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Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is just a lot of me rambling on depressingly! SORRY! Don't read it if you don't want to feel worse. XD

Hello, hello. :) Thanks sooooooo much for the comments! I love you guys. <333 jamo, Deb, Oli-chan, Gabri, Raisha, sesshlu, Sinny, Char, and teapot! Arigatou a ton for visiting me. It's been quite some time for a few of you! And it makes me happy to hear from you guys again. ♥ I would reply specifically, as you know, but I'm not up to it at the moment! Sorry~~

Yeah, this is kinda going to be a pointless, shorter post. I'm so sorry! .___. Cause that's not like me at all, lol. It's just that I didn't post yesterday when I normally would...and it's late...and I want to take a shower, haha. I wasn't in the mood AT ALL to post yesterday. Anyone in my line of sight really got some wrath from me. ^^; I was in a bad mood...not feeling well, getting depressed, and then just being really mad. I wish I had a really good reason for those things aside from my Phillies losing the baseball game in the last inning (after winning most of the game) and it being "that time of the month," but I honestly don't think I have better ones. I had a major headache again. I swear. I have them all the time nowadays!! *sigh* It's not fair. v__v And of course my neck aches...oh, Deb, yes, my chiropractor has shown me neck exercises to try and help, but they actually make my neck feel worse sometimes. Aside from aches and pains, I just felt down overall. And today hasn't been any better which is why I didn't post like I normally would. I know. I'm some sort of obsessed freak with this site and feeling like I have to post often. Sorry.

I was thinking about that, too. Like what's the point in me writing all of this? Why DO we write blogs? I mean, are we really selfish self-centered people that think that other people want to hear about our "oh-so special" lives? I don't know. So I was kinda feeling bad about posting, lol. It sounds ridiculous, I know! Cause here I am doing it again! [and it's not like I don't like commenting you guys; I love doing that!] Rambling off my stupid thoughts and opinions and things that are going on in my life that are SO not interesting. ~___~' Sorry. D: I guess...just...doing this kinda helps me. It helps me get out these pent-up feelings or rants or thoughts going around and around in my mind. I feel that sharing them releases me a little bit since I don't talk to friends IRL about my problems...and even as much as I love and trust my mom, I don't really talk to her about how I really feel. I'm just not comfortable talking about them to people in person...the anonymity and sort of impersonality of the internet helps me! Gosh I sure wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have this site. If I didn't have the internet! I remember back in middle school when I still didn't even WANT to get an email address. Cause it was the new-ish "popular" thing to do. That and have AIM. My friend made me get one and set it up for me, too, lol...and now I couldn't live without email.

That was random. ^^; Uh, yeah. So today I haven't been in a good mood either...I've felt like crap. And my dad and brothers haven't helped things. Gawd. I swear Corey will be the death of me one day. Unless I get to him first. And he will be the death of you guys, too, since you're probably all VERY tired of listening to me rant about him. So I won't be specific about what he said, but he made a big stupid argument and made me feel really bad about me selling my manga. As if I don't deserve the money, even though they're mine and I sold them. *sigh* Again, I won't go into it. That happened during dinner, and also my dad got to me. He said that I needed a makeover and started making fun of my hair. Derek then joined in. Ok, so great. I'm not the best looking. I know that already, thanks. And I know it's just how family members are, but it isn't fair. It doesn't help my self-esteem at all. That bubble of mine has been soooo deflated lately. I guess that's why I just like staying home and reading or playing video games all day...

Too bad I can't do that for much longer. School starts next monday. And I know some of you go back this week...or already returned. My condolences, unless of course you enjoy it. I wish you all the best luck.

So I posted on my world the other day. I talked about how we went to the DMV to get that state picture ID thing (not a driver's license), and how we didn't have the right things for it...and it was so busy. So I didn't do it, and now I don't know when I'll get an ID. >>' After that, we just did some shopping. I felt so down that day! Blah!!! Things just haven't been going well lately...I know I'm not having problems like a lot of people. There are so many people way worse off than me, but oh well. I'm not them and so I can only feel my insignificant problems. That's how we humans are...we can only feel ourselves. We're in our own little worlds with our own little problems. So yeah, sorry~~~~ I'm getting so depressive here! O__O

I think I should just stop now. XD I'll send people off the deep end if I continue!! Lol. I don't think I have anything else to talk about anyway. Uh, my mom painted my nails today! My toes are now green, and my finger nails are copper. <33 I really like them!! Aside from that I played video games, duh. And read. Oh jeez, I so don't wanna go back to school. I have such anxiety about it! I'm worrying about it every night and every morning so it's hard to sleep. It's how I get before it starts up again. T__T I always envied those that enjoyed school. It makes things a lot easier that way. I mean, I don't mind learning...I really like learning, but it's the whole social aspect that gets me. >>;

Ok, seriously. I'm done now. I'm sorry for ranting and raving and rambling so much in this post!!! That's all it was. I'm hoping that next time it will be more cheery! I love you guys! If you don't want to comment here, that's ok. Feel free to just tell me about your day or ask me some questions! ^_^ Thankies again. *hugs* Take care everyone~~ Please don't blame me if you feel like killing yourselves now, lol.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does your bag want to bring one of its little bag friends? Well, TOO BAD.

Hi there, my sweets! *hugs* How are all of you doing today? Thanks for all of the comments~ I really appreciate them all. ^_^ Sinny, teapot, aisha, Lute [thanks a ton for telling me about that post!! Now I got your reply], and Shi-chan (oh, you're signing your real name now, Char!!). <33 Um, so yes, you all quite agree that my brother is really ridiculous and annoying with this complaints and reasons for them...I don't think anyone but him would figure that his car's seat is what's making his jaw hurt. >>' Ugh. Teapot, I'm sorry for tempting you!! When I mentioned that, I honestly thought about you and almost wanted to get rid of the sentence, lol. I didn't want to tempt!! I just love chocolate... And thanks to all the rest of you for everything you mentioned!! Seriously. <333 I wub you guys.

Ahah. I have NO internet signal right now. I'm using my laptop upstairs instead of posting on my desktop downstairs...which is what I usually do. I was just too lazy to go down there cause I wanted to keep watching the baseball game, lol. And I don't have a tv down there, so yeah. But I have NO SIGNAL up here!! T__T At least laptops are portable...so when I need to add my post, I'll just move. XD Hahaha. But yeah, this is a really good game today~~ So I had to keep watching!! ^__^ I must apologize to you, xaos, cause we're beating the Cubs~ ^^; Provided nothing bad happens, my Phillies will sweep them in this series. Haha. >D Cause right now it's 6 to 1. It will be the 3rd win in a row, and that makes me so happy! Cause they were losing so much before. ;__; Which made me uber depressed. You know how much I care about my baseball team...

Argh, my neck sure hurts though. That's one thing that really makes me hate using my laptop: I have to look down and it really messes with my neck. *sigh* I haven't had a day where my neck DOESN'T hurt in a long time. The chiropractor suggested I get x-rays done...ugh...I think that might be a good thing, but darn it, that would probably cost a lot! And what if they find something wrong with my neck?? D: My spine? Well, I don't think my mom wants me to get any anyway, but still. I'm open to any ideas because nothing is helping! .__.

