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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm also posting this same one on my World. School stuff, yesterday, etc.

Hello!! And thank you for the comments last time! *hugs* The few who still stand strong at myO. XD emerald, Deb, and Reki!!!! <3333 Reki, that was one of the longest comments I've ever seen from you. XD Welcome back! *hugs* And of course thanks to Deb and emerald, too, for your sweet words. :) Hmm...not much to really reply to, so I'll leave it at that!

It's a rainy day today. Lots of rain. And I love rain. <33 BUT...it's winter, so you know, I would've preferred snow...especially to maybe delay or cancel classes tomorrow. Lol. *sigh* Yup, back to school for real now. I mean, classes started last thursday...but that doesn't count. XD I only had one class, and then I have fridays off! So yeah. This will be the real first week of school. ;__; I'll TRY not to be so nervous. Though telling me that...haha, it doesn't usually work. I know, I've been told by some of you to stop panicking. Try to calm down, don't worry about these things, you're wasting your time worrying, etc. Yes, that's all well and good, but anxiety tells me otherwise. ^^;; It's something I can't really help. I appreciate all of your sweet words regarding these things, but don't hate just cause I freak out about things in the future! It's not like I ENJOY panicking. :/

Anyhoo, tomorrow I have two classes: marketing and history of costume. I think the fashion class sounds really interesting, but it's with my same ol' teacher lady that I can't stand. My mentor. So I have to see her 3 times a week now...and I feel sorry for the girls that are taking interiors this semester, too. I need to take that class, but I didn't want it since it's a night class, and having one will be enough for me this time. But yah, the poor girls taking that, too, have to see McKinney (our prof) 4 times a week!! For 3 classes!! D: *shivers* That would suck. Bleh, I have to buy my books...they'll all be really expensive, as usual. I know people always say to just order them on amazon, but I don't really have the luxury of time to wait for delivery. ~__~ All my teachers always want us to have the books right away. BOoooo. And for my marketing class, omg, my teacher frickin' WROTE the book we have to buy. It's huge. And since he wrote it, it's only available at our school book store anyway. >E The history of costume book is probably the hugest book I've EVER seen. I don't know how I'll carry it. >.< So that's tomorrow. Tuesday I have gym (pickleball...um, it's like tennis with a ping pong paddle and whiffle ball) and then MUCH later...my first night class ever, typography. The class itself will be fun, probably, seeing as it'll be a lot of photoshop and illustrator etc., but the times aren't fun. :( 7pm to 9:45...that's toooooooo laaaaaaaaaaate. T__T

I'm most annoyed by those times cause it's during dinnertime AND sports time, lol. Since most of the sports games start at 7...like hockey this tuesday I'll miss. :[ Wednesday's schedule is like monday's, except this week I have to meet in the evening for my online course. 5:30-8. GAWD. Apparently after we do that meeting, then the online class will officially start, but she wants us to meet first to tell us about it and stuff. :/ Ok! So yeah, then thursday is just my one class. There's my schedule for this semester...it doesn't sound that bad except for being out of my comfort zone with a night class. I just hope that there aren't tons of projects.

I'm still thinking about Avatar and how awesome it was. I'd love to see it again. XD

So, yesterday...I did indeed to go the mall with my friends. I didn't want to at first cause I wasn't feeling well, but I figured I should since along with Karen and Laura, Qin came. And I haven't seen her in years. Phil was there, too, but bleh to him. Qin came along with her boyfriend...his name is Kong. XD Qin and Kong. Sounds like King Kong...lol. He was so short!! He was cute, but it was funny since he was Qin's height or a bit shorter, and so that's like 5'2" or something. I saw pics of him on her FB, and he definitely looked taller. Hehe. [no offense to short guys out there cause, I mean, I'm short too] I came pretty late cause my mom had to get ready, and she takes forever...when I got there, Karen's mom gave me the cute little piggy salt and pepper shakers I painted. They're adorable~~ ^^ Um, and then after that we just went around to stores. As usual, I was the only person to BUY things, lol. It's always this way! Everyone else just looks, but I spend all my money. Haha. So I got some manga and a Tinkerbell shirt. <3 Overall, it was fun, but I still got a bit stressed over it.

If you didn't see my last post (on my World), well, my betta fishy Seyonne passed away. :( I had him for over a year...which was the longest of any of our bettas. I wubbed him so much!! But his death didn't really come as a surprise since he was acting funny for a couple weeks...not swimming much, not eating much, and then this past week he got some illnesses and just got worse. Poor thing. But now he's up in fish heaven with all my others!!! ^_^ I said a little prayer for him, and buried him out back around this tree where we've buried some of our other fish. That's right; we don't flush 'em down the toilets. That would be mean.

Made an ecard yesterday. Many thanks to all of you wonderful friends that already commented etc. :) Glad you like it! *hugs*

I've been working on that wallpaper of mine...and I'll probably submit it soon. It's basically done. I'm not completely happy with it, but I'm tired of looking at it, so I'll just want it out of my hands very soon.

Hmm...there's some little things I could mention, but that would probably waste your time too much. XD So I'll end it here. Thanks for the comments and everything! You guys are great!! Good luck to those returning/returned to school~ [me included lol] Take care!!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

goodness, I only post here once a week now!! O__O

Hey there, my friends! *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments last time. :) Goodness, it's been another week since I last posted on myO! I'm sorry!! ;___; I was going to post here during the past week...but every time I was going to, I felt too sick to do so. ^^; A lot of you read my posts on my World, so you know. But yah. THANK YOU to everyone who has been visiting me. I love you guys. :)

Look, a new theme! Although I did change it...I think last week, the day I posted. XD or the day after. But anyway, I like it. I've been posting more on my world because I've been doing shorter posts...and I usually put those there. I've been wondering if I should just copy and paste these posts there since a lot of people simply do NOT comment here anymore. :[ Which is sad. MyO really does seem to be dying...dead...ugh. And that is why I want to keep posting here! ^^;; I know a lot of you said on theO that you read my posts here but just don't comment. Well, we'll see about that!! XD If you're one of those people, comment on yesterday's world post saying you read this. Lol. No, it's ok. Just kidding. Cause I'm sure lots of people say "I read it" when they really didn't. But I gotta trust my friends here, right? I LOVE YOU GUYS. Without you, I really wouldn't have...many friends to rely on. ^^; But anyhoo, this post is just going to be here, but maybe next time I'll copy and paste to both places. :)

I GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :( I'm totally depressed about that. This was a nice winter break, but I always wish it lasted longer. I mean, I shouldn't complain cause I did have a whole month off, but still. It's always a downer having to go back to the routine of getting up earlier than I'd like, sitting in classes taking notes, and doing homework...being piled on by projects. *sigh* That's what I'm worried about. The first days of class are usually just the get to know you days (I HATE THOSE), go over the syllabus, and maybe start the first chapter. But I really think these are the hardest days for me. Every semester, I freak out in the beginning because of going over the syllabuses in each class...I start thinking about all of the different things due in the future for each class as if they're due right away. I just have trouble with compartmentalizing things that are things I have to do far in the future. When I'm bombarded with all of these things at once, I freak out. Like last semester, remember? The first few days we went over what we'll do in class, and all of the important dates are thrown out at us, and so then I feel really stressed about everything all at once! ^^;;; HIGH ANXIETY. Ughhh. *sigh*

Overall, this semester is a pretty light one...as far as my schedule goes, except that I have my night class. :/ I've never had one before, and I've been avoiding it for as long as possible, but I have to take it. Otherwise, I would never get my classes done for my graphic arts minor. And, gawd, I haven't taken a lot of others I need to do for my MAJOR. ~__~ I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to take an extra year or something to finish my classes. BUT. I can't think of that right now!! ^^; I've already been panicking about the whole internship ordeal...I need to get an internship in my major either over this coming summer or over the spring semester of my senior year...and THAT really has me worried. I gotta stop that though! That is months away!!! D; I already ranted about that on my World, so if you read it, thanks for the encouragement...

