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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

this is a more upbeat post for once! (??)

Hello, everyone! *hugs* How are you guys doing?? Good, I HOPE. <3 Thanks for the comments the last time~ Not that many, but that's ok. It wasn't a very important post anyway. XD And I'm reposting the pics in this one, in case you didn't see them. ^_^ But yeah, thanks anna-chan, jamo, Raisha, and Britty!! I really appreciate your compliments! Okapi!!! That's what it was! Thanks, anna. :3 Yes, I think that animal is awesome...it's like part horse, zebra, and like...everything else, lol. Ok, well, that's all I need to reply to! XD Thank you again~~

So I'm getting right back into the swing of things with school. Lol, that didn't take long. XD It's as if I didn't even go on that Cali trip! And here I was SO worried that whole time, right? Like leading up to the trip I was panicking...weeks and weeks ahead, worrying about missing school etc. Well, as usual, I freaked out way too much than needed. I only missed one day's notes for OB, nothing in ethics cause all we did was go over the midterm, the test I made up in business, a quiz and notes in textiles [can't make up the quiz, so a big fat 0 is in there, how retarded!], and some notes that no one takes anyway in world religions. So yeah. But it's back to the grind...now worrying about all the projects I do have to do. ~__~ TOO MANY. Oh well. I'll feel so wonderful when this semester is over with. Gotta do what you gotta do!

Although I should be wearing another Phillies shirt today to support them for the game tonight [if they win it, then omg OFF TO THE PLAYOFFS AGAIN], but I've already worn my Phillies stuff last friday, this monday, and yesterday! XD I figured it would be a bit much, although I could technically wear a different Phillies shirt or jersey for a week. >>' Cause I have that much. Lol, but anyhoo!! I'm wearing this adorable gray cardigan that I got in CA, when we went shopping with my aunts. ^_^ Hahaha.

I gotta talk about that! I didn't go into details about events like this on the trip. So anyway, we go to the mall--mom, derek, Suse, and we meet up with aunts Sunny, Melinda, and Glory later. I think it was just in Macy's that there was this rack of these cardigans in lots of colors! I tried on this gray one...and everyone came over, "OMG! Kelsey, that looks SO cute on you!!! Try on another!" Lol, so I tried on green, and they really liked that since it matches my eyes. XD And then, what happened? Everyone started trying them on! Of course, Derek didn't, but all us ladies were, lol. It was HILARIOUS. All cause I tried one on! I sure started a trend [at least among my family]. ^_~ Hehe! So I got gray and green, Sunny ordered a black one (they were out), Suse (after a lot of contemplation) got navy, mom got magenta, and Melinda got gray and navy. It was hysterical, really. I really started a fever for these cardigans! Luckily we didn't ALL wear them at the same time, haha.

Hmm...so yes! We did indeed have fun on that trip, although like I said, there was tons of stress, too! Anyway, I'll list off the grades I've gotten so far on midterms and whatnot! ^^ So I took that makeup test for business (not a midterm), and I got a 90. Ok, that's good, but really...she grades SO harshly! Each question is short answer/essay type, and she takes off a ton of points. Even if you try to answer the question, and you're kinda close, oh well. You get no partial credit. So this one girl got a really low grade cause she didn't get exactly what our prof wanted...but she was close! She should've gotten partial credit. :/ It's stupid cause most of the questions were worth 20 points. ~__~ So anyway, still, I'm happy I got a 90. Better than I thought! Got back my christian ethics midterm, and I got a 94. ^_^ Hehe, which I think was one of the highest! Lol, cause he graded them...well, he had to add some points and things cause most people did bad. >>' He took off 3 questions that most people got wrong, but wtf of course I got them right!! >> Ah well, lol. He says though that my grade's really higher than a 94 cause of the curve anyway. XD Like I said before, I think I somehow got a freakingn 99 on my textiles midterm (I had extra credit), and then...today got back my economics test. I got the highest grade again! ^^; A 92 out of 96.

So I suppose I'm doing pretty darn well as far as grades go. XD But jeez, I'd think that the kids in my classes would do better...or more like, I thought profs would be way stricter with grading, but a lot of my teachers have to curve tests or add extra points etc. to accommodate those that do poorly! Like in economics, she really made the spread generous! O__O Cause it's not out of 100, it was out of 96. But still. A's were 96 to 81 points! And B's were 80 to 65, and C's were 64 to 45...yeah, if people can do math, then they can see how generous she was. Cause 45/96 is definitely NOT a C (usually 70%s)...

Anyhoo, what else has happened?? Aside from my fanatical baseball watching, lol, not much. School. Busy with school. My brother randomly bought a PS3 the other day. He got it since it's the new slim version with more GB, and it was a bit cheaper...but still...did he really NEED it? No! In fact, just a month ago, he kept saying how he wouldn't ever buy a PS3 or Wii. "They don't have any good games. I wouldn't want to collect any; they're not worth anything, etc." *rolls eyes* You know Corey is a crazy game collector. He never plays them...and so again he buys a whole freaking system just so he can have more to collect! -__- And he put it in his room so I can't play them, even though he gets games like Katamari that I'd want to play. :/ He's just ridiculous. He spends money on games and things that just sit there, when he should be saving up to finally freaking MOVE OUT. DUDE, YOU ARE ALMOST 30 YEARS OLD.

I started looking at photoshop again. As in, I'm kinda trying to kinda start some new wallpapers. I'm rusty with my vectoring, so I'm attempting to vector some scans. XD One of Ritsuka from Loveless...for some reason, I LOVE vectoring/painting him!! Lol! He motivates me, hehe! Even though I still have that WIP from months ago I never finished...if only Oli-chan were active online again. She and I were going to finish it as a collab. :/ So anyhoo, I'll try to work when I get time on making a new wallpaper. I don't know when I'll do it, when it'd ever get done, but at least I'm making an attempt to get back into art, lol.

Oh, speaking of art! Haha. XD Yesterday in business class, we got to have a little arts and crafts time. ^_^';; It was an activity to show things like management skills, decision making, use of resources, delegation, etc. Hah, well, we just saw it as silly fun!! We got into our groups, and we got some supplies. We could only use what we were given: 10 notecards, 3 markers, scissors, and tape. And we were told to make something. Anything! My group made a house, lol. It was hilariously wonderful. XD So cute. It was purple...had a red brick roof, an awning (sp?), welcome mat, tree, deck, etc...haha, all with notecards. We had a lot of fun! ^_^ It was great to do something like that with my classmates; they're the girls from my fashion classes, and we're in this group for one of our business main presentations. So yeah. Haha, good times...

Alrighty, here's the slideshow of photos I took in CA if you didn't see them. :)

And now I need to go to ethics class!! *hugS* Thanks for visiting me. :) Wub you! <33 Take care~~

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Super short post! Just a little addition~ Pics!

Thank you all a ton for the comments!!! *hugs* I'll read them later, ok? This is just a very short addition sort-of post, lol. I know, that's rare for me! XD But I wanted to share with you some of the pics I took. So yes, if you'd like to hear about my trip, go to my last post, ok? Most of it is there! I didn't go into details about some of the things we did, but I will some time. But yes, many thanks to those that commented before~ I LOVE YOU GUYS. <333 It's great to be back!

