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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Boxer Day!

So I hope everyone had a great christmas, and if you don't celebrate it, I hope you had a nice day off, cause no one else is workin.

I came off with a pretty good haul this year. No real surprises. Except my mom bought me Nintendogs cause it was "just too cute". I said "is this so i can play with fake dogs when my real ones are away?"

But I also got a new RED DS lite with Zelda and FFXII Radiant Whatever.

"Mercy me, is everything you own red?"


Didn't get Brain Age 2, but my mom got Brain Age for herself which I was pretty surprised at. Didn't think she'd give into that one.

I also got a new tablet! I'm experimenting with pixel art in photoshop, but I also might make some comics in a few weeks. I'm takin off till the 6th from art, cause tomorrow my family's going to Pasadena to go to the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade, as my uncle's on the committee. It's gonna be sweet, we'll get to see the floats being made int the warehouse.

It's almost sickening the amount of effort people put into these things.

God, I hope I see these guys.

That reminds me, I also got the Star Wars pop up guide to the galaxy!

I'm pretty sure my parents think I'm reverting back to childhood, or becoming retarded, so I guess Stephen Colbert must be too.

Also. Bleach looks AMAZING on wide screen HD, and the uncut box set art is AWESOME. Course, the last time I watched subbed bleach was in 2004 and the screen was 3"x3". Still. It's worth seeing.

Fun fact! Apparently CNN declared my town the 8th richest town in the US, and Dick Cheyney's daughter moved here a short time ago, a fact I was not aware of.

Welcome to town, Mary. Hope the Safeway is too your liking. As is the Irish Pup.

Hope everyone takes it easy, and enjoy some days of playing with toys! I'll write and post pictures when we get back, because we are ALSO going to the WB Studios, and I am DYING to see something Batman or Harry Potter related.

Maybe I'll see Larry David, too.

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