Hmm. So yes, I haven't been feeling well lately. A lot of nausea. Probably from my anxiety and definitely migraines. It's so retarded. Yesterday I felt so bad I actually took a nap...and I felt like I would throw up any time I moved. I'm feeling better today, thank goodness, but now I have that time of month to worry about. If it's not one thing, it's the other, right?

So monday was the 11th, right? That was my oldest brother's b-day. He turned 31. D definitely feels like he's old now. ^^; Poor thing, lol. In the first part of the day, I went to the chiropractor, and then mom and I went to petsmart to get Happy some food and things, and then we went to Barnes&Noble. Poor mommy got a bad reaction in the petsmart, which is so weird. Her face was burning like crazy...we both have this weird allergic reaction to anything and everything. :( So that pretty much ruined the fun trip out. The one good thing that came out of it was that I got the new book by Carol Berg, "the Spirit Lens." And it has such a HOT guy on the cover. <3333 Hehe. XD Umm...and then...at night, D came over with this girlfriend to have dinner and celebrate. That's when I started feeling sick and depressed. Uncomfortable. I really don't...care for people coming over that aren't family. I mean, D and Suse might as well be married, but still, I'm not comfortable around her. It's always just awkward. She isn't the smartest tool in the shed, and I never hear anything that comes out of her that's her own opinion. It's always about what my brother wants or thinks. She's TOO nice. It annoys me. I can't hold a conversation with her because everything is always too frickin' nice. I wonder if she really has any of her own opinions? It's like she always has to please us all the time. :/

Now something else that bothered me that night...my dog. He kept mounting Suse's legs. So I kept trying to get him off of her. My dad kept telling me to. If he didn't, we would've just ignored him, but no. "Kelsey, get that dog off of her!" And so one time when D was opening his presents, I did again, and then Totey viciously attacked me. *sigh* Jee, how many times has that happened??? -__- My dog hates me. He just does. So my hand was hurt [I still see where he bit me on my wrist], and I was crying, but I didn't want to ruin D's party so I just kinda went to the bathroom...and stayed away from the fun. It really ruined the night for me. I couldn't even enjoy when D opened up his Street Fighter 4 snuggie that Corey gave him...cause that's what he always wanted, and he was sooo happy. And it's the rarest thing to see my brothers get along and have genuine fun and joy about something. *sigh* But hey, that day is all over now! It wasn't good for me, but Derek enjoyed it, and I suppose that's all that matters.

Hmm...I still need to see Avatar. Corey and dad went yesterday and saw it in IMAX. I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't go, and I just want to see in regularly, not in 3D. I'm sure it would make me get a migraine and feel sick watching it that way. ^^;; Hopefully friday we can go because I don't have classes then.

I've been working on my wallpaper off and on. I dont know when I'll finish it, but maybe this weekend I'll try really hard to!! You know on facebook I mentioned I've been playing that Sorority Life game?? Lol. Well, they're having a valentine's day outfit design contest!!! And I've entered it. ^^ So you download the base model, and then you create a layer on top and then design your outfit however you want with photoshop or whatever you have. :) I've done 2 entries so far~ It says you can enter several times. It's so fun!! XD If only my major included fashion design. That's what I really like. :[ Oh well. But yah, I doubt I'll win, but it's still fun.

Alrighty, that's all from me. *huggles* You guys are the best!! Wish me all luck with school. ;__; And I wish you all the best, too. Take care, until next time~

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

dentistry and sherlock holmes.

Hi, hi, hi!! <33 Thank you all a billion times over for the comments. :) It's almost been a week again. ^^;;; I'm getting worse and worse at finding time to post, lol. I'll be more on a schedule when school starts so then I'll be regular. XD Happy new year again!! I appreciate all of your sweet words~~~ A HUGE welcome back to Deb!! It's been FOREVER. Just like Meg...it's so great seeing you again~~ Anna-chan, thank you. [congrats again] Also, jamo, Keri, and xaos, thanks for the comments. ^_^

Ahhh, I'm tired. DX Yet I've been getting enough sleep! I think it was the stress from today. I had to go to the dentist. ^^;; Stupid dentist! Although mine is still a children's one, and all the ladies there are so nice. My dentist is so sweet~ Lol, and she says I could basically keep going there for as long as I live here. XD I'm 21, and you'd think they'd like kick me out or something since I'm clearly not a child anymore! But she says she has some 22-23 year olds still there. Mom asked, "So how long can she still be here?" My dentist: "Well, most people leave cause of jobs or moving away...so whenever that happens usually." LOL. What if I don't move away then? Hah, I guess I'll be a 40 year old going to a kid's dental office. XD

Anyhoo, everything was going well...just standard cleaning, but when my dentist came around to check my teeth she asked about my wisdom teeth. Are they feeling ok? No pain? They're coming in well. Alright, so I was thinking that it'd all be ok! Until she started poking around with that hook thing. ~__~ "Oh. Well...you have a cavity in the top of this wisdom tooth...and, oh dear. This one has a HOLE in it." WTF? A hole??? Yeah. A hole. Not a cavity, a freaking HOLLLLEEEEE. She told me that it's malformed...so when my wisdom tooth was forming and coming out, well, something was up with the genetics and so it didn't complete! T__T So I have a gaping hole in it. Duh, it'll hurt when she sticks that hook thing in there! *sigh* She asked if I wanted to have them pulled, but I was like no f-ing way. Just fill them. So next month I have to come back to have those two fillings...well, a cavity filled and a hole filled. -__-' I'm not looking forward to that. :( Whenever I go they always find more cavities. Yet I brush and floss! My dentist has never known the pain of these things; she said she's NEVER had a cavity in her life. No wonder she doesn't mind being in the business. ^^;