So yeah, no...this isn't a real post, gomen! *hugs* It's a very cold and miserable day today. Cold, rainy, bleh. When we left, before the trip, it was warm and sunny...still summer-like. Now all the leaves are falling. .___. Ugh, my head and neck hurt like heck. *sigh* I wonder when I will be without pain? Interesting quandary.

Phillies lost last night. It was really angering and depressing for me, lol. But it doesn't matter! They won 1 out of 2 games in LA, which is still ok. They're back home for 3 games...so they can still win. >D Again, if you're not familiar with the baseball postseason system, well, we are now in the NLCS series, which is a best of 7 games. AKA they need to win 4 games. They have won 1, and the Dodgers have won 1 as well. Anyway, it just made me really upset last night when they lost cause they were winning the whole game until the 8th inning. ~__~ ANYHOO. Yesterday...I went to my one class, economics cause we had a test. I think I did well! I HOPE I did. >>' I've been texting some of my classmates to see what I missed in classes...it doesn't sound too bad, but I'm still freaking about going back to them this coming week. ^^;;

Ok, now what you wanted! Pictures! I put them in a photobucket slideshow. There's roughly 25 pics in it. If you just want to go through the album (and not wait through the slideshow), HERE is the link to that. :) So here's the show! I think I put them in the order of when they were taken...roughly. I think you can click them as they go by to see them close-up, too. ^_^ I love the one of my brother D and his girlfriend, Suse. It's really cute. And I love the one of me and D (yeah, really??), but my dad totally screws the pic up being in the back like that! O__o And waving, no less! Way to ruin it. >_<' Ah well. And yes, I took many more, but I don't feel like uploading all of them. I had some sort of family pic of my relatives...but it wasn't a good one. Too much wind! ^^; Our hair was everywhere, lol. Enjoy~

Ok, so yeah. A really short post. *hugs* Sorry~ But the meat of my trip is in the last one. I gotta find some time to study for the test I gotta make up in business on monday...and I gotta read some stuff, too. :/ Catching up on missed work is too hard. T__T Well, thanks for visiting me! I love you! Take care~

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A hefty post about my trip! Though there really aren't that many details. O__o

Hello, hello!! OMG it's felt like FOREVER. Cause it's...totally been FOREVER. Right?? Ok, it hasn't really...not as long as some people disappear for, lol, and I didn't disappear! XD I gave you all proper warning about my trip, and I also updated on my World throughout the week. ^_^ Anyhoo, thank you a ton for all the comments here last time! And all of the many comments on my world posts, too. <333 I would've replied to some of them there during my trip, but the hotel's wi-fi was weird and wouldn't let the comments show up right. So yeah, anyhoo, many thanks!!

So how are all of you doing? I bet I missed a lot! ^^; Cause I didn't get to read anyone's posts. Yes, I did have my netbook, but I barely used it. I'd check my emails each day when I could, and I'd do little updates here and there, but I was mostly just...incognito. It's very odd to not comment daily for me, lol. But yes. I am back, safe and sound, all in one piece from the California trip! It's so good to be back home. Unfortunately, now I have to return back to reality, and that means schoolwork. ~_~ And worrying about what I missed. And contemplating all those group projects I need to work on somehow. *sigh* We returned last night, and like all last week I told my teachers [ok, really just my textiles prof, biatch] I would be back in class today, but ehhhhhh...NO. I didn't go. You couldn't have woken me up for class this morning even if you prodded me with a stick. Jetlag, my body being used to CA's time...ugh, the 3 hour time difference! Lol. I still feel really out of sorts. [it's almost 6pm] I woke up this morning...errr, not in the morning, I got up around 12:30, and I am still tired! It's a very dark day, cold and rainy. It feels more like winter than fall! And here I was just in a nice climate of summery/springy goodness. It's a shock.

But I love Pennsylvania. Like omg I was soooooo happy to come home last night. T___T To see real TREES (no palm trees, lol), and grass, and yes, even have the chilly air! When we got home, like, to our house...I was just so relieved and happy I started crying! XD I hugged my brother Corey (yes, yes I did), and I wubbed Totoro so much! It was a wonderful relief to see them again, and also to see that Corey took good (good-ish) care of the fish. There was only one casualty of Mr.Limpit. :( He texted me about it...that was sunday, I think. I wasn't too surprised though since he wasn't doing well before...but still...sad. I wubbed him. He was the pink betta shown here. Now Knuble really is lonely. It's just him in the tank with one stupid little tiger barb. All of his friends have left him...but hey, he can't deal with the other discuses in the big tank (he's a meanie), so yeah. ^^; Anyhoo, I was very happy to see all of my fishies in good health, though I could tell he overfed Seyonne. There were so many pellets in the gravel...I need to clean his tank.

I will be going to economics tomorrow since we have a test. :/ Goody. I gotta study tonight. *sigh* I have to make up my business test this monday...man, that class scares me. I mean, I've done well on the tests so far, but just...there's always so much work our prof piles on us. All those projects, etc. And I missed a very big part of our project when I was gone...bleh. *tries to calm down* Ok, ok, whatever! I gotta stop thinking about that crap. Today is my day to just recuperate! This has been a stressful trip.

Don't worry, I won't bombard you with tons of details of things. That will be next time...whenever I upload all of my pics from my camera (some from the zoo were on my last world post though). We arrived on saturday, after my horribleness of waking up at 4am. I couldn't believe I could last that whole day without collapsing, seriously. We got there...hmm...around 10:30am CA time? I think? I don't remember now, but it was pretty early so that we had that whole day. That night we met up with most of my relatives at this Mexican restaurant...my aunt Sunny, as usual, took a billion photos. I swear her hand should just be altered to have a camera attached. Sunny Camera-Hands. She just doesn't stop. Saw my cousin Shane, who is still great. He and I are the same age (I'm 6 months older), and we've always gotten along. Though now it seems like our sense of humor is even closer, lol. When he was little, he used to be super religious good kid, loved Thomas the Tank Engine, Barney, etc...haha. But now he shops at Hot Topic, is into lots of similar things as me...but anyway, that has nothing to do with anything. XD He's a good kid, and he really has had a stressful life with Sunny as his mom. They've always been dirt-poor, and she has always had a myriad of boyfriends...

We met her newest one on sunday, when we went walking at La Jolla cove. He is 18 years younger than her *cough cough, robbing the cradle*, 6'9", and very good looking. She is roughly 50 years old, wrinkly, extremely full of too much energy, poor, and has the personality of an 8 year old with ADHD. I mean, I love her. She's probably my favorite aunt (and I have a lot), but...she has many many things that could be fixed. We just all questioned WHY. Why. Why? Why is this guy with her? She blatantly put it, even with Shane there (her son, remember), that it's purely for the sex. Oh yes, very...very...lovely. Thanks, Sunny. ANYHOOOOO. The main point of this trip was to visit my grandparents, mostly my grandma with Alzheimer's. Just like the last time I saw her, she isn't faring well with it. She cannot speak at all. I heard a few rare words. It takes a lot of coaxing, a lot of time, and a lot of contorted faces of hers before she's able to say anything, which like I said, is rare. On sunday morning...we went out to breakfast, grandpa and I were saying "It's Davey!" (my dad), and she actually repeated that. She said "it's davey." She always lights up for my dad (though she is mom's mom). X3 The other times I heard her speak were on monday: "Good morning" after 20 minutes of trying, and "bye" when we left. Anyway, it's very sad to see her like that...but she was doing pretty well in the other areas, like physical health. And eating. Girl, she can EAT.

