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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Late Birthday (to me! lol)
konnichiwa!!! wow! i havn't been on in such a long time!!!!! everytime i meant to post, i never got the chance -_-" i've been so busy, lately. rawr...! well, anyway, what should i say? so much has been going on, and i have so much to say!!!! maybe i should just shorten it all, so nobody kills me o___________O lol ok, now i should continue.....

tuesday was my birthday! yup ^^ my birthday!!!! yayz! i had lots of people wish me happy birthday (and get me presents :P) but hey, that's what birthdays are about right? lol i had some of my friends tell me, "wow! you're old!" and i was like "......i'm only.....fourteen" lol you had to be there to see how funny it was. they were counting up to 14 and my friend was like, "holy shit! that took forever!" and i was like, "couldn't you just say, '1, 2, skip a few 14'?" lol like i said, had to be there. my lil sis (aka- ky)'s birthday was 12/3.

yesterday was craft day. it was the whole morning; wasted because of some crafts we were making for christmas. but that'd ok! it's better than learning ^^ crafts beat learning anyday!! because i was one of the best class artists, i had to do some drawings (snow flakes, holly, etc) on the people's stuff if they asked for it. and at craft day, i hate so fricken much, i couldn't eat lunch!!!! i was like, "damn....! i'm so full!" everyone in my class was full, and no one even ate lunch. then me and my friends matt and nikki started talking. somehow, we got into a convo about basements. matt was like, "mine has a pool table, air hockey table [insert more]". i said that mine - back to the days of my great grandpa - was a bar. like literally, it had a small bar table and it still has some wines left. (when i asked my grandma why she had wine dating back over 20+(?) years, she said that the wine bottles (which are filled with wine, still) are left as a 'momentum') my friend nikki was like, "wow! that's so cool! it was like a bar!?" then my friend nikki said that one time she went into her friend's basement (with her friend, obviously) and there was this huge tank with this huge fish in it. by how big she said it was, it was pretty huge! i was like, "how the hell did the fish turn around when it wanted to?" or something-orother, that made us laugh hysterically for a good minute or two. then she continued on by saying that the fish had gotten out of its tank and she screamed. her friend came rushing out, asking what was wrong, and nikki said she continued to point at the fish, unable to speak. then nikki's friend said, "oh, don't worry. it does that all the time" me and matt were like, "well, i guess it tells her when it wants to get out" it was great; yet another moment you had to be there to understand (unless, you already do now....?)what else.....? hm.....

i'm really sorry if you have no idea what i'm saying on this post (like i'm writing random things that have nothing to do with what the whole paragraph was about). i'm watching Naruto, downloading music, updating my deviant account, and..... typing this up. i can't really think of much to say. and i really don't have time to answer everyone's comments (sorry!) if i did have time, i would be answering them.....

btw (i'm ending the post after this), i'm trying to draw 'real people' *cough cough* i don't think i'm good, but my mom says its coming out just the way it should and my art teach says i should try and draw stuff besides anime *gasp!* she suggested that i tried to draw real-life people, so my first life-like person is none other than Zack ^0^ i guess he didn't come out bad. my mom says (she agrees with my art teacher on this) that the reason i don't think my life-like people are coming out like i want is because i'm so use to drawing anime, and not life-like characters. i guess they were right(?)

have a great day!
Days Till Cristmas: 10

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy belated birthday, angel zakuro!!!!!!!!!
hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! i am so freakin glad trimesters are over!! =] i was getting sick of studying every night and then being pounded with - not just homework - but "random" tests that were thrown in this week, as well. but tnx god it's all over. but, before i can continue the rest of the post, i want to thank everyone who visited me (both on da and myo) *hugs* and everyone, tell angel zakuro happy (belated) birthday!!!!!!!

(i know you like sephiroth too, but since you seem to like air, i did this pic instead)

so, i guess i can continue on now. i'm munching on pizza (and it's really good!!!) yummy..... =] lol, why the hell did i wrote that? besides that random part, i've been drawing lots of new pictures and havn't gotten to play FF7 lately (gasp! the horror!) the game keeps freezing at the part where cloud (and two other members) are in the cosmo canyon and bugehagen (the old floatin' guy) invites cloud and the 2 other members into his 3D Space thingy (the thing that's like a re-incarnation of outer space) however, keeps freezing. and i can't remeber correctly; do i need 2 specific members to get through the scene? i don't remember what 2 i had, but, i think the game is just freezing at how scratched the disk is (i always say ,"i love my cousin for owning the game, i hate hime for taking such poor care of it") well, if any of you can wheel your memories to the past, anyone remember who they brought with them? this was also random........