Today I worked out with mommy. She somehow tricked me into it...I didn't want to exercise, nope, not at all. But I somehow got duped into it!! Lol. I'm not in shape; I may be thin(-ish), but I'm not in shape at all. I don't exercise...I'm too lazy...I don't like it, lol, though of course it's really good for you. >>; Anyhoo, man, I'm worn out from it!! My mom may be tiny, but she's got muscles on those bones. She loves aerobics, and she makes sure to work out at least twice a week (AT LEAST). She used to be an aerobics instructor; that was when I was little. Uh, but yeah, she made me do those aerobics with her today! In case she didn't know, I'm not exactly athletic, and I'm not USED to exercise...so she kinda overworked me. XD Haha. But it's for my own good. Anything is better than nothing...and my dad couldn't believe I was doing it. Hehe! He was quite surprised.

We were going to go out today (mom and I) until she tricked me into exercising, lol. I was looking forward to going shopping...either at the mall or just other places, but the one thing I thought we were going to do was get myself an ID. As in, a state ID since I still don't know how to drive. ^^;; I'll be 21 in november this year, and I still haven't learned how to drive, and so even though I'm old enough to do a lot of things, I've never had an ID to prove it!! *laugh* It doesn't help that I look really young for my age. XD I've told these stories several times...I'm pretty sure, but there was that time a few years ago when I just turned 18 and I went to the YMCA, and a lady in the locker room so rudely told me that I should leave because I wasn't old enough to be in there (it was an adults only locker room, wtf). She mistook me for being thirteen. Ahah. That was embarrassing. Another time where the doubt of my age came into play was a year ago at the Game Stop, and Corey wanted me to buy this game rated M...and the guy didn't let me since I had no ID. Lol. XD So HOPEFULLY TOMORROW I can go get that done!!

Yay! Phillies just won the game! :D Woot! Cliff Lee FTW. Swept the Cubs. Poor Cubs...

*thinks* Yesterday...hmm...I didn't really do much. Corey had off (he had off 3 days in a row, which really bugs me), so I had to put up with him. Argh he was so annoying!! >< But yeah, he went to the dentist the other day for the first time in 5 years, and of course they found lots of cavities. He still insists his car's seat is harming his jaw in some way, but wtf, he's just retarded. So he'll need some fillings. I honestly don't remember anything I did yesterday. Stayed home, played games, watched anime. Just nothing. :/ Watched baseball at night...while trying to sleep, the electricity went out, though I sure didn't hear a thunderstorm! It was just raining really nicely, that's all. But ugh, that was disturbing for me!! ^^; Cause I use a night-light...I can't sleep in complete darkness. I'm sure that sounds silly; do any of you use nightlights?

Speaking of silly, here's this funny video of that seagull stealing Doritos...HE'S SO SMART. *laugh* I love this video. It's just so amazing!!! I love that seagull. XDDD I put this on my World's post a couple weeks ago, so some of you already saw it. But here it is again...cause I'm too lazy to find something else.

*moves to get internet connection* Ok then. *hugs* Thanks so much for being awesome friends and dealing with me and my posts. I love you guys. <33 I'll try to comment later, when my neck doesn't hurt. O__o Hah, or at least not as much. My head is starting to hurt now, too. ~__~' Headaches. Bleh. Take care~~

**If you didn't know. My title is a reference to a stupid southwest airlines commercial, lol.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hmm...why must summer always come to an end?

Hi there, sweeties! *hugs* Thank you sooooo so much for the comments! You're all wonderful. How are you doing?? Fine, I hope. If not, then I hope that all things will get better soon!! <33 Thanks a ton for the comments last time. You're all too good to me. >_< Well, most of you. MOST of you. Lol. I'm glad that you like my new theme. And...I appreciate the encouragement and empathy! It's sorta sad though that I got to hear similar complaints about not being happy with our own bodies. ^^;; Really sad. Let's make it a point to be HAPPIER about ourselves soon, ok? So thanks to Raisha, fma-chan (well, I think I will call you Gabri, is that ok? your name is lovely!), Nana, Sinny, jamo, Lute, Icchan, aisha, teapot, imasyon, and sparkle! Wow. Wow. Lots of people. XD Thank you so much! <33

*eats mint chocolate cookie* Goodness, I needed my fix, lol. I can't go a day without chocolate...some people joke around with being "addicted" to chocolate, but I definitely think it's true! O__O

Sorry, I changed my avi again. >> Though I felt like I had that Yuri one for a while...maybe, though I really loved it!! It's just that I need to give Oofuri some love again, and I NEEDED to use this avi while it's still summer! I got it sometime during the winter last year, lol, and I've been waiting for the right time to use it. XD Abe-kun and Mihashi on their way to the beach, hehe! So I'm hoping my avi fickleness will stay away for a little, at least until school starts. *shudders* 2 weeks...well, a little less now. *sigh* Nooooo! I don't wanna go back! T__T It feels like too early, going back the 24th...though I've heard that some of you have already returned? Now THAT is retardedly soon. Way too soon. [My condolences.] Seriously, whatever happened to September being the "back to school" month here? I'll always remember that being the theme of sept. on calendars, like in elementary school and stuff...each month would have its little theme (Halloween for october, Christmas for December, a turkey for november, etc.), and it would have a schoolhouse for September! Ugh! Well, now AUGUST has become that month, eh? it sucks. I'm really worried. ;__; I always get super nervous before going back...I may be a junior in college now, but I still get anxiety attacks about new situations (classes). I always end up having school-related dreams at night, too, starting august and working up till I go back...I hate it... v__v I hope this semester won't be that bad! Good luck to all of you as well, that are dealing with school already. And to those of you, all graduated and done with that wretched place, many congratulations...

Oh hey, Pandora has Utada's songs on it...I guess these are only her US released stuff though. :/ Darn. I wish that site had other countries' music! >E *checks* Huh, they have Ayumi, too...interesting...

So, if you read my post on my World yesterday, you saw that I indeed sold one of my auctions on ebay! I'm super happy about that. ^__^ Those manga were just sitting on my shelves never being read (Ceres and Fushigi Yugi), and so...yeah, lol. Ceres was sold. FY is still up, and I'm hoping someone else will buy that, too. I also put up an auction of some random anime dvds that my brother wanted to sell. *rolls eyes* I sent off the package today, priority mail, although the guy still only sent me the money for media mail...I told him to send me the extra money cause he WANTED me to get it out quicker! It's a gift for his girlfriend, so yeah. What's stupid is that he replied later saying, "Sorry, but forget that. You can just send it whenever. I don't need it by friday anymore." WHAT?? >.< I already wrapped it up in the priority mail box...it's not fair!! T__T Jerk. So i still requested the extra shipping money...he better pay up.

Today my brother is going to the dentist for the first time in many many years! I'm so glad. I'm like so excited. "WTF?" Lol. Well, not just cause I'm getting time away from him, but I'm just GLAD that he's finally seeing a professional he can tell his problems to. He's been complaining for months now about his "jaw hurting." He's some sort of hypochondriac and so he would complain and think that it's "dislocated" because of the "seat of his car." Um, ok. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I'm TIRED of his f-ing complaining and crazy reasoning, and it's about frickin' time that he sees a doctor of some kind! If your JAW is hurting, then there may be a good chance of it dealing with your teeth. Since he hasn't been in years, I wouldn't be surprised if he had some problems there. I just hope that the dentist gives some kind of answers. It will be impossible to get him to go to a real doctor; it was hard enough to make him go to the dentist. I think dad just secretly set up the appointment one day and told him he's going no matter what...you know, it's not proper behavior for a 28 year old. *sigh* I'm so tired of him.

Woah, Pandora also has Yoko Kanno...I totally didn't think this site had ANY Japanese anything! Well, they have SOME.