Ok, so Sunday we went to the cove, then went out to dinner, on monday just mom and dad and I went to the zoo, and tuesday we went shopping with my aunts. There were lots of fun things in between all the stress. But still, just...lots of stress. Especially on my mom, since it's her side. Being around all this family, and everyone has different ideas of what to do, but it's mostly Sunny being crazy and controlling. She put a lot of pressure on mom about things, and it wasn't fair. Oh yeah, and my dad ended up paying for everyone...everyone's everything like at all the dinners. He must've spent over $800 on these dinners alone cause no one offered to pay! All my relatives always assume he'll do it all for them. Only on the last dinner did he tell them they're getting their own bills. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that my brother D came with his girlfriend. So I spent a lot of time with them. Suze is so sweet, so nice, but goodness it was rather annoying. I mean...seeing them SO lovey-dovey sickened me. Cause they'd always whisper with each other, and come on, I am NOT used to seeing D like that. Plus, I was always left out of everything. I was always the third freaking wheel everywhere we went. Gawd, the last dinner sucked cause I had to sit at the end with D x Suze and Sunny x Hernewboyfriend. It was torture. I was so depressed for a lot of the outings, really.

In between doing things, I stayed in the hotel, watched the few channels we had...I love my sports, but goodness, one can only take so much of ESPN. We had 4 ESPN channels, lol. We also had a NASA channel. Ok, yes, who's watching that? XD The good news is that we had TBS, the channel that the playoffs were on! ^__^ So I got to watch my Phillies when they played~~~ And they won!! The NLCS starts tonight, which is the next round of the postseason. They're going against the LA Dodgers, just like last year. >D I sure hope they win again! The game on sunday started really late, but we watched it, though I was falling in and out of sleep,lol. I was still on PA time, thanks, so it was tough staying up! It ended past 2am PA time, 11 CA time.. It was crazy, and the win on monday was even more amazing...

Okies. Sorry this really is long~~ And I didn't even tell you about my days fully!! Ah well. The next time. It's sure great to be back. *hugs hugs hugs* The plane ride home went a lot quicker than the one going out there, so that was great. *hugs jet-stream* Ah, but I still need to get used to things here. My head feels heavy. D: Anyway, thanks a ton for visiting me! <333 I love you guys! I missed you!! I'll get back to commenting normally when I can. :) Take care~~

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Friday, October 9, 2009

my trip is approaching too quickly!! T__T

Hello people! *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments last time. :) You're all awesome. Anna, ulter-chan, Sam, and serpent! I really appreciate all your sweet encouragement...and prayers for safety on this trip. <333 Me loves you!!!

This is going to be a record short post. I thought I'd be able to write a normal size long one, but I don't have time! :( I gotta do my packing. I'm really fast with it though...lol. My mom started packing a week ago. I only just got out some clothes last night, and it took me 10 minutes tops. XD But now I'm putting things IN the suitcase and getting things together for my carry-on etc. Ugh. I'm soooo nervous. I'm scared of going on the plane. .___. So please pray or keep my family in your thoughts with this.

If you have all the time in the world on your hands, and you'd like to read my ranting post from last night, go ahead on theO! Yesterday was a very terrible day! ^^;; I did get myself a netbook though!! Which I'm using now to post. ^_^ But the events surrounded the getting of it...were very stressful. I really like my netbook now...I just gotta get used to the tiny-ness of it. Also the left side gets REALLY hot, so like it's kinda burning me, lol. I have it on my lap...so I gotta get a table when I use it. Though it sorta hurts my hand, too. >>' I did read about that on some reviews. Oh well. I just won't use it for long times. XD It's an HP mini. In black. I'm glad I got it for this trip...just shelling out all that money was discouraging, lol. And the whole crap that happened afterwards with mom's car. Like I said, read all about it on my World, if you want. I forgot to mention in it that we were very lucky the car didn't explode!! The AAA guys said that they'd never seen the car battery in that state...and we did smell burning. So anyway, it was terrible having to wait for hours, stuck in that parking lot [gawd, it was torture], but I suppose it's a good thing that we were totally fine. No exploding cars! :D

I'm bringing my camera, so maybe I'll get to update during my trip with some pics. I really hope this trip goes well. I can't wait for it to be over with...I've been worrying about it for 6 months. ~__~' So yes, details. We're going to San Diego, CA. It's a 6 hour flight...we're coming home next wednesday. So in between those times, I'll be really busy with family stuff. I hope my grandma isn't...TOO bad...cause it'll just be so sad. -__- Poor grandma. Umm...plans...I'm not sure quite yet what we'll be doing. My aunt Sunny is a real go-getter, so she'll want us to keep doing things nonstop, but NO, we're telling her NO. Lol. We're going to be VERY exhausted when we arrive...it scares me that I'll be getting up at 4am, the plane is leaving at 7:30, and because of the time difference, we'll be arriving in CA around 10:30 (though it would be 1:30 PA time)...so it's like, omg, the day is 3 hours longer. .__.

Today I had my follow-up with my ear/nose/throat doctor. Lol, it was such a quick visit. "Are the meds working?" Me: Uh, sorta...not really, no. "Ok then. Well, keep taking them! And get that CAT scan done. Here's some meds for you to take on the plane." Yay.

I love this song. It's so perdy.

Alrighty, I better keep packing. *hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me!! I love you guys!! If I don't get on much, well, I'll miss youuu. Take care, sweeties~

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hate the wind, all my aches and pains, tests, projects...everything that worries me. .__.

Good day, to all of you! Hopefully it isn't a bad day...so yeah. Or if it's nighttime, then yes, hi! XD Oh, everyone disappeared again, lol. Thanks for the comments! :) As my creepy world religions teacher says when there's few in class, "Was there a plague I didn't know about? Did everyone just drop dead?" Ahah. Anyhoo, arigatou to those that visited: angelbest, jamo, and Cynthia!! <33 I understand this is a very busy time for a lot of people...me included. I just have my priorities a little wacky since I prefer going online and posting to studying for 5 hours. >>' Cynth, yes you're thinking of the same Wallflower! I only read the manga, not the anime. And jamo, indeed, I'm going to CA (San Diego) this saturday through next wednesday. Thanks again for everything, guys. ^_^

My neck and head hurt. But that isn't new! Lol. I still don't have a neurologist appointment...or if I do, it's for some time in november. :/ On friday, last day before the trip (!!), I'm going back to my ENT doctor lady and tell her how all the allergy meds she gave me basically don't work. ^^;; I feel like such an invalid. I have so many aches and pains, and I'm only 20. ;__; I'll be 21 on Nov.12. <333 Oh!! I finally got a state ID. I keep forgetting to mention that. Last week we went to the DMV with all the necessary paperwork this time, and so I got my temporary ID [again, no, not a driver's license]...apparently I need that to go on the airplane (??) so it's a good thing I got it. I wonder when I'll get the real one though. Until then, I'm using a card that has TEMPORARY stamped on it in bright red letters. Oh, and of course the pic of me is terrible! XD When aren't ID/school photos/licenses/etc. bad?

That paragraph really jumped everywhere, didn't it? Yes, yes it did.

