so then he's in there by himself. Dad's room is across from mine...so I hear him the most! *sigh* Even though Corey's room is next door, he never wakes up to do anything about it. So I'm stuck with him. So last night I woke up because of him (right when I finally fell asleep, too...), and again (like the previous night) I had to yell down to dad (luckily he stays downstairs watching tv after he gets up) to do something about Totey. It's so annoying that I'm really the only one bothered by him cause Corey sleeps like a log, dad is downstairs, and mommy's room is furthest away. ~___~ Gosh I sure hope that he sleeps better tonight! CAUSE I NEED MY SLEEP TOO. MY NIGHT CAN'T REVOLVE AROUND MY DOG'S SCHEDULE.

Recent ecard. Enjoy. :) Dedicated to sweet Anna-chan, and she even made it into her avi!!! But it's even better what she did to it...cause now it's animated; the heart GLOWS. <333

Well, today was lots of fun! ^_^ I went out with a friend for once. XD Her name is Madison, and we were friends in high school; one of the only anime-liking friends [now she's more of an anime fan than me though lol! She always goes to cons and cosplays]. She was a year below me...but she's really 2 years younger than me. But she is so much taller than me, haha. Anyhoo, I haven't seen her since high school, so really it's been about 4 years! ^^; We used to do Cooking with Friends together (charitable cooking we did during the last period of certain school days). We went to the mall, but first I gave her my Kenshin wallscroll that I had no need for as a b-day gift cause next week is her birthday. :3 She really liked it! Anyhoo, the mall. We ate lunch first, and talked a lot, and then we went around to stores (dur). Borders, where I got a couple manga (yaoi♥ she agreed I couldn't pass them up!), Gamestop, where we just looked around, and then the Sanrio store and Hot Topic.

Haha, well, we spent a whole heckuva long time in the Sanrio store; if you don't know, that's Hello Kitty. XD She was looking for a gift for one of her friend's b-days, and goodness she took a long time!!! But the longest time was spent ogling the stuffed animals. X3 The plushes! HAHAHAHA. See, there was this panda one...and...his head was GINORMOUS. There was a small version medium-large, and then HUGE HUGE HUGE. The huge one's head must've been as big as me--not kidding lol. It was far up though so we couldn't see the price, but I'm sure it was around $100. XD But...after a lot of debating and a lot of 'awwwwwwws' and a lot of "HOLY CRAP HIS HEAD IS SO GIANT IT'S SO CUTE," I got the medium-large sized one. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;; That cost about $40...aha...so that was a lot, but I couldn't resist, and I don't know about you, but I feel that it's a lot easier to go crazy and splurge when with friends. >>' Um, I didn't take this pic, but here's what he looks like. Mine doesn't have a bow. XD We named him Peach.

Cute, right? I just couldn't resist lol. Anyhoo, after that fun stop, we went to Hot Topic and browsed. Well, Madison browsed and found something very interesting. Something I'm sure not many people go into the store to look for! Haha. A fake mustache. Not just a normal-sized one, but a gigantic long curly one! XDDD I don't know really why she wanted it, but hey, whatever floats her boat. Lol. I bought it for her as another b-day gift, and she also got a Kuroshitsuji shirt that has Sebby on it. I encouraged her to buy it. Hey, she made me buy the panda!! ;P If you're curious as to what Madison looks like, and what she looks like with the mustache rather, here you go. Hehe. She walked out of the mall with it on, and lots of people stared lol. But one guy said, "Hey. Nice 'stache." Hahahaha. I love that guy.

Soooo yeah...then she brought me home. :) It was a very fun day! But now I'm very exhausted. O__O' I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow for a much needed adjustment. But I'm happy to report that I didn't have a migraine today~~~ It was wonderful. <3 Let's hope it stays this way for a while! But either way I have my neurologist appointment on friday. And I'm also getting my eyes checked on saturday. XD Lots of appointments.

