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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A lot of panic!

Hello!! How are all of you?? It's felt like forever since I last posted here. O__O I mean, it hasn't really been...but it just feels that way. I haven't had much time to be on theO lately. >.< I have way too many projects and things!! Ugh!! Anyhoo, thank you SO much for your comments last time~~~ Lots of sweet friends! teddy, jes, jamo, angelbest, dark, anis-chan (thanks for your answers, too! That helps me a lot!), anna-chan, misofflees (woah, girl, where have you been?? it's been over a year!), and SS!! For some of you, it's been a while since I last heard from you so it makes me happy to read your comments again. ^^ Thanks!

Ughhhhhhhhh. Today has not started out to be a good day! Lol. Not at all. DX Soo...I have my big OB (organizational behavior) presentation today...the group one that we've known about the whole semester. The day has finally come. And so this morning I was so nervous thinking about it!! [it's my last class today] Ugh, I even threw up. .___. It's just...so nerve-wracking. I can't stand standing (hah) up there in front of class like that. I was fine with my other ones cause they were smaller, but this one is hardcore final project material. *sigh* So yeah. I have it after my next class. Aside from that, I found that my knee is really bruised from hitting it on my dad's chair last night. v_v And...uh, other things!!

Now for a rant about the presentation. So it's a group project, right?? And we met with our groups a lot this semester...you probably remember me mentioning way back when about the one girl in our group who appears to have an IQ of 2, always drunk or on drugs, and rarely comes to class. Yeah. Ok...so she never did her part. She never SENT us anything. She never replied to any of our emails. Despite us reminding her whenever (very rarely) she'd come to class!! It's like WTFFFFFFFFFF. The class before thanksgiving break, I walked up to her. I looked her in the eyes and TOLD HER, "We really need your part soon, ok? Do you have any done? [answers no] Well, you HAVE to work on it. I NEED it by this weekend. Ok?? Can you remember that? Get it to me by this weekend." Ok, so yeah, obviously she didn't. We gave her more leeway...gave her to last night at 6pm. She wasn't in class on monday so we couldn't remind her for the final time, so we all emailed her a ton. No responses!! And no part of her powerpoint! AT ALL! Sooooo...we talked to our prof about it, and he said that she just doesn't present. Her name doesn't go on the project, and she doesn't get a grade. We don't have to do her part for her, lol. XD We were all kinda relieved about that...that she gets no grade, and we don't have to make up for her laziness. But still, this is why I hate group projects.

I do wonder if she even remembers that we were to go today, lol. Like...if she even shows up for class...what will she say??

So yeah, this week has been stressful! Next week will be equally so. Finals. Projects. Papers. I need to finish my paper for world religions tonight for tomorrow...then he'll give us the essays for our takehome final (yay). I need to do my textiles paper this weekend, too like omg. Tomorrow me and Sister Sygolinah (my partner) will work on the poster...I just wish she could help out more with the paper, but she did what she could with her english skills. So it's ok, I guess. In textiles yesterday we got back our final exams (see, on our final exam day we're going to be presenting our projects intead)...and I got an 87%. :/ And that's even WITH my 5 points extra credit. ~__~ I was really disappointed cause I definitely thought I did better than that!! I got SO many wrong! ;_; It brought my grade down 3%. I still have an A, but it's a low A...grrrr.

Umm...I can't think of much else of great importance that happened yesterday. So I'll recap some things I mentioned in World posts if you didn't read them!! ^__^ The first main thing is that I got a GUINEA PIG. Remember how I mentioned for Christmas I'd get a hamster or something? Well, no hamster...guinea pig. Hehe!! <33 So he's my early gift. :) I named him Happy. We went to Petsmart on sunday to just look at things...and then I ended up getting them out to hold them...and then I held Happy, and I loved him. X3 My dad greatly regretted letting me do that! Lol!! Cause he can't resist my pleas. ;D Hahaa. Gotta make his daughter happy, right? So yeah. ^^ Happy is doing well! Unfortunately Totoro (my dog) isn't so happy with him (yes, I'll mention the word "happy" as many times as possible)...he wanted to EAT him. Of course. *sigh* The first night having him, Totey was growling at him in his cage and sniffing him like food. Then my brother Corey thought it'd be hilarious (idiot) to take Happy out and put him down, and then see what Totey would do. Uh, hello? JERK!!! Totoro bit at him, and now he has a little scab right by his eye. My poor baby. :( He could've seriously injured his eye or nose!! Ugh! My brother is so stupid. He didn't bother trying to restrain Totey when he was chasing him.

Anyhoo...he's ok...but just a scab. Um, here are two pics of him! ^^
Photobucket Photobucket

The other piece of news is that I finally got a facebook. If you have one, feel free to add me. I've resisted getting one for as long as possible...but I got tired of hearing people at school telling me to get one, lol. Plus, it'd be easier to stay in contact with them...so yeah. It isn't as bad as I thought, lol. XD I'm not really addicted to it, but I'm on it more often than I thought. >>' I found my cousin Shane (who we visited in CA) on there, and so it was fun chatting with him!! I never heard from him before aside from when we'd go visit, so this is great!!

And now enjoy some of my favorite videos lately...lol! SO CUTE. This guy is a genius.

Haha. Ok!! I better go now. *huggles* Thanks for visiting me. :) Take care!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

happy day after thanksgiving (hopefully)! pretty long post, sorry~

Hello! Thank you all for the comments last time. :) It's been almost a week since my last post. Odd for me, yes. XD Welcome back, teddy!! *hugs* It's been SO LONG!! I'm sorry your comment got cut off. I hate it when that happens. :( But don't worry. I'm still happy to see you again~ Thank you ulter-chan, darke, Jerry, and angelbest! I appreciate all of your comments. ^^ Hehe, thanks for the compliments on my new haircut. Really. I always think I look terrible in photos, so yeah, lol. Thank you all for being so sweet!! :) And yes, the MRI went well. My doc called and said he didn't find any abnormalities in it...so I guess I just need to stick to my meds for my headaches. ^^; Anyhoo, arigatou again!

Happy day after Thanksgiving AKA Black friday!! *hugs* Haha. Anyone doing any crazy shopping? Or rather, did you already? Seeing as most stores open incredibly early...just waiting in anticipation of mad stampedes to save a few dollars, lol. So good luck with that. Do tell me if you did! Black friday is an interesting thing. I never go out on it, haha. Too afraid of all the mobs! It's scary when you hear on the news about people actually being KILLED during the rush...like that story last year, about a Walmart employee being trampled on when they opened the doors early morning to start the sales. *sigh* So stupid! But anyway, I hope you all made it out safely if you did indeed go shopping. :) I am just going to stay in my safe, safe, house...watch hockey, play video games etc. And probably I should work on some of my papers for school. T__T

So how were all of your Thanksgivings? If you celebrate it. If you don't, then how was your normal day? XD Even if you don't have this organized holiday, there's no reason why you can't give thanks to those that you care about everyday. ^_^ That's why I always thank you guys when I post! *hugs* I really do love you all. >.< Yup. Well, my day was ok. It was pretty much just like any other day...which has become just like any other Thanksgiving for us. The only difference: more food. My mom was baking and cooking all day long! Poor thing was so stressed. But she should be lucky that she just cooks for us...immediate family only. No extended relatives. My relatives all live too far away so there's no way we could meet up for Thanksgiving EVER. I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out all that much, lol. Cause I don't like big groups of people...and I don't find it that fun to be with all of them. >>' There's always too much stress that way!