Today is very incredibly windy. Argh. You know how much I hate the wind. v__v I say it EVERY FREAKING TIME, lol. It's really nice out though. Not too cold or warm. But still...the huge gusts of wind will blow me away!! Nooo~~~~ Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day! My one friend would always say that to me. She'd compare me to Piglet in that instance, lol. XD Anyhoo, I just had economics. Nothing particularly special there. Notes, a worksheet, test next friday. We don't have classes this friday cause of "fall break", but that's a bunch of bull. Most people don't have classes on fridays; I only have one, so that can't be considered a BREAK. If it were a real break, I wouldn't be missing so many days on this trip. Do you think 1 day attached to the weekend [that a lot of students already have off] is considered a break? It's ridiculous.

My christian ethics midterm is next. .__. I'm slightly worried because I don't think I studied enough. I wasn't sure WHAT to study. He gave us a study guide and examples of previous questions, but they were so long! So difficult! Most were fill in the blanks, and omg, who could really come up with the exact wording for the answer he had? You basically need to have the entire bible memorized or something. Example:
The general purpose of the commandments, as they come to us through the living Catholic tradition, is not to restrict freedom but to open the way to a truly liberated life. <--answer
Of course. Of course. That was the first answer, in those exact words, that came to mind.

Ah well. I can only do as well as I can do! I gotta stop worrying so much about things. About things in the future, like all those projects I have, this trip, tests, etc. etc. I'm always worrying...panicking, freaking out, feeling like dying. DX My mom's been trying to tell me to just calm down and take it one day at a time. Don't worry about these things. Whatever happens, happens. Right? Right. ~__~ *sigh* I need to hammer those thoughts into my head. If I don't do too well, our teacher said we can make stuff up anyway. He's pretty nice and lenient. Although...he's really over-the-top, and sometimes he says things that piss me off. He seems to be some kind of an animal hater. I mean, he shouldn't be...he's a theology teacher, some kind of great Christian, but sometimes he's said things that made me so mad! He blurts out randomly that he hates PETA and what they stand for. He disagrees with animal rights people, and he says that animals don't deserve rights. We were on the discussion of human dignity and how God created all us humans special to be the only creatures with dignity, etc. Ok, yes. So? Does that mean that animal cruelty is a good thing? It sure seems like that's what he's said. Gawd, that pisses me off every time I think of it, lol.

Textiles midterm is tomorrow, and I'm...ok, yes, worried again. ^^; I'll just need to do a lot of studying. Today will be a very busy day, so if you don't hear much from me, that's why! More studying, and the baseball playoffs start!!! ^__^ At a retarded time of 2:37, when I'm still in class. I'll miss some...poo...but when I get home, I'll be watching, lol. THEN I'll study. See? My priorities are a bit skewed. My Phillies take precendence. But come on, first game of the division playoffs! It's a best of 5 series, so that means, we gotta win 3 to move on. *crosses fingers* The third game is on saturday...when I'm on my trip. Hopefully our hotel will have TBS (the channel it'll be on).

I'll probably post friday before leaving on my trip. By then I should know if I'm bringing my laptop or not...and if I'll be able to get on at all within the week. ^^; *sigh*OMG I haven't started to pack anything, lol. I'm so last-minute. XD My mom started packing last sunday! I guess...I've written enough, lol. I need to study some more for my midterm. I didn't even talk about yesterday! Argh, oh well. I was stressed. The end.

Thank you very much for visiting me. *hugs* Sorry I haven't gotten to comment quite as much, but I do try. :) Take care! I hope all goes well for you guys. Perfume never fails to make me want to dance.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hmmmm...just stuff about stuff. baseball, shopping, school, etc.

Hello, guys! Well, guys and girls. ;3 So nice to hear from you! Haha, though not too many this time around. No problem. XD I guess my long post scared people away! O__O Or everyone just...decided to go on vacation, lol. Nah, it's ok. I don't even remember what I wrote...anyhoo, thanks to Nana, Reki, Anna, and Kim! I really appreciate your comments. ^_^ Nana, your insults to my brother were amazing. I'm not sure if I should be insulted by them as well, lol, but I'm not! I would agree with most of what you said anyway. >> So yeah, many many thanks to you guys!!

It's felt like forever since I last posted, but it most definitely hasn't been that long. XD Ah, my sense of time is so messed up. Hmm...like seriously? It's 6pm right now!! T__T Where did my day go?? I usually go on the computer around 5...I don't even know where the F that whole hour went. I was watching baseball, but I didn't think...it was that long. *sigh* Ah well. Today I've done chore-ish things. I picked up the clothes from my floor (aka my second closet) and put them away. Whenever my mom gives me my clean clothes, I put them in their piles at the foot of my bed! Then they stay there...and grow and grow...for roughly a week. Sometimes more. Lol. I couldn't believe how many I had to put away today! XD But I don't mind. I really don't mind cleaning stuff. :/ I also cleaned Seyonne's (my betta) tank. He poops so much for such a little fish. Like wtf, poop machine. Speaking of fish, if you didn't see the video, just go to my last post (or the one on theO) and you can see the new vid I took of my discus(es) <---I never know what the plural of discus is...lol. So yeah. FISHIES. I wub them. <3

[baseball talk]
If you didn't see my World post, well, I'll just say now that my Phillies are officially in the postseason (playoffs)! Yes, for the third year in a row, NL East champs! ^_^ They won more quickly than the previous years though...last year and the year before, it came down to the very last game of the regular season, or the game before. And it was scarier then since we were trying to catch up and then BE in first place...this time around, my boys were in first for most of the year, and it was just a matter of keeping it. Anyhoo, what does this all mean? Well, another chance at being World Series champs! Lol, though that's a ways away...I don't think they can do it again. ~__~ Pitching has been terrible lately, and the hitting has been inconsistent...bah. Tomorrow is the last game of the regular season, and we are going to it!! <333 It's an afternoon game, which is weird for me cause we've only ever gone to the night games! I hope they do ok...I mean...since they clinched the division 3 days ago...they've just been resting guys and not really playing well. v__v LOSERS. But I get to see Happy pitch!! I WUB HIM. And he's single. I don't care that he's really bald and pretty ugly for 26, lol...I still find him cute. XD
[/baseball talk]

So what have I been up to??? Classes...hmm...yes. *thinks* Ugh, thursday I got a really bad allergic reaction in my world religions class. They must've been doing some sort of construction or renovation...possibly new paint...and man, it messed my face up. I was so red and itchy. ;__; I hate this. I hate it. Gawd, and there's nothing that helps. *sigh* Anyhoo, what else? Oh yeah, wednesday I had my first exam in organizational behavior. It was just 4 short essays, and they were only worth 5 points each!! ^^; I think I did ok. There was also an extra credit one worth one point. Lol, when he said that, we were all like WTF?? O_o That's it??? XD Haha. Most of the girls finished really quickly...I don't know how...it was like 15 minutes later, bam, done. Took me a while with all that writing! As usual, I was the last to finish, last to leave. Ok, not usual. I usually finish tests quickly, unless they're essay-based...cause I tend to write a lot. But in general, for classes, I come early and leave last! ^^;; I feel like such a goody-goody cause I always talk to the teacher after class. Lol. IF I like them.