Yesterday and today have been extremely HOT...like...ugh, dying, suffocating, humid, bleh, hot. DX I hate it! Argh. Anyhoo, Totoro had his vet appointment yesterday. :) He had to be brave and get 4 shots and blood taken!! *pets baby* He's so cute...he was soooo good! And they clipped his nails, which was MUCH needed. We haven't had his groomer over in a while, so his nails were really long...like talons. ^^;; They hurt a lot, lol! I'm glad that we took him, and now all is well. It's still odd though that he throws up a lot...like in the mornings after he gets up. :/ The vet had no answer for that. *shrugs* Oh...speaking of throwing up [that sounds like a really bad transition] my mom was really sick last night. :( Really sick. Yes, throwing up and whatnot...I was so worried about her. She's so freaking tiny; she really can't afford to throw up the only f-ing meal she eats a day. *sigh* This is a pretty private matter so I won't go into it that much, but I've said how she's so skinny and she doesn't eat much at all...she only eats dinner, and even then, she doesn't eat it all. One half of a meal a day can't sustain you. I really wish she would gain some weight! I kinda forced her to eat some toast this morning. She doesn't have breakfast at all either...but I TOLD HER to eat SOMETHING because she definitely needs something in her after being sick last night. God, I so wish she would change her habits. I'm afraid that one day she'll just collapse from malnutrition and then not have enough energy in her to recover, you know? Ugh. She's too tiny...

Sorry. ~__~' It's just depressing. My whole house is full of depressing people so that it gets me down! I try my best to help out, like, EVERYONE, but it's really hard.

I really like this song of BoA's...it's from her American debut album. A shame there's no music vid I could find. ;__; Just the song.

*hugs* Thanks so much for putting up with me. I really appreciate it. Hopes and prayers go out to any of you guys in need...as usual, keep Meg and her grandma in your thoughts; her grandma is now going through chemo. Take care, everyone~

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is there any hope for me? Huh?? IS THERE?? longish post ahead.

Hello! How are all of you? *hugs* I love you guys!! ^_^ Thank you very much for all of the comments. :) Wow, Imasyon!! It has been FOREVER. Literally. It's been about a year. XD Goodness!! *hugs* Welcome back~~ And welcome back to the rest of you sweeties!! Mandi, Nana, anna-chan, fma17 (you need a nickname, or your real name! TELL ME), wallie, and Lute! I really appreciate you guys. <33 Ahah, yeah, I guess I did bring my Phillies good luck that day...a shame I can't go to every game. ^^; Cause now they're losing again, lol. They NEED ME. Thanks for the encouragement and whatnot about my brother rants...I'm so sorry again I do that so much!! DX Ugh, and about girls growing up so fast...I'm kinda tempted to do a mini rant on that today. We'll see if I remember. :) Thanks again~~

Ok. Time for Miss Obvious. I changed my theme. Yes. See? I told you wanted to!! For once I actually did what I said, lol. Well, not really...but ok...I planned on making it dark with purple and/or blue, and here you go!! ^_^ I hope you like it (cause I do). I suppose Yuri from Tales of Vesperia (on my avi) inspired this color combo. What with his purple hair and dark clothing! I was just getting tired of the bright warm colors I had...though they were cute. Hmm, oh well. A change is a change.

I can't believe I've been listening to some country music omg. O__O I used to HATE it, lol. But I've been listening to music on Pandora, and if you've ever used that site, you can have a "station" dedicated to one artist or style of music, and then they play other music related to that artist/genre. I like to listen to contemporary Christian music >>' and a lot of it is similar to country-ish, so they've been giving me country music! And I DO like Taylor Swift, so again, country. *laugh* As for the rest of the music they play, it's usually pretty mellow stuff...alternative...or ballads. I really love dance music, but for some reason, I prefer relaxing types when I'm on the computer. X3 It's just a shame that it's only English songs--I can't have any Japanese goodies. T__T Which was the best reason for IMEEM...so I could have all the songs I've uploaded, but uh, I was tired of dealing with the 30 second crap. So yeah. I had NO clue what this site was until my art class last semester cause my creepy art teacher would always have it on. I'd be like "Pandora? Wtf is that?" Lol.

I'm thinking of setting up a couple of ebay auctions today~ My bookshelves are getting far too filled up! I have no room for anything else, lol, and I finally got my order from Borders today in the mail, so I really need more room. Sooo...I figured I should sell some manga I'm never going to read, AKA Ceres and Fushigi Yuugi (both by Yu Watase). I've had those on my shelf for years cause I got them in a manga auction I won many years ago...and I didn't buy the lot for those, so they've just been sitting there. :/ A lot of volumes, and they're so heavy!! XD Ugh, but I've looked on ebay to see if anyone's buying them for high prices, but not really, darn it. Well, I mostly just wanna get rid of them...so we'll see. I'll tell you when I get them up, and maybe some of you would like to bid. ^_~ Hahaa. I've been using my money a lot lately, and seeing as I don't have a job, uh, I'm running out!! XD So it would be nice to get a good amount from these~ Have any of you bought or sold things on Ebay?

Speaking of Ebay...that's where we bought those Pullip dolls. <33 And uh...we got some more. >>; Corey and I each got another one, and we also got one that will be for Mom's birthday [we're going to split the cost]. They arrived yesterday, and gawd, they're so cute!! T__T I really love mine~ But shoveling out $95 is an awful lot. *laugh* Hence my need for a little income. ;3 So here's pics of the ones we got:
♥Mom's gift
Alrighty. So yesterday I went to the chiropractor again! ^^;; It should be the last time for a while...my neck and spine were still whacky, so I needed to be adjusted. I feel like I need my own personal chiropractor to attend me everyday!! XD That sure would be nice. I'm sure that these problems stem from my hobbies (*cough*computer,reading,videogames*cough*) and the fact that I don't really exercise much. v__v Buuuut...I don't wanna change. *sigh* I'm so freaking lazy. I really do need to work out though...my butt is too big. >>' At least I think so. My mom keeps telling me, "No, you're perfect! You don't have a big butt or anything." SURE MOM. THANKS. My body type is so odd-looking, or at least I seem to think so. *rolls eyes* I felt super self-conscious about myself yesterday cause mom and I went to the mall after the chiropractor. I've been going to the mall so often lately! I used to never go, but since we go almost every time after going to the chiropractor, well, that's a lot recently...and also, I used to HATE shopping for clothes, but all of a sudden, I like it! T^T I don't get it. Lol. Just the thought of shopping for clothes or shoes, or anything other than books and video games was out of the question! It all started when I got my hair cut those months ago...

So yesterday I got a new pair of boots~ They're adorable! Or at least I think so. XD I wanted them in black, but they didn't have them in my size, so I got them in tan. When I put them on, they reminded me of cowboy boots so I started doing a little hoe-down (sp?) and dancin'! *laugh* And along came one of the shoe salesmen...and he started dancing and laughing, too. XD Whether he was laughing AT me directly, or just laughing in general since he joined along, I don't know, but it was rather embarrassing. -///- Ahah. I tried on some other shoes, but they didn't fit me well, so I just got those. After that, mommy and I went upstairs to get me some black leggings (shorts and capris) cause I wanted them to wear underneath skirts/dresses. Ugh, but here is where I started feeling super self-conscious. :( I don't look good in them...I wore my shorts, and yet, I really don't look good in them. I swear my butt is too big, my thighs too thick, and my legs too stubby to look good in anything other than pants. *sigh* Of course there were tons of girls my age (give or take some), and all their bodies looked "great." *rolls eyes* Thin, long legs, things that appear in proportion (though some parts looked a little large, lol >>)...and here I am, looking as I am. I guess I just got a little jealous seeing them, especially since most had boyfriends. Gawd. I just felt really bleh the rest of the day.