So yeah, what did I do? I played Star Ocean 4 for a good portion of the day, went on theO, watched TV...nothing much. I took a shower, and after it I was blow-drying my hair; I never used to blow-dry it. I'd usually just air-dry it, but with this new hairstyle, I think it's better this way...so anyhoo, after that, I was closing Mom's dryer (the head part can fold down onto the handle part), and FIRST I had my one finger caught in the closing part, so that it pinched/cut my finger!! ;_; OUCH. That frickin' hurt! And so to try and get my finger out quickly and adjust, I ended up having my OTHER FINGER touch the hot metal part...burning me. *sigh* So now I have a cut on my one finger, and my pinky is burned. :( It's really tiny, but it still hurts. I have incredibly delicate skin, so I burn easily. I touch anything slightly hot for more than a few seconds, and it HURTS, lol. I'm sooooo weak. Ugh.

After that, Derek came over, and we just waited around while mommy made hors d'ouvres. My favorite is this thing we just call crab meat dip. If you want to search for a recipe, some call it "crab meat pizza spread" or something. It's a mixture of cream cheese, onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and some other stuff, and then on top you put cocktail sauce (chili sauce), and then crab meat! It's REALLY DELICIOUS. I mean, I guess for those of you that like crab and the other ingredients! Lol. It's my favorite part of any holiday. X3 Cause that's usually the only time mommy will make it. <333 I'm not a fan of turkey, so for me...really the rest of the meal was a nonfactor. XD

We played Pictionary, which was fun as usual. ^^ Corey and Dad vs me and D. D and I won~~ We always seem to win, lol. Our drawings are never very good, but it's always hilarious how they turn out...haha. My dad got "moo" to draw. Like wtf?? So he attempted to draw a cow, of course, and then have a speech bubble for us to figure it out! Uh, hahahahaha, his cow DID NOT look like a cow at all! We had no clue what it was. XD He messed up on one part that he tried to scribble out (on the cow's head), so the whole time we were like "unicorn?? reindeer??" Cause it looked like a horn! Lol. Dad didn't even put spots on it...he did attempt udders, so then we were really confused. XD Then he put the speech bubble, and after many other hilarious guesses, I just blurted out "MOO???" Haha! It was great.

Um, that was basically my Thanksgiving in a nutshell! I can't think of anything else special that happened. My dad loves that holiday cause he loves to eat, but like I said, I don't care much for most of the food. ^^; Hmm...let's see. I'm sure other "interesting" things have happened this past week, but I can't think of them. XD It's just nice to have these days off! Too bad I still have all that school work to do, which I still haven't worked on. >>' I obviously need to get to that this weekend, lol. Anyhoo, remember how we've been going to look at puppies? And how I really really want a new one? [cause Totoro basically doesn't like me anymore, haha...he just likes my brother] Well, my mom said that she might've convinced my dad to this plan: For my Christmas present, I'll be able to get a hamster (a cute little guy that I've been wanting for a long time, too) to hold me over on the dog idea, and then MAYBE (strongly on the positive side) I'll get a doggy in the SUMMER!! ^__^ Wouldn't that be awesome??? It would make me soooo happy. Of course I still love Totoro, but he really isn't my dog. I need a warm, soft, something or other that I can love and take care of. I love my fish, but I can't really pet them. ^^;

We'll see how that plan works out. :) Hmm...what to say...can't think of anything. I guess I'll just go find a video for you then. Motion City Soundtrack's "It had to be you." It's SO CUTE.

Alrighty. *hugs* Thanks so much for everything!! ^_^ I hope you're all doing well. Stay healthy~~ Take care! <3

EDIT: I just made a new ecard challenge. I enjoyed doing the last one, so I look forward to more submissions! :) Here it is. It's an inspirational card challenge! ^_^

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baking, MRI, and hair cut!

Helloz. *hugs* Hi, my dears. :) How are you guys doing?? I hope you're all staying well! And if you're sick, I hope and pray you get well soon. >.< Thank you for the comments last time~ *hugs* So many people! People I haven't heard from in a while!! ^_^ Welcome back Harvey my boy! It's been FOREVER. O__O And same to you, lala!! And welcome back s.g., wall-ie, ulter-chan, anna-chan, Char, Raisha, shark, darke, and jamo! WOW. D: That's tiring to remember and write all your names down, lol! Just kidding. :3 It makes me happy! So nice to hear from all of you...about whatever it was I talked about. ♥

It's felt like a while since I last posted, but I know that's not true. Just like when I say I'll write a short post, it's still long. Haha. Sooo...it's almost dinner time, but let's see if I can fit this in before! I would've posted earlier, but mommy and I were baking. :) I haven't backed...or made anything in a really REALLY long time. ^^;; Cause I've said this before, but my mom doesn't really like it when anyone else is in HER kitchen, you know? Like I'm invading her space! But I insisted that today we make whoopie pies. <333 Because they're delicious, and I haven't had them in like 4 years or something. Have any of you had them before? They're like...Oreos except soft. Chocolate cake tops and bottoms and a yummy cream frosting/filling. Gawd, they are SO good!! *__* They took a while to make and then assemble, but they were worth it! I used the same recipe that we used in my cooking class back in high school. X3 Lol, still just as delish! Yup, mom and I worked on them together~ I'm still not sure if she had all that much fun making them (she wanted to bake other cookies, and she had a migraine), but...maybe she did. I did, although it did take a lot of time. Anyhoo~

What else did I do today? I had my MRI. I mentioned that on my World post but not in my last one here cause I totally forgot about it! ^^; Ok, so...it went alright. If you're not sure why the heck I got an MRI, it's because of my headaches. My neurologist wanted me to get an MRI to see what's up, although he's still pretty sure they're just migraines. Also, my ear/nose/throat doc wanted me to get one to show up my sinuses as well! Lol. Yeah. I was really (ok, not REALLY REALLY, but a little) nervous about doing it. I've never had an MRI before...so it was a bit freaky. >>' My dad had one a few months ago to check out this growth in his ear, and so he was telling me what it was like. "LOUD." Ok! Yup! He was right! XD

I laid down on the bed thing, and then the lady asked me if there was a radio station I wanted to listen to, lol. Cause they give you headphones [HAH. As if you can hear anything over the machine!!!]. I requested this contemporary christian channel I like (the Word FM), lol, but the lady was like "Hmm...I don't think this is what you wanted" so she changed it on me!! DX And then I had to listen to this channel with oldies and crap. .__.' I'm glad that the machine was so loud, lol. Nah, but it was just weird. The doctor guy would say "this sound will last 4 minutes" and so on with each different test...and so yeah, VERY loud noises. Clanking, beeping, sounds like a giant truck on my head. :/ And the doc guy was foreign...had an accent that sounded German, but when I looked at him, he looked more...middle eastern. So I'm not sure! XD When he'd ask me things afterwards, I couldn't understand what he said!! ^^;; So I kept saying, "Excuse me? What did you say? One more time?" Lol, I felt like I was SO RUDE...