Um, I don't really think anything else of interest happened in my classes. Oh, well, in textiles that thursday...we did a "jeopardy" review since our midterm is next week. It was a total WTF moment cause she split us up. 4 groups then divided into 2. Us first group was relegated to the sewing room to work on stuff, while the others did the "game" first. We were all thinking "why the heck can't we all just do it at the same time? What's the POINT??" It really didn't make any sense, lol. The whole time we were just complaining. And so finally when we could come back and actually play this stupid game (it wasn't fun), well, we sucked! Haha. Most of the questions ended up being dead cause neither of us teams got them right. Obviously we didn't study for this. XD It was actually pretty funny. "I don't know." "We don't know..." Ah, we fail so badly. Too bad our stupid teacher just doesn't get it. *shrugs*

Anyhoo...yesterday mom and I went to the mall. Went to Borders to get me some manga since they had a sale, but omg, they had like none. They used to have soooo much, but not anymore! ;__; So I only got the Wallflower vol.21. We were looking at the calendars they had...and there were lots of cute ones (Winnie the Pooh ftw), and there was this cute little kid looking at them! Aww, haha!!! His mom didn't seem to care much about him though. >>' Cause he was with us, looking at them, and he looked up at us and was like "look!" and tried to show us one of the calendars...and all the rest started to fall! So he tried to hold them up (little kid was maybe 4 years old), and of course he couldn't, so mom and I rushed to try to get them...awww...the kid was just so cute. XD I was just surprised that his mom didn't do anything. The things could've fallen on him and hurt him, but she wasn't around! OR!!! Mom and I could've stolen him away. XDDD Hahaa. Anyhoo...after that...we went to Hot Topic, and I got a new shirt, and then we went to Macy's for undergarment shopping! Oh yes. <3 Lol. Bra section. In case you didn't already know, I really don't like wearing bras, har har. So it's impossible for me to find one that's comfortable! I figure since I'm so small it doesn't even matter. *shrugs* I just stick to undershirts/camisoles/tank top types...meh. More comfortable that way. DOWN WITH RESTRICTIONS!

I've been uber depressed thinking about our CA trip coming up. *sigh* This coming saturday...so yeah...one week left. ~__~ I'm just really afraid! I'm afraid of going on the plane, of missing work in my classes, of making it up, of seeing my grandma in such a sad state, etc. etc. I'm just really stressed out about things lately. :( And my head always hurting, same with my neck, these stupid allergies. Argh! I need a vacation away from life. And trust me, going to CA is causing MORE stress. *sigh* I like the status quo. I like staying home, being in my jammas (pj's), doing nothing, and just being in my comfort zone! I like my schedules just how they are. Any change freaks me out...so this is really hard for me.

Ok, sorry~ I better stop this now! ^^; I write a lot about nothing, right? Thanks for visiting me though. *hugs* I'll try to comment when I can. Tomorrow...probably not much at all cause of the game. I'll be out for most of the day. Take care everyone! LOVE YOU!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

you know i love writing a lot about nothing

Hello! Hello! *hugs* Thank you all a billion times over for the comments. :) For both myO and theO! I appreciate you guys soooooo much. Gah, I don't know what I'd do without you. ;__; Thanks for the compliments on my new haircut~! I'm glad you liked it~~ I do, too, but now I'm thinking it isn't different enough from the last one. Lol. But oh well. Thank you again. ^^ Sam, wow! Yes, that was a longer comment, and I truly appreciate all that you said to encourage me. *hugs* And thank you Nana, Kim, angelbest, Raisha (oh, I love that hairstyle! if my hair weren't so naturally curly it might work...), Cynthia (omg VERY HOT is right, I love that photo you showed me; boy haircuts work well on a lot of girls), Sesshlu (i bet your hair is adorable, too), and jamo! <33 Arigatou for everything.

So, how are all of you doing today? What's your weather like? It feels definitely like Fall now! Just a couple days ago I was wearing shorts, but now...well, now it's like 20 degrees cooler. Cloudy, some sprinkles, windy. Yes, very fall-like. I like these temperatures...it's so refreshing! But as you [should] know, I can't stand the wind. >E It's so annoying! Unless it's a nice little breeze on a warm day. That's IT. Anyhoo...here I am in the school library. Yay. My one day during the week where I can just veg (vege? vegge? lol, like vegetables...) out here. *blows my nose* Stupid allergies!!! DX Quite obviously the new meds the ear/nose/throat doctor gave me haven't worked...at least not yet. It's been over 2 weeks, but still no improvement. And nothing can help me with my irritated/itchy/burny face allergy crap. She even said so. ~__~ Oh well. I just have to deal with these things. Anyhoo, back to the weather and stuff...and I guess it deals with this too, lol, but so many people are getting sick!! T__T Noooooo. I just hope I don't get sick. I usually do every year around this time, but so far I'm lucky. I can't afford to miss any classes...seeing as I'll miss several when I go on that freaking trip. *sigh* Ah, so I don't have any flu, but I'm always having my headaches and neck aches. I believe the neurologist appointment will be in november. :/ Pooooo. That's such a long wait!

Hmm...so I just had economics. Nothing special there. I really do enjoy that class though! ^^; Like I said, my teacher is just so nice, and the material isn't hard (not yet at least), lol...I guess I do like things dealing with numbers more than other stuff. Charts and whatnot. *shrugs* Yet I love art as well. So many people say that they're "abstract random" or "concrete sequential", but I'm a little bit of both. I think when I took that personality test I got abstract sequential...and that does make a lot of sense. Have any of you taken that test thing? Do you remember what you got? This is a random topic though!! I don't know where that came out from. XD

I gotta say thanks again to those that consoled me when I wrote my post on theO the other day...after my brother was really mean to me. He can be very nice, but then he can turn on a dime and be absolutely horrible to me. I'm very tired of it...and to anyone that said something negative about him, lol, like called him names or whatever. Please, NO apologies necessary!! ^^;; Cause I'm happy to hear those things. Haha. XD You have every right to say such things when I'm always talking about the bad things he does/says to me...so yeah.

Now then. *thinks* Ugh, I have a test today in OB (organizational behavior; why did I bother with the abbreviation if I still explained it? Lol). We haven't had a test in that class yet...so I'm a wee bit worried. Our prof is really, um, secretive? No...just...not the best of communicators when it comes to directions or expectations. He gave us a few key points to study, and he says it's all gonna be essays. Ok then. ^^; I don't think it'll be very easy...people have said that had him in the past that he's really hard. That is, the tests are cause he seems so nonchalant about them and about preparing us for them!! In the first class of it this semester he told us right now, "Most of my exams are essays...I do that because I like reading creative BS." So basically he just wants us to make stuff up, lol. We'll see how well that goes, right? It worked for me on my last business exam. I didn't think I did well on it, but omg haha I got a 100. Then again, lots of other people did, too...so our teacher just graded really easily. XD But it was basically just me making things up as I went along...