Uhh...it was worse during lunch. Cause I kept analyzing all the other girls around me and comparing them to myself. I know that isn't right...I should be happy with myself, and sometimes I am, but sometimes I'm not. Yesterday I was not. Mom kept telling me not to say any of that crap, but come on! v__v Allow me SOME self-deprecation, ok? Lol. Oh well. Anyhoo, after lunch, we went to Borders and I got another book. The second one in the series I'm reading now by K.E.Mills (Karen Miller's pseudonym). I LOVE HER BOOKS OMG. Buying books makes me happy. *thinks* After that...we went home...didn't do much at home. Just played games, opened my Pullip doll, watch baseball (loss)...yeah.

(I LOVE Imogen Heap~ aka Frou Frou. This one is soooo great.)

Ok, sorry. This post is getting exceedingly long, isn't it?? At least I didn't rant about my brother, right? Haha. I did rant on other things...and some things I could've, but I didn't. Oops. Oh well. I hope you don't mind. *hugs* Thanks for always being such great friends. Take care~

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some repeat topics of my World post, plus talk about the baseball game! Pictures, etc.

Hello, hello! Hi there, my dears. :) Haha. Sometimes I swear I talk like an old lady. "Hi there, dearies. How are you faring today? Oh, my achin' back." Seriously, lol. Anyhoo, many thanks to those that commented!! It's felt like a long time since I last posted here, though that probably isn't really true. I did post twice on my World I think...since my last one here. Anyway, that doesn't matter! Arigatou to who visited me: Lute, sparkle (omg all of the long hair hot pics you sent me are great; how can you not like long hair on guys??), angelbest (wow, first comment! <3), Icchan, Anna-chan, Nana, Raisha, and xaos! ♥ Some of you (still in school) go back the same day as me (24th)! Though some are lucky and get a bit more time...though I know some have to go back even earlier. :( Not fun. Thankies again to all of you.

I'm thinking I should change my theme soon...here and maybe my World, too. :/ It's been a couple months now, I think?? I need something blue/purple, you know, darker! I just changed it as such, lol. I don't know. We'll see; I might just be too lazy. :D I'm way too lazy lately. Though at the same time, I have a huge sense of duty and conscience...so it makes me not be lazy. My being is full of hypocrisy. But I don't think website themes fall into the "duty" category, lol.

So yeah, I posted on my World the other day...err, actually that was just yesterday! Woo, my mind is going~! *cough*I'msuchanoldladynow*cough* If you didn't read it, that's fine. I mostly just ranted more about my brother and mentioned how we were going to the baseball game last night. ^_^ [RANT]First, I was ranting about my brother cause he was enslaving me again...to do more things for him because HE is so lazy. He is totally devoid of a sense of responsibility. He has been wanting to sell his car, and like before, he wanted to just try selling it on Vehix. But, uh, last time I put it up for him, and well, whaddya know! He wanted me to do it again for him this time around. Cause he's stupid and lazy. And he didn't want to pay me anything for setting it up for him...not to mention having to do all the rest of the stuff (reply to emails by interested buyers, take pics, etc.). He made a big tiff about it and wouldn't give in, and he made it into an argument while we were out to eat tuesday night; my parents didn't do anything about it either. Mom kinda tried, but Corey yells at her just as much as me...dad doesn't like getting into things, so whatever. Let him yell at me in public.

Anyhoo, that's all past news though. It's done. I did it for him, and he let me "own" Tales of Vesperia, even though it's not like he'd ever play it. You know he just buys games to collect and ever play...so he does let me play them, but if I finish one, it goes right back into one of his many boxes. *sigh* He's a selfish turd. Sure, my oldest brother D is a total cheapskate, and corey talks bad about him in that sense, but then he's really just as bad. He always needs instant gratification. Oh, he's SO great. Oh THANK YOU. Oh, you're the best for letting me play that game you never will. Oh, I'm so glad that I'm able to do everything you ask of me, o master. *rolls eyes* He would make a mighty good king. A mighty good, corrupt king.[/RANT]

SORRY. I'm done ranting about my brother now. I already did so on my other post...and yet I reiterated a lot of it again, lol. I need warnings so that you can skip some of that stuff, haha. Anyhoo, everything's ok now. I've just gotten to my boiling point with him. That night, after the little argument, gawd, I just felt so depressed. I wanted to kill him or me or just something. And I felt sick again. My darn head...and nausea! I really should go to a real doctor. The chiropractor does what he can, but he can't prescribe meds or give other advice. Uh, some of you were like, "Why go to a chiropractor for those feelings?" Well, he does more than just crack backs. Chiropractors aren't back specialists--they're specialists in muscles and bones, how our bodies are aligned. And usually, when someone has a headache, the pain might be referred from being out of whack, whether it's from the neck or back. And nausea can occur when you have really bad headaches! So I've been going to get my neck back into shape...cause it really hurts, and so he helps with that. I'm going once more tomorrow, then hopefully I won't need to go for a while.

Now then!! Yesterday, after I put my bro's car on Vehix, uh...didn't really do much until it was time for us to get ready to go to the game!! ^_^ It's the last Phillies game we're going to during the summer; we're going to the very last game of the regular season on October 4 though. And it was super fun!! <333 I insist that I'm good luck. Hehe. Cause they were on a little losing streak and not playing well at all...so I was a tad worried that they wouldn't do well last night either! But, hahaha! >D It was great!! I was sooo HAPPY cause I got to see my favorite pitcher, J.A. Happ (who I call "Happy") pitch! ^__^v Lol, I love him. He's been through a lot lately-- trade rumors, a couple losses, possibly being moved from the starting rotation, etc...but I always had faith in him~ I'm so glad we didn't trade him. He's the BEST. <33 I wanna marry him. I don't care how balding he is though only being 26!! He's single and LONELY. *laugh* Um, so yeah! We won (obviously). He pitched a complete game shut-out, his second of the year! *__* And if you don't know what that means, it means that he pitched the full 9 innings without giving up a run. We won 7 to 0.

This post has been interrupted by my computer spontaneously shutting down. Thank goodness for Session Manager on firefox!!! I was just changing the song on Pandora, and then bam, it died. Weird. I would've been so pissed if it didn't save my post.

Lots of homeruns...hits...Happy even got a double. :) Hehe. It was so fun to stand up and cheer!! So great!! The only problem with it was that we had tall people sitting in front of us...so it wasn't that easy to see everything. We did have field-level seats though, so it was pretty cool being so close. I mean, not the closest you can be, but still. I took some pics...though they're not as good as I've had before. Too many heads in the way, lol. XD *thinks* I guess I won't go into more details about it, since it bores a lot of you...though I know lots of you care, too! But yah. It was great, though my head started hurting a lot afterwards! Thanks to bright lights and loud noises.
Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

The last pic was slightly disturbing, although cute, too. Lol. They had these little girls doing a dance routine...to country music. They were really good, but I'm sadly not looking forward to their futures. They danced a little too risque for being 11.