Wow. I wrote all this in about 10 minutes. I guess that's fast? But jeez, even though I'm tired. Hmm...oh...few more things. Sports. Phillies won today! Finally! Such a highscoring game, too. They haven't been winning much at all lately, so it was great for a change lol. And tomorrow is the Flyers' next game...do or die. -__- Win, and they get to play the very last game for the Cup; lose, and it's all over and Nami's stupid Hawks win it all. So I'm hoping and praying for a victory to force game 7. >.< Gah! So scary!

Alrighty. Now I'm really done. ^^; Sorry for another long post~ *hugs* Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment, or even just read. Take care! Good luck to all of you still in school or that have work!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

same as theO! short & sweet (or not?) XD

Thanks for your previous comments!! ^__^ *hugs* You guys are so great. I'm always happy to read whatever you have to say...because I know that it's sometimes rather annoying having to read my posts. XD I mean, I post at a strange time, I rant about sports, you know. Haha. So thanks. <3 I was surprised to get so many~ Thanks Anna, Steph, Lute, Noir and everyone else. :)

I'll start off with art! I actually drew today! :3 For the fairy OC challenge here on theO. I used to always love drawing fairies...so doing this challenge has brought back fond (and not-so-fond) memories lol. Her name is Tiealania...how I came up with that, I'm not sure. >>' To be honest, I knew I wanted it to start with a 'T' and then I sorta randomly typed letters and so I went from there. XD But I like her. For some reason my pic looks blurry though...so when I color her, I'll try to do something about that.

And then here is my most recent ecard. I really love how it turned out. <3

I haven't worked on my wallpaper for a few days. I'm almost getting deflated about it because of all the hair Kobato has lol. I honestly am looking at it...like such a daunting task to vector all of it. O__O Goodness I wish her hair was shorter! XD So whenever I feel up to that...and the rest of her...I'll get to it. I'm regretting choosing to outline all of her hair instead of going sans outlines.

Well, today I had another migraine. That's no surprise. It must be the weather we've been having...or something. I don't know, but it sucks. I mean, my prescription is 12 pills...and I can only refill it once a month. I've used all but 3 (could've used one today but I abstained!), and it's nowhere near June 15th. T__T Soooo...I'm going to try and get an appointment with my neurologist this friday. To. Figure. Something. Out.

Sports-wise. Nothing good to speak of for my Philly teams. Loss after loss for the Phillies. And 2 losses in a row for the Flyers...it'll be VERY hard for them to come back and win the Stanley Cup (remember, they need to win 4 games! So the other team just needs to win 2 more...aka we CAN'T LOSE 2 MORE GAMES. WE HAVE TO WIN.) I know they'll do better here on home ice though. *nods* As for the Phils...they've just been depressing. *sigh* Very hard to watch.

My dad got this dvd/vcr recorder thing a while back, and so I've been helping him set it up and get it to work. We still can't figure out how to get it to record the cable channels though. ^^;;; But he mostly wanted it to copy over our old VHS's to dvd. Like home movies!!! XD Hahahaa!!! So today we watched some. OMG I WAS SUCH A CUTE BABY. AND SO SMART TOOOOOOO. X3 It was so cute seeing how much my brothers took care of me...and how well they still got along. And just. Me. I was so cute. Haha. And my mom was so beautiful...she still is, but I swear she could've been a model. A SHORT model, but still. :3 I didn't think I'd enjoy watching them so much, but I did. I usually hear about most people dreading home movies...but I found them so entertaining to see things that I couldn't ever remember being so young. Like there was a part where I was with my cousin, who's a few months younger than me...and so we were both babies still. But! I was so smart. XD I figured out how to feed him. So I took his bottle and put it in his mouth so he started eating lol! Then I'd take it out, and put it back in. Of course, mommy was supervising, but still...it was so hilarious. I laughed so much watching.

Remember this pic I took of myself before? I'm using it as my profile pic on FB now. Well, one of my friends...he was awfully rude. >[ Said I looked like I had a black eye! WHAT NERVE!!! Sure, it looks like I have real dark circles cause of the lighting and my camera, but a black eye? ~__~

Okies. It's real late now. ^^; So I'd best head off to bed~ *hugs* Thanks for putting up with me! I love you guys! <333

Great pic of Angela Aki drinking her Coronas lol. XD But nah, it's the song. One of her very much older ones! Not well known!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

*copy and paste* WIP, pics of me, challenges, sports etc.