After that, mom and I went to the mall. I got some cute new shoes and boots from the Sketchers store. <33 But the girl that helped us was...I'm pretty sure, anorexic. She looked really bad. Like a corpse. I felt really uncomfortable looking at her, honestly. I felt really bad. I mean, sure, maybe she just has a different illness, but either way, I hope she gets better. It isn't easy looking at someone in that state; it's sad. You know? Eating disorders are some of the worst (if not THE worst) killers [at least of psychological disorders]. :/ Um, anyway, after that we searched for the Lenscrafters. To get my glasses adjusted. Nope, not the new ones that were killing me, but my old ones...hmm...I guess I gotta explain. XD The other day we went to Lenscrafters, instead of Walmart, to get my recent prescription put into my old frames that I found were comfortable. Because my new frames were soooooo horrible, I had to do it. Even though I liked how my new ones looked more, I'd much rather have comfort. Although now, since I've worn those bad ones for so long, my ears are really irritated and sore still. So everything feels uncomfortable. :[ Like at this point, I can't even tell now if these frames are ok! I'm so confused. ;__; But I wore them years ago, and they were fine, so I'm just hoping that it's my ears being sore from the last ones digging into me. But nevertheless, I wanted them adjusted again today. *fiddles with them more* >.<

It's so cold out. SO COLD. But we don't have any snow yet. Apparently it's hitting everywhere else in the country but us! Lol. At least not yet. Anyway, yesterday we went to see Sherlock Holmes. X3 I still wanna see Avatar, but the movie times didn't match up, which is why we saw Sherlock~~ It was really really goooood!!! *__* I didn't think Sherlock Holmes could be so sexy, lol. <--my facebook status, haha. And this is coming from someone who just a few months ago couldn't stand Robert Downey Jr. ^^;; But...he made a really good-looking Sherlock!! XD It was full of action, suspense, the usual intrigue and British accents. <3 It was a bit long, but it was really good. So I'd recommend it. :) [spoiler pic, funny part, not really a spoiler] I also didn't know that Sherlock knew some martial arts. XD Wow.

Hmmm...that just about sums up my week. That I can think of anyway, lol. I go back to school next thursday, which is a downer. But it helps that I'll have fridays off this semester. <3 I do have an online course though...so I'll prolly do my stuff for that then. :/ And unfortunately I have a night class on tuesdays, which I've never had before so I'm kinda scared. :( It'll mess up my evening schedule, that's for sure!!! .__. Boooo. Oh well. It's typography so at least it'll be somewhat fun. Um, here's an ecard I made for Anna. If you didn't see it yet, here you go~

Alrighty. Now I think I'll end this post here. ^^ Thank you for visiting me!! *hugs* I love you guys! Good luck to those of you returning to school already. My condolences. Take care~

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Friday, January 1, 2010

New year's annoyances, fun stuff...yes. Happy new year!

Well, that just about sums it up, right? Happy new year! *hugs* 2010. Wow. That's just...insane. It's such a high number! Gawd. I was born in 1988...that seems like soooooooooooo long ago. It's truly amazing. 2010. Lol. Yup, so happy new year to all of you!! Thank you for the comments last time. :) I can't believe it's been a whole week since my last post here. That isn't RIGHT for me. I kept planning on posting earlier this week, but then I couldn't find time since we were doing things, or I would have another bad migraine. ^^; Anyhoo, thanks again~~

As my card says, you gotta have faith that this year will be better than the last! Work with those around you, those you love and that love you to work towards this better tomorrow, if you will. [/cheesy inspirational moment] Any resolutions out there? I'm not one to make resolutions. Maybe I should. I don't know. I just tend to make goals for myself or have these standards that I keep up with all year 'round. I guess one thing I HAVE to do is find a job...an internship for my stupid major. I guess that isn't exactly a "resolution," but it's something I have to do! Lol. Hmm...I should probably do more exercise...but I have a feeling that resolution would collapse quickly. ^^;;; How about you guys then? Do tell. And maybe you can think up some for me, too. XD

Hmm...I need to try and type this quickly since dinner will be ready soon. I have poor time management when it comes to my computer time, lol. I blame it on facebook now. No, I'm not "addicted." It's not like I'm on all freaking day, but it is a good place to waste time. :/ Ugh, but this whole week I've barely had any computer time anyway. >.< My brother, I SWEAR, has had just about as many days off from work as I'm supposed to for school. It's ridiculous. This week he only worked a total of 6 hours. He does work the weekend, but just...bleh. It's cause of the holidays. ~__~ And his normal days off of monday-wednesday. *sigh* I haven't been complaining about him a lot cause he's always playing his ps3, but when I do see him, and he wants to do something together, then I immediately get annoyed, lol. I really hope his resolution is to move out this year. >> SERIOUSLY. With him, it's always "Do this, do that." I'm tired of it. Again, I haven't been bothered by him as much lately...but still. I wish he had more work hours. And then my dad has been getting on my nerves about little things. We're generally good buddies, especially when watching sports, but there are tiny things that make him blow up, and then that really annoys me.

Like over the past few months, he has gotten on a tear about electricity. Our bill, that is. Especially lighting. So when I'm down here at my computer, I obviously want the lights on!! The thing is that the switch turns on all the lights, which is like...8 of them. It's the best lighting, and I've been using them forever! But now, if I have them on, he gets SO MAD. "Turn those off! You know these cost a lot of money!! Put on the lamps!!!" UGH. So I have to turn on these 2 dinky little lamps. He seems to think that having these lights on for an hour costs him all this extra money. He doesn't bother to think that Corey having his little space heater on for hours and all his lights and his computer and his ps3 on all day...might be affecting anything. ~__~ He also got mad today that I had the window open down here. I have the window open to get fresh air in here cause I still have the stupid reactions [where my face itches/burns]. *sigh* Anyway...I don't know...the men in my family have been really bothering me lately, lol.

I guess I'll quickly go over these things again that I wrote about on my World. The other day we went bowling for the first time in years. I started out horribly, but then I got a little better. The first game I bowled 87, and the second time 107~ I got several strikes, too! It was amazing!! Lol. The place we went to was packed with little kids. Lots of parties and things since they were out on break. It was crazy. XD We were definitely the oldest family there. >> Though we were next to some groups of guys (college?) that were playing, too. Hahaha, there was this one guy that was using this really crazy stance!! Like he started over in OUR lane, holding the ball...more like cradling it, without his fingers in the holes, and then he'd run up and curve and chuck it. I don't know; it's hard to explain!! XD But one time, it was ultimate fail. He almost fell on his butt, hahaha. He tripped on his own feet. It looked like a cool stance...but if you can't even knock down one pin with it, then it's definitely not cool anymore.

Alright, so on my world I said there was something that was bothering me, but it's all resolved now. I was gonna rant about my friend Karen's mom and how she has no consideration for others AT ALL. We planned on doing something earlier this week; plans were set, but then her mom decided to say no cause she had to do something for Karen's brother. See, they only have one car. Karen can drive, but if her mom is using the car, then it's out of the question to do anything!! So I thought we'd have to just wait until next week to get together, but out of the blue, Karen called yesterday, and her mom said it was ok so we could go to Color Me Mine. I wasn't up to going out yesterday, but I figured it might be our only chance, lol. If you don't know/remember, Color Me Mine is this cute little place where you select pre-sculpted sculptures and things. From figures, to boxes, mugs, plates, anything ceramic. And then you get to paint them! :) Then the place fires them and you pick them up.