Something that I actually like that has come out of all of these classes, though I may not like them the most, is my...somewhat rekindled friendship with that girl I mentioned before. The one that used to torment me with her "ringleader" if you will...all throughout my schooling. They would always make fun of me, and just make me miserable. The thing is...that Jen (the girl in my classes now) was never that mean when it was just her on her own. She would only join in when the main biatch Annika was there. So you know, for some reason she felt more powerful and like she had to say those things to please her. Anyhoo, I kept my grudge against both of them all this time...now, I haven't seen Annika since high school (thank goodness) so I can't say the same for her (I honestly never want to see her ever again), but with Jen, I feel like things have mended. I didn't talk to her for most of all last year though she was in my classes...but then at the end, I finally did. And now this semester, she's in 3 of my 6 courses, and we talk more. She's in most of my groups for projects, and so...well, we have to get along. I've forgiven her now for the things she's done to me before, although I can never forget them. I'm tempted quite often to talk to her about WHY the heck they were so mean to me all those years...but I don't think that would make things better, lol. So even though we both clearly know that there's been hositilities, and things are still kinda awkward...we're both trying to act as if things were always ok. Like we text and stuff now. I feel almost bad that we are and yet she never apologized to me...so a little grudge is still there, but whatever. ^^;;

Sorry that was a long thing on that. It's just been on my mind. I was thinking a lot about it last night. Maybe someday she will apologize, but maybe not. The point is that we're working together now, and I never thought we would. >>' Anyhoo...yesterday...nothing really interesting. Had another textiles quiz, which maybe I did ok on. I'm not sure. -__- Then business...well, we had to do this little oral presentation. We had to present an article summary and stuff, and so that wasn't such a big deal. I didn't prepare all that much...but still, I was SO nervous. SO nervous. I was one of the last to go even though I wanted to go first! ;__; So I had to stir in my own pot of worry the whole freaking time. When I got up there...I sorta blanked. Even with my notes in front of me, I couldn't really talk right. Whenever I do presentations, my face gets super red, and my voice shakes, and my mind just blanks! A sense of time no longer exists. I have no clue how long I talked...not enough, too much...but at least it's over with. It's disturbing that I have so many more presentations to do this semester. *sigh* Way too many...life has been rather tough on my lately. I'm just so stressed out.

Phillies won last night! So yay! ^_^ They've been losing a lot lately, and that wasn't a good thing. This is the last week of the regular season. They just need to win ONE more game in order to clinch a spot in the playoffs. :) So hopefully that will be tonight. PLEASE. TT^TT We're going to the last game of the season on sunday~ That should be fun. It's fan appreciation night so they better give us something!! I'll be so sad when baseball season is over! ;__; Though then I'll still be watching hockey and basketball (football not so much)...baseball is #1 in my heart.

Alrighty, did I write enough? Too much? Lol, oh well, right? XD I gotta study some more for that exam. Wish me luck on everything! Everything in life. And same to you guys. I pray all goes well for you. <33 Sorry again for not commenting a lot...but school takes precendence. ~__~' I LOVE YOU. Take care!
Edit: I took a new video of my fishies. The quality is uber bad...but yeah. XD

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Friday, September 25, 2009

mah new hair yay

Hello, sweetie-poos. <333 Thank you so very much for all the comments! You're all amazing. ^_^ I love hearing from you guys. I find it funny I either say "hear" or "see" you guys, when I'm really not doing either. O__o I'm READING from you guys. Just sounds weird, lol. Anyhoo, thank you~~ Ulter-chan, emerald, Sam, Raisha, SG, Nana, and Sesshlu!! If I missed anyone, sorry and thanks all the same. All the encouragement is always needed...and don't worry, I'll provide a picture of me today. ^^;; Not in my dress though. XD I can't really take a full-body pic o myself. But yeah, anyway, thank you all so much for everything. I don't know what I'd do without you guys. D:

I'm tired. Thank goodness it's the weekend now. ;__; Too bad I gotta work on things for school...argh. Tuesday will be another terrible day, so I better work ahead on some stuff. >.< My midterm essays are due for world religions then, and I have another ridiculous textiles quiz, and I have a little news article report thing for business...it's an oral report. It's just going to be super short though, so I'm not too worried. Still, that's a lot of things to do! So I guess I'll work on my essays over the weekend. Hmm...what else do I have...oh, organizational behavior exam on wednesday, and I'm assuming something due for ethics soon. *shrugs* This next month will be horribly hectic. T__T What with our trip and all...nooooo...I know lots of you are like, "how come you're worrying so much? You'll probably have fun in CA!" Well, it would be a lot more fun if it weren't during midterms time, and also if the purpose weren't to see my sick grandma. It's going to be stressful...sad and stressful. Sure, we'll do other fun things with my relatives, but overall it's going to be...not so great. And believe me, one of the things I'm most worried about is waking up so freaking early for the flight. >>' And being on a plane for 6+ hours. *sigh* ANYHOOOOOO.

Ok *putting all that aside* today I had economics. Just one, nice easy class. :D I really like that class! ^^; And it's mostly cause of my teacher. She's just so nice and helpful [unlike a certain textiles prof *cough cough die die*]...we got back our exams, and heheeeeeee, I got the highest score. >>' I had a feeling I'd do well on this one, so I kind wasn't surprised. (no, I'm not bragging) I'm good at topics like this...like math and stuff. I didn't used to be, but now I am. I honestly would rather have another math course than stupid textiles. Anyhoo, the test was out of 88 points (not 100?), and I got 87.5!! Lol, AKA I only got a half a point off. XD But our teacher was just so nice and lenient with the grading, like omg. O__O Going by real numbers, if someone got a 44 out of 88, then that would be a 50%, and that is failing...but her grade system for this was so generous! If you got that, you still got a 'C'. She said the average was 59%, and that's really not good...but unlike that aforementioned teacher of mine, she actually offered lots of help and solutions. She genuinely CARED about us and doing well. So yeah...anyway, moral of the story is that I'm happy I did good on it. X3

After that, I was done for the day! Came home, ate and relaxed some, and then it was off to get my hair cut~ ^_^ Ok, so I didn't take the best pic, but whatever. And unfortunately you can't see the back to tell that it's really shorter! Lol so from this it looks almost just like it was before. ^^; She straightened it, like she does, and I think it's cute that way...but I don't regularly straighten my hair at all, so the real test of whether I like it or not is when I shower and get my natural curls back! I hope that it still looks ok. >.< I wanted to get my hair really short...almost boy-style type, but I don't think that'd work for my hair very well, lol, so that's why I got it done like this. Longer in the front, and shorter in the back. HERE is the pic I took. Sorry again it isn't too great! I need to get one from the side so you can see the angle it goes at. D: Oh well. And obviously now you can see my new glasses. And...and...my Yu Darvish calendar/poster. >>

So yesterday I felt pretty down in the dumps, as I posted about on my World. ^^; But today I'm feeling better [at least for now]. Things have just been getting to me! Too much school work, too much stress in other areas of life...all my aches and pains that just won't go away. And something that happened between me and an online friend...but...things have been resolved (??). She replied and said she wasn't mad...I'm not sure if everything is really alright yet, but at least I'm not panicking about whether she'll reply or not. Thanks to those that commented on my world with advice~~ It means a lot to me.

Hm, yes, so yesterday was a bleh day for me, but it's fine. We all have days like that...some have them more than others. XD Um, I had world religions, and omg...we covered Shintoism. Uh...yeah, no, not really. This is how it ALWAYS is in my schools! Whenever we get to Japanese history or anything that has to do with Japan, they cover it in like 10 minutes, and they don't do it well, that's for sure!! Why does Japan always get the short end of the stick when we get to them in the curriculum?? ;__; It's not fair! Of course it's like the one subject I'd want to really learn about. :/ And no, none of my schools ever had Asian studies! Now that's REALLY retarded. D: But at the same time, I'm glad that they skip over it fairly quickly because I can't stand their horrid pronunciations. Like WTF. At least TRY to find out how they're freaking pronounced!! It annoys me so much. We watched a little video about shinto, and it was actually originally French but then dubbed in english, and even then the narrator sucked at pronouncing them. He'd start with saying "Izanami" and "izanagi" right, but then all of a sudden...he was saying it with a long 'i' sound like "eye-sa-nah-me." Oh, and yeah, wtf a Z doesn't sound like an S...lol. I wish that I could get a decent education in Japanese history/religion/anything, but my area is so devoid of anything. Idiots!!!