Hey guys. :) Thanks for the comments, noir (you comment everywhere!! ♥) and omg madarame wtf. XD Frank! Where have you been?? And you know I'm lazy with emails. Lol. Sorry about that~ But thanks for the comment! Yes, well, the Flyers grow "playoff beards" when they get into the playoffs! It's like a good luck charm. And I must say that most of them look really GOOD with beards. Lol. Yes, you have hope. XD Anyhoo, thanks again you two~

I'll try to make this a quick post. It'll probably...mostly be pictures. But first, things that aren't pictures! Haha. Sports. Phillies lost again today, terribly. Last night and today...my goodness, it was atrocious to watch! Lol. So bad it's almost funny. But the Flyers won yesterday!!! *____* My hockey hubbies (lol) are one win away from the Stanley Cup finals! And Nami's Blackhawks already made it. So, if everything goes right tomorrow night, lol, her and my team will be facing off against each other for the Stanley Cup. It'll be really tough...and it may break our friendship. T__T Haha. But first! My Flyers need to win ONE MORE GAME. That comes first. Anything can happen after all. I mean, we came back from losing 3 straight games in a row...but no! No negative thoughts. FLYERS WILL WIN.

Hmm...nothing else has happened to speak of. More migraines? Yes. I've zipped through half my prescription (12 pills) in a matter of 8 days. Wonderful. Um, aside from that...today mommy and I baked this delicious apple cake! O__O I'm eating it right now. It's freaking...delish. Lol. I helped cut up the apples, measure out and mix some things. And I'm very messy. ^^;; My mom always says that I'm an "interesting" and "entertaining" cook/baker! Lol cause I'm always making messes everywhere, and doing things in different ways. XD Who knows HOW I got that cooking award in high school! I mean, aside from being friends with the teacher. Haha. Nah, I'm good, just a little unorthodox! lol. Anyway, the cake is soooooooooooo good. Cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y, apple-y.

Oh, congrats to all of you graduates out there. :) I know several of you are finally getting to say FREEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM to high school and some even college. So great job~

I took some pics of myself today. ^^; And did some slight editing to them. But yeah. Feel free to take a look at them.
♥Looking to the side, shows off my dark circles♥ <--honestly, they look SO freaking dark when I take pics of myself
♥Pensive, methinks♥ <--with a red overlay
♥Taken with no flash in a dark bg with just a night light♥
Snap, I just realized I didn't resize most of those...so they're pretty big. Crap. You can see all the hideous details. ;__;

Now on to other things! My WIP! Remember I said before I'm working on a wallpaper? Kobato? Yeah. I WAS going to stick with a scan that was already high quality...so I wouldn't have to vector it. Just extract it. Well, after I extracted it (long hard work!), I worked on the bg. But now my bg isn't really fitting with the scan. .__. Soooooo. I now favor my bg to the extraction...See my pretty clouds I painted!!!

So I shall instead have to vector/paint a different scan that I think will fit my bg better, which is this one. Joy. It should be hard and time-consuming, but at least it'll give me something to do! Lol. I LOVE MY CLOUDS BTW. I DID THEM TODAY WITHOUT REFERENCE. I looked at some tutorials and went from there.

Ok. Last thing. Remember in my last post I talked about a book I was reading? And the main character that I think is totally hot? XD Well, after my ecard challenge is done, I'm going to set up my first ever fanart challenge~ And I'm going to ask the wonderful artists out there to draw Belimai. Hehe! Just cause I'm really eager to see how sexy people will draw him lol. Somewhat of a selfish challenge cause it isn't a "do whatever you want, just to these guidelines" type thing...cause there's a specific description of him by the author. I don't know. It also doesn't seem right since it's not like he's MY character. Whatever! Lol. Sound good? Ok fine. *nods*

Okies. Now I think I'm done with this long post! Sorry~ I always say I'm going to make it short, and then it isn't. ^^; Love you guys. <33 Take care~

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