besides that, what should i say? did i happen to mention my best friends aren't completely in that fight with me anymore? once happen to go on vacation and the other didn't get to school yet, so i asked one of them if they were mad at me or something, and she said she's not mad, but she doesn't understand or know what's on the other two minds. hmmmmmmmm.......that's about it for now. all else i can really say is that i have 2 1/2 days off this week ^.^ aren't i lucky? ok, off to the comments!!!

milleniumorcarina!!!!!!!!! i'm glad i'm back on too!!!! unfortunately, i havn't submitted new artwork - just wallpapers. and yay! now you have a scanner, so i can see your hand-drawn artwork soon!!!! oh! and i wouldn't mind doin' another trade art with you, if you'd like. and you are so fricken lucky you don't have staph where you are!!! i think someone got it out here....? midnightqueen!!!! oh, god! it's like you havn't been here in ages!!!! i havn't talked to you in so long! *hugs* yeah, my friends driend has staph (although i have no idea how she got it) but she still goes to school too. supposedly, if you find out you have staph right away, it won't be immune to too many antibiotics so you'll be able to treat it. however, if it's too late, i think the worse thing that will happen is death (all of you, please don't start freaking out). sis (kybeary)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, now you havn't commented on any of my posts in a loooooooooooong time. lol it was so much freakin fun talkin to you!!!!!!! yeah, william was just doing sooooooo many random stuf in the bg that made us crac up hysterically. lol he was, like, trying to sing at one part and i was like, "omg!!!!!!! shut up!!!!!!!!" hope we can talk again soon, sis! xigbar-addicted-to-coffee-buddy, Rei-syn!!!!!!!! i can't believe your friends broke up with you just because you guys disagreed on a pronunciation. that's pretty gay, don't cha think? corn!!!!!!!!!! ^^ i have to agree - lots of people on myo are nice. weird, ain't it? there really hasn't been a staph warning at my school. i mean, yeah, they handed out papers but they were like, "what to do to avoid getting staph" and then, in the bathrooms, they started putting papers up with the "3 C's" which was like, really retarted. they were like, "avoid Crowded areas" and i was like to my best friend, "how the hell do you do that? are you just suppose to go to the mall or somthing and say, 'OK, EVERYONE HAS TO GET OUT NOW 'CAUSE THIS IS A CROWDED AREA AND I NEED TO BUY STUFF!'??????" i mean, it's true, right? malls are crowded. and then another "C" was "Clean your hands" and i was like, "no shit. isn't that what you're suppose to do when you're done using the bathroom????" literally. ******can't remember the last 3 C's****** and yeah, you're school giving you a flyer saying "it's worse than AIDS and it can kill you" shit and shit is suppose to calm kids down!? i mean, yeah, my teachers talked about it to us too but when you said "when a kid catches it and then coughs up blood and dies right there on that spot by the teachers, the teachers will go, 'oh, it's ok. you'll be fine.'" i have to say, something was COMPLETELY screwed with that picture. literally. lol and finally, Angel Zakuro *hugs* i'm sooooooooooo sorry i didn't know it was your b-day!!!! (if i did, i would've put a pic up for you already) this is a warning: ANYBODY WHO HAS A B-DAY COMING UP, NOTIFY ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT POSTED SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN TELL YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! after all, who doesn't like being told "happy birthday"? ^^

ok, that's it for now. i don't have much more to say. although, i would like to tnx everyone for giving me good luck on my trimesters and being there to comfort me when i was upset about what my friends did! *hugs* and now, to conclude this post (entirely), here's a pic and video! enjoy ^^

Cloud = plumber
Tifa = janitor
Barret = some sweaty guy who had his gun arm changed into a toilet paper gun XP
Person = JohnSu, who is the creator of this pic
(btw, the toilet logo is "SHIN-RA" except the "RA" was replaced with "BEN" which is a word used for the toilet (supposedly).)

FF7 Teo Spoof Part Deux

Rude: He doesn't seem to have your pizza, sir.
Elena: Surrenderly quietly and DIE!
Um...I mean LIVE!


have a great day :D

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Monday, November 12, 2007

moshi moshi
moshi moshhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! (lol) hey guys, what's up? i'm pretty hyper today, 'specially bein that i should be all tired and such (which i am, a bit) due to how cloudy it is. maybe it's the hot chocolate......gotta be the chocolate :P so, how's everyone doin?

