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Sunday, March 14, 2010

lots of myO related stuff, today, school, art etc.
Hello!!! *hugs* Hello...nobody. XD *watches dust fly by* Well, not nobody exactly! Thanks to Char and Deb for commenting last time. ^_^ Though I got a few from Deb! Hehe! NICE. <33 Thanks, you guys.

Yeah, I guess it's because of that...that I don't post here as often. :( So few people actually comment myO nowadays! It's so sad! But things are just evolving, I suppose. More and more people are moving away from myO and onto the main site. Those of us that started here will never forget this site, and the new members that never visited a myO or even know what it is...well, they're missing out. But there will still be some of us to keep the memories alive. ^_^ Right?? So even if I don't post here much anymore [I might not even do so once a week...it depends], I'll never forget it. *hugs everyone* I'd like to hear some stories of your favorite myO memories! So feel free to share them, whoever reads this. XD

For me...I guess maybe not "favorite," but just what I remember most. A few years ago when it was still the hottest place around...I had sooo many friends on my list! My goodness I would spend ALL day commenting because everyone would be highlighted blue. Lol. It was tough work. VERY stressful. Back then, I even got uber depressed when I couldn't go on and comment. Like...I felt so pressured to be on everyday. XD So I would! I'd go on everyday and post everyday; that's why I was promoted to Legend so quickly (and back then there were no +++++ in between). Anyway, some good things I remember...the closeness of everyone. The amount of comments (I remember I almost got 30 a few times; and Steph used to get 90 on a regular basis lol!)...just everything. The old way contests were held, the incredible customizations you'd see on sites. Cause now, you know, Worlds are so standard! You can't change much at all!

Anyhoo, off of that subject. *thinks* Well, I have been posting on my world a lot more...so if you've been reading that, then there isn't much I can talk about! If not, uh, I'd have to wrack my brain to remember things, lol. I took a new pic of my hair today. So you can see the highlights and also, you can see it straightened! My mom got me a straightening iron, so I tried that for the first time ever. XD I kinda burned my forehead a little...but nothing bad. It was harder than I thought it'd be. The first strand we did, it stood straight up!!! Lol. It was hilarious. And NOT what I wanted it to look like. XD But I like it straight. I like it curly. I like it however. I just really like this haircut. ^^
Sorry, I'm not smiling in the pic. But I still think it turned out pretty well...except for my horrendous pajama shirt. XD Forgive the ugly stripes!

So daylight savings time started today. I can't stand it. ~__~ Losing an hour of sleep! Getting up for school will seem like an hour earlier...and eating dinner will be later since our biological clocks are messed up now. Haha. But I'm sure things will get back to normal in a couple days. It's the first day that screws me up. Why on earth do we still do this? What's the point? I mean, sure, waaaay back in the old days, there weren't lampposts and other lights and things to help farmers SEE their crops...but now there's plenty! They can harvest as long as they want!!! D< And just...where does that hour disappear to?? Lol. I've always wondered! Because DST supposedly starts at 2am. But what does that mean? At 2am...does it stay 2 am for an hour? At 2am, does it completely go away and it's automatically 3am? WHO DECIDED THESE THINGS?? O__O

Well, my brother didn't remember so he was late to work this morning! I woke up to go to the bathroom around 9am, umm...the new 9am or old? Now I don't remember. XD But I didn't hear my brother getting up! So I thought maybe he forgot...and so he'd be late...I even considered waking him up, lol. But I didn't. ^^; So 45 minutes later I heard him scrambling and running around; he obviously found out that the clocks had to be changed then! Haha. But he didn't mind. He texted me, "I was late for work today cause I didn't remember! It was soooooo cool! I gotta be late more often." XD

*yawns* Tired. And I have to go to school tomorrow. ~__~ Fuuuuun. Worked on some homework today. I can't stand busywork, you know? The kind that teachers give you just so you have homework to do. My typography stuff is due tuesday...she gave us this thing that's a part of a project to do, but she ALSO gave us the chapter reading and questions to answer. Those are pointless! All the answers are right in the book, yeah, but it takes time to answer them and type it all out...it just wastes time. ^^; Other than that today, and my hair straightening adventure, I watched hockey and other stuff. Lost the hockey game. :[ It sucked. But yesterday's win was so incredibly incredible that I guess it makes up for it. XD Thoughhhhh...really, we should've won today. Anyhoo, um, I didn't do much else today. Time just flew by since I got up past noon and finished breakfast at close to 2. Lol. Stupid DST.

Remember those internships I inquired about? Like I sent those people emails...3 places, I think. I haven't heard back from any of them. T__T It's so weird! Especially since my dad talked to the lady in charge of one place that MIGHT be having an internship (that was the gem magazine place)...and she never replied to my 2 emails. My dad called her again, got the answer machine, and we haven't heard back since. :/ It's discouraging. I at least want to hear back from Iris Creative because that's a graphic design place that's sort of close, and they for sure have an internship this summer. But there was only one email address to contact on the site, so I don't know if it's the right one! Will they check it?? Will I get an answer?? ;__; I'm really worried because if I have to do this for the summer...like my dad definitely wants me to, then I need it all set up before May 1. *sigh*

I'm so scared about this crap. And my dad is really stressing that I NEED to graduate next year. I can't go an extra semester or anything because he doesn't want to pay more. Even though before he (or at least mom) told me that it would be ok...because I'm behind on some credits, and I don't know if I can make them all up in one year! If I have to, then I'll be stressed triple-time...cause I'll have like 3 night classes + other stuff all in one semester. I'd rather die. My dad doesn't care about my mental wellness though. Everything is pressure from him. Business mode. Pressure. Stress. "Have you done this yet? Do that now." .__. Ugh. Just ugh. I really don't like talking to him these days! Until I get an internship secured and a "plan of action" for next year, he won't back off.

Here are the cards and things I've done in the past week:

And...now one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs. :) Alejandro~ The person just edited together some of her other music vids for this one.

Ok!! I might've written too much. And too much uninteresting, rambling stuff. ^^; Oh well. Thanks to whoever visits me here! *hugs* Thank you!!! Take care~

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