After class, we went to Walmart and got my glasses adjusted. The lady that helped me was so super freaking nice, I loved her. <333 Gah! Like I talked to her as if we were friends or something!! O__O I never talk comfortably with people like that...like employees at stores or whatever. I just don't. But she was so nice, and I even asked her stuff to help out with my presentation I have to do on walmart...but too bad she couldn't give me any good info. She even asked her manager for me~~ Haha, but apparently Warlmart is full of deep, dark secrets that they can't tell outsiders cause I got squat!! XD After that we went right on over to Sam's Club and visited Corey at work. They had him in the pharmacy section this time, lol. He said he was busy so we promptly left. The end.

Ugh my head hurts too much right now to write anymore. Gomen. DX And I feel like I've been writing this post for 5 hours cause I've been doing other things online at the same time. I think it's actually been 2 hours...crap. ^^;; Thank you for putting up with me! *hugs* I love you guys. <33 Sorry if this post is...either really long or short or boring!!I can't gauge it right now. I need to go rest my eyes...muhyaaa. Take care, everyone!! Best of luck to all of you with everything.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

titles rawwrrrrr

Hello!!! Wow, I LOVE YOU GUYS. How have you been? I can't believe I got so many comments. ^^;; You're all so sweet. :) Sam, jamo, Yug, Anna, Deb (it's been a while!!), ulter-chan, Reki, Kim, fma, SG, Sesshlu (it's been forever~~ *hugs*), emerald, Nana, and Anis (so nice hearing from you as well~ I hope your travels go well!). Did I get all of you?? D: I hope so! Cause wow, there were a lot. <33 Thank you for all the encouragement with my classes and all. Also, for showing interest in my challenge~ Anna, it just has to do with sports, anime or not! :) Hah, sorry I didn't show you a pic of me with my new ones...I just can't stand pictures of myself! ^^;; Maybe next time. Uh, but yes, I'm getting well adjusted to the new prescription, but the frames themselves aren't too comfortable...so I need them adjusted more. >< Anyhoo, thank you so very very much for everything!

Gosh, it's felt like forever since I last posted. I know it hasn't been, but it's long for me. XD 5 days or something? But yeah, such is the way of my schedule this semester. Other times I'd get more time in between classes to come here to the library and post...but not this time. Oh well. I'm sure you guys don't mind. ;3 Lol, not having to read 6 page essays everyday. Haha. XD Just think, I used to post every single day. And yes, my posts would usually be just as long. I stopped posting everyday...probably a year or so ago. I felt soooo guilty when I wouldn't post. XD I know, like WTF right?? How stupid of me!! I was obsessed. I still think I'm obsessed with the site, to a point. Cause I feel it necessary to come on at least once a day to at least check who updated and glance at stuff. I don't like feeling left out of the loop. >>' But I'm content with how I do things now. How about you guys? Do you feel weird not visiting everyday? Or posting often or not often? I mean, yeah, it's just a website...not LIFE itself, but I've made so many wonderful connections with you guys that you've become a part of my life. ^_^

Yes, I'm in the library, but omg, I'm on the bottom level. D: I usually go upstairs, but all the computers were taken. Well, it's nice down here...really quiet, too. *opens little bag of BBQ chips* >_> That seemed REALLY LOUD. Lol. I'm such a nuisance. XD Cause I'm always eating in class or in the library, and I like having each thing in little baggies [I pack my lunch...my mom makes my lunch still]. So I'm always making noise. Hahaa. Anyhoo, I just had economics. Had our first test. It was supposed to cover chapters 1-3, but we didn't finish 3, so it was just 1 and 2. It wasn't bad at all. ^^ I studied a lot more than I thought I would last night...so I hope I did ok. Sometimes when I think I do really well, I end up doing not so well. :/ Sooo...we'll see! My friend Madii isn't going to come to classes anymore. She needs to get her schedule reworked because she's missed so much from being sick. I did finally get a reply from her though! [which is how I found out] She's feeling better; she had some kind of really weird and powerful virus, but now it's going away...thank goodness. I'm glad it wasn't like the swine flu or something. O__O Yes, another test done! No, it wasn't the midterm though...I'm not sure when that midterm will be. I'm not worrying about it yet though. XD One day at a time. That's my mantra! I gotta take everything one day at a time or else I'll freak out about the things in the future.

Cause I don't like the future. >.<

I'm wearing that cute turquoise dress I got at the Levi's store this summer. I've got my black jeans on underneath, and I THINK IT IS CUTE. >D I love how this dress fits me! Provided it IS like the only dress I have, lol. Too bad no one ever notices me. I don't like being the center of attention, but I sure like compliments (who doesn't?). Not even the girls in my fashion class that I thought were my "friends" say anything. :/ I'm always hearing them compliment each other. Oh well. It's definitely not a big deal...but it just adds more doubt in my mind that they even think of me as a friend. Remember Jess and Erica? We'd talk all the time last year, but that was cause they'd need my help in classes...this year, we don't even say hi, despite sitting right near each other. *sigh* Ahhhhh weellllll, I don't need friends. >> I just focus on my work while at school, get it done, go home, and then absorb myself in my own little world.

Sorry. XD I know I said that a lot before. I'll stop now!! Anyhoo, yesterday I had world religions, textiles, and business management!! As you may know, I had another textiles quiz, an exam in BM, and we were given our topics for our midterm essay in WR. Fun stuff. It was a horribly long day. So the essay's due next tuesday...it's either choose 2 of the 3 smaller essays and write them, or do the one longer one. I'm thinking of doing the 2 shorter ones. :/ In textiles, the quiz...was stupid as usual. I studied SO much the night before. I studied a lot more than I usually do for it--I took notes, too!! Before I was just reading the chapter and that's it. So we'll see if it helped, but I still think I got some wrong. And "some wrong" tends to bring your grade down to failing. So yay. Lol, I just LOVE complaining about that class...it's one of the only topics of conversation I have with the girls from my class. XD It's something we have in common! Ahah. And then the business test...well, it wasn't what I thought. ^^;; I basically BS-ed the entire thing, lol. I didnt really understand how to connect the questions to the article she gave us...it was all short answer/essay, so yeah. I just made a lot of stuff up. Let's hope she likes how I made stuff up! As long as what I said made some kind of sense, I should be ok.

When I got home from school yesterday, it was baseball time. XD Yesterday my Phillies had a double-header (2 games played in one day), and this time it started at 4:10pm and then the second game started around 7:30! So they didn't get any rest in between. Lol, and I didn't get any rest from watching, haha. But during it, I did have to study for economics...which I did a lot. O__O I swear I did nothing but study! Phillies won the first game, but they lost the second one. The first one was amazing...but the second...it was so different. I mean, maybe they were just so tired from playing the first, lol, but that didn't affect the Marlins. Oh well. Splitting the 2 games was fine. :3 After all, they're still in first~~ I won't go into details, but this series is very important! So I hope they win tonight! Haha, but yeah, wow...that was like, what, 6 hours of baseball last night? XD I HAVE NO LIFE.