my weeks have been all ups and downs and almost like roller coaster rides. my friends and me didn't get into a fight but - before halloween - was like, "yeah, we wanna be friends. but not best friends, just friends, like someone we can talk to but not all the time" the minute i heard that i was like "shit! i know what that means: they're not gonna talk to me even if it would save their lives" so i was like, "ok....." well, to make it easier, i'll make it into a conversation:

tori: "can we talk to you?"
me: "yeah...." *gets up and goes to the group*
tori: "there's something we need to say. we've all been thinking that, we really don't wanna be best friends. we wanna just be friends, y'know? like someone we can talk to but not talk to all the time"
me: ".........."
bridg: "yeah. it's not like we're meaning to hurt your feeling or anything, we just wanna be friends. is that ok?"
me: ".........."
bridg: "are you okay?"
me: ".....yeah....."
tori: "so you're ok with this?"
me: "yeah, i completely undertsand"
bridg: "you're not mad or anything?"
me: "no. why would i be?"
tori: "because, the last time you walked away crying"
me: "hey, that was one time. just because i do it once, doesn't mean i'll do it again" *walks away*

i walked away after that. the only one who didn't speak was my friend who has been friends with me since kindergarden, emily. i walked away, knowing that when they said "we just wanna be friends" they really meant "let's never talk again". it was pretty hard for me to accept - i thought about it everyday at school - and it's like me and my friend emily we're trying to get some message across the room whenever we were in the same classes because we looked at eachother and then one of us would look away. it got better after awhile, though. emily began talking to me, telling me that they were being snobs to her, but they became best friends again and i was left out for exclusion. then, bridg and tori went somewhere and em hung out with me, and started telling me that she didn't even like bridget and that she didn't really like tor, but knew that even if she stopped being friends with tori, tor would find a way to become friends again. it ended up where, just friday, tori and em broke up, and now i'm forced to between the two, or find away to solve the problem. i'll just have to play it by hand for the time being; got trimesters this week.

besides that whole conversation, even if they did break up with me in school, i had friends on myo who have been even nicer than them! *hugs* i'm really happy i have great friends like you guys ^^ you guys actually seem to care, where, if i told my friends, only emily would seem to care (i have other friends but i don't hang out with them. so i don't tell them anything, really, except for maybe a few things) *hugs* once again, you guys are so nice!!!!

well, that ends that. what else should i say.....? hmmmmmmmm....... well, after trimesters this week, i'll be on alot more, due to that i don't have much school for the next 2wks XD hmmmmm......what else.....?

hey, have you guys heard about that staph disease (aka mrsa)? there's been a rumor that one of my friend's have it, because she's been out 2wks straight except for, 2 days.....about. not many people believe though because wouldn't the school be notified? i would think so, anyway. some believe she just had mono or the flu. it's most likely, because i don't think her younger brother has anything, and my friend, cassey, has a friend who has staph but because it's not serious she can go to school.

k, that's really it. time to answer comments, yes?
Rei-syn, you know what my DA name is! you already visited me :P lol Angel Zakuro!!!!! you're one of the friends who's always there for me! tnx you!!!!! yes, i've survived all those tests and homework. life's gonna a bit easier. now i just need to do timesters this week.....TT.TT omg! i do need the sleep! ever since that daylight-thingy, i've been waking up at 5:30a instead of 6:30a, so now i get a little more tired than usual......maybe this weekend i'll sleep in.....but that's another 4-5 days before that can happen >< glad you like the pics! and finally (yeah, not alot of people visited me this time), Talim-of-the-Wind! i hate homework and school cause it really is what keeps me away from the internet! and you're lucky to have the ps2 all to yourself. i think i'll just have to kick my brother off of it more often :P lol and yes, pocky can make everything better ^.^

well, that's it. not many people visited due to.....some reason i don't remember. well, i'll put a pic or 2 and then i'm off to call my "sis" ok.....maybe i lied. no pics. i'm too lazy at the moment, so here's just *cough* one pic.

found this on 's site!

have a great day and honor the vets

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

*phew!* finally.......
hi everyone!!!! i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!! it seems like i havn't been on here in forever (2wks is more like it)! i've just been piled with homeowrk (after homework) and tests (after tests) that i can never get a chance to get on (it took forever just to turn on my ps2 in order to play some ff7) well, i'm finally back, so why not continue on with the post.......?

i really don't feel like saying much (i'm not int the mood) so, i'm just gonna say i'm tired and.....on this note......sleep? lol no, i guess i can continue on a little more. well, i don't think my da account is doing good. i submitted 2 fan arts and only got one fav. an di submitted them about an hour ago. am i expecting too much?? maybe...... i also submitted 2 new artworks on myO, so go to my portfolio and see them, or, better yet, i'll just post them here.

the reno pic was a request :P well, besides that, i havn't been completely getting enough sleep. i feel like there hasn't been one night where i havn't actually gone to sleep without waking up TT.TT also, i havn't been able to play ff7. my brother has been playing on the ps2 and i havn't had time to do anything......

well, i don't have much to say, so i'll answer the comments know.....actually, i don't feel like it. but........TNX TO THE SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT VISITED ME!!!!!!!!!!!! and tnx to ace, who helped me get my da accoutn since my computer was being absolutely gay that day.