The last time we went, I painted this fairy box, which some of you might remember. Yesterday I chose this cute salt and pepper set!!! ^^ They're little piggies~~~~ We had a lot of fun painting and talking. Afterwards, we had to find their (Karen and her twin sis Laura) mom at this used book store...and THEN she made us go into Rite Aid. Like wtf. It was late, and I wanted to go home! But again, her mom has no consideration at all...so we wasted a half-hour or something in there...and their mom didn't even get anything. She just looked down every aisle. ~__~''' Ugh, lol. In the end, I did have a good time...just a bit socially exhausting. Hmm...well, here's the pic of my little piggies. They will be fired, and then we can pick them up next week. So their colors now are not what they'll end up being. They will be more vibrant. :)
Today, hockey-wise, was the Winter Classic. Between my Flyers and the Boston Bruins. It was a crazy awesome exciting game...even though my guys lost. :( But still...it was so cool. What's special about it? They turned Fenway Park (baseball stadium for the Red Sox) into an ice rink~~ Gah, it was awesome, especially since it snowed yesterday. A shame we didn't win, but it was still really cool. :3

Alrighty.................I think I wrote too much again, lol. I was going to do this short post, but oh well. I probably even have more stuff to talk about, but I don't have time. Gotta go eat dinner~ Mmmmm, STEAK. <3333 Happy new year everyone! I love you guys!! I wish you all the best for this brand new year~

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Christmas review! And random rants.

Hello, people! <33 Hi guys! Happy day after Christmas! Boxing day, right? I think. XD Anyhoo, thanks soooo much for all the comments~ Both on here and theO. And also thanks for the gifts. ^^ Yug, teapot, Anna, Jes, Keri, and Jerry! Thank you all a ton! :) Um, I don't feel like going into detailed replies, so I'll leave it at this. You guys know I love you. ;3

Wow. So it's the day after Christmas. How are all of you holding up? XD Did you survive the craziness of the holiday season? Well, there's still more of it to come with new year's and whatnot. But yeah. As I said in my World post yesterday, my Christmas went well! There was no family drama like there usually is. My brother Derek actually gave GOOD gifts. He's a big cheapskate that regifts things or sometimes doesn't give anything at all. But this time he did give thoughtful things. For one, he gave me one of his old computer monitors. :) It's HUGE compared to what I've been used to!! ^^; It's an LCD screen, 1280x1024 resolution. I'm still getting used to it...like the contrast and brightness; I just don't know what the perfect setting is yet. :/ I've been using my old one for years, so this is exciting! But now I need to get new wallpapers. ;__; All my others are too small, lol. He also gave me a little mouse for my netbook and a new keyboard. My brother Corey gave me the DS game Devil Survivor (one of the Shin Megami Tensei games, like Persona). And everyone liked the gifts I gave them. ^^ Like my Tinkerbell drawing, lol, and the other goodies.

So some of the things I got: DS games (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Style Savvy, Professor Layton 2, and Cooking Mama 3), some manga, fantasy books, clothes & coats [I had no coats!], stuffed animals, and a cute Harajuku Lovers bag I can use for school. Oh, and 2 more Pullip dolls (#1 & #2). ^^; Yeah, so I got a lot. My parents are really generous on Christmas, which is NICE. <33 Our family isn't the type to give gift cards or just money. We actually like getting gifts. It wouldn't do me any good to get gift cards cause I still don't know how to drive. >>' It wouldn't matter, lol. I wonder if it's a bad thing that my family still celebrates Christmas like this even though we're all adults. I'm 21, Corey is 28, and D is 30...but we still get things from "Santa," and lots of them. *sigh* I really LOVE it, but is it a bad thing?? Like I love staying a kid. ^^; On facebook, I took this "how old are you really?" quiz...haha...it said I'm 10! XD Yeah, case and point. [or is it "case in point"?]

I have another migraine today. I really don't think my meds are working. >.< I'll need to talk to my doc about this crap.

Hmm...today...I played a lot of Style Savvy. >>' It's fun. XD I also...really didn't do much else. O__o Took a shower, fed the fish, watched "What Not to Wear," opened my one doll...jeez. I have no life. It's almost 6pm, and that's all I've done. Oh, well I was online, too. I still enjoy playing that Sorority Life game on facebook, lol. It's so stupid, but I do. Speaking of which, ok...so there's this girl I've been friends with since middle school. Well, not really FRIENDS. More like...I've been her friend, but I never really wanted to be hers. ^^; Her name happens to be Kelsey, too. And she is mentally handicapped; a mild form of Down Syndrome. The thing is is that she's always been so rude. And she is definitely smart enough and functional enough to know what IS rude and what isn't. What's retarded about it is how she would use her disability as an excuse for the things she would do or say. She knew that if you tried to tell her to stop doing something, she would pull the "I can't help it" card. In high school, she would pull my hair, talk loudly, and she was generally rude to most people. Yet she said we were friends!

Anyway, this is just a random tangent. XD I brought this up cause on FB she left me a comment just saying, "STOP SENDING ME THOSE SORORITY LIFE THINGS. I DON'T LIKE THEM!!!!!!!" *rolls eyes* She played the game, and I was being nice sending her items! Lol. Fine. I won't send her anything. It's just that she could've found a nicer way to say that, and I'm tired of her being so annoying. I didn't even want to add her as a friend. She also has a very rich mom that gets her anything and everything in the world. I guess to compensate for her disability. I don't know. I remember her mom would always get her out of school to go places (fun places)...not cause she was sick or anything...and she was best buds with the principal so she'd never get in trouble. DX ANYHOO SORRY. THAT WAS A STUPID REMINISCENT RANT. Hahaha.

Oh, I forgot I got this nice Phillies jacket, a Phillies mug, and a Flyers (our hockey team) watch. <3

Let's see....what else can I talk about??? I don't know! T__T Our two fish that were courting before and laid eggs have been at it again and again. It's annoying cause they keep laying eggs, but then they just eat them right away. And they've relegated all the other fish to the other corner of the tank. It's so stupid. I almost want to separate them, lol. Alrighty. I'm honestly out of stuff to talk about...or if I had something else, I've forgotten. Here's a music video (I hope it works). It's Jeremy Camp's Understand. He's a contemporary Christian artist...I love his songs. And his voice~~

Thank you all for everything!! *hugs* I love you guys!! :) I hope you've been having a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate. Take care~

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

holiday goodness! I'm really boring, lol.

Yes, it's that card I made last week. :) Sorry, but I'm too lazy to make another one right now! It will have to do for the HAPPY HOLIDAYS message!! *hugs* I do have another ecard in waiting, but I have to wait until Christmas Eve to submit it. It's for my secret Santa recipient. ^_^ Anyhoo, hello!! Thank you all sooooooooooooo much for the comments last time~ I know, it's been a while...kinda...since my last post. ^^; Don't worry; I haven't gone anywhere, lol. Curse, Anna, Angelbest, Saiyan, Raisha, and Cynthia! Thank you for your wonderful words~ <33 You're all wonderful!
[Ok, I submitted the card! Enjoy!]