I was glad to be out of that thing after the 20+ minutes in there! Surprisingly, my ears aren't messed up. I thought I'd be like deaf for the rest of the day. XD So next I need to get an appointment with my neurologist again so he can go over my film. I looked at it...all I see is a brain! A brain from lots of different angles, lol. So I can't tell if anything's wrong.

*thinks* Nothing else special happened today. Yesterday...just economics...which was really boring...and then at home, ehhhh, I can't remember if there was anything to mention!! Oh, well, I made an ecard! So if you didn't take a look, and you want to, here you go. :)

Well, thursday I got my hair cut again!! ^__^ I told the stylist (a different lady than I've had) I wanted my hair shorter. Lol, she said, "Well! Since you first came here, you keep going shorter and shorter. It's like an addiction, huh?" Haha. True!! XD So we looked through this magazine with hairstyles, and we both settled on this cute short hairstyle~ After she finished, I was pretty ecstatic! Only the front bangs...kinda...are long-ish. The rest is basically just like a guy's haircut (??). Not really, no. I'm not sure how to explain it. I took some really crappy pics though, so you can take a look. ^^; I wish I were better at taking them of myself, lol.

Bad one from the front (really dark)
Back of my head
Side view (my fave)

My hair is still unruly and curly/wavy, so it takes a bit of effort to keep it from becoming a "mini-fro" lol. But it's still cute~~ :) After I got it cut, mom and I went to the grocery store, and it was really funny when we checked out...because the cashier lady (whom we've know for a while) commented on it saying, "It's cute! You keep getting it cut more and more, huh? Well, that's teenagers for you. Always experimenting." Yup. Mom said, "Yeah, those teenagers!" Lolzzzzzz. XDDD We didn't bother saying, "Hey, I'm 21." Well, I guess I still look young then! ^^;

Hmm...let's see...school-wise, nothing much to say. I'm still bogged down with lots of projects, but I'm not as worried about the textiles one anymore since Sister Sygolinah and I have been working on the information. And I also found out that: 1. It can have bullet points within it. 2. The budget table and other appendix count towards the 7-10 page requirement! Yes! It shouldn't be too bad. ^^ Aside from that, I have my other papers to do...world religions, I'm still stuck on what to do. :/ Oh!! Crap! I keep forgetting next week is THANKSGIVING. YES. 3 days off! ^_^ And then the next week is the last week of classes. O__O And then finals the next week! WOW!! <333

Alrighty~ I better head off to dinner. :) *hugs* Thanks for visiting me!! I'll try to comment when I can. I'll leave you off with BoA's "Eat you Up." She's got some crazy dance moves here! I'm not a big fan of hip-hop songs, but I like them when they're more like Utada-style, like hers~

Take care, everyone! *hugs* <33

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jeez, I wrote too much. :/ basically just talk about classes.

Hi, hi, hello!! ^_^ Thank you sooooooooooo much for the comments last time. *huggles* You guys are great. :) Thanks for the belated b-day wishes etc. etc. Jamo, Jerry, littleinugirl (welcome!!), darke, ulter-chan, and Char-char [it's been forever omg! I wanna gift!! Lol.]! Yup, so it seems that a lot of you actually don't care for alcohol...that's good. Darke, you seem to be an exception! Lol, yeah I'm not going to go drinking...like ever. XD No worries about that. Char, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that with your dad. It isn't right. :/ Anyhoo, yes, thanks to everyone. :)

Tired~~~ Me ish tired! ^_^ But when aren't I? Lol. Ah, but it's almost a GOOD tired cause I slept really well last night~ It's just a shame I had to get up for classes, lol. The muscle relaxants really leave me drowsy...which is why I take it at night, but it still has this residual tired feeling for the next day! I mean, it isn't BAD, but it doesn't help me with paying attention in class. XD It kinda helps with my neck pain (what it's for, although it doubles as anxiety relief), but its side effects include headaches. Isn't that a bit counterintuitive??? I'm taking these things to get RID of my pain, not cause more! ;__; As for the migraine pills, ehhhh, I don't like them that much. I tend to feel WORSE for 2 hours or something after taking it. You'd think it'd just get rid of the headache right away, but it kinda makes you hurt more...before it gets better. :/ Ok, END of meds talk!! Lol.

I just had economics. I really LIKE that class. .__. I don't know WHY. At the beginning of the semester, I thought OMG I WILL HATE ECON. But nope. Favorite class. :/ I guess cause of its ease for me. Anyhoo, we got back our tests, and I didn't think I did that well...but I got the highest grade again. ^^;; Out of 94 points, I got 90. She said the next highest was 82...so there was a large gap. >>' But man, my prof is sooo lenient with the grades. I said this before, but she curves it like crazy. People that should be either failing or at least have a D were given a C. Despite me killing the curve, there is STILL a huge curve. So that she made sure no one failed, lol. The guy that sits next to me (he's this really big/round black guy, and when he first started sitting next to me I was a bit intimidated! we'd never talk! But now we talk, and he's super nice, although just not a great student) got 60.5 points out of 94, and yet he still got a C. I mean, great for him! He was so panicked about failing, and I was like, "She said NO ONE failed, so don't worry." He also assumed that I got an A (yes), and then he was like, "Jeez, maybe I should study with you for the finals!" XD I'm always tempted to help out other students...lol, but I don't have the time. ^_^;

Plus, I don't think I could really HELP someone study. I can't tutor someone. Also in econ she gave us this survey, "how much time did you take to study for the exam?" Uh, I actually only studied like 20 minutes or so...lol...but it said "hours" so I said 1. >>' She later said to the class how "you really need to study HOURS, like 10+ to do well on exams like these." ^^' I just have a good memory. I just do. When I listen, pay attention, take notes, and then only need to read over my notes once...I do pretty well. So even though I'd love to help people study or tutor them, I don't think I could. :/

