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Saturday, March 6, 2010

a review of this past week + today [my xbox died]
Hello guys! Girls, mostly. Lol. Thank you a ton for the comments last time. ^^ You're all lucky you read the "in a really good mood" post! XD Cause unfortunately those don't happen all that often. ;__; Deb, Sam, Raisha, and Serpy (that's it!!), thanks a ton for the comments on my last post here! I really appreciate them. I see that a couple of you had problems with your comments being cut off. :/ That's stupid. Sorry about that! :[ I hate it when that happens. And thanks for answering my random question about two spaces or two at the end of sentences. XD Glad I'm not the only one blown away by the change! O__O OOooooh and Serpy that is such GREAT news about Yami no Matsuei! Goodness, I hope that article is true. I needs me more. <3333 After all these years. T__T Arigatou again, everyone~

Ok, so I've been posting more often on my World now. :( I guess it's just more...convenient now. Fewer and fewer people are coming on myO and especially updating myO so I find myself constantly on theO commenting on posts there! Also, I suppose I don't feel as "pressured" to write as much there, lol. Hence more frequent, shorter posts. But here I've become known for my really long posts, right?? So I can't let that down! But anyway, that's why I only post on myO once a week. If there are some of you that ONLY visit here, please LET ME KNOW, ok?? :) Just so I'm made aware. Cause I think Raisha and Sam, definitely you two...I usually only get comments from you here, not on my World. So of course I would still post here even if only 2 or 3 people are commenting on myO. ^_^

This post is mostly going to be a summation of what I've written in posts on my World over the past week. Plus, of course, some new things. I'll probably put those on theO, too...ANYHOOOOOOO. How are all of you doing?? Spring break yet? Finishing it? Not having it for a while? Well, my spring break is over now. ;__; To be exact, monday it will be...but come on! Tomorrow is sunday. And as most of you probably know, sundays are for homework! Lol. Darn it. My break wasn't much of a break; the only great thing about it was being able to sleep late. But I've had a lot of stress during it...not enough full relaxation. ~__~' Here are the major stresses of my spring break:
1. Hearing about the death of my classmate, Josh. Very sad. Most likely suicide. I only had one class with him, but jeez...it still leaves a hole in my heart. You know? Just the fact that you KNEW OF somebody, it makes the death even sadder. Like there's still a connection there, even though it's not as much as a family member or best friend. May he rest in peace up in Heaven. Thanks again for all the condolences. *hugs*

2. Constant migraines. Neck pain. Almost everyday I've had a migraine...and my new meds actually give me nausea. :/ It's not pleasant! *sigh* I have one right now...well, mostly it's the neck PAIN. But my mom says that's a part of the migraine, too. Ugh. I hate it.

3. My dad...has been really intimidating me with the whole internship thing. Yesterday he brought me ANOTHER place he found and wanted me to contact the people about. Another place that wasn't in my interests at all. So I tried to talk to him about it...like how I don't feel comfortable with how he approaches me about this stuff. He feels more like a business boss instead of my dad/friend, and I don't like it. He really scares me sometimes. So yesterday I told him that stuff, but I CRIED AND CRIED. So much crying! I had such a mental breakdown. And as usual, he's not good at consoling...he just stood there and stared at me while I cried. *sigh* I hate that about him. Gawd, I couldn't breathe at all after! Crying for at least a half hour straight isn't fun. ~__~ I can't talk about my feelings without sobbing my eyes out. It sucks. I'm such a wuss. And I doubt my talking to him really helped...I wonder if he'll change his approach next time?

4. The newest problem came today. MY XBOX360 DIED. T___T It got the red ring of death today. It's horrible!!!! Of course after having it for 3 years, the warranty's expired, so it would cost $100 to send it to them to repair. It really sucks. :( I was so close to finishing Star Ocean 4, too. And FFXIII is coming out soon!! So anyway, I'm really upset and pissed about that...but I won't send it to get fixed. My brother had a good idea: sell it on ebay for parts and then just buy a new/used one. I hope that will work. >.<

Ok, lol. That was my list of stressful things that have happened this past week!! XD Great, right?? Ugh, my neck! DX Anyhoo, today we were going to just have a short trip out and walk the park with Totoro. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. We had to take this long detour for another errand...to this far away place. It was fun at first being in this new area and all, but Totey isn't used to long car rides! ^^;; And then by the time we got to the park...it was cold [see, we wanted to go for the walk since it was really nice out! but it took us a couple hours...so by then, it was windy and cold]. So we walked for like 10 minutes, and most of that time was taken up by Totey...and his bathroom troubles. >>' He went #2, but uh, didn't quite get it all out. It's disgusting. It happens to him a lot. Lol, but it's so gross!! He was walking around with poo on his butt. ;__; And it was just...bleh!! Had to rush home to wash his bum. Soooo gross, but it happens all the time. Still, it really ruined the fun.

Um, here's the card I made~ My 100th! ^_^ Thanks already for the comments on it. <3333

You've noticed on theO...now they have that featured artwork/fandom thing on the side. I wonder if mine ever will be? :/ Even though I don't care as much about popularity as I used to, I'm still pretty envious of those that already got their stuff featured. And they're all people I'm friends with, too!! ^^; I get jealous so easily.

I got my hair cut on thursday, again, if you didn't know. Lol. XD Super short pixie cut! Here is the better of the 2 pics I took. [I really really appreciate all your sweet compliments! so many people have been like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to me!! <33 ;__;]

Ok. I better go now. I wrote more than I thought I would. :/ And I lost my train of thought since Corey came down here and was talking to me...telling me to sell stuff. I'm so tired of him ordering me around. *sigh* Anyhoo, thanks soooo much for everything! I love you guys!! Take care!

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