So it's just about Christmas!! Tomorrow is X-mas Eve~ FINALLY. I SWEAR. It's felt like forever. XD I kept thinking that today would be the eve, but nooooo. I guess Christmas was on thursday last year...so I'm thinking of that. Anyhoo, are you all excited (if you celebrate it)? Even if you don't celebrate it, my ecard rings true! It's a perfect time to give thanks for those around you; it's nearing the end of the year, and you should look back upon it and remember things that you feel good about. And if there were more bad things, well, reflect on them and then look forward to the new year!! ^_^ *cough* Yes, I'm trying to be inspirational here. XD Oh yeah, speaking of which, don't forget I made that inspirational card challenge on theO. The deadline is some time in January. :) I'm surprised I don't have very many entries! I thought I'd get more. Hmm. Well, there's still time. [/self-advertisement]

Some of you may remember I mentioned that a friend from AP sent me gifts for my b-day! And I got her things for christmas. ^^ Today her gifts to me arrived! She's soooo sweet. One of the few people on AP that I met that's actually...a FRIEND. Lol. She got me a necklace and ring set that has this cute cupcake guy on it. XD As well as some gum, 2 star ornaments, and this ADORABLE snow bunny plush!! It's handmade by a local artist, she said. :) I took a pic of him and made it into something of a card. So you can take a look. I named him Lyle. :3

Tonight we're going to go out to eat to the restaurant that started my obsession with TODD. Hahaha. I don't think I've mentioned him in a long while!! Some of you MAY remember last year, last summer (omg long time ago) I went to this restaurant...and the waiter/busboy was this really shy kid! Well, guy. I don't know his age. Lol. But he was shy and CUTE and he looked like Mihashi from Oofuri. X3 Hehehe. And he was the inspiration for naming our angelfish Todd. Lol. But since then...I haven't ever seen him again. ;__; NEVER. But I still think of him!! A girl can wish, right?? Hahaaa...oh Todd. So yeah, I guess we're actually going to leave soon, so I better get this post going! NEVERMIND. STRIKE THAT. We're not going out. :( My brother is sleeping...so...I guess he's not feeling well. Therefore, we're staying here. Poo. This was supposed to be a make-up dinner for my b-day dinner, lol. Cause I never technically GOT ONE.

Jeez, I haven't posted since last...whenever, but I can't even think of much to talk about. And that explains why I don't post as much during breaks~ I'm just a lazy, boring, slob! XD I've done nothing but stay home, play Star Ocean 4, watch TV, finish watching the Gokusen (anime) for the 3rd time [it's the only anime I've watched in months...], and uh, yeah. That's it. Well, at least I'm over my sinusitis! :) I'm not sick anymore! I'm still blowing my nose some, but not like before. So I'm pretty sure I'm good to go now~ Yeah, about anime, I haven't watched any in a long time. ^^; Gokusen was the last and only thing I've seen in months, lol. I guess I'm getting "tired" of it, but not. I still LIKE it, but I haven't found anything new that I LIKE. So I just end up rewatching older shows that I know are tried and true. If you know of some series that you think is reaalllllyyy good, feel free to mention it [if it's new].

Yup, I honestly can't think of anything interesting that's happened in the past few days. :( So you just tell me things! Or ask me questions! Anything! Ok? ^_^ I'll talk a bit about Christmas then. Tomorrow night is when we open family gifts. So siblings to siblings, if we got anything from relatives (negative), and specifically parents to us. And then on X-mas morning...well...uh, despite all of us being adult children, lol, we still get "Santa gifts." So those are opened then!! :D I didn't really ask for anything, so I'll be happy and surprised with whatever. The only things I know about are a couple DS games and some manga.

Alright. I'll spare you now. Just enjoy your holidays!! :) Thanks for visiting me~~ I LOVE YOU GUYS. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. <3 Take care~
[I really like this song! It isn't a video though. So just listen if you feel like listening!]

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Colds and dramas.

Hello, guys! How are all of you doing today? Arigatou for the comments! *hugs* You guys are so great~~ I really appreciate everything you said, from get well wishes to things about grades, etc. :) Thank you Jerry, jamo, Jes, kiyo-chan, raisha, killua (it's great hearing from you on here!!), and Anna! *hugs* Thank you all soooooooooooo much. Kiyo-chan, yeah, I don't post as often as I used to! Now I try to post twice a week. XD I couldn't keep up with it...like...it got waaaay too stressful to post everyday, so I stopped that a while ago. I don't think I've done it for a year or something. And killua, myO is what started it all! I'm glad to see you using it now, too~ :) Thanks again, everyone!

Well, I'm still sick. But I AM getting better. I'm pretty sure. Since I got those antibiotics the other day, I should be all well in a few days. *crosses fingers* I'm still having sinus headaches, and I can't stop blowing my nose once I get started, lol, but I'm not as bad as I was the other day! But I'm still fatigued...so like I want to sleep all the time...but I resist it. XD Since as I've said before, I can't stand naps!

Brrrrrrrr. It's SO cold! SO COLD TODAY. The weather people are calling for tons of snow tomorrow though~~ So that'll be fun~ I can't wait! Hehe! ^^ I guess it isn't QUITE as fun when there isn't school to be canceled, but oh well. Hopefully my brother will still be able to make it to work though, haha. Hey, you guys probably noticed I haven't complained about Corey as much, right?? Lol. Well, since he's been sick, he hasn't been a threat. Also, he's always in his room now constantly playing his PS3, so I hardly see him! It's really a nice relief. O__O But even still, I prefer it when he's completely out of the house. Anyhoo, I hope we get snow! Our area isn't supposed to get quite as much as the shore though...the shore might get over a foot. *__* Sounds weird to have tons of snow on the beach, lol, but the Jersey shore isn't exactly a warm beach, haha. I've only been there a couple of times...one time with an ex-friend of mine. We used to be best of buds. I've never done ANYTHING with friends like that...except her...going to the freaking beach hours away. .__. Tis a shame she decided to be such a biatch in the end.

Speaking of "friends." Well, I had a bit of a...bleh, stupid thing happen yesterday! Jerry, I already ranted about this to you, but now everyone else gets to read all about it. XD It's things like this that make me realize why I didn't ever want a facebook. I'm not leaving it, no way, but it's just that these certain little dramas are why I didn't want to stay in contact with friends from before again. Anyhoo, so you may remember my friend Christine! She's the girl that's uber poor, has a super dirty and disgusting house, a creepy mom, and she has me over sometimes to play karaoke revolution and rock band etc. She's great. I've known her since kindergarten...I may make fun of her secretly for certain things, but I really do like her. ^^; Anyway, so she had on this ridiculous statement as her status, and of course it was a joke. And apparently her roommate put it up, not her. So I was just being sarcastic and joking back with what I said, "WTF, girl! I didn't know you were into that sort of thing. Goodness. >>'" Something along those lines. She commented me back telling me about it was just a joke thing that her friend put up; she laughed, etc. So all was good! BUT! Her stupid f-ing roommates and friends she's met at college decided to "fight back," if you will.

