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Monday, March 22, 2010

same post as theO!! just some things. quizzes and school and WIP
Hey!! *hugs* Thank you for the comments last time! <333 I'm so sorry that I haven't posted here in a while. By that I mean over a week. ^^; Well, as I warned, I may not be posting here that often. This time I posted on theO first and THEN copied and pasted it HERE. Yeah, reverse from what I usually do. It's just that I was on there, and I thought it'd be a shorter post, but it's pretty long! Lol. It's myO worthy. XD Anyhoo, thanks to you sweeties for the comments~ Wow Lys! So nice to hear from you again! It's been FOREVER. And Deb, your memories of myO were very touching. :) Jes, Meg, and Angelbest, thank you all, too!! *hugs hugs hugs*

Look! New theme! It's all bright and green and springy. :D I like it. ^^ It had to match my avi, lol.

My dad left for his fishing trip to Florida early this morning. He'll be gone until Thursday night. :( Even if he's mean sometimes...or really hard to talk to (like about my school stuff, which I'm waiting to tell him about when he GETS BACK), I still love him and miss him when he's gone. We're real good buddies most of the time, usually when it comes to watching sports lol. It's just when it comes down to school-related things or business-y stuff, that's when I'd rather not be around him...and if you're not feeling well (like sick), he really isn't fun to be around. He can't stand it if I'm not feeling well or my mom has another migraine. Instead of being consoling, he yells. He gets mad at us for not feeling good! ^^; That's how he always is. Anyhoo, I hope he has a nice, safe trip. He's fishing with his friend down there and visiting his mom (my grandma).

Grandma Shirley (who he's visiting) had a mild stroke the other day. Very scary. :( She lives alone in this old folk's community, and she had the stroke when she was working on taxes or something. She couldn't think straight at all. Nothing made sense to her. And then what did she do? She DROVE to the hospital!! O__O She didn't even call 911! And there was no one there to help her. It's a miracle that she made it to the hospital without anything happening then. My dad was so scared when he got that phone call about it...thankfully she's doing better now, but it was scary. We're going to get her one of those "Life Alert" things, you know? That infomercial where the old lady falls and says, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" Lol. So yeah, I think it would be really good for her to have something like that in case something like this ever happens again.

So what did I do today? I made a quiz! Yes, a quiz here on theO. XD Since Meg (innocent heart) mentioned that she was going to make another one, well I decided I should finally try making one!! I thought it would take forever and would be really hard, but it wasn't. It was really fun to do. :) TheO has developed a really good way of creating them. It's easy to follow and works! I thought it was going to be really confusing, but each page helps you along. So yeah. ^^ What series did I make it for? Descendants of Darkness (well, Yami no Matsuei) since I've been rereading all of the manga I have, and I rewatched the anime before. <3 The first quiz I wanted to do was Oofuri, but I figured that would be a bit more difficult since it's really difficult to pinpoint things about some of the side characters. :/ But maybe one day I'll work on that. Now I need to wait for it to be accepted! Apparently it can take weeks before it is. ^^;;; But I hope that they accept it sooner...cause I really can't wait to see it. >__<

I'm just afraid that some of the results will be lopsided! Most people will probably get Tsuzuki or Hisoka, and then maybe Tatsumi. Watari and Muraki will probably be rarer...just cause their personalities aren't as common, I guess. Lol. If you don't know who these guys are, well, ok then! XD I think it's more fun to take quizzes from series that you're not familiar with because then you can't anticipate the results. You know? Like if you love a certain series and take a quiz from it, and all of the questions have really obvious answers, then it's like WTF no fun. For my quiz, I TRIED to pull out more obscure info that people may not necessarily connect with the characters...but I don't know. Most might be obvious if you're a fan though! XD

We had a thunderstorm today. Lots and lots and lots of rain. I'm assuming this was the snow that so many people in other states were getting...but since it's warmer here, we just got a ton of rain. And thunder and lightning! XD It's awesome. I love this kind of weather. <3 Though I love it more when it's the weekend and I can sleep through it, lol. Then again, I was really enjoying that sunny, warm weather we had over the weekend~~~

Ugh, my neck hurts. I'm tired of it. :( Stupid neck. I need a neck transplant! Lol. I don't think that's possible, hahaha. But both my mom and I would like head transplants as well cause we're sooooo tired of having migraines almost everyday. ^^;; And why does migraine meds have to cost so freaking much??? T__T My dad said the other day, "I hope your migraine pills DON'T work. They cost too much to get again." ~__~ Well, sorry...unfortunately they sort of WORK for me. See? Money is a big thing for my dad. He'd rather have us suffering in pain than pay more money to help. He'd rather me suffer through an extremely stressful and busy school year to graduate next year no matter what than allow me to go another year...I know it's a LOT of money, but still. :/ STUPID MONEY. THE ROOT OF ALL EVILS.

Hmm...oh, we got back our tests in history of costume. I got the highest again. >>' A 99%. Lol. If only grades counted for a lot more than they really do. They don't help pay for tuition. They don't get me exempt from things. They don't make my mentor like me more. -___-'

So I worked more on my wall yesterday. No more today. I'm basically on the BG next. I actually like how it's coming along! I think! Lots of people agree. ^^; So that's nice. I'm not completely sure...just looks messy to me, but hey, it's my style. I can't really help it.

Ok, I guess that's all! I wrote too much. XD Alright then. *hugs* Thanks sooooooooooo much for visiting me! I love you guys~~~~ Take care!

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