Tokyo Nights [Utada Hikaru]

well, that's it for now.....i guess. maybe i'll post tomorrow.....? for now, lemme go drown my worries in pocky...... (lol)

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

yup! i'm still here ^^
i feel like it's the most amazing thing to happen since forever. yup. that's right. i'm actually posting again and without delay ^0^ lol it's just sorta because, i only seem to post every 2wks and due to that we have off tomorrow from school and all, i was able to post today ^^ (i think i was exaggerating when i said it "was the most amazing thing" though)

well, anyway *hugs* tnx to everyone who visited me!!!! i'm also glad everyone liked the new theme. i saw this bg (the one with cloud and zack) on thursday when i was in comp class. i had some freetime so i went to look for a FF7 bg and saw this one and thought "ooooooooooh~! me likes!" so i remembered where i saw it to make it my bg here. (btw, i think my bg on the school comp is aerith*zack ....actually, i'm not sure :P lol) once again, *hugs* i'm glad you guys visited me! i wish more would've came, but that's my fault for posting at, like, 8pm.

*continues* i felt like i rarely got sleep last night. i went to bed at, like, midnight and kept waking up almost every hour and then finally decided to keep myself awake. i felt like i couldn't take it anymore. maybe because it's hot, and my air conditioner wasn't on. hmmmm....that could be possible. it has been hot down here and it's suppose to be cold cause it's october (fall). where is that cold weather anyway!? i did feel a little funny this morning, but i'm feeling fine now, and the air conditioner is on, so that may have been the problem.

anyway, i want to play FF7 but my younger bro is too busy playing Mercenaries which i think is probaly one of his many stupid games that he plays. so, i'm hanging out on the internet. what better thing is there to do? well, right now, besides me typing up this post, i'm downloading Why by ayaka. the song was stuck in my head all last night after i watched the Crisis Core ending (about 100000000+ times). it's downloading, so i pray it gets on. last time i went and downloaded Why, it came up as some prank thing.

hmmmmmm......what to say???? *thinks* i can't really think of anything. it's only 12:16p, so there's really not much to say. probaly because nothing exciting is goin on (unless you call all the gun firing you here on my bro's game exciting). so, i guess it's time to answer peoples comments (i didn't get a chance to do that yesterday)

False Dreams! *hugs* glad you like the theme. alot of people do. i really can't wait for CC:FF7 to come out (it only came out in japan on sept 13th). same here. hate school, and its tests after tests after tests. the lowest i've gotten was a D - no Fs -and i really can't let my grades slip....y'know? ace! *hugs* omg, you're right! you havn't visited my site in a loooong time! lol. don't worry, i'm not mad or nuthin. my themes have changed alot. you know, i think i'll just leave it as Crisis Core for awhile. yeah, i hope i have a good luck streak soon too! *laughs* i think i really need one :P once again, my xigbar-addicted-to-coffee-buddy (i think i'm really gonna start callin' you that), Rei-syn! *hugs* just like your week sucked, mine did too. the rest of october better be better.....seriously. and finally, Angel Zakuro! *hugs* haha~! sorry for no sephy-kun pic and that sephy ain't in any of my bgs. well, at least cloud and zack are theire, right? lol yes, that's Zack's name....Zack (lol) i love him!!!! he is my older brother!!!! (lol. laugh. i'm a lil hyper) but no, seriously, on a family tree me and my friend were making, Zack is my older brother ^^ yeah, i hope my week(s) get better too. *hugs you back* well, at least you understand why my younger brother is intrested in the game when he doesn't seem to be such a big fan. like i said, the world is full of amazing things :P well, don't kill me today, but i may not get a *cough/sputter* sephy-kun pic *coughs* today. maybe tomorrow. there's some stuff i have to change around on the comp and all, but next time i'll try and get a pic of him on!!!! promise!!!!

ok, that's it for all the comments. guess i'll post a video or something (if youtube actually decides to load for me)

Furuba Randomness 2!!!!

this thing is so weird. my friend told me about it. i don't know why hamtaro appears, but, whatever. i still think it's funny :P

Naruto Randomness 2

Itachi: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's Paris Hilton's album!!!!!!!
Sasuke: Mwuahahahahahahahaha!!!!