They read my comment, and then they decided to comment back to me. Badmouthing me, cursing at me, calling me RUDE. -__- I explained to them that I was just joking around and Christine knew it, too. Oooooh, that was NOT good enough for them. They continued on calling me rude, and I said, "Hey, you don't even KNOW me. How can you say these things to me? Plus, I've known Christine since kindergarten! Way longer than you, and she understands I was just being sarcastic!" And then their responses dealt with being roommates and "oh, you get to form a bond with a person way stronger than what you have when you live with them." *rolls eyes* It pissed me off so much!! As if we're not friends, and as if they know EVERYTHING. Gawd. It really ticked me off, having to argue with people I don't even know. So of course I told Christine about it, and she "tried" to tell them and explain everything was ok, but they didn't even listen to her. :/ So now her new college friends despise me when I've never even met them, lol. She wanted me to hang out with her over break, but after this, I really don't want to.

*sigh* Social drama is what I despise! Which is why I don't really like websites like that. There are some people that I'd rather just forget about and not keep in contact with. I mean, not her. I've kept in contact with her in other ways, but then things like that happen. ~__~' ANYHOO. Enough of that crap. Um...oh yesterday I went out with mom and dad. We went to this candy store~~ It was way out near downtown, in this little rundown town [woah, lots of rhyming], and it was supposed to be like an old-fashioned candy store. I didn't think it was quite that old-fashioned looking, but the thing was that...it had TONS OF CANDY. So many different kinds of chocolates, sugars of all sorts, and other things. ^_^ We did lots of shopping! I did my Christmas shopping there. XD Cause my brothers do enjoy yummy things like that, lol. So I got Corey some stuff, and Derek got his gifts now, too. I also bought a few things for a friend of mine I met on AP. :) She is the one that sent me presents on my b-day! So I decided I needed to send her something, too! Sent off the package today, so she'll probably get it before Xmas.

The owner of the store was this hunchbacked old man. XD He was shuffling about everywhere, barking orders to all of the staff! It was really busy. So many people all getting chocolates for the holidays, I'm sure~ OMG hahahaa. In one section of the store, it had some naughtier sweets, lol. There was a candy whip...a candy extremely large wearable bow for the ladies (>>'), and a *coughs and dies* candy thong for men. DXXXXX Ewww! It was hilariously gross!! Like the package's cover shows a close-up of a dude's crotch...with the candy thing on. T___T I showed my dad, he laughed and said we should've gotten it for my brother D. Hahaha...um, yeah. Why? O__O

Hmmm...I never heard back from my world religions teacher about my grade, so whatever. I don't care. It's actually a kinda nice feeling! Not having a perfect 4.0 GPA. XD That way, I don't have to worry about being a perfectionist anymore. From now on, if I don't get an A, then I simply won't be as upset. Cause I realize a B isn't that bad...it just annoyed me since I had no heads-up about it. And it was purely subjective since it was based off of my prof's opinions on the 3 papers. :/ Oh well. Anyhoo, uhh...I'm making my Ritsuka wall a collab with a friend on AP. ^^; I have no motivation for it. No nothing. I don't find walling as fun as it used to be...and I just think I suck too much. So I'm having her do the bg...then at least it will get finished.

I can't think of anything else to mention, so I'll end it here. :) Enjoy this song by Regina Spektor! "Us" It's an interesting video indeed.

*huggles* Thanks sooooooo much for visiting me. <3 I'll try to comment, too. Hopefully I'll get all well soon. ;__; Take care!!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I think this post must be pretty boring and maybe shorter. I don't know. I'm sick.

Hi-hi! *hugs* Oops, I shouldn't hug you since I'm still sick. O__O But yeah, haha. I guess it can't transfer through the internet, right? ;3 Thanks so much for the comments last time. ^^ And on my World, too. Arigatou Jamo, Jerry [hmm...I wouldn't call those girls, ok, not ALL of them are preppy, but yes some are], Nana (so nice to see you again, onee-chan!!), Anna, Teddy (oh, it's been a long time for you, too~), And Kiyo-chan! OMG. Some of you guys have disappeared forever, lol. XD Thanks for returning to ME. <333 And arigatou for all the sweet comments. About the snow, my school stuff, and whatever else I mentioned~

It's felt like a while! I think...or so it seems since I last posted. Indeed! It's almost been a week! O__O Well, I have excuses. It's called I've been SICK. And BUSY. Mostly sick. If you haven't read my posts on theO, then maybe you wouldn't know. But yeah! So last thursday, right, I went to brunch with those friends of mine. And I said that the one girl, Meg, was starting to get sick! Well, the following night, my throat started to hurt a bit...so I was like "OH GREAT." But it wasn't just from her...my brother Corey's been sick for a week, so I most likely got it from him. I'm getting a bit better, but not really. By that I mean...my sore throat disappeared after a day, and I'm coughing some, but not a lot. It's my nose. Stupid sinuses!!! ;__; Almost every time I get a cold, it turns into a sinus infection. SINUSITIS. >E You know my allergies are always terrible, well yeah, my sinuses are just messed up in general. So today I gots me some antibiotics to combat this horribleness! Good thing I can be sick on my BREAK. DX

Oh, if you can't tell (sorry to be miss obvious) I changed my theme a bit. I kept the base colors of gray/black, but I changed the bg. :) Decided to make it more wintry/holiday-ish. Plus, it coordinates with my Mihashi avi. XD I also have a working playlist now...from playlist.com! No more IMEEM!!! Stupid imeem is stupid. Did you know that it was taken over by myspace? When I tried to go to my imeem page and upload things, I was bombarded by myspace stuff instead. So like...I don't know. All my songs and stuff I uploaded there, uh, I don't know if they're still there or not! Lol. Oh well. They were ridiculous anyway, making everything 30 seconds long. Yup, so enjoy listening to those songs if you want~

Yesterday I was going to post, but I felt just way too horrible. Sinus headache to the max. T__T So much pressure...it felt like I had an anvil on my face, lol. So yeah, I couldn't really do much. I hope I get well SOON! I'm tired of being sick!! I stayed healthy all semester until the very last weekend, lol. How sad. XD Ok...yup. So I had my last final on monday, for business management. She showed us 10 minutes of the movie State of Play, and we had to answer these questions relating to the movie that of course have to do with the whole semester's stuff we learned. It was really tough!!! But apparently I did fine. ^_^; I checked my final grades...and I'm stunned. *sigh* Stunned. In a bad way...or good way. Well, both, I guess. :/ I just don't get it!!! I somehow got a B in world religions. Yeah. A 'B'. A solid f-ing B. Not even a B+! Not even an A-! But a BBBBBBBBBBB. I know it isn't terrible, but it just seems weird to get that in a class where we did nothing.

