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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm posting this on my World, too. Happy go bye-bye.
Hello, hello! *hugs* Thank you so much for the comments the last time! It's been a week again, I think. ^^; I guess that's all the time I can find to post these long ones on myO this semester. If I had a schedule like last time, I would be able to post when I'd have a break in between classes. But I don't have that this time around! :/ Oh well. *hugs* I hope you guys don't mind. ^^; Thanks so much Deb, Jes, and SS (solemn, what should I call you? I need something else! Lol)! It's great hearing from you guys~~~ MyO isn't dead yet!!! D<

So how are all of you doing? The weekend is just about over now, darn it. Even though I have a 3 day weekend every week, it still seems too short. ;__; This past friday I went to the neurologist to get some advice on my migraine meds. He gave me some free samples of some other kinds...so we'll see how they work. And as for my muscle relaxant, he just said to take more. Lol. My neurologist is so funny, so casual, haha. I love it. XD But I wish he'd help me just a bit more! Cause I still have my neck pain all the time and my headaches, although honestly I haven't been having quite as many headaches lately, which is good. Though I might just be jinxing that now!! ^^; I think the huge amount I was having before was because of my old, really uncomfortable glasses. Unfortunately, the glasses I have now (which were an old pair of years ago that WERE comfortable) are now irritating me....like on my ears. I don't get it. I've had them adjusted so many times, but I still feel like they're too tight on my ears! :/ Haha, but the glasses people keep telling me that they look too LOOSE. ^^' Ugh, I have lots of problems...some little and some a bit larger that I wish would just go away.

I have some homework I need to do. And there's a project (partner project) that's due next week...not this week but the next one. I don't know when me and my partner will work on it at all. >>' It's for our visual merchandising class. I'm not even sure what the poster has to be! I really don't want to do it. I really hate posters. As much of an "artistic" person as I am, I've never enjoyed making posters. I mean, sure, I could make them on the computer fine, but I mean cut & paste poster board ones. ~__~ Bleh. They just take too much time...so yeah, that's one school item on my mind that needs to be taken care of soon.

Ok, so big news of the day. I gave away my Happy boy (guinea pig) today. Yeah. Sad. I loved him a lot! He was soooooooooooo cute and sweet. I enjoyed having another furry animal that I could care for and love because my dog really doesn't like me much. :/ Unfortunately, I couldn't handle all of the cleaning. Guinea pigs are the biggest poop machines in the world, and it just got annoying, having to clean it all up more than once a week, and then it smelled up the room...and then I didn't want to pick him up as much because of the thought, "Ew, he's just been sitting around in his poo all day." So basically my family and I made the decision to give him away based on the hygiene factor. :( I wubbed him, and I wish I could've kept him, but my thoughts turned to the future. "He's still going to be alive (hopefully/probably) 7 years from now...that's a lot of money being put into his bedding, and a lot of effort put into cleaning for all those years." I just couldn't handle it. ~__~ It makes me sound like a bad pet owner, but this had to be done for his well-being.

I was really sad today about it. But now...I'm rather happy for Happy. :) So my dad took him to Petco because he asked them today about whether they would take him to adopt him out. They said yes, so he took him there. Well, RIGHT when he brought him in, there was a little girl looking for a guinea pig! Hers died recently, and so she and her family was there going to buy her a new one. They saw Happy when dad was there getting the paperwork done, and they inquired about him! ^_^ Yay!!! So now Happy has a wonderful new home with a family that knows how to take care of guinea pigs, and the little girl was sooooooo happy about it. She's also keeping that as his name. <3333 It's great!!! Now I don't have to worry about him being in the store for who knows how long. :) Brianna, you take good care of Happy for me!

Here's a video I took of him today before taking him. I love it when he stretches and yawns...and then after that, hahaha, he comes up to my camera! Lol. Watchhhhh.

I mean, I'm still sad that I had to let him go, but it makes me really really relieved and glad for him to go to a wonderful new home.

Thursday, after class, I got a haircut! Yes, another one. ^^;;;; Lol. It's the same style that I had before though, just a little shorter. :) I needed my layers back and it to be restyled. I think the lady I had this time did it better than who I had before. It's really cute. ^^ I took a pic of how it looks, but for some reason, it's not working...like I took it with my phone, and usually I can send it to my email, but it isn't working this time. So yeah. It doesn't really matter though...it's just, uh, short. XD

As I've mentioned before, I'm getting the Adobe Creative Suite 4 that comes with Photoshop CS4, Illustrator, and a few other programs...I hope it comes soon! This week! Please!! I can't wait for it. *__* I've been PS deprived. Since I made that ecard challenge the other day, I've been itching to make some more! Lol. I have so many entries for that already. O__o But don't let that discourage you! If you're entering, please go right ahead!!!

Hmm...let's see...there were probably some other things for me to talk about, but ehhhh...I can't think of them. ^^; And I want to play some Star Ocean 4 first before going back to my homework. So I'll leave it at this! Ok? *hugs* Thanks sooooo much for visiting me. Sorry if I didn't get to comment a lot on posts~ I haven't felt up to it. And now it's back to the school week...bleh. TAKE CARE!!

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