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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Singles Appreciate Day.

Today I think I might just go get a nice cup of coffee and pick up the Cowboy Bebop Anime Legends collection on DVD. It's only like, 45 bucks or something. It is one of my fav series.

Not much goin on outside of school and WoW. I must say though, my web writing teacher is rather impressed with both my knowledge of the internet and HTML. The latter's pretty much all thanks to Shanny and Petie. For getting me goin in the early days. And Petie still edits my crap. So thanks for that. I'd only say I'd have an intermediate knowledge, but it's served me pretty well so far.

FINALLY got Clone Wars Season 1 off iTunes. I really needed to see that Kit Fisto episode. He's my favorite fishy Jedi.

It's Kit Fisto and he's coming to KILL YOU.

I love Clone Wars. Jedis don't have second thoughts about killing people. They do what needs to be done. Which is how it should be. None of "I HATE YOU", leave him to die crapola. Obi Wan shoulda finished him off. Could have saved their galaxy a loooooot of trouble.

But whatever. It's water under the bridge.

Now because I was so busy searching for a picture of burning anakin that I did not find, i forgot what else I was gonna say.

Oh yeah! We started watching Baccano! in the club. It's pretty awesome. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but it's pretty awesome. Like, 30s Mafia, killer, fedora, alchemy, awesome.

See that guy in the top left with the fedora? I spend alot of time yelling to other people that he's Aizen.

Also, there are silly 30s American names for everyhing. Alot of the series takes place on a train called "The Flying Pussyfoot".

The days I can't go to meetings they started Lucky Star. Which I wanted to see. My friend says it's not that good though. Hm.

Also having alot of computer troubles as of late. A virus that my comptuer doesn't notice that changes all the screencaps on YOuTube to adds for girls with webcams, some pages randomly stopped working on my comp like Facebook, and the satellite radio, and it's all getting extremely frustrating. I can't get new virus protection cause then my school wont let me on the network at all.

Super Smash Brothers needs to be out RIGHT NOW.

Hope everything's going well for everyone. Happy V-Day!

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