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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodness, I'm in a good mood for once today! O__o
Hello guys! <33333 Thank you for the comments last time. :) Meg, Deb, Jes [all 3-letter names lol], Angelbest, and SS (you need a better nickname). I really appreciate all of your wonderfully long comments on my last post. ^^ They were all encouraging and whatnot. Yes, I'm definitely ALL better now from my flu. Thank you, thank you! <333

I feel kinda bad only posting once a week here now. To think I used to post every single day. But I can't manage that anymore, lol. 1: I'm not that interesting. 2: It would be bothersome to you guys. 3: Just not enough time. 4: Less people seem to comment anyway. Hence fewer posts from me! But I'll never give myO up! >D NEVER.

[random topic!!]When you learned to type and use word processing, what grade were you in? Like...did you guys have a computer class that would teach you "proper typing skills"? Back in my day (haha, I sound so old) we used computers in elementary school...but they were Apple IIGS (OLD) and there was no typing then, haha. In 7th grade we had a computer class that involved nothing but typing drills. So I guess that's what I'm talking about. ^^; And when you learned, did you learn that there are always 2 spaces after the period [end of a sentence]? Cause apparently that isn't necessary anymore!! O__O My typography teacher told me that you only need ONE SPACE after a sentence. Lol, that's what I always use when I'm typing emails and posts, but when I do papers, I still do 2 spaces...because teachers would always nitpick about that. But really? Now it's officially fine to only have 1? Did you learn that or something else? XD Sorry, I'm just really curious!

I know, that was a random topic to bring up, but it just came to me to ask, lol. Cause wtf. Earth-shattering info. Right? Haha. Anyhoo, today has been a pretty good day so far. :) I've been in a GOOD mood today! *__* That's kidna sorta weird for me. I'm usually in a bleh to average mood. But for some reason, I had happy feelings~ Kind of hyper! <3 Maybe it's because of the prospect of having a whole week off this week thanks to spring break. Or maybe...I don't know, my hormones decided to be positive for once. Today I haven't really done much though...I watched some What Not To Wear (i love that show), RuPaul's Drag Race (OMG I can't believe I did...lol, it isn't too bad!), and I took out Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei). I got that outta the dumpster that is my bookshelf...after several years. I haven't watched it in like 4 or 5 years. I MISS THE MANGA. The mangaka totally fell off a cliff or something. :( She stopped writing it in the middle of a story arc...years ago...so depressing. But anyhoo, I got out the dvds and watched a couple episodes. ^^ Haha, I still like it.

I was afraid I wouldn't care for it anymore because I really haven't watched a lot of anime lately. [I have no patience anymore.] I've watched maybe 2 episodes of any anime in the past week...Lol. "BACK IN THE DAY" I used to watch at least 10 episodes of various anime in a day! But now I'm kinda fading out of it, I guess. :/ I only watch things that I'm certain I'll like, mostly older shows that I've already watched. Sure things. You know? Or if there's a new series of a show that I love, then I'll watch it. But otherwise...I've kinda given up, lol. I have been an anime fan for around 13-14 years, so I guess it's about time that my interest wanes a bit. I still love manga though (I like manga more than anime these days), and I obviously still love certain characters and the art. If I didn't love the art, I wouldn't be making all these cards and stuff, right?? I'll never denounce my love for anime, but I'm just taking more of a break from it. More manga, more novels, video games, normal TV shows, etc.

Ooooh, watched the last event of the Olympics today. The HUGE hockey match between team USA and Canada. <3 It was soooo exciting!! Unfortunately USA lost. :( But goodness they played such a close game...coming back in the last period to tie it up and go into overtime. But eh, I guess Canada deserved it. I mean, they're THE hockey country. They love it like nobody's business, and plus the Olympics were in Canada...so yeah. ^^; If they lost, there would be a lot of angry people there, lol. Some possibly suicidal, too. >>' They take it really seriously, which is awesome. So yeah, the Olympics are now done with. I watched waaaaay too much of them...hahaha...

Hmm. *thinks* Oh, remember last week I had a test in history of costume? I got a 97%!! ^__^ Wow. <3 I totally didn't think that. I barely had time to prepare, PLUS I was absent for 2 of the chapters. XD Gah. Um, and last week on thursday we were supposed to present our b-boards (poster project) in visuals, but HEY-O. We had another snow day! ^^; I haven't been to that class in 3 weeks. And now spring break...it'll have been a month since I last was in that class. Wooot. *thinks more* I don't think there's much else to talk about. If you didn't see it yet, here's my newest e-card, which is uber popular, and I LOVE IT. I don't usually love my works that much, but I'm so proud of this one. Thanks a billion to those that commented/hugged/faved it~

And now Taylor Swift. I love her music~ Especially this song. :)

*huggles* Thanks for visiting me! I love you guys!! ^_^ I hope you all stay healthy and have a lovely week. Take care~

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