hope everyone has a good day! these were just random things i saw on youtube :P

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

current theme: crisis core: ffvii
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! omg, havn't been on for 2wks (again!). i am sooooooooooooooo sorry!!!! it isn't my fault. my teachers are so strict, it's almost unbelieveable. and then, they pound us with homework everynight and so many tests the next day, that i never actually get time to anything. *sighs* and i was so hopin' to get on last week, but that didn't happen...... well, to continue *hugs* tnx to everyone who visited me!!!!!!!!!! you guys are so nice (and amazing!). so, lets continue.

first off, i can describe the past two weeks to you in 2 words: it sucked. the last time i posted, i was heading home (later on) and my voice was a little scratchy. then, the next day, it was almost like i lost my voice. and for that whole week, i could rarely talk. my friends and me also got into a fight that week. thank god we were able to fix our problems. then, the next week - my voice fully restored - even more things went and got screwed. my friends and me got into another fight (but we were able to solve the problem so that wasn't that bad) and our teachers gave only-god-knows-how-many tests, and i ended up getting a D on one TT.TT i was so upset cuz my mom told me not to get a bad grade and, here i am, with a close to F mark. this is the first time i've gotten an F this year - all the rest have been As and Bs - and maybe one C. but, yeah, i got into a couple of fights with my younger brother, but all in all, maybe this week will get a little better....?

anyway, last night i played some more FF7 since i havn't been able to play it in 2wks (due to the amounts of hw, tests, etc). i played for about 3hrs straight and i got even further. so, i'm happy. and my younger brother (the same one. he's my only sibling) kept telling me "wait! don't continue the game without me watching!!" but i didn't listen to him. i sortof kept playing. for someone who isn't as obsessed with FF7 like i am, it's amazing he wanted to keep watching. the wolrld is full of scary things.....really.

i'm sooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!! can't answer comments today - sorry!!!!! hopefully tomorrow (if i get on) and there will be no pics/vids (sorry!!!). if you want to see a pic or vid, please go to one of my posts below this one!!!!

well, ok, me lies. here's one vid.

Crisis Core - Ending (English Subs

hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

please......do not......delete.......!!!! oh look! it's Sephiroth!!!
konichiwaa!!! again, i havn't been on for 2 long and dreary weeks TT.TT this time, it was due to a different amount of things - fights, homework, tests, projects - you name it, it probaly happened. besides that, everyones goin though stress, and i just happen to be one of them "lucky" ones who are goin through it. i have a project due within a week, my best friends fought and geez, the quarrels seemes never ending. um.... besides that, i guess the week has been fine. it was fall-like weather until wendsday, when it started feeling a bit like summer, and now, it really does feel like summer...!!!!! tnx god it's rainin though - where would i be without rain?

well, to continue, *hugs* omg! tnx you so much for visitin me, everyone!!!!! its much appreciated ^^ and Angel Zakuro, today i will search until i collapse from searchin for a Sephy pic ^0^ (lol) as most of you know, i couldn't answer your comments back in the last post cuz the laptop was actin like crap (not that it isn't today, but lemme tell you, it hasn't deleted anythin yet!) so, once again, *hugs* tnx you so much for visitin me!!!!

....wow....! i feel like i talked about most of my post in the first paragraph.... that wasn't suppose to happen o.O well, let's continue on with anything i missed.

i don't know if i told you guys in my last post, but my cuz has finally (and once again!) let me borrow FF7 ^^ the bad news is, my younger brother erased my file i got so far on, which meant i had to create a new one =/ i was very upset. i worked so hard on it and here, my otouto (younger brother. i'm teaching myself japanese ^^ lol), erased it TT.TT life must go on.... what else....? *thinks* oh, right! today we went out to breakfast (although it was like lunch to me because i already ate breakfast 2hrs before). i didn't wanna go, but my otouto (younger brother), haha (mother. sounds akward, i'll just call her "okaa-san" from now on) and chichi (father. this sounds weird too, maybe i'll just call him "otou-san" from now on) didn't have breakfast and wanted to eat out. i got dragged along for the ride cuz i was spendin it with my kazoku (family). we had to wait about an hour and i was really mad. when we finally got table (it was crowded like hell), i was still a tad pissed. it didn't even seem much like breakfast, cuz we really didn't get served till the afternoon.....

ok, i think that's about it. if any of you notice i'm sayin the wrong things in japanese, please lemme know! and heck, i was only doin some japanese words in here for the hell of it. it probaly won't ever appear in any other posts, so don't worry! (worry? why would you worry??) ok, so now, to get back on track and answer the comments!!!

