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Monday, February 22, 2010

Being sick, being very busy. Ranting!
Wow, only 2 comments! Lol. XD BUT! They came from 2 of the sweetest people in the world. :) My twin Meg and triplet (YESSS) Deb! <33 Haha. Thanks for the comments last time. They were so nice and long~ Thanks for the congrats on being here for 4 whole years! Wow! ^_^ Yup, and for looking at all my V-day cards. You guys are great~ And if you didn't read my last post...well, I think it would be interesting if you guys (who didn't comment) want to know how I came across theO!

I'm going to make this short. I'll put it both here and on my World. I'm sorry I didn't get to post at all this weekend. :( But if you haven't read my posts on my world either [well, lots haven't lol] and you don't know, but I've been sick. SUPER SICK. I had the flu last week. Monday night was the worst thing in the world...and same with the next 2-3 days. It was the stomach kind of flu (T___T) so I was in the bathroom a lot more than I'd like...*sigh* But I also had body aches and a fever of 102. Not pleasant at all. I missed all last week (except monday) of school...so I'm struggling to make things up now.

I'm doing better, like mostly all better now. Thank goodness. But I had a bad migraine today. >.< Just so much stress...because I have been doing nothing but homework today! My teachers don't care that I was out sick ALL week with the flu; they haven't given me any allowances...any extra days to do anything. So I'm just stuck with making up work at the same time as having to do the normal days' work. It's really...really bad. Exhausting. Tiring. Depressing. I'm trying my best to do it all, and for heaven's sake!!! It's ONLY MONDAY!!! ;__; Most of the work I missed was in my night class, typography. Because I missed 2 classes of that...and there's an assignment due tomorrow normally, as well as a quiz, but I had to make up stuff from last week and the week before. *sigh* Bah! I'm just going crazy here.

Tomorrow I have my gym class and then the hours in between that and my night class. During that time I have to study for my typography quiz, study for my history of costume EXAM (on wed.), see if I can do the typo. assignment that's due tomorrow (tonight I worked on this other project that was due last week), and my dad is making me send an email to this company he's trying to make me work at for my internship. *sigh* Oh, and I forgot there's something I have to read for marketing class, too. ^_^; Wow. I'm really...really...going to die!!! Die or fail. Or just not do as well as I'd like. Now I'm going to rant on that thing my dad wants me to do:

So he found some company that's in the area that's some gem stone magazine publisher. Um, yeah, ok. He contacted the lady in charge and asked if they had internships; they don't, but they were thinking about having them soon. So my dad says "HEY MY DAUGHTER NEEDS AN INTERNSHIP THIS SUMMER YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE SHE WILL WORK FOR YOU." All without first discussing anything with me!! :( Like wtf! A magazine about gem stones?? About mining them, producing them, cutting them, and oh yeah, the jewelry part. If it just had to do with them as accessories, I think that would better fit my major...but the other things? I'm not so sure! And what the F would I do for them?? What pisses me off is that my dad just does all this without asking me, and he just assumes that it's something I want to do. And now he's making me email them back, showing that I'm "really interested" in the position (whatever the position is) TOMORROW. He just tells me today, and he wants me to do things zip-zip-zip! I don't get any time to think about it. :[ What about what I want? I mean, ok, it sounds a lot more interesting than me working in some retail store, but I don't even know if my school will accept it for my major. ~__~ I haven't had my meeting with my useless mentor yet, so who knows if this will even work! *sigh* I'm just really bogged down with things at the moment, and having this future item piled on right away is not helping.

I don't like it when my dad gets into "business mode." I can't stand talking to him when he's like that. You know I can't stand thinking about the future; I have so much anxiety about it, but my dad doesn't know how to speak to me in a calm manner that would help me. If you in any way show disinterest or are like "I don't know...I don't think it's for me," then he takes immediate offense and gets angry. :/ Bah. Whatever. I guess I'll just have to send off that email and see what the heck it's about. And if I somehow, for some reason, get this internship, I'm just going to have to force it down my mentor's throat whether she thinks it applies or not.

Man, I haven't made an ecard or anything in a while! I haven't had the time!!! :( Stupid illness and now school. But next week is spring break! It seems so early. O__O But hey, I'll gladly take it. I need it. So yeah, um, thanks to all of this business I haven't had a lot of time to be on here. Commenting, contributing, etc. Until later this week, it will be the same. ^^; Sorry~~ Who knows when I'll post on myO next! [these posts have become few and far between lately, and it saddens me]. Umm...aside from all these things I've ranted about, I've mostly been watching the Olympics. A LOT. Lol. Nothing else!

Ok, that's all from me. XD Sorry this is such a long post that mostly revolved around my stresses. I'd prefer not having comments that say things like "STOP PANICKING, all that stress is making it worse on you! you need to stop it with all the anxiety." If all you're going to do is tell me to STOP, well, please don't. ^^; I think I'm entitled to some rantings about being stressed, right? Lol. THANK YOU. I was going to put a music video in here, but all the ones I wanted to use embedded was disabled. Oh well. Thanks again for dealing with me!!! Lol. *hugs* I LOVE YOU GUYS!! <33 Thanks again for sticking with me~ Take care!

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