Tonight I have this stupid textiles assignment to do...it will probably take a while. Don't expect a lot of comments from me again. ^^; I'm sorry~~ *hugs* Ugh, I really need to plan when I'll do all of these things...studying, essays, presentation prep...argh!! And then in a couple weeks if our trip to CA, and I don't want to go. .___. I can't wait for October to be over with!!!

Oh wait. It's not even october yet. CRAP. I can't wait for september to be over and then october over with even more quickly. Darn it!

Alrighty. I better end this now. I know it's probably really boring and stuff, but I gotta get to class. ;__; Christian ethics and then organizational behavior. Fun stuff. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Take care~~~

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Friday, September 18, 2009

I could probably write a 900 page book in 2 days.

Hello, my sweets! <33 Thank you so very very much for the comments and for everything! You're always putting up with me, haha. XD OMG Keri, welcome back girl!! It's nice to see you again. Yes, someone I can rant about baseball to!! Hehe!! Thank you so much~~ And my condolences *cough cough* about your Mets. >> Welcome back to everyone else as well! Anna-chan, angelbest, Kimberly, pickle, Reki, Cynthia, and Sam! Arigatou a ton for all of the comments. ^_^ About how I was feeling, about my classes, etc. Whatever else I rambled on about. ^^;; I appreciate it.

I am currently attempting to adjust my vision! XD I finally picked up my new glasses today. Well, along with many other things, but first, glasses! I actually took some pics of me with them on, but they look TERRIBLE, lol, so I'm saving you the torture. Oh, and I mean the pictures look terrible, not my new glasses. I really like them~~ But I have far too many pimples and things I'm rather ashamed of. Ahahahaa...so I'll just describe them. They are black frames, somewhat narrow, but a little bigger than my last pair (those were more shaped like reading glasses)...um, metal, not plastic like my last ones. And the sides of them have these cool beige and black designs! Like totally mod squares and stuff. XD I think they're nice, but I have to get used to them. Everything still seems kinda blurry, though they should be clearer...but they're a stronger prescription, so yeah. Hopefully I'll adjust soon. >.< Darn blindness. Yay for being -4.75!

Hey, hey~~~~ In case you didn't see, I made a CHALLENGE on theO. Yup yup. An ecard challenge. So if any of you would like to join, that would be awesome. :) Thanks to those that already commented on it! And midori-chan, congrats on being the first to submit an entry! Lol. <33 I've been putting off making a challenge all this time cause I've been so lazy with making graphics, so I've been like "OMG NO. I have to make prizes!!" Also, I'm afraid that I'd hurt someone's feelings if I don't choose them cause they're my friend or whatever, lol. Maybe I should find someone to be my co-judge. Maybe I'll just have my mom decide, haha. But yeah, the deadline is november 17 (a few days after my b-day). If you didn't look, my challenge relates to sports! I've decided to give sports anime/manga and sports in general some love! XD I may hate playing sports, but you know I love watching them. <3

Ok, so today...I just had economics. One class. It's wonderful but a waste of me getting up early on a friday. .___. Ugh. After that I had my doctor appointment! Ear/nose/throat doctor. She's the one my dad went to this summer to find out about the growth in his ear...still hoping that won't be really serious. Anyhoo, when I got there, well, paperwork! Oh yes. Of course you always gotta do paperwork for a new doctor. Hmm...there were 5 pages? I can't count how many times I had to sign places and put the frickin' date. And my birthday. ~__~ It was annoying. Mom forgot my health insurance card so we need to fax that in some time, and I also don't know my social security number, lol, so that will need to be done later. Luckily the receptionist was really nice about all of that. After writing that book, I got called in to just sit and wait some more. Now, I didn't know what this doctor lady would be like. I went by how dad described her, and he said she was "really tall and intimidating. Severe." Sounds scary, right?? ^^; While sitting and waiting, I heard this lady's voice laughing and making jokes and sounding really sweet! Well, that was HER. XD Not at all like dad said. *shrugs* It put me at ease.

So when she came in, yup, she was tall, but she sure wasn't severe, and she was super nice. X3 I liked her. <3 I told her how uncomfortable my other doctors made me feel, lol, and she's totally different. Well, ANYHOO, I told her my story. I explained all the things that have been bothering me (headaches, neck aches, super bad allergies), and she of course focused on the allergies. That's her expertise after all. :) I've been tormented with these horrible allergies, especially in the morning, for like...all my life, and no one's been able to help. But she made me feel so much better. T__T First she sprayed this stuff in my nose to numb it, and then she stuck this thing in there to look. >>' Like this long...well, whatever, and it felt weird. Bleh. She told me I have some anatomical probs with how my nose is shaped inside and some other things which contribute to my inability to breathe well. She wants me to get a CAT scan of my sinuses some time, too. v__v But anyway, point of the story, she prescribed a ton of meds for me!! Lol. It was like SHE was writing a book with all the prescription papers. 2 different types of nose sprays, a new allergy medicine, and another pill to help with inflammation. As well as other notes. Haha, it was rather funny, her writing so much.

She also asked where I go to school and what I'm studying. When I told her about textiles, she was like O____o With YOUR allergies? You're in THAT?? *sigh* Yes. Well, I can't avoid it! It would be nice if I could be exempt from that class, lol, oh well. But yeah, so she was really sweet, helpful, etc. I was scared at first about what she'd do and say, but it's all good. She can't help with my other aches though, so she also suggests going to a neurologist. ^^; *sigh* Another time for that then. I know this sounds like a lot, but I haven't really been to many doctors at all. So if I finally get some help, I will be eternally grateful. I wanted to cry when she mentioned I would be getting things she believes will make me feel better. ;__; Cause she did say that one of the pills might help with my headaches, too.

Ok. *putting that aside* I sound like such an invalid!!! XDDD Sorry!!! AHEM. Yesterday...I had world religions and textiles. OMG yes, another one of those. DX In WR we watched another short vid and just discussed stuff. And "oh by the way you have a midterm next week." O__O We died. XD But!!! He was sweet about it and decided to make it a take-home essay for it. Unfortunately that means it will have to be longer and more quality, but whatever. I don't mind essays all that much. Just...goodness, next week will be busy! I'm going to have many tests. T__T That take-home midterm, a test in business management, another freaking quiz in textiles [I don't know how bad I did on my last one yet], test in economics, midterm in...hmm...I think another class. Or at least another test of some kind. Those teachers sure know when to schedule them, right? "LET'S GIVE THEM ALL IN THE SAME WEEK OMG GREAT IDEA." I can't stand how professors really stick to their syllabus, too. Like most of mine don't even remember when they have it scheduled, lol, so it's a surprise unless we really follow their syllabus. "Oh, I think you guys have a midterm next class...yeah...check the syllabus. Ok..."

Alrighty. Baseball talk. My Phillies have won 5 games in a row, and things are looking pretty good. Pretty good. Here's to hoping they will make it to the postseason and kick butt in the playoffs! >D PLEASE. As long as those darn Marlins lose...and Braves...then yeah.

Yes, I'm done posting now!! Sorry for rambling so much~~ I need to go give my eyes a rest. And everything else. So I'll see how much commenting I do today. Sorry ahead of time. ^^; I love you guys though!!! <33 Take care!

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