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Friday, January 25, 2008

Yosh! First Week of School Completed!

So, this semester I'm taking all English courses. One's a kinda introduction to reading literature course that's a requirement. I'd say it would seem easy, except the teacher made this very clear:

"If I ask for a 10 page paper, and you give me a 10 page paper, you are meeting my expectations. That is a C. If you fail to meet my expectations in that you give me less than a 10 page paper, that is an F."

Yikes. Luckily, that's my MWF class, and it's at 1 PM.

My other 3 classes are Satire (very intereting, but unfortunately a a lot of spoiled movies), News Writing and Reporting (seems promising!) and Web Page writing (I'd like to feel I've got this one in the bag, but I don't know yet...). I'm going to try and be diligent this semester and do all my homework in the afternoons so I can socialize and play Warcraft at night (only two levels away from my first mount, YAY.)

Also working on a few Warcraft comics, and one Zelda one. No anime ones at the moment. No, not even Pokemon. Sorry.

Saw Superman: Doomsday. The major thing my friends and I concluded from it was DC cartoons need to skip over the televising thing way more in the future. Also, as high as my respect for the producer Bruce Timm (same guy who produced original animated Batman and Superman, Batman Beyond and Justice League) just skyrocketed. Like SomeGuy's been saying all along, go out and see it. Even if you're not a Supes fan. Totally worth it.

[Also some very yaoi subtext].

Actual line in the movie.

Other than that, just keepin it real. Woo, new Stargate on tonight! Ha-chaa! Hope everyone is doing well, and if you're not, it's only January, you still have lots of time to work it out. ^_^

Good day, my friends!

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