Ok. Ok. I'm done now. I do believe I have nothing else to talk about...I'm so sorry. D: This was a long-ish post, and a lot of repetitiveness and boringness. I appreciate to all those that comment. And even if you don't get around to it, that's fine. No one says you have to visit me all the time. XD *hugs* Major prayers (or thoughts) go out to Meg still, Teapot Domescam, my dad, mom, and anyone else that's in need. >.< Take care!! *hugs*

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorry! This is a pretty crappy post. A lot of complaints...bad stuff. Gomen! ;__;

Wow, hello~ Hi there. ^_^ Thank you so much for the comments! *hugs* Lala (nice to get a quick little comment from you! I love you, too!!), Britty (I've tried Melatonin, and it doesn't work for me, but thanks), fma17, Rachel, Nana, Wolf-chan, and Raisha! Arigatou to all of you for the comments. Yes, several of you have the same feelings as me about makeup. XD It isn't really necessary, and it's crazy when some girls completely cover their faces with it. Sure, it can look good sometimes, but where's the natural beauty then? Anyhoo, thanks for all the sweet words. You guys are awesome. <33

Ah, so I didn't post yesterday like I normally would. I actually wasn't going to post today either. ~__~ I have been feeling terrible again. I thought maybe I'd feel better after going to the chiropractor last week, but no dice. I have been feeling sick...sick!! Bad headaches everyday, coupled with nausea. It sure sounds like migraines to me...my mom has them often, and she takes special meds for it. I haven't been to a normal doctor yet, but I don't see how he'd help. Sure, if he says I have migraines, then we'd have to pay lots of money to get the prescription. *sigh* Stupid lack of a medical plan!! >E Or at least not a good one. Anyhoo, for the past few days I have been plagued with such headaches and whatnot. And it doesn't help with my sleep. v__v Unless it's the lack of good sleep that's been causing them. It's a vicious cycle, whatever it is.

Ugh, and I'm stressed out right now cause of the baseball game! ^^;; My poor Phillies haven't done too well this weekend. Stupid SF Giants! Argh, their pitching is way too good. I thought maybe, just MAYBE we'd win today...but it isn't going so well right now. *sigh* This wednesday we're going to another game. I know, it seems like we've been going to a lot of them this summer! Lol, well we have! XD I'm lucky. After this wednesday's game, we're going to the last one in october...and so that's it. But wow, I'll be going to a total of 4 games this summer! Last year we only went to 1. ^^ And SO FAR my Phils have won each time I've gone. I really hope that's the case this time!! T__T

I've been stressed out with a lot of things lately though....I don't know. Just, a bunch of crap. I just wish I felt better. And so now I'm in a down mood. Like omg it's already august. WTF. School starts soon...august 24. That's way too early!! ;__; Whatever happened to going back to school in september?? Bah, it's so stupid. Soooo stupid. Oh, speaking of school and before I mentioned a medical plan *laugh* well, I have health insurance or whatever now from my school. And let's just say it isn't very good!! XD If I lose one member/limb/body part, I get $1500. If I lose 2, I get $3000. And get this, if I die, my parents get $3000. So basically, I think I'll choose losing a couple of limbs as opposed to dying. You know? It's the same amount of money, plus I don't get the money if I'm dead, lol. It doesn't really make sense. Are they trying to say that I'm as good as dead if I lose both my eyes or hands? What a ripoff.

Sorry, that was rather morbid humor. XD But I found it funny. And it seems that I only have negative things to talk about today! Um, here's the card I made yesterday for my friend anime snow girl's b-day! ^_^ Thanks to those that commented already. If you haven't seen it, feel free to look if you want. It's from AIR. I haven't made a lot of AIR works of art despite it being one of my favorite anime ever.

Yesterday my dad and brother Corey were supposed to go to this "ghost hunting" thing, lol, at Fort Mifflin (sp??), which was an old war-time fort...they were supposed to go there and spend all day there getting a tour, and then sleep over during the night. So it was supposed to be this really scary sort of thing, with guys going to "hunt" the ghosts and record them etc. Well, they went early, looking forward to it. My dad had signed them up months ahead. ^^;; I'm really AFRAID of ghosts. I don't know if they're real or not, but I have a really overactive mind, and that's what causes me not to sleep a lot...cause I get so afraid outta nowhere. Anyhoo, they went, and I was looking forward to freedom from them for the day and night! Well, Corey ended up calling around 4pm, saying that it was so boring and they wanted to leave. *sigh* >> They said that all day they were stuck sitting through lectures about the fort and about how to use this equipment to record the ghost noises. ~__~' Ummm....yeah. Not exactly fun. The organizers of the event didn't want them to leave, but they lied and said Corey was feeling sick so they could go.

Great. They ended up going fishing and metal detecting though, but still, I was looking forward to them (especially corey) being out all night. ^^; Lol, but at the same time, I didn't want them coming home after spending the night...and being like possessed or something!! O__O When they got back, corey showed me pics he took of the place they were staying. OMG it was sooooooooooo scary!!! T__T I don't know how anyone could sleep there. Nope. Which is why I suppose most of the guys were just going to stay up trying to find ghosts. Oh gawd, that's so freaking scary. I wouldn't have even gone there for a tour! Maybe they left cause they really got scared instead? XD

I think I'm going to the chiropractor again tomorrow. I need my neck fixed...if that's what's causing my headaches so much. :/ Who knows? Maybe I have some kind of a virus. Anyway, uh, I just printed up my schedule for school. -__- Looks pretty sucky; at least I don't have any late classes, but I really wanted fridays off! Darn it. Stupid economics class. Monday: theology (Christian ethics), psychology. Tuesday: theology (world religions), textiles, business. Wednesay: like monday except with economics at 10:10am. Thursday: like tuesday but without business. Friday: just one stupid econ class at 10:10. What a waste of my day/morning!!! ><

(I really love that song~ Not the vid that much though, lol...but the song always seems relaxing to me.)
Ok, I think I'm done ranting now. Seriously, I'm sorry. Today's post was just a bunch of rants...and I don't think I'll comment a lot today since I feel so bad still. Sorry. :( Thanks to all for the congrats on being an Otaku Angelite now though! I appreciate it. I'll do my best as one. Please keep praying for Meg and her grandma! And add my dad in there, too, ok? He might have a benign (hopefully that's all it is and not cancerous) tumor near his brain...so yeah. Um. Thanks, take care~ *hugs*

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

You know, my long ramblings of my day. Oww my teeth! T__T Darn cavities...

Oiisu~! Hi there, my dears. ^_^ Arigatou for all the comments last time. *hugs* You're all sooooo great. I appreciate that you guys put up with my annoying topics and just crap overall. Man, I'd hate to be you guys! *laugh* Having to deal with my posts. XD Sorry~~ But thanks. Nana, Cassie (you were close! my eyes are green), Reki, Anna-chan, wolf-chan (it's been quite a while! welcome back~), Britty, jamo, and sparkle~ Hah, I see that a lot of you girls don't bother with makeup! I thought I was alone in that. O__o Really, I did. Same with shaving, lol. I guess I don't know much about girls, despite being one. Haha, but yeah, thanks a lot for the comments. :) Both here and on my world!

Woooo...ok. I'm tired. I so wish I could freaking sleep without sleeping pills. v__v Every night I get really worried when I have to go to sleep! I swear I must have some kind of paranoia. *sigh* But my mom doesn't think so. She doesn't "believe" in mental things like that...or at least she doesn't believe that meds or doctors will really help. :/ I think I mentioned that before. Anyhoo...it's not like I want meds or anything, but jeez, I'm tired of having every night be so stressful!