ANYHOO. OTHER STUFFS. Yesterday...world religions, textiles, and business. We have a 5 page paper due for WR on the last day of class, and I'm still not sure what I want to do for my topic. I'm pretty clueless. In that sense, I'm more concerned about THAT one small paper than the big textiles project! O__o So I really need to get some good ideas. In textiles, we did this jeopardy review for the exam next week. In between games, me and Sister Sygolinah (my project partner) discussed some things about it. I feel really bogged down since I'm doing the bulk of the project (her english speaking/writing skills are not very good), but at the same time I'm being selfish in that I'm glad I'm doing most of it...knowing that we'll get a good grade. ^^; Do you ever do that? If you're in a group project, you'd rather do most of the work to ensure its quality? But she IS helping, just not as much as I wished. She's so nice and wonderful, but I just wish her english were better. ;__; Anyhoo, we also got back some quizzes and stuff. No more quizzes in that class, yay!!!! :D

In business we got back our exams from last week...and again, I'm stunned. :/ I got a 100, and I swear I did horribly!!! I guess I'm just good at BS-ing. -__-' I mean, I'm happy about my grades (how could I not be?) but sometimes I feel bad...I know, it's a weird thing. So anyway, after that, we had our big product presentations. It went well. ^^ It really wasn't that bad. I'm usually freaking out about oral presentations, but this one seemed so relaxed...and I guess it's cause I was comfortable with my group and how the project turned out. So that's another presentation down. I still have the big OB presentation on Wal-Mart on Dec.2, the final presentation for textiles (which involves the 7-10 page paper and poster)...*sigh of somewhat relief* And then I have 2 other papers...and the FINALS. Goodness, these next few weeks will be heck in a basket.

Oh yeah. I need to choose my winners for my ecard challenge. :) I'll do that today!! All of the entries were really good. So this is going to be tough...if I could, I'd make everyone a winner. XD So don't feel bad if I don't choose you! There's only 3 winners, darn it. Great job to everyone though~~~ I'll be judging on...not necessarily "quality" because not everyone has photoshop or like fancy editing programs. I'll judge on thought, passion, or just whether I liked it or not! Lol. Done and done. :) Many congratulations to the winners!! And great job to everyone else because I REALLY liked all of them. <33

Hmmm....I'm out of things to say, I guess. Well, I mean I can always say MORE, but I won't kill you. ^^; Sorry I always write so much~ Lol. And it didn't seem that...cohesive...or interesting. ~__~ But I need to go to class!! Here's a song I really like. The video is a bit boring/odd...hello kitty on guitar. >>' Lol. Lisa Loeb's "Underdog." Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting me! I love you guys!!! Take care!!! <3333333333

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

As usual, a long-looking post! A recap of my b-day and of yesterday. :)

(just made this!)

Hello, my dear friends! How are all of you doing?? *hugs* Thank you for the comments! Thank you for the birthday gifts and wishes in general!! ^__^ You're the best. <333 So arigatou to Sam, walli-e, ulter-chan, anna-chan, Kiba, jamo, icchan, and darke (omg it's been AGES!! But I know what you mean, lol. it's ok). Thanks to you guys that commented last time. :) And to everyone that sent me things on theO! I got lots! XD ♥

Man, I am SO tired. *wants to sleep* It's been dark and rainy for the past week basically. And cold. :/ I love the rain on the weekends...but...I don't like it...THIS MUCH. Mostly because it hasn't been real rain, just little sprinkles or mist. *rolls eyes* That's, as my dad would say, "just pissin' in the wind!" Lol. But it's not just the weather that's making me tired. ~__~ I didn't sleep all that well last night...main reason: new meds.

Yesterday I had my economics test (which I guess I did ok on?), and then after that, FINALLY I had my neurologist appointment! Yeah, omg, I've been waiting months to meet with someone that can help me with my headaches and neck pains. The interesting thing is that my brother corey saw this same guy many many years ago when he got a concussion [which was indirectly caused by me...long story]. And, lol, he was really nice and funny! Haha. So mom and I are pretty small; my mom is TINY (height and weight-wise), and I'm pretty short and small, too. Anyhoo, when we were walking into his office, he said, "Wow, you guys are tiny! You're like...some sort of other species!!" XD Lol!! Like wtf?? We're not THAT short! And he's not THAT tall!! But haha, he started laughing, and we did, too. It was just so random. And he also said, "Oh, you know what? I was totally expecting you guys to be Asian. Cause of your last name. Ooops." Very blunt, I must say. Yes, last name is Lee...we used to get that all the time...like questions if I'm part asian. But nope. No asian background. *laugh*

Anyhoo, so we talked about my problems. My bad headaches etc. He said I probably have migraines, and as for my neck, he wasn't quite sure...so he does want me to get an MRI for everything. It'll also show up the problems with my sinuses. ^^; So anyway, he told me my choices: try this one drug as a free sample, possibly try this other one, or have a cortisone/novacaine shot in the back of my neck. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. LEMME THINK. I'll take the meds, thanks. I don't want any freaking needles poking around in the back of my neck/head. Ummm, yeah. I have problems enough with getting normal shots, lol!! XD Yup. So I got the free sample of this migraine medicine, and I got a prescription for MUSCLE RELAXANTS. It's actually an anti-depressant, but it can be used for pains like this, too. Yeah...I tried both of them yesterday, and it was amazing. The muscle relaxant...well, did what it says! Lol, it relaxed me! It was great that my neck wasn't hurting! T__T So wonderful. Unfortunately, the side-effects are what got me last night...making me not sleep well.

I'm taking it before going to bed cause the side-effects are usually drowsiness, dizziness, etc. Yeah well. I woke up at 5:30am to go to the bathroom, and I could barely walk from my bed to there. .___. I was soooo dizzy. My head felt really fuzzy and burny...and I felt nauseous! Bleh! It was so terrible. *sigh* Hopefully it won't be that bad tonight...also it says to take with food, but I didn't really, so I guess I should. :/ Um...so anyhoo, I really am glad that I got those meds. I'm hoping they WILL help me. I mean, they did, but I just need to get past the side-effects. Now, I'm telling all you guys this cause it's what happened! It's on my mind! If you're anti-meds and things, please DO NOT lecture me about this. Thanks.

Ok, anyhooooooo. After that...well, at night we went out to dinner since we didn't get to go ON my b-day. Unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling well, so we just went without her. :/ I didn't want to, but we promised D and his girlfriend Suse we'd meet them at this restaurant! So we did. It was sooooo busy that we HAD to sit IN the bar. *rolls eyes* It was so loud. And the help sucked. My food pretty much sucked. And I always feel awkward around Suse...I still do. I mean, she's super nice, super adorable, but I don't feel like I can be normal and comfortable around her. And at dinner, she barely ever eats. :/ She usually just gets a salad, and even with that, she hardly eats any of it!! -__-; Ugh! And Derek was his usual cheapskateness. Lol, I won't go into it though. It would be too long of a rant. I still deserve a better going out to dinner for my b-day though. We need to go somewhere else WITH mom.