Angel Zakuro!!!!!! *hugs* you're so nice and always visits me! like i promised, a Sephiroth pic will appear!!! and i know what you mean by the long posts disappearing after you type them. and i was so tired, i didn't feel like re-doing it =/ tnx you for bein patient for your Sephy, and school does suck. my xigbar-caffeine-addicted buddy, Rei-syn! *hugs* just like everyone else said, it does suck when those long posts get erased >< kyoshiro elric! *hugs* (it seems like i'm constantly hugging everyone i write down... o.O) i added in the gackt video because..... actually, i dunno why :P JungWoo! *hugs* (and yet another, i hug)i did miss your FF7 theme..... :( 'tis sad. well, today there will be a Sephy-kun pic (if you decided to come and visit, you'll see) and i'll give you the urls for the clubs, kk? you don't have to really do anything but put them in the intro on your site :P and lest but not least, ha-harumi!!!!! *hugs* it's ok that you havn't visited. i havn't visited you either.....sorry! glad you liked the videos ^^

well, replyin to comments are done, so as usual, i'll have some vids and pics. (gotta keep my promises!)

and now, vids!!!!!

First Love (Utada Hikaru)

(btw, where it says, "i'll remember to hold, you taught me how" it should really be "i'll remember to love, you taught me how")

Naruto Fan Flash - Buddy

Narutarded Fan Flash 2: The Airport

ok!!!! thats it. i have to go check some other sites and answer pms. hope you all have a great day!!!! =D

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

ugh! i don't have muh time to be typin up a message since i DID type it up and all of a sudden, it erased and never appeared TT.TT i won't write a message now cause i have to go, so hear are some amvs and all. please forgive me!!!!! i will write a post some other time!!!!

*hugs* tnx to everyone who visited my site. second time typin up this post cause, somehow, it magically disappeared....

Hatsuharu: A mystery....

(lol. Haru from Fruits Basket always has something to say with "a mystery" whether Yuki has just walked in the mainhouse or 'fairies' cleaned the classroom he teared to parts :P)

but still, to continue, i can't answerin anyones comments because i really don't have time to type up the whole post!!!! forgive me!!!!! PLEASE! (and yes, Angel Zakuro, that means no Sephy-pic. i'm sorry. i'll try and include him in a video)

once again, i would like to tnx everyone who visited me last time ^0^ *hugs* you're all such great friends (even the ones who didn't come are great friends!) today, is, 'hot' depending on where you stand (if you're in the sun it's hot, shade, you're cool) so i decided to stay in the house and get some stuff done. i couldn't get on for awhile cause, once again, school is starting TT.TT i'm so unhappy. but now, i can get on ^^ (prehaps that means i'll be able to post more??) well, i must really conclude because i don't have much time. i promise!!! - i'll be back on track with my usual postings! - today just got out of line. so, here, to conclude, some vids ^^ (PLEASE WATCH THE NARUTO VIDS IF YOU CAN'T WATCH THE OTHERS!!!!! THEY ARE FUNNI :P)

Duvet (BoA) - FFX/FFX-2

Hikari [PlanitB Remix] (Utada Hikaru) - KH/KH2

"Hikari" [PlanitB Ambient Remix] (Utada Hikaru)

Naruto Ultimate Fan Flash 0.6

Naruto fanflash 2

Vanilla (Gackt)

that's it. i'll have more next time i get on! hope everyone has a great day ^^ hope you enjoy the vids :D

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
heyy everyone. wow, i havn't been on for, like, a month? anybody miss me? lol so, anyway, as some of you may have noticed the minute you came to the site, it changed - it ALL changed - colors, avi, bgs, EVERYTHING!!!! i was sortof getting sick of them, so i changed them all. well, tnx to everyone who visted me *hugs* i happened to visit some people when my comp was fix (it ws broken for sometime) so i went to some sites and cmmented, just not all. *continues on...*

summer vacation is almost over TT.TT it sucks; REALLY sucks. i don't wanna go back to school.... why must all good things come to an end? *sigh* well, besides summer vacation ending *coughs* i got my cousin into Naruto. she just happened to see book 10 on the table and read it, and was like, "can you get my book 11?" so on and so foth, 'til she had read them all. then she was like, "can i read #16?" and i was like "#16, 17, and 18 don't come out until september" so yeah.... i have to wait even longer for manga. and the worst part is, the day they come out is the day i go back to school >< well, anyway, any Naruto dvds i had (of recorded Naruto Marathons) i showed her and we watched, like, all of them. now i have to draw her a pic of Kakshi sensei, Gaara, Asuma sensei, Shikamaru, the 4th Proctor (Genma?), Orochimaru and some other people. i was like, "GAH!!! AND I HAVE OTHER REQUESTS TO FINISH!!!!!" *sigh* well, i'll get them all done. i promise.