*yawns* And today in itself was stressful. ~__~ If you saw my post on theO, then you know I had to go to the dentist today! To get a cavity filled. My dentist told me before that it was just a really tiny one so it would be filled super quick and it wouldn't hurt so no anesthesia would even be necessary! Ok, well, dentists lie. One, it wasn't quick. She said, "Oh, you'll just come in someday when you have 15 minutes or something. It will be fast." It took roughly and hour+. Two, it wasn't that small. Though when I got there today she even said, "I just see a little shadow on the x-ray. It might not even be a cavity!" *rolls eyes* If it were small, it wouldn't have taken so freaking long. Three, it HURT. She didn't numb me, even though I wanted to be still, even if she said it wouldn't hurt. "It won't hurt, so don't worry. I don't like numbing anyway, and lots of people get this done without." *sigh* Sure, she doesn't like numbing...uh-huh...

So anyway, at least it's over with. Bah, it still hurts though...all the digging and drilling! T__T Stupid cavities. I always get them! My dentist said that she NEVER got any, even in her childhood...well, no wonder she didn't mind getting into the field. >>

After the filling, mom and I went to the mall. ^_^v I gotta get some prizes after that! *laugh* Went to the Levi's store to see if they still had any shorts on sale; unfortunately, they did, but they didn't have any of the kinds I liked. :/ The ones they had didn't really fit me well. Darn, so I still only have but one pair, lol. Um, but I did get a couple things! A pretty hoodie-type shirt (so yeah, it has a hood and two little pockets, but it's like a t-shirt, black) and a turquoise dress! O__O I don't buy dresses. I have like...one dress, and I wear it maybe twice a year, lol. So this is probably the girliest thing I have now. >> I tried to find a pic of it online, but it's nowhere to find! Uh, but it has spaghetti straps that you tie in back, and the top part is like the stretchy sorta ruffly look...and the bottom has a flounce. Anyway, I thought it was really cute, and it actually looked good on me! XD So I wonder when I'll wear it! ^^; OMG. First eyeliner and now dresses. Am I finally becoming a real girl??

Oh, and my nails are pink. :D Painted them the other day. My toe nails are hot pink, and my fingers are light pink~~ Hehe. Also, a lot of you that said you don't wear eyeliner or anything like that also mentioned shaky hands! Like omg, me too!! ;___; I have such shaky hands...the most unsteady hands EVER. I really can't hold them up without them shaking...so I actually had my mom do my nail painting (I did do my toes, but gawd that was horrible!), and it was really tough to do the eyeliner. XD Sister Denise (if you remember, she was my sewing prof) would always remark on my hands, lol. "Are you scared or something?? I'm not that intimidating! You're shaking like a leaf, girl!" Haha, oh Sister Denise. She's amazing. But yeah, stupid shaky hands...makes it hard to do sewing, that's for sure!

Aside from the clothes, we went to Borders and I got a new book and one manga (Petshop of Horrors Tokyo vol.5). The book is by the same author as the ones I was reading before and loved! ^_^ Oh but jeez, it was embarrassing going into that store. I had on my Death Note shirt, and that creepy guy that was the cashier last time...was there again. ~__~ And so he started talking to me, "Oh, so you're a Death Note fan! Then I guess you know about the American live action they're thinking of doing. blah blah blah blah" Oh jeez. I wanted to run away! The guy is so freaking creepy--he has dreadlocks, and I swear he sounds like he's always high. I really didn't catch most of what he said...so I nodded my head and pretended like I knew. >.< Thankful that he went away, we checked out. But then the guy that helped us was equally creepy. O_O Hippie alert! Long stringy hair, huge glasses, long beard...and then he asked me about Petshop of Horrors. Great. Let's just say I wasn't too inclined, but I went ahead anyway. Ugh, I'm totally anti-social when I go out, and I honestly don't like talking anime with other people, lol. Online, fine, but not IRL. A big reason why I guess I haven't ever gone to a con before.

Yup-yup...after that, we came home. And then dad and I washed his car! It was really fun. :) We had on our swimming suits so we kept spraying each other, lol. It's really hot today so it felt nice. XD Nice and fun! Haha! Oh, yesterday Corey and I got our Pullip dolls~~~ They're just as cute as the pics! I love them!! ^__^ Dad was sorta making fun of corey for "playing with dolls," but he also thought they were high quality and detailed. Yes, really cute. I love their outfits...gah, so cool~ If you don't know what I'm talking about, go a few posts back (archives) and you'll see pictures of them. <3

I found this group the other day: The Postal Service. I really like their songs...they're a bit weird at times, but they're pretty cool. XD Sorry for the crappy video. There's seriously no good ones.

*hugs* Alrighty, I'll stop bothering you now!! I really don't know how you guys can read my posts. ^^; I commend you all. ♥ I'm sorry! But I'll keep trying to be a good friend, and now and angelite! Yes, I'm an Otaku Angelite now...hoooraaaay. Arigatou all! Take care~

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today and yesterday. Stuffs of girliness...boring post maybe? XD

Hello, my dears! *hugs* Thanks soooo much for the comments. :) Wow, lots of people visited me! O__O Do I deserve that? Lol. XD Thank you all! *hugs* Welcome back to Cassie, Deb, Mandi, Keri, Nana, Raisha, Reki, Sinny, Anna-chan, and Sesshy! See? Wow, lots of people. <333 Ahah, but yeah, I appreciate all that you've said! I know (obviously) about the sleeping pills! I wish I could sleep without them, but this is how I get during the summer. I usually get back to a normal natural sleep pattern when school starts up again...probably because I have to wake up earlier and do more things during the day! I'm just plain lazy during the summer. XD But thanks again for your concern. :) I know lots of you are really fast readers! I never was...I like to do other things during the day aside from read, which is why it would take me a while to finish a book. Anyhoo, thanks again~

I keep changing my avi. >.< It's still Yuri from ToV, but jeez, lol! I just keep finding new ones I like...so I change them. >> I know some people that change their avi practically every other day, and then there's some that keep it forever (Sinny *cough* Reki *cough*). But we're all different in that respect~ And I've been trying to stick to Mihashi (Oofuri) ones, but I haven't found a good new one I want. :( So I'm sorry to him for cheating with Yuri right now, lol, but I love Tales of Vesperia! It's such a great game. *__* OMG. I was playing it today, and my dad was taking a break from work when he started watching me play. As in most rpg's, you usually run around, but if you hold down a button, you walk (or sometimes the reverse), and most people run, right? I sure do! It's tough playing a game when you have to walk slowly everywhere. Anyhoo, my dad remarked upon that, and he called Yuri a "she." Lol. He's like, "Why does she always have to run everywhere? Let's see her walk for once!" XDDD I'm like, "Dad, he's a guy." Dad: "Oh right. I forgot that Japanese love their guys that look like girls." *laugh* It's so true! And I love them that way, too. >> Bishies ftw. Hahaha, but then right after I told him that, he said he was a girl again. I have to admit though, that when I first saw ToV in a magazine, I thought Yuri was a girl, too! XD

It's really hot out today. Hot and humid, steamy and bleh. DX I can't stand this kind of weather! But we've been lucky in having rather cool weather most of this summer. Despite the heat, I went outside and used Sun-In for my hair. Remember I talked about that before? It's to highlight your hair...so yeah. I'm still trying to get some blonder highlights. I guess it looks a little lighter, but it's still pretty brown to me. :/ And yet...sometimes I feel that maybe I'd rather dye my hair a dark color instead! *laugh* But I've never dyed my hair before...this is the closest I've done to that. I dipped my head in the jacuzzi, sprayed on the stuff, and sat outside reading magazines. Woot. Here's to hoping I didn't get sunburned. *cheers*