Alrighty, so if you didn't read my post on my World, I'll just briefly mention my birthday itself. At school, I worked with my mentor on scheduling for next semester. I got really stressed talking about it and cried. >>' Once home, I relaxed...opened presents...it was nice. I got some clothes, some manga, a book, and a couple of games. Corey got me a Phillies calendar, D got me Pokemon Platinum, and Suse got me these velour pants. I also got a Phillies cap (FINALLY) and a Phillies cover/throw (like a knit cover thing). :) Yes, I got a lot. But aside from the manga, I didn't ask for anything. People might say, "Boy you're spoiled!" How can I be spoiled if I didn't ask for anything? I just have a really sweet family. I'm very lucky, that's all. *sigh* Oh, and yeah, being 21 and all. No, I didn't drink. Derek made me have one sip of his beer though, but I said I'd only do it if he paid me $2, lol. He still hasn't paid me. Man, I don't think it was worth it. I mean, bleh! It's so gross! Why do people like beer?

I'm tired of hearing drunken stories from kids in class...since a lot of them are underage anyway. *rolls eyes* Underage or not, drinking huge amounts of alcohol and being totally wasted...I just...don't see the point in it. Why is it seen as fun? If some of you happen to do that, well, I recommend stopping as soon as possible...it may ruin your life...

Alrighty. I definitely wrote way too much as usual. Thank you ALL For the gifts and wonderful b-day words!!! I love you guys! Even if you didn't send me anything, that's totally fine, too~~ Um, so thanks for visiting me! *hugs* I'll end with Sarah McLachlan's (sp?) cover of Kermit the Frog's "Rainbow Connection." It's like...the cutest song ever. <3 Take care!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

happy b-day to me on thursday! for now, panicking still.

Hello, hello! Arigatou for the comments last time! :) Nice to hear from you guys! It's been a while for some of you. >_< So yay! fma, anna-chan, Furry-chan (wow, this is like the first time you ever commented here, I think??), saiyan, Sam, and ulter-chan~ Thank you all very much. And thanks to those that commented on my World post the other day, too. Hah, yeah, too bad I didn't get that puppy! My dad is willing to get me a dog, but we just can't with Totoro...and Corey wouldn't allow it either. But jeez, I sure would love to have my own puppy. ;__; Anyhoo, thank you for everything else, too!! <33

Gah! Tomorrow is my b-day!! Good ol' November 12! I'll be 21. O__O Yeah, wow. I can't believe it, lol. No one can really...haha, my family at least. I don't act 21 [whatever that really means]. Well, I'm not 21 yet...one more day...but yeah. I never act my age. I still don't know how to drive, lol, I don't drink or anything...so hahaa. People are asking, "Ooh, 21! So are you going out?" And by that, they always mean, "So are you going out to bars or over a friend's house to get completely wasted?" *rolls eyes* NO. I don't do anything like that. I don't do things, period. Lol. I don't do parties. I don't do holidays. I don't work. I don't drive. I don't...a lot of stuff. XD Is that bad?? I just like to stay at home, with my family, watch tv, play video games, etc. Just status quo...good ol' nothing. We'll go out to dinner on friday since corey works tomorrow...and D will invite his girlfriend Suse. Yay, more gifts then!! XDD

My dad always has trouble remembering our birthdays. He is well known for getting my brother Corey a fishing license some time...and he put on it our oldest brother's b-day instead!! XD And he always thinks that I was born in 1989 instead of '88. When I ask him, "When's my birthday?" He has to pause a real long time to actually do the MATH to figure it out, lol. And grandpa called yesterday, and dad told him TODAY is my b-day. -__-' So apparently my b-day is now 11/11/89 instead of 11/12/88...lol. Oh, dad. I guess I wouldn't have him any other way.

Ok, so if you saw my World post, you'd know I've been incredibly stressed lately! Lol. All of the projects and things this semester are finally catching up to me. I've tried to delay the worry...tried to delay WORKING on them, but seeing as I really only have around 3 weeks to do all of them...I need to start now/soon. ~__~ Lol. You know I hate thinking about the future!! I freak out more about things that will happen weeks/months from now than I do things that are happening during THIS day. It's the fear of the unknown I suppose...or the fear of the unknown that I think I already know about. So for example...tomorrow I have to work on scheduling for next semester. When I heard about that earlier this week, I panicked. Why? Cause I'm already panicking about the classes I probably have to take. And the projects and things I probably have to do months from now. ~__~ This is my problem! I Have major anxiety about things I shouldn't. I'm concerned about having to take night classes...I'm worried about falling behind in credits again, or possibly being overloaded with classes. *sigh*

I know, it's ridiculous! Ugh, I SO need to work on that. But I don't know how. :( One day at a time...yes...well. Anyhoo, my b-day will be filled with work still. Textiles quiz, assignment, and I'll need to study for the economics test on friday. POooooooo.

Yesterday was stressful. All of the worries I just mentioned flowing through me. Plus, textiles quiz and business TEST and presentation. ^^;; The business test...was pretty bad. Lol, I am pretty sure I didn't do well on it. I was just too consumed by worries about other things and PAIN from that time of month. *sigh* It was terrible. I guessed on tons of things...I'm pretty sure that test, yeah, sucked. -__-; And after that we did one of our group projects. It was pretty easy though!! So I think we did ok. :) I talked really fast though, lol. Oh well. That's one group presentation down. 3 more to go this semester...

Ok, I can't think of anything else to mention! Sorry, boring and shorter post maybe??? I don't know. DX But I need to get off to class now~ I'll leave you with "Dear Vienna" by Owl City! It's such a cute song! <33 Scratch that, all Owl city songs are adorable...so is Adam Young. X3 Haha, anyhoo, take care!!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

doggies melt my heart. ♥

Hello, sweeties! <3 Thanks so much for the comments. :) Hah, I got a lot of double comments. XD Interesting. Twins! Lol. Sparkle, where have you been????? I'm amazed you decided to visit on your own, actually remembering my b-day being next week! How is that possible?? Thank you. :) Good luck again to you with your school work. Angelbest, it's been forever yet again. Hahah, but that's ok~ And thanks also to Aya, ulter-chan, s.g., Raisha, and Lute! I really appreciate your comments. Hah, yup, my halloween was boring...and I see a lot of you agree about the drinking thing. Yeah, I probably won't do any of that on my b-day. XD Arigatou again!

I am using a Pikachu avi. <33 Hehe. Simply because my b-day is next week...and he's in a cake...and cake is always birthday-ish, lol. So cute.

Hmm...so I didn't have economics today. It was nice to just sleep late and enjoy my day! Although I didn't sleep that great. I woke up when I usually would for class, and then had a tough time going back to sleep since my neck hurt so much again. :/ Ah, I really can't wait for that doc appointment next week!! Lol! XD I sound like a crazy person, looking forward to a doc appointment. Anyhoo, uh...yeah. I'll attempt a shorter post today. I know I say that often, and I'm quite the hypocrite, but whatever.

