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Thursday, December 13, 2007

"You can feel his heart but you know he's mean!"

So, I wasn't originally going to post as I have a Batman Returns paper due today as well as a women's lit final, but between not getting much done anyway and having a really weird dream, I feel it's time for yet another installment of...


It's been a while, so for those of you new to the program, basically I just recount my weird ass-dreams. But today I tried something new in which I tried deciphering it as well.

So in my dream I was a lioness who first watched my cub be killed by antelopes, and then I myself was running from humans, while wounded, who were chasing me with guns. Then George W. Bush ran out in his Texas garb and a shotgun, and I was like "I am NOT fuckin gettin killed by Bush!" and I became even more ferocious in my attempt to escape. And then I woke up.

So, according to the most Googled Dream Dictionary on the net, being a lion/seeing one means that I am aggressive and powerful, but being shot by a gun means that I am struggling with some authority. Being covered in blood means I am suffering from physical or emotional exhaustion, and seeing the president just means I my feelings about the president came out, which were pretty much "Fuck him." So, all in all, I didn't really learn anything new and in conclusion I need to stop re-reading Pride of Bahgdad so much.

So, that essentially amounted to nothing.

Also wanted to talk a bit about Batman Retuns, namely why is Batman such a douche? I mean, not in comparison with Forever and Bats and Robin *cough*TimeChaser likes Batman nipples*cough*, but he was still pretty like, a total looser around woman. Can't believe he fell for Catwoman's tricks so easily! The new Batman would never fall for that woman crap. Or the comic Batman.

I also wrote in my paper that I think they wrote in Max Shrek's role just to have Christopher Walken in the movie.

Our professor was pretty liberal on what the paper should actually contain.

But I really love Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, despite her role being written as some kind of uber-feminist dominatrix.

Not much else to talk about, except one really creepy thing. I bought a Star Wars poster off Allposters.com yesterday, and then I went onto Facebook later and it was like "Alex bought a poster off Allposters.com!!" I was just kinda like "ba...wha?" Freaky.

And also, does anyone else know the story about Velvet Revolver not being allowed into the country of Japan? The SatRad station I listened to says they're not allowed in due to numerous law violations and stuff...which is why it's strange to me that the cast of Jackass would be let in but not Slash and the boys. Ah well.

Sorry guys. I guess despite your tight pants you're just not queer enough to fit in with the J-Rock crowd.

Take it easy, everyone!

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