so, for anyone who asked for requests, they're all drawn, they just need to get colored. and because my comp broke down, it's taking even longer. please, don't hate me!!!!!! i'm getting them done asap!!! i will as soon as i get home! (right now i'm somewhere else on the laptop)

*continues on* it's also been quite hot out, except for a few days which were really nice ^^ yesterday we went to an amusement park, and it was sortof hot out but they're were water rides so i lived. i also had to wait 6 days for the bookstore to send me Fruits Basket vols 11 and 12. *sigh* and it was a dreaded long wait TT.TT today is pretty hot itself, but the ac is on so i'll live....

ok, now, to answer comments:
yes, 15385bic, Friday the 13th (last time i posted) is suppose to be an unlucky day but i actually like friday the 13th ^^ i guess you're right... draw what i like, but i totally have no poses or anything in this head of mine *falls over* zombies suck my brain out :P Ninja Lover Happy (Forever-long ago) Friday the 13th to you too! :P *hugs* game? what game? i was suppose to beat a game...? it's been so long that i can't fricken remember :P t-frogs! i luff rain too! who doesn't? especially when theres a t-storm! t-storms are my fav (especially during the night)!!! and yay! possibility today ^^ ...sugar!!!! lol (i'm a tad hyper) tnx for rootin for me!!! i'll be sure to beat whatever game it was that i said!! my xigbar-addicted-coffee-buddy, Rei-syn!!!! *hugs* Luxord is weird.... and i couldn't draw his hair on your request so i started making his hair look like Loz's.... lol and yes, FF7 is very addicting!!!! me and my 'sis', kylie, made an FF7 club (look at bottom of post). yes, i'll have to go on deviantart and look for it. oh! and i'm glad the stuff i told you helped ^^ yayness!!!!! snow EVERYWHERE!!!! Angel Zakuro!!!!!! *hugs* you're sooooooooo nice! you always visit when i update, so from now on, i'll visit you everytime i get on ^^ *continues* FFX-2 must have been the game (though i had an eerie feeling it was FFX) i mentioned in my last post. i got stuck at some boss too.... i think it had something to do with the Leblanc Syndicate... wait.... that may have been one of my newer files.... *brain smokes* and i'm very happy you liked the pic (and no, i never reliazed you had a Sephy Collection from all the pics i put on. how about i put an amv on for today?) you have a great day too *hugs* you're welcome, katie (temaris-fan)! of course i'd mention your birthday!!! i mention whoever birthdays are comin up so everyone can wish em a happy b-day! *hugs* glad you had a great b-day ^^ oh, so the game was FFX. i thought so. tnx for mentioning it, RSRKingdomStars!!! *hugs* yeah, i pray i'll be able to finish the game.... someday (lol) *looks into the distance* someday.... in the.....future..... *stops gazing* (lol) and BoomStar, wow, i havn't seen you come here in a loooooooooong time *hugs* how have you been?? and i guess you liked the pics, hunh?

to continue, yes, me and my 'sis' have made a FF7 Club. here's the banner

if you would like to join, please contact me or ky!!!

and finally, to end this post, i have something for you to watch ^^

Naruto- Real Ninjas

lol i luv this video ^^ tell me wactha think, and i hope your all having a great day!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th
heyy. well, i haven't been on for what seems like forever so first off *hugs* tnxs for all the visits, everyone!!!!! it makes me so happy ^^ *hugs again* tnx you all and now i shall continue with the post! byh the way - it's FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!! this is my fav day of the whole year!!!! lol

the e3. it's on the week. i've been watching it since wednsday (i think that's when it came on). not once have they mentioned ff13. they said they would and not once...... ah! i don't know why i even wrote this! ><

the weather is actually nice down here. it's cool and warm - not too hot or cold - just perfect. last week it was flaming hot out. and now, starting sunday, there will be chances of thunderstorms everyday. which, i don't mind because i love thunderstorms - especially at night - because i love how they light up the sky and you hear the loud thunder that's loud enough to literally break your ears :P

oh, i also played some Final Fantasy X. no joke, the game i havn't played in forever (along with FFX-2). i finally got past the part with this boss i couldn't beat!!!!! made me so happy! and i mean, i neglected this game for months because i couldn't get passed it. you have no idea how thrilled i am to get finally beat this boss!!!