Most of you probably saw the edit or my post on theO about the Phillies losing. :( Yup. NY won the world series again. They now have 27 championships. >> Somehow...something seems so WRONG there. Phils only have 2. Last year's (amazingness) and 1980. Those Yankees are so greedy! >E But whatever. I honestly wasn't that upset when we lost...I thought I'd be uber depressed and like crying, lol. But since we were losing for most of the whole game, I didn't have much hope, so I didn't watch it all...so I didn't get as emotionally involved. XD Cause you know I get very emotionally involved when watching sports!! ^^;; I'm a weirdo, haha. I don't get this extreme when it comes to the others though...I like watching hockey, basketball sometimes, and football rarely, but not as dedicated as to baseball. Yes, I know a lot of you could care less. Well, I was the same way just a few years ago actually! "Why watch sports? They suck! They're so boring! Especially baseball!!" But then when my dad got us tickets to go to some games, that's when I fell in love. X3

Yesterday, school...ugh, I felt like crap! More headaches. I must definitely have migraines...so that's why I really want to get some meds for that. v__v It was hard to keep my eyes open during my classes because of it. Like my vision was blurry and stuff. :/ In world religions, we just took notes and stuff...and then in textiles, we were supposed to have another stupid quiz, but we got off the hook this time!! Haha! Know why?? Well, according to the syllabus, the quiz was to be on chapter 11, and then we'd also go over 12 in class. It didn't say the quiz would be on 11 & 12, so none of us studied 12!! *laugh* So we all get the quizzes, look at them, "Hey. We didn't study 12. The syllabus said only 11!" XD Yeah, yeah! So our prof at first tried to just pick out the chap.11 questions for us to do...but then she gave up, lol. So that just means one less quiz, which I'm good with! Then the rest of the class we talked about laundry, detergents, soaps...yes, isn't that a very exciting chapter? Mmm-hmmm.

After classes, I mostly just played video games, and I drew! A lot of you already saw it, but I actually drew!!! I haven't drawn an anime-style chara in a long time. I haven't drawn anything in forever (cause I don't count wallpapers). This is for Avarice's Design a Princess challenge. :) She's May Yelena. I really failed on her dress. I wanted something Russian-looking, but it ended up more Spanish, lol. I took a lot of time...I used SAI for the first time. I love her hair and her makeup. X3 So yeah! Please take a look if you haven't~ And OMG it was on the front Otaku page!! I've never had any of my fanart be "featured" before. ;__; Sure, she didn't garner 70+ hugs, but that doesn't matter, lol. I'm happy how she turned out.

Alrighty. Today! Today! After getting up and making breakfast, I watched some TV, putzed around on the comp, etc. and then mom said we could go look at doggies at the pet store~~ Hehe! Yes, we still have Totoro, but goodness, I really wish I had my own dog. Cause he only loves Corey. :/ He bites me a lot...and just ugh...anyhoo, I love going to this petstore and looking at the puppies there. ^_^ They're SO CUTE!! There were so many different ones...but this adorable little girl caught my eye. She's a Lahsa apso/maltese mix. Like OMG. We were able to take her out and hold her. <33 And go into this room for her to walk around...but goodness, she was just sooo tiny and afraid! She was about 9 weeks old and so freaking tiny. Nyaaaaaa. TTT^TTT So I just held her. And mommy held her, and she didn't want to let go, lol. Long story short(er), no, we couldn't get her. Dad really was considering getting me a dog...but we totally can't with Totoro still around. He's not used to other dogs, and I know Corey would be really pissed off. So it just wouldn't work out! I'll only get my own when he moves out. :*( *sigh* Here's a couple of pics of her. One's of my mom holding her, and then another of her on my lap. Hehe.

(no, I'm not choking her!! I was holding her on my lap, and she was digging her face in my palm, but then when mom went to take the pic, she looked up! So that's just my hand...looks like a stump...again, she's not being hurt, lol.)
Sorry, really bad quality! My phone's camera is the worst. That's the one that's yellowish and grainy. My mom's is better (the one of her on my lap). We considered naming her Tilly...hehe. ^_^ A shame we can't get her. Oh well. But it sure was fun looking at the adorable little puppies! They make me happiest. A sure way to get me to smile = puppies.

I don't know when I'll finish my Ritsuka wall. Again, I'm at the bg stage, which I hate. Same with that other WIP I had. I just get so stuck when it comes to backgrounds. ;__; Ugh. Anyhoo, I should probably work on my billion projects this weekend. ~__~ Stupid school!!! I can't wait for this semester to be over with. Yes indeed.

Alrighty, that's all from me. *hugs* Thanks so much for visiting me! I love you guys! I hope you're all staying healthy. The flu is traveling quick around here. Luckily I'm well at the moment. *crosses fingers* Take care, everyone!! <33

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I fail at titles!!!

Hey guys!! *hugs* It's been a while, hasn't it? For me at least! It's been a whole week! O__O Back in the day, there'd be something seriously wrong if I only updated here once a week, lol. And then I would have gobs of stuff to write about. Ehhhh, not anymore. Anyhoo, thanks for the comments~~ :) Thank you, jamo, Cassie, Raisha, Saiyan-san (new friend, welcome!), aisha, and Aya (it's been a while, wish you wrote more!). Yes, new theme, and I love it, too~ Thanks! I appreciate all the comments, though a lot were really short. XD Sometimes I feel like "why bother writing so much if so few people actually bother to read it." But I guess it doesn't matter. I'm writing this out more for myself...I guess. Just to get these things out. Is that how it is for you guys who post? Is it more of a therapeutic thing? Anyhoo, thank you again!! ^_^

Man, really, a whole week. Well, nothing much has happened though...and I've updated my World in between. Thanks to those commenting there. :) Commenting on my shorter posts that I end up writing around midnight! Lol. Those are more "I have things on my mind before I go to bed, and I want to mention them" posts. Anyhoo, I'm in the library right now. Yay. I feel cute today. Ok, well, cute from afar. Lol. If you get up close, you'll see lots of imperfections in my face. XD LOTS. But I like my outfit, hehe. ^^ I have my black Flyers (philly's hockey team) shirt on, and my black/white striped scarf, dark navy jeans, and silver sweater on...and they match my silver nails. X3 I should be wearing Phillies red today to root them on for tonight, but I've been wearing all my Phillies shirts like every other day of every week, lol. But yes, if you haven't read my World posts, here's a quick baseball update:

Stinkin' Yankees are leading the series 3 games to 2. This is a best of 7 series, aka you need to win 4 games to win the World Series. AKA (again) the Yankees just need to win 1 more game...and they're playing back on their home-turf of NY. :/ My dear Phillies need to win the last 2 games to win, but if they lose 1...then it's over. So in other words, tonight is a very important game! If they win, then the series will go to a full 7 games, and the winner of that is the champion, but if they lose tonight, then that's it. So let's (if you're impartial and not a yankees fan, lol) hope they win tonight. TT^TT They have to!! My brother insists that my life will be over if they lose. It might be close to it, lol. I get so depressed when they lose. XDD THEY LOST. GAME OVER. ;__; Yup, my poor Phillies didn't win...oh well, there's always next year.


