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Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-day, anniversary, and just whatever I could think of.
Hello, you guys! *hugs* Thanks for the comments last time!! :) And...

That's because I'm lame, and I'm an attention whore, so I decided to put all my Valentine's day cards there for you to see!! Happy Valentine's day! *hugs* At least right when I'm posting this. When a lot of you will comment/read this, well, it probably will be later in the week anyway. But yeah! Today is also the Chinese New Year. :) Year of the Tiger! And it's also my Otaku anniversary! I've been on this site for 4 years. It feels like even longer than that. ^^; It's amazing I've stuck with this site for that whole time...literally. Like I barely ever took hiatuses from this site...so I can pretty much say I've logged on every single day for 4 years! ^^;;;;;;;;;; WOoooooooooo. I have NO LIFE. I usually forget about and totally abandon most websites, but this one I haven't because I've met so many wonderful people that I want to keep up with. You know? It's not that easy to dump good friends!

I probably do this every year, but I'll say how I came across this place back in 2006. XD I had this online friend that I actually met on Ebay. He's a seller on there that we've bought from, and we became friends...lol, he's very gay. Anyhoo, he sent me a Valentine from theO! So I viewed it, and I thought it was cute. :) I then looked around the site for one to send back, and I explored the other parts of the site...I thought it looked like a nice place for me to submit my artwork! So I got an account!! Man, back then, the site was so dark and gloomy. XD So gray. I mean, a lot of you probably remember that since this whole Otaku renovation happened, jeez, 2 years ago now? But yeah, before, it looked so bleh, but we all grew to love it. <3 I sure did. I was OBSESSED with the site sooooo much. Hours and hours and hours spent on it; I posted every day without fail, if I didn't, I felt really guilty. Ugh. I shared many deep feelings I had within me...lots of depression back then. ^^; But yes, I met a lot of sweet people on here, so I've stayed put!

My first friend, well, VERY first one, she's no longer on here. But my second friend I made on here is Claes. :) She still wanders on here every once in a while. *hugs her* My other first friend would have to be Mew (Rachel), and as most of you know, she's still pretty active. ^_^ I just looked through my old GB sigs...and wow...so many people gone. XD But several still around! Back then, I tried to pull a sorta bad-arse persona! I tried to be "cool" with a really dark theme, bloody Jo (from Burst Angel) avvies, hahaha...that didn't quite last long, did it? Lol. Cause it's just not ME! Anyhoo, I thank all of you that became my friends, no matter when.

So did any of you do anything special for Valentine's day? I haven't. It's basically just another day in the life of me! No boyfriend to spend it with, just my family, but even then...we don't do anything lol. My mom got me some new pajamas, and my dad got me this stuffed animal which....is supposed to be a dog, but it looks more like a gorilla or moose. ^^; Ahah. Thanks to those of you who sent me gifts for it though! <333

Well, tomorrow...back to school. As usual, my stupid college doesn't give us holidays off! It's Presidents' day, but we don't have off. I'm sure SOME people do, right? But hey, I can't complain since I had a 5-day weekend from all the snow days last week! :D It's just a shame this little break has to come to an end, and now it's back to school. T__T I don't wanna!!! I'm afraid of my typography class since I didn't go last week, and my teacher hasn't gotten back to my email. I sent her 2. :/ She'll probably take lots of points off, and I'll be behind in crap, since it IS just once a week. I hate that class. I really don't like school much this semester...ahahaa...I'm having senioritis, and I'm not a senior YET! Um, I probably have homework I should do, but I totally don't remember what. :( My memory has been failing me lately!

Yesterday I watched some of the Olympics. The men's speed skating races. They were exciting~ Yay for Apolo Ohno! He got silver. ^^ And the other US guy got bronze. <3 Earlier I watched hockey, and my Flyers won. They've won 4 games in a row~~ But now it's the olympic break for them, so I won't have any hockey to watch (except for the olympic games) for 2 whole weeks! O__O Nooo. But hey, this wednesday is when pitchers and catchers report to spring training!! So that means the baseball season is coming~ Woohoo! Spring training games start in March; my dad will be down in Florida for a fishing trip when some of the games will be played, so he might be able to go to one and MAYBE get me some good photos or autographs. ^^ Most teams have their spring training facilities in FL, obviously because of the warm weather. Some are in Arizona. Hmm, some of you were confused about sports seasons and when they start! So for those of you interested, here you go:
Baseball/MLB: officially starts in April, is completely over by November (a very long season)
Football/NFL: starts in the fall (september or october, don't remember) and then ends in January/February
Basketball/NBA: October-April
Hockey/NHL: basically the same as basketball, Oct-Apr

Interesting, yes? Haha, no? Ok then. Anyhoo...I can't really think of anything else to talk about. I've been feeling kinda bleh today. Just sorta depressed, sorta out of place, sorta...just weird. I don't know. >.< Whatever. *sigh*

*hugs* Thanks for visiting me!! I hope you're all doing well. Sorry if this was a boring post or whatever. :/ I don't want to go to school!! Booooo. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Happy love day! Take care~

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