What makes me mad about it is because of the class itself. All we had were 3 papers. And that's what we were graded on. We had no homework, no tests. Just 3 big papers: midterm, final, and "research" paper. *sigh* I don't find it fair...cause I do really well on tests, but not always papers. I got an A- on my midterm, so I must've done sucky on the other two, but I wouldn't know cause those were handed in the last week (obviously), and so he didn't let us know our grades on them. And on the midterm, he didn't leave any comments on it at all....it was just "Good. A-" Any reasoning? No. So I bet he gave me B's on the others without any good reasons, too. He probably gave everyone in class B's...cause none of us really participated. "here, you pass, but you don't get A's." Anyway, it's just retarded cause I no longer have a 4.0. ^^;; Ok, ok. I'll shut up now...sorry. I wasn't bragging at all, and if you feel bad, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way at all...it's just how I am about grades. I can't help it. :(

So again, please don't take offense to my ranting! I'm a perfectionist for myself and grades, but I DO NOT look down upon others that don't have "perfect" grades. Grades are NOT everything in life. And so I really don't feel that bad about this B. I don't. I honestly was shocked at first, but then I didn't really care. I'm kinda glad now. It felt weird to say I have straight A's all the time. It makes me seem like a robot that just studies all the time. It's nice to have something not "perfect" in there. Anyway, sorry. DX It's just this indirectly hurt someone's feelings, and so yeah...

Hmm...I have a feeling this will be a shorter, more boring post. Cause I haven't done anything since being on my break. I've just stayed home, being sick, playing video games and watching tv. I haven't worked on my wallpaper or anything else...I have no motivation. -_-' Bleh. Um. Yeah, my fish, remember? So they're a couple, lol, and they did lay eggs again! But again, they ate them. XD I mean, I don't think we'll be able to raise any of the babies since the tank is full of 7 other discus, and it would take a lot of work to have the babies actually hatch and survive. Oh well, but it's still cool! Kiyo-chan, you're right! It does take the best possible condition of the tank and fish to have them lay eggs and all. So dad and I have been taking good care of them then! ^_^

On theO I did a sports rant. I still could do more on that rant, but I'll spare you. But just a little. Do you remember me fangirling over Cliff Lee? He was the pitcher we got late last season, and he was the only one that got any wins for us in the World series. He kept us ALIVE. <3 Plus...he was HOT. Lol. But...we're trading him. :( So my precious Phillies will not have him again!! Noooooooooo. It's a confusing thing to explain, but in the end, we're trading him and getting Roy Halladay, who IS supposedly the best pitcher of the decade. ^^; I mean, sounds great! Awesome! If he indeed does perform as he's made out to be...but jeez, I'm going to miss Mr.Cliff. :[ Mostly cause of his looks...haha...oh, and skills! >>'

Umm...yeah. I honestly can't think of anything else to talk about. My brain must be fried, lol. If you have any questions for me, go ahead! I'll entertain them! :) *hugs* Yup. I'm definitely done with this post. Haha. I hope I have something more interesting to say next time. XD I LOVE YOU GUYS. Take care! Stay healthy! <33

Edit: I made an ecard! ENJOY!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

LONG POST. about today's school stuff, fun stuff, fish stuff...I wrote too much. XD

Hey there, guys!! <333 Thank you for the comments last time! *Hugs* How are all of you doing?? :) I hope you're doing well!! Arigatou to jamo, Cynthia, anna-chan, Lute (it's been a while! *Hugs* Don't worry about it. I'm happy to see you again~), jes, and Jerry! Thanks a ton for your great comments. ^_^ I would write more here...but I don't feel up to it! SO thank you a ton again. <333

See, I started writing this post earlier at school, but then it randomly closed. And that pissed me off. ~__~ I hate it when that happens! Cause obviously at school they don't have the Session manager thing, like for firefox...I have that on my comp, so I'm not worried if it accidentally dies on me, lol. So anyhoo, I just have to start over again! But man, internet just hates me today. My internet, the school's. Things keep closing or freezing on me. ;__; NOoooo. Facebook really hates me. XD It never loads the first time. EHhhhh, oh well.

Ok, so today it's really freaking cold. Freezing! Boo! But the other night we had tons of rain. It was the storm system that gave some states 3 feet+ of snow. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it warmed up just enough that night to make it rain for us...but now, the next day, it's below freezing. And windy. Oh-so-horrible. Um, so there's no more snow on the ground, but here's a few more pics that I took the other day when we got the snow:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Pretty, right?? <3 Me loves the snow. I don't like it when it's just plain cold without any substance.

Ok, now I shall talk about...today. Yes. Today. Well, I woke up extremely nervous!!! Because I had my textiles project presentation this morning, OB final exam at 1, and in between those, I was sweetly invited (somehow) by my "friends" from textiles class to go to brunch with them! [I put friends in quotes cause I don't know if we'd ever do things outside of school...I guess I was just conveniently there since we have so many similar classes! I do like them. And I think we're kinda friends, but I doubt they really...think so...] Anyhoo, the presentation was just this little thing, but I was freaking scared. And even when we started presenting our poster, I was shaking! T__T I froze up, and my words barely came out right. And then Sister Sygolinah said her part, which was hard to understand...I love her and her accent, but I just hope that doesn't bring our grade down. XD I doubt it! We need sympathy points! Come on!! I did most of the project!! But nah, our prof is such a biatch. She'll nit-pick about every little thing that's wrong in the paper and the poster and everything. She hates us all.

I know this is a little ridiculous thing (maybe), but she gave me a 93 for class participation/attendance. Ok, yes, it's still an 'A' (barely? according to her grading system I think it's an A-)...but it's the principle of the thing! I was only absent for 2 classes, and those were the ones when I was away on my CA trip, which of course she knew about. I had an excuse. And I "participate" in class whenever necessary! :( So I just don't get why she didn't give me 100...or at least 95 because, yes, those few points DO make a difference to me. Because of that 93, I may not get an A in this class!! ;__; And...I've gotten straight A's so far...so yeah. *perfectionist* UGH. ANYHOO. I just hope that she gives us a good grade on our project!

So after the textiles presentations, we went to this diner to have brunch. It was me, Meg, Jess, Jen, Maria, and Erica. It was the first time any of them ever invited me to do ANYTHING with them...so that's why I really had to agree! ^^; I didn't want to go at first (really not good with group things), but I figured "why not"? They're what you would call popular girls, which is why it was so nice of them to have me come along, lol. I mean...I always help them in classes, so I should hope they think of me as some kind of friend! So anyhoo!!! DX We got there and ordered foooods. I got hot chocolate and French toast. Um, the hot chocolate had like NO chocolate in it. It sucked. And it was like they put ice cream in it(??) but I guess it was just bad whipped cream...and my french toast, well, they give HUGE portions. ^^; 3 huge pieces! I could barely eat 1, lol. Most of the other girls got super healthy stuff (especially Erica).

Umm...and then when we were done, it took us forever to figure out the bill! Lol!!! And it was horrible cause everything COST SO MUCH. LIKE OMG. WTF. The waitress charged for practically everything: $3.60 for the side of sausage that I swear came with the stupid toast that the stupid lady asked me if I wanted [if I knew it would cost that much, I'd say no], an extra dollar for the whipped cream on my hot chocolate [that again, I did NOT ask for], and she also charged for the toast that Erica got because she didn't want it buttered. I swear, it was retarded...