So today...I've had economics. Yay. We don't have class friday though~ So that means I have none that day! I can just sleep in and have a long weekend. >D Good stuff! Too bad she gave us this assignment to do that sounds really annoying. Poo. Oh well. Next I have Christian ethics, which I don't think we're doing anything important in, and then I have a test in Org.Behavior. ;__; I really need to study more!! So after I post this and eat, hopefully I'll have some more time to look over things. I could not concentrate at all last night. I just couldn't! The only sports on was basketball, and we sucked so I didn't bother watching much, but I just couldn't pay attention to studying. I got bored easily, so then I'd go on the comp, work on my wall, look at this doggy book I have...lol. No motivation. Soooo...I really hope I do ok! ^^;;

Halloween. Nothing special. It was just a day like all others. I've read from a lot of you guys that you had fun parties or went trick-or-treating, which is great! :D I just didn't do anything...no trick-or-treaters come to our house, and I don't like parties, lol, so it was another day in the life of me. Watched hockey; Flyers won <3. Watched baseball; Phillies lost. :( So that summed up my Halloween. Sunday...again, nothing...oh, well, I posted a bit about this on my World. We went to church, but we had to leave early because poor mommy and I had our terrible weird allergic reaction crap happen. It was so weird...and so stupid. We basically can't go anywhere without getting our itchy/burny faces/eyes. And no, please don't try to give suggestions like "take clariten!" etc. This is something totally different that no doctor has been able to figure out. ~__~

Speaking of doctors, I have my neurologist appointment next week! Next friday, the day after my birthday. Yes. <333 My b-day is Nov.12. ^_^ I'll be 21, omg. OMG. That sounds old. ;__; And before you ask, no, I'm not going to go to a bar and drink my life away. I don't drink [that's something that ALL those under 21 here in the States should say...], and I don't want to. :/ I'm kinda odd in that sense. I'm not like most other students here my age, lol. I just don't do anything. But yeah, no, I don't want to "celebrate" by getting wasted. I don't think...we'll do anything anyway! Lol! No party. Just stay at home with my family...so yeah. That's next week. :)

Okies. I have more to say, but I shouldn't~ I need to get some time to study for my test!! If you want to read more about my yesterday, just Read it here, ok? *hugs* Thanks soooo much for visiting me. I'll try to comment when I can. Take care~~

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stay classy, Philadelphia.

Hello! *hugs* Hi guys. :) Thanks for the comments! Welcome back. XD Provided there are returning friends. ;3 Thanks so much for visiting before~ How are all of you doing? Busy? It seems like it. Not as many updates or comments lately. Must be because of school...or work or something. Anyhoo, thanks Kim, ulter-chan, anna, Raisha, Sam, Cassie (OMG missed youu), and Wall-ie! It's been quite some time since I heard from some of you, so it's great to see you again. :) I'm glad you like the new theme! I also changed my World's theme, too, which I really like. <333 So yeah. Yup, I'll keep working on that Ritsuka wallpaper! Or try to at least. Umm...not much else to reply to. ^^; So arigatou again!

WTF I just saw this girl walk by in flip-flops and shorts...it's raining and roughly 50 degrees out. I don't think she dressed for the occassion, lol!

I'm in the library, yay. But the heat inside is wonky...so it's super warm, and of course it's chilly outside. Sure, that tends to be how things work, but this is a bit much! It's not like it's below freezing outside! O__o But that's why I dress in layers. *looks at the girl sitting beside my comp* Bleh. >>' Bleh. Lol. And now this girl has super low-cut jeans, and she's wearing either a very low thong, or no underwear at all because I can see her freaking butt crack. Girl, that is NOT appropriate for the school library. ~__~' Especially at a Catholic college full of nuns, lol. Ah, but I see that all the time. What has happened to the girls of this era? Always showing off everything like that? I know not every girl is like that, but at least at my school, I'm thinking "whore"...>> Please cover up! At least TRY to. Lol. I feel soooo old-fashioned. Cause I'm all about being conservative in dress. Heck, let's go back to the days where we couldn't even show our ankles! XDDD Leaves more to the imagination that way. Sorry if I offended any of you with this rant, but it really gets on my nerves to see girls dressing like sluts all the time.

Do you think yogurt is still good even if it's past the expiration date by a few days? Cause I'm eating it...

So I saw that Adam has updated some things on theO, like changing the updates page a bit. That's nice, I suppose. Now you can see 100 updates on the page instead of just 30 or whatever. Hmm...I was just thinking, I don't see too many other people posting on myO that much. Kim, yes you do, cassie when you're on, anna sometimes...basically the people that comment me do! Lol, but aside from that, I really don't see MyO updates! ;__; It's sad. I know this has been going on for over a year now...but lately it's seemed to die even MORE. What happened to the rallies for equality? [sounds like civil rights or something lol] The angry mobs? We've all become complacent, I suppose. :/ Oh well. I mean...I use both sites equally...I comment friends when they post, no matter what site, but eh...you know. I guess myO will just stay this way. I'm glad that at least Adam kept it. Cause I really wouldn't be able to post my nice long posts on Worlds! There's no post boxes, and the comment boxes are stupid! Lol, so it would be inconvenient to read my long posts there. Anyhoo...this was random.

Ok, so yesterday. Cause nothing ever happens on monday or the weekend. At least nothing I can remember. XD Yesterday I had...world religions, textiles, and business. In WR, we watched the documentary on the Hajj (the pilgrimage Muslims make to Mecca). It was really interesting! I loved it. It's just a shame I sit right in front, and it's really hard to creak my neck up the whole time. ~__~' Finally got back my midterm essays. I ended up with an A-, although I'm not sure why. He doesn't really write any comments or critiques on it, so I'm clueless as to why it's an A- instead of an A. Lol. Oh well? I guess? Um, after that, textiles. Oh joy. More notes and crap...and our prof told us that we don't have class tomorrow!! :D Ok...not really. It's going to be an online class. So we have to log on to the school site and do the stuff she has set up. :/ We still have to take a quiz, and do all this other stuff! And it will only be up for tomorrow between 11:35am and 5pm. And the quiz will be timed; we're given 10 minutes, and if we go longer, it just cuts us off! Too bad! >.< I'm sure she did that so that we couldn't flip through our books for every question...but even still, we might take a little longer. Poopy face!! >E

