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Monday, February 25, 2008

For thoseof you not up to speed...

I leave my dishes in my room or on the countertop so I don't clean up other peoples. Usually I leave them for a day or so, cause I don't like cleaning things up straight away, but I DO clean them. Anyways, I had left a bunch of stuff out last week that I was gonna clean after my class, but my roomate was SOOOO hungry i suppose, she cleaned them all up and didn't say anything. So anyways, I come back last Tuesday and found this:


Since there's only two of us that use the kitchen to make more than something with the microwave, it was obvious who it was from. I found this note to be very hypocritcal considering last semester said roomate left pots of grease on the stove for 3-4 weeks, and when I DID ask her TO HER FACE what she was going to do with it, her reply was "I'm saving it." Anyways, I left this note as a reply:


**EDIT**Sorry I dont have the actual pictures up, I've been having a lot of computer+network problems lately. You'll just have to take 30 seconds out of your busy blog browsing life to see. But I promise you'll enjoy it.

It's obvious she's not used to getting talked back to. She's just that kind of overbearing person. So I think this came as a real shock. But hey, she insulted me. She had it coming. Anyway, I guess I won cause when I came back after a few hours, there was no reply and a new bottle of dishsoap.

She's tried to keep something going (for what purpose I can't even imagine) by sending me icy glares and the like. Friday she came into my and my roomate's room, offered my roomate candy in front of me, ("My mom sent me a WHOLE box, I don't know what to do with it, haha") and then left.

I don't much care, cause I already ignored her, but I think she's trying to piss me off. Not really sure, since she's not actually capable of speaking to my face about it...

Anyways, next year I'm applying by myself to just get thrown in a room with 3 random people. I hate my roomates that much. *shrug* Used to it now.

Oscars were ok. I particularly enjoyed the Oscar Tribute to Binoculars and Perescopes.

John Stewart really had no shame. It was good. I also enjoyed Tilda Swinton's (White Witch in Narina)speech:

"Happy Birthday, man. I have an American agent who is really truly the spitting image of this [her award]. The shape of the headů and it must be said, the buttocks."

She also made fun of George Clooney in Batman and Robin in her speech. To his face. He was in the front row.

TimeChaser was probably horrified.

A close second in my book was the Cohen Brother's speech. You just had to see it.

And thank GOD, Enchanted didn't win best song. GO ONCE! I liked that August Rush song alot too. But Eddie Vedder was totally cheated in that category for writing the ENTIRE sountrack to Into the Wild. Lead singer of my fav grunge band ever. Poooooooooor Eddiiiiiieeeeeee. Also a native of Vancouver. Maybe the Academy just doesn't like Canadians.

I'm not gonna talk about the dresses and crap, except to say the people that usually look gorgeous did.

Oh, and a stripper won best original screenplay. OUTSTANDING!

Peace out cub scouts.

*The ORIGINAL Red, you scene stealing HACK*

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