BUT it was actually fun...doing that with them! Haha. XD After eating Erica invited us to go to her and Jess's apartment. Everyone went but me. I kindly declined cause I wanted to study more for the following exam, and I had enough socializing...and their building has been renovated so I had a feeling my stupid weird face allergies would act up. :/ I felt like a killjoy, especially since Meg had to drive me back to the library and then go back to their apartment, lol. I'm sure they had plenty of fun without me. Whatever. Ok, so the exam...was tough. ;__; Too tough! I didn't remember studying any of the crap on it. So I'm just hoping I did alright. But as a consolation, our prof said that my group (the Walmart presentation) was the best out of them~~ HEHE!

Yup...so that was basically today in a nutshell (a bit nutshell, sorry). I just have one more final left! It's monday morning though. Boo. I don't wanna wake up for that crap!! >.< Argh, but then I'll have a nice month off...sweet~

Yesterday I didn't have...any finals really. I just needed to hand in my world religions paper and leave. So I spent most of the day doing the textiles paper and stuff. But here's something interesting! You know we have lots of fish? Mostly Discus. Well, this past week...two of them have been gettin' real friendly with each other, if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN *HINT HINT* lol. Now, the ironic thing is that I gave them all boys' names, lol. So I was like "omg they're gay." Haha, but obviously not! So last night...they (Carlos and Lupul) were courting like crazy! Showing off! And THEN!! Lupul started laying eggs! O___O Well, I always thought he was a he...but nope...he's a she now. D: Haha. So it was cool watching her lay eggs. Unfortunately, they ate them overnight anyway. Haha. But the two are still lovebirds, so they'll probably have more babies again...to be eaten by the other fish. >>' Oops. Kinda hard to raise young fishies when you have 7 other fish in the tank!

OMG I'M SORRY I THINK THIS POST IS WAY TOO LONG. But they always are. ^^; I thank you guys a ton, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting me...for being my friends. :) I love you guys!! *hugs* Good luck to you with everything you have to do! Take care! [and enjoy this song! i love it]

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

all sorts of goodies(??)

Hey there, my dears!! This is a late post here for me. Lol. That is...it's 9pm! I try to post earlier in the day, but eehhh, I didn't have time. So here you go. :D Anyhoo, thank you soooo much for the comments last time! You're all so sweet. I appreciate all of the encouragement you gave me for my presentation last week and all of the awww's about my guinea pig and those videos, lol! I have a video of Happy to put in this post, so you guys can see him...eating. XD Thanks to those of you that commented, jamo, Sinny (it's been so long!! *hugs*), angelbest, Raisha, misty, filo (where on earth have you been for the past however long??), Sam, and jes! Welcome back. ^_^

Sooooooooooooooo....it's been SNOWING. SNOWING all day today!! *__* The first snow of the season~~ It's so pretty. <3 Well, it's not officially winter yet (right??), but whatever! The point is that it's snowing, lol. The weather people sure were wrong though! They always are. They said that there would be around 1-3" of snow POSSIBLY...and it would start at night. Hah, they were so wrong! It started snowing today around noon, and by now, we must have over 4 inches. I haven't gone out to measure it, but it sure looks like a lot. XD It's great! And it's on the weekend so it won't impede on traffic stuffs that might occur if it were on a school day...which can't happen this week! ^^; Finals, you know. Finals. I just want them over with.

Oh, here's a pic of the snowy tree branches that I took tonight. I wish I had a better camera for night photos...

I guess I'll mention first that presentation I was so freaked out about on wednesday! Remember how the one group member girl didn't do any work? Yeah, well, she really didn't. And she didn't come to class...so I didn't mind, lol. If she came and expected to present, THEN I would be really annoyed. Our prof said that she sent him an email about being sick...but I don't know if I believe that. Seriously. She couldn't have been sick practically the whole freaking semester, right? Lol. And if she was sick, well she had enough energy to email him about it at the last minute, but she couldn't care less about all of the emails we sent her? Asking her and telling her about the project? Anyway, it doesn't matter. XD We presented, and it went well! I mean, I was really nervous at first, and even as it went along...but ah, not bad! You know, it was on Walmart. Once I got to the part on the Walmart cheer, I had some videos to show with it...lol...and everyone laughed so much. XD That relaxed me some. ^^ It was quite the relief to have it done! And Mr.Lodge (prof) said that I did good. I'm hoping that good = 'A', but who knows. The one girl in our group though didn't do too well, so I hope she doesn't bring the grade down. She was literally reading word for word from paragraphs she had written down. ^^;; So it didn't sound very...errr, good. >>'

Ok, so now all I have left are EXAMS. Lots of them. Plus that textiles paper and world religions paper. WR shouldn't be too bad...that's due wednesday and needs to be 4-5 pages. Textiles paper, as I've complained about, is 7-10 pages and just a major headache to do. Time-consuming. ~__~ I kinda started it today. "Kinda" means I did one paragraph and one of the info tables...hahaaa...and only then did I notice, hey, we were wrong on what our character does! See, for the project we're all assigned a challenge, and it involves someone needing certain clothes for whatever they're doing. I mean, ok, we're not TOO wrong. It's just that it says that "Emily is a paralegal," and the whole time we thought that was "lawyer," but it isn't the same. :/ Anyhoo, cause our prof is such a stickler for details, I asked her if it was ok that we made her a lawyer. ^^; Cause we have it written everywhere, lol, and I don't want to change the poster! Sister Sygolinah and I worked on that on thursday, and it looks nice! :) Really cute...but really simplistic, haha, as if a grade-schooler made it. But oh well. XD

Hmm...yesterday...uh, I had economics. Nothing special there. Then I came home...and I honestly don't remember anything....OH. I went to the neurologist! XD Just to have him look over my MRI film and then talk to me about how my meds were working. To sum it up: my brain is completely fine [and somehow my sinuses are, too, wtf...then why are my allergies so bad??], and he will give me a different kind of migraine med cause this one isn't so great.

Also yesterday, I made an ecard for Icchan since he was the runner-up in my Sportin' It challenge I did before. :) I still need to work on xaos' first-places prizes!!! Um, lots of people love my quote on it. I thank you very much. *hugs* I try, I try!

So this coming week I shall still be very busy with school stuff. Lots of studying and writing to do. I hope you can forgive me for not commenting a lot! :( I haven't been on theO as much as I'd like to. >.< Facebook and school work have taken me away! Lol. But don't worry, I'm never leaving here for some site like FB. I actually hardly use it...I just like some of the games on there. ^^; Hmm...well, I can't think of anything else to say. I could rant on our sports teams sucking like crazy!! Man, without the Phillies playing, we have nothing. Both the Sixers (basketball) and Flyers (hockey) have been doing terribly...so many losses in a row. T__T It's painful!!! The Eagles (football) have been so-so, but that's kinda how they always are.

I took a little video of Happy eating his food...haha. It's not very interesting! But it's cute!! ^__^ So take a look if you want~

Alrighty. I'm done now! No more. I can't think of anything else...hahaa. Sorry again for not visiting a lot! *hugs* I love you guys~~ Take care and good luck with everything you have to do!

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