In business, we had our little preliminary presentation thing. My group went second to last. We had to wait FOREVER because the other groups actually had their powerpoints and stuff. ^^;; We didn't. We didn't think that was due until the final one. Which was true...but there's a lot of overachievers in my class I guess! XD So theirs all took 15 minutes each, and ours was like 3 minutes. And it was just Meg that did all the talking, lol. Me and Jen just stood there. Hopefully our teacher doesn't grade too harshly on that.*eats a teddy graham* Bleh, tastes like saw-dust. O__o Bleh! Anyhoo, uh...other than that, we didn't really do much. I don't think. At home, my brother was enjoying his PS3. He got Tekken 6 and SF4, so he was playing people online...beating them all. Lol. He's always been soooo good at fighting games. I'm glad he's actually playing them! They're not just sitting there! Though that doesn't include the 10 or whatever other PS3 games he got to just sit there. *rolls eyes*

WORLD SERIES STARTS TONIGHT OMG GO PHILLIES! Lol. So yes. 'Nuff said, right? Apparently my boys are getting a little more respect from the nation. Philadelphia is usually seen as the enemy of all sports teams (for reasons unknown to me; the media always looks down on us!), but this time, they seem to be the lesser of two evils...Yankees being the greater. XD Even our huge rivals, the Mets, would rather root for us than the Yanks. An interesting twist. So yeah, I'm wearing one of my Phillies shirts today~ Oh, um, here's an updated WIP!!

Alrighty~~ Sorry, this is long as usual! *hugs* Those of you that stick with me, read all this, comment all this...you're real troopers. I appreciate you guys. :) I hope you all stay healthy!! Take care!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

was this shorter?? I can't tell, but it felt like it. It has less substance.

Hello, hello! <3 *hugs* Arigatou for the comments! Thank you for being my sweet, wonderful friends that somehow have been with me for all this time! XD Like Yug!! You've known me since the beginning, lol. Welcome back! :) And thanks a ton to Nana, jamo, angelbest, fma17, ulter-chan, Lute, and teapot! I really appreciate your kind words. Compliments on my photos, encouragement about my worries, and even things about my brother and his fervor of game collecting. ^^;; Thanks so very very much~ *hugs*

NEW THEMEEEE. I go from bright/light (har har, lite-brite! remember those???) to dark monochromatic. I decided it was about time to change it...so yes, why not? I thought these grays looked good. ^^ I finally checked out this site that my friend Oli-chan sent me a while ago called COLOURlovers. It's a great site for patterns/colors/palettes to use on websites or in graphics. :) So check it out if you want. ^^ It took me forever to find the "download pattern" button thing though, lol!! I was looking all over! XD FYI, it's on the right side of the page, after you click a pattern you like. Anyhoo...

I'm listening to Owl City songs on Pandora. OMG, Kimberly (kiba) it's all your fault! Lol, now I really love that band. X3

It's raining! A lot today. O__O A LOT. We've even had some thunder! Yeah, wow, a thunderstorm in late october...not a normal thing for us. And the weird thing is that it IS warm! Pennsylvania's weather needs to make up its mind. This past week, it's gone from 40 degrees and cold to mid-70's, warm, sunny, and now 70's/60's and raining. I think we've gotten all the seasons in this week alone...it's amazing, lol. But I like this weather most. >>' I adore the rain! I was just walking out in it...splashing in puddles, without an umbrella. My dad's like, "You know there's an umbrella in the car." or "Stand under the roof!" XD Noooooo. I just love the rain. ^_^ It won't be good for the Yankees/Angels game [winner goes against Phils in WS] tonight though...cause NY is definitely getting this rain after us. My dear Phillies are still awaiting to find out who they'll be playing in the World Series! I'm glad that the Yankees didn't kill the Angels so quickly...go Angels! Fight back and at least tire those Yanks out! >E You know I have to fit baseball in here somewhere.

Ok, let's see. What to talk about? School? Uhh...nothing really special. Thursday I had another fun textiles quiz. I got an 80 on it. :/ Which is OKAY, yes, but not really what I was hoping for...cause I studied a lot! But then she slams an all true/false quiz on us. ~__~ And I SUCK at T/F's!! Lol, I know it sounds ridiculous because it's a 50/50 chance, right? But I apparently have the worst luck when it comes to having a 50% chance of being right. If I'm not 100% sure on the answer, and I have to guess between 2 answers...then...I'm usually wrong. DX *laugh* So apparently some of my guesses were indeed wrong. Ah poo; wasn't that bad though. But yeah, I can prove my theory because my dad likes to tease me about it...by just flipping a coin. Heads or tails. I get it wrong almost every time. I can't even get 5 out of 10 flips right, lol. XDDD

Hmm...yesterday after economics I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted! I was definitely out of whack. Like omg my neck has been killing me...and my head...everyday. I can't wait for that stinkin' neurologist appointment! I still have weeks to wait, unless we find another one who can give me the appointment sooner. :/ Um, then...eh, nothing else really happened. My brother has been enjoying his PS3. He's played some games online. It's the first time we've played any games online like that!! ^^; Cause we could never get the xbox to connect right, and only just today I figured out how to get my PSP to connect to the internet, lol. 'Course I don't really know if I'll ever use it. But still, I was like *____* OMG LOOK WHAT I DID!! Haha. I never got my DS to connect though...like years ago when I was playing the Pokemon games on there, and I wanted to challenge other people or whatever, I couldn't cause my internet wouldn't connect to the wireless dealy...but maybe now it'll work? *shrugs*

I've barely watched any anime over the past few months. Crazy, right? I just haven't found any anime that's appealed to me. My brother and I have been watching older stuff, but nothing new. And yet, I'm really not missing it! ^^;; I just play more video games or watch things on normal tv....mostly sports. I'm SO LOST without a sports game on to watch at night, lol. Ah but wow, I remember back in the day, probably at least 5 years ago, Corey and I would watch anime almost nonstop all day! Hours and hours! Like Initial D the first time through, we'd watch like 5 episodes in a row. How about you guys? How much anime do you watch during the day? Or have you given up, or maybe you're just getting into it? But yeah, wow, I really...have gotten away from it. :/ I still love my manga though, and of course the characters, but just watching shows. I haven't even mentioned any anime on here in forever!! Lol.

Hmmm...I honestly can't think of things to talk about. :( Well, I said I'm actually starting a new wallpaper. >>' Another Loveless one! Ritsuka motivates me. So I'm trying to warm up my vectoring/painting skills again cause I totally haven't done anything in FOREVER. My last wall, the ToV one was from 2 months ago (???), but I don't count that as a "real" one cause it didn't take that long. So my last "real" wall, that involved long hours of painting and vectoring was from 4 months ago. My goodness. And to think I used to make a wallpaper every month...and before that, every week, and I even used to make one every freaking day. I just don't have the time or drive to do that anymore! But anyhoo, here's a preview of what I have so far. ^_^
And here's that ecard I made the other night~ The Phillies one!! MAN HUGS FTW.

Alrighty. I'm sorry, but I'm seriously out of topics to talk about. I fear this was a really boring post...gomen~ *hugs* Thanks for still visiting me and all. ^_^ I love you guys! Take care! Stay healthy, tooooo. <333

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