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor, thank goodness!! I've really needed to go and get an adjustment, since I've told you how many headaches and neck aches I have had lately. They're just terrible. ~__~' Advil doesn't help, ice and heat packs don't help either! And now I don't even think the chiropractor helped. Dr. Shields did get a lot of cracks outta me though...I was very "beat up," as he put it. Lol, he always makes me laugh nonstop though. XD I say this a lot, but he reminds me of like a second father. Or an uncle, something like that cause we've known him for sooooo long, and I'm comfortable around him. I'm always joking back and forth. I don't think anyone else has laughing fits like I do at a chiropractor visit. XD Doesn't seem normal! Hahaha. Anyhoo, after that we went to the mall. I didn't get to buy anything though...since mom and I were with Corey. :/ And he doesn't like shopping, unless it's for him and more video games! So he did end up buying a game (Resident Evil 5), but I didn't get anything. I didn't even get to go to Borders! T__T But I got a Happy meal at McDonald's, lol, and my toy was sooo cute! They have Ty Beanie Babies back again as the prizes, and I got the adorable Fez the monkey. :D Gah, I wub him! Way back when, when BB's were super popular, and I'd collect them...mom would make sure we got each different one in the happy meals. XD

O.M.G. I think...I don't think I mentioned this. Lol, but the other day, I FELT LIKE A GIRL. Wait, I am a girl, yes, but I don't act like one most of the time. ^^; I said this before: I don't wear makeup. Ahah, but I've always wondered what it's like to wear it...like what would it look like on me? So when mom was putting on hers the other day, I asked her how to put on eyeliner!! *laugh* I know it's pretty pathetic. I'm 20 yet I don't know how. Hahaha. But I know that lots of girls wear it and it looks really good! So I was curious. <333 And I really liked it! ^_^ Yup. I didn't put it on VERY well, but it still looked pretty good...so I went through the day feeling pretty~~ Teehee, I have officially opened up my repertoire of girl stuffs! Lipstick, eyeliner...ok, that's it. And I don't think I'll wear either often, but still, the knowledge is there! And believe it or not, it wasn't until a half a year or so ago that I started shaving my legs. >>; I was always too lazy, and I'd always wear pants so it wouldn't matter. Don't judge me!! XD I'm just so lazy. I'm not meant for doing girly preparations. ;__;

*thinks* Oh, baseball! Sorry, yes, baseball section. ♥ Things have been going good on my Phillies front! I think they've won 3 in a row now. :) Amazing games over the weekend against the Cardinals...and now they're on the west coast, going against Arizona and San Fransisco. Won last night (the first game against AZ)...which was awesome, of course (for me). <3 I just don't like it when they're playing on the west coast because of the time difference! So the games start at 10pm. T__T Making me stay up even later, lol. But oh well. I stay up till 1 anyway. I think we're going to another game next week...that should be fun!

Alrighty. Oh, last night...no, the night before? Day before? Whatever, I made an ecard for xaos's b-day! I know most of you probably saw it already, but if you didn't here it is. :3

And now for an amv. The video isn't the best, but I really like the song. I think it's a cover of Linkin Park's What I've Done...by Marie Digby. <33 I think it's a perdy version. She's part Japanese, did you know? She even went on a Tokyo radio station a while back...anyhoo.

Thanks so much for visiting me!! *hugs* I think this is a longish post. Wait, when aren't my posts long? XD Sorry!! Heck, it might even be short for me! I never know. Haha. Take care, my dears~ I hope you're all doing well! Stay healthy, and I'll try to do so as well (it's hard to do).

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I was kinda at a loss for what to talk about today!!

Hi, hi! *hugs* Hello there. :) Thanks so much for the comments the past few days!! I really appreciate them. I know it's been a longer time since my last post here, but most of you know why if you read my post on my World. I'll explain in here anyway later~ Thank you all so much! Icchan, Britty, fma17, Oli-chan, angelbest, Raisha, Mandi, liz, Keri, and Lys! Wow, so many people. *__* Arigatou~ Yes, I had tons of fun at the baseball game. :) I'm glad all of you weren't totally bored by my ramblings. XD And most of you thought the dollies we ordered were cute! Lol, some of you thought they were disturbing, hehe. That's fine~~ Arigatou again!

O__o I haven't posted like this in a while: I'm using my laptop, and I'm sitting upstairs! Usually I just use my desktop downstairs, but I'm watching the baseball game right now [currently winning tied, but who knows what'll happen. We won~~ By A LOT! *__*]...and I am without a tv downstairs, so yeah. Ugh, it's really hot out today--hot and humid! T__T Yesterday it was chilly, especially at night. I swear it felt so cold last night...there was a little storm so that cooled things off. But now it's back to sweltering. :/ Oh yeah, you know those Pullip dolls I mentioned in my last post? Well, they actually were supposed to arrive in the mail today! ^^; Super fast delivery! Lol, but signature was needed to GET the package, and no one answered the door. We were all asleep cause the mailman came at 8am (too early for most of us! XD)...so yeah, I guess we'll have to wait till monday, darn it.

Ok, so why didn't I post the other day? Argh, well, I've been having bouts with bad headaches and neck aches...and, uh, wednesday and thursday I had really bad migraines. Or at least they felt like migraines...though mom said maybe I had a virus? Ugh, but it was really terrible. I was out of commission those days...I guess it started wednesday night, and my mom gave me some of her migraine meds, but they made me feel worse!! ~__~ She said they'd make me drowsy, too, but omg, I so didn't sleep that night. *sigh* I laid there and laid there, and even though I took a sleeping pill, I didn't fall asleep until 6 freaking am. I have been rather paranoid at night...like I hear noises outside, and then I freak out and worry about what they are; I also worry that if I fall asleep, I'll never wake up etc. >> Fear of what'll happen when sleeping...it's ridiculous, and now I'm pretty dependent on sleeping pills, even though I really really don't want to be. Epic fail.

I haven't done much at all lately. I haven't felt like it. I've been in a slump of sorts. DX My aches and pains haven't helped, that's for sure!! But like, I think I'm giving up on my wallpaper. I'm hoping that my sweet Oli-chan will agree to collab on it with me because I don't feel like doing anything with it anymore. Just think, I used to make a wallpaper EVERY DAY a couple years ago. Every single freaking day. 'Course, back then I wasn't doing "advanced" techniques that involved working many many hours...but still, I don't know how much I like walling any more. :( I have great ideas in my head of things I'd want to do, but then I think about my skills...and just get down: I can't do that!! I'm not that good. ~__~' Lol, and I draw even less. Now I only like to make e-cards sometimes. I'm tooooo lazy. *dreads* I just thought how I only have a month left before school starts again. How about you guys? How has your summer been? (provided the season you're in right now is summer, lol!)

Last night I finished reading the book [I was reading (redundant!!)], The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller. ^_^ It was sooooooooooo good. I've been mentioning it in my posts off and on. But wow, I read so quickly! It was 710 pages, and it only took me roughly a week to read. O__o That's a record for me, lol. I know some of you are probably super speed readers that finish books that long in a day or two, but heavens, I could never do that. I read slowly to absorb every line. XD And I only (usually) get to read at night, before bed, so that's why I'm amazed I read it so quickly. It was so good (addicting), but gawd the ending was sad!! T___T Ugh!! Don't you hate it when your favorite character is killed off?? Or rather, they have to die for a cause. Yeah. *rolls eyes* Sacrifice. *sigh* So yeah, I loved the book, but I so wish that my favorite guy didn't have to die...TT^TT I wanted to cry, lol. But I've never cried at the end of a book, so I felt that maybe I shouldn't. >> Have any of you cried at the death of a fictional character? I have several times for ones in anime or movies, but never manga/books yet!

My internet has just disconnected...

Happy birthday to those whose b-days are soon or just past! Much love!! <3333 xaos's is tomorrow, so yeah. :) Um. *thinks* Uhh...I think I can't think anymore, lol!! XD I haven't watched like any anime lately. Well, older anime (Ushio & Tora, City Hunter), but I haven't found anything new that's good. So most of my days are spent playing video games. Whatever. I'll stop wasting time now! Here's an amv. :) I really love Paramore's songs~~ "When it Rains." It's really well made, though I don't care for most of the anime in it! XD

*huggles* Ok, that's all. Sorry for the boring post~~ I'll comment when I can. I love you guys. Thank you so much for visiting! Take care~

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some random topics, cute dolls, last night's baseball game~~ Lots of fun for me!

Hi, my dears. :) How are all of you doing? Good? I sure hope so. *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments! ^_^ I really appreciate them. So a nice welcome back to those that visited: Raisha (aww, no problem! well, I'll hold off on the makeup for now), Anna-chan, Deb, Nana, fma17, grif (sorry, I don't remember you all that much! ^^; Gomen), and Saku-chan (omg it's been forever!). ♥ Arigatou to all of you!! I read your comments earlier, so now I don't really remember exactly what each of you said, lol, so I'll just say thanks again. :D

Dinner is almost ready so I'm going to TRY and make this quick. XD You know I suck at that though. Hahaha, I say it'll be short/quick, but then it ends up being 20 pages long. Gomen. ;3 Uh, but yeah. I wasn't even going to post today. I usually do, right?? But I just felt like BLEH NO. I wanted to play Vesperia instead...so I did...but then I got to this boss, and I died, so I was like "FINEEEEEE. I'll post." Lol. I worked on my wallpaper for like...5 minutes. >>' Yeah, I'm getting really lazy with it. I guess I'm tired of it and just want it over with, but I'm NOWHERE near done. Haha. ^^;; I'm not even finished with her hair yet! I have nothing done with her outfit...and then, jeez, I'd have to do the bg. ~__~ Who knows when I'll get it done?? *laugh* I appreciate everyone being patient with me. I think my "friends" on AP have probably forgotten about me by now. XD I barely go on there these days...since I haven't finished my wall. I don't like looking at people's wallpapers on there until I'm done with mine. It makes me too jealous. D;

Today is a nice, cool, rainy day! Me likes.

I haven't done much today. Corey has off work, so of course I've been stuck with him. :/ Mostly played video games...watched random stuff on tv. Listened to music. Nothing special. Gah, I need a shower. DX Lol, my head itches!! And argh, I feel like I have so many pimples lately! O__o I hate them! HATE. It's mostly the left side of my face, too. If only I had a half-mask...just to cover that side. >> I have a couple that never seem to go away, like they're permanent freaking pimples. Or just like I have red irritation on that side of my face all the time. It's weird. Any secret tips to have a clear face?? ^_^;

My brother has been oddly obsessed with buying these Pullip dolls. They're absolutely ADORABLE, but also pretty expensive. But anyhoo, he wouldn't stop talking about them!! He'd research them on ebay and watch them, and then he wouldn't stop telling mom to buy him some. ~__~ Well, obviously SHE wouldn't buy them for him. But yeah, anyway, once he gets into this collecting mindset...he won't stop until he gets all that he wants, lol. So finally yesterday, he/we/mom went through with it. Yes, I got one, too. They're sooooo adorable~ I can't wait for them to arrive! They're coming straight from Japan, so it will be a while. Corey got two. I don't know what he'll do with his (dollies in a grown 28 year old man's room?), but yeah. Let's see if I can find the pics of the ones we got...
Mine ♥
Corey's 1
Corey's other 1
I bet you guys think we're crazy! XD I don't know. I hope they look as good as they do in the pictures. If any of you are fans of Kuroshitsuji, Pullip also makes ADORABLE dolls of the guys from that series. <33

Ok! Sorry, that was way too random. I didn't need to talk about that, but I ended up doing so! ^^;; I wasted time. Sorry. D: Yesterday! I need to talk about last night!! Dad and I went to the Phillies game. ^__^ As I mentioned! Cause he got 2 tickets free from his bank lady. Bank of America...and they were suite tickets~~ Hehe! So yes, we got to be in one of those private fancy suite rooms. Us along with I'd say 10 other people. The bank lady, her husband, another old couple, an old guy and his sons (family reunion thing), and that was it. I met all the people, and they were all so sweet~~ Especially Jennifer (the one that gave us the tickets). She reminded me of like a teacher...or an aunt. She was just so nice. I didn't like being on the spot, being asked about where I go to college, etc...but whatever. ^^; It was rather exhausting, but fun of course! I always end up getting major headaches when we go to games and whatnot. So many people, lights, noises...but yeah, just like the other game we went to, it was loads of fun.

I was afraid that my dad and I wouldn't have as much fun, just us two, that maybe he'd get cranky or it'd be awkward driving in the car, just us...but he wasn't. It was totally fine. He let me put in an Utada CD, lol. He usually doesn't want to put up with that "Japanese crap." [*interrupts post to eat dinner*] As in, any anime music or any music that I like. He prefers his oldies. ^^; But anyhoo, the trip there wasn't too bad. We even arrived early, which was very good, because we parked so far away...and ended up being very very far from where our suite was. Lol. Right when we got to the ballpark, we asked this worker where our seats might be, and he pointed us in the direction, and boy was he off!! XD Our suite number was 9. We ended up in front of #57. Yup, so we had lots of walking to do. But we ended up making it fine, and we were even early enough to see the players warming up and stretching. :) Teehee! I thought it was cute, lol. Anyhoo, it was a wonderful night~ We won majorly (10 to 1!); Phillies kicked butt. The poor Cubs fans that were there! Gah, it was so exciting to see 3 homeruns! *__*

Here are a couple pics I took:
The following one has the Phillies mascot, the Phanatic, in a Batman costume (it's very hard to see! he's over to the right, in front of a couple of players) Why was he in a Batman costume? Because Jack Nicholson was in the crowd! I thought he was just LOST. Cause he had on a Yankees cap...lol, and he just looked out of place. He was there cause apparently he and Reese Witherspoon are shooting a movie here in Philly. And if you remember, Jack played the Joker way back when...and so hence the Batman outfit. It was really really funny. Sorry again, it's not like we were THAT close, so it's hard to see anything. >>

Umm...so yes...it was a great night. That was win #9 in a row for my Phils. ^_^v I'd love to say that tonight's will be number 10, but I don't know yet. We're not doing that great, lol. So I was happy that dad and I got to go last night...it was the best. ♥

Alright. I don't think I have anything else to talk about. Sorry if it was boring~ I know most of you don't care about my baseball talk! But it's important to me. XD So yeah. Thanks for putting up with it! I love you guys. I'll comment when I can. I didn't go online like at all last night since we were out till late with the game. I visited maybe 3 people. And today I haven't been on much...mostly Corey's fault. :/ Sorry again. *hugs* I wub you! Take care~

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