i've been drawing alot more lately. drawing is just my life. i draw every single day. by the way, i need an idea for a Final Fantasy VII pic. anybody got ideas? i was thinking of drawing a Cloud/Aerith/Zack pic, but i can't think of how to draw it. tell me if this sounds good:
Zack and Aerith are in the background (only because they're dead) and Cloud is in the front and (maybe it will) say "I Get the Feeling They're Still There" or something along those lines.
anybody got any other ideas?? like that it should say something else in the quotations, or how i should draw it differently? just wondering, and lemme know if you do.

also, everybody who has made a kh-chibi/plushie request, i'm working on them! believe me! here are the following people who requested a pic and if it's complete or whatever stage it is in:
Angel Zakuro: Sephiroth chibi/panda plushie - finished
midnightqueen: Riku chibi/Takara plushie - needs to be colored in
kybeary: Aerith chibi/Cloud plushie - being worked on
Talim-of-the-Wind: Demyx chibi/shark plushie - will be started soon
Rei-syn: Luxord chibi/(stuffed) wolf plushie - will be started soon
ok, that's everyone who requested. i've been busy this week, so i'm drawing everything so it can get on soon. by the way, the reason it's taking awhile is because when i originally drew Takara's (midnightqueen) request, i messed up on Riku, and had to re-draw it. so, like i said, i will try and get everyone's done asap!!!!

ok, most of the post should be done by now. now to answer the comments:
Blane Hoshi, omg! havn't talked to you in, like, forever! yes, and i know what the song is, and tnc for the compliment on my site ^^ Angel Zakuro *hugs* i'm sooooooooo glad you liked the Sephy-pic! and yay!, no getting stabbed with a sword XD (lol) i just thought i'd put this cute pic in the post before i got to the bottom

heehee~ Sephy-kun! and yes, there will be more pics at the bottom of the post ^^ yes, the subtitles are in french (reliazed a few days back) why in the world did i think spanish...?? i got more rest, by the way, too (you told me to get more rest). *huggs* wub you too! miteeka! omg! you're another one i havn't talked to in a gazillion years! *hugs* i missed you!!! midnightqueen, yes, aren't the Sephy-kun pics cute?? haha~ i like the one with the lil girl too. by the way, you're request is almost finished!!! *hugs* sis!!!!!! (Kylie) i missed you too!!!! about your aim name, that totally sucks. by the way, i maybe able to call you this weekend =D how cool will that be?? Ace! *hugs* glad to hear that the summer school thing is over! haha~ i feel like i can NEVER get requests done but, amazingly enough, i do get them finished. yes, KH2 manga is out. well, i don't save my money. well, i sorta do, since i don't buy much. i usually by manga. that's about all i buy :P so, i still know what the green stuff called "money" looks like (lol) more computer time.... lol you're right, i do end up writing these huge posts to make up for all the time i missed XP lol yes, i'll try and get on often! i'll try and get on sometime during this week!!!! (other than today, that is) you have a great day too! Tsumeato, did you really see Last Order: Final Fantasy VII????? omg! i'm dying to see that!!!!!! (is it a DVD?) please tell me how you saw it!!!!! i'm (literally) dying to see it!!!!! i luv the screenshot of Vincent too (my bg). it's the one scene i watch over and over, and want to draw!!!! Talim-of-the-Wind!!! *hugs* havn't talked to you in forever!!!!! *hugs again* yes, KH2 volume 1 is out. Axel makes his reappearance ^^ (hm.... i wonder what Demy-kun will look like??) yes, you can have a request i'm beginning the request as i, erm, type. yes, Ninja Lover, i had fun at the parties i went to! alot of funny stuff went on during the party, so we were al laughing hysterical :P yeah, summer can be boring (sadly). hm.... i got enough anime and manga and video games to kill summer time.... and finally, my Xigbar-coffee buddy, Rei-syn! yes, KH2 manga is out. knowing you, you probaly flew to the store and got it?? lol Luxord is weird.... and british-like.... hm..... never really thought about that until you mentioned it :P and yes, Stick Figures on Crack is worth the watch!!

ah..... i finished all the comments. the answerinf-of-comments paragraph is probaly the longest paragraph out of all my posts :P not that i mind - i luv getting comments! please keep them coming ^^

finally, to finish the post, my usual pics of Sephy-kun and other Sephiroth-related stuff. enjoy!

this is wishing Katir (temaris-fan) a happy birthday!!!!! ^^

you have to admit - it IS pretty cute =D

ok, i admit it. the pic scares me in a way, but it is sorta cute with him looking all evil :P

lol. Fenrir is really one of those toys you see n front of supermarkets that you have to pay for XD

y'know in FF7:AC how Reno says "You know you're pretty heavy" now we all know how Cloud was carried to Tifa's bar :P lol

somaigawd! gimme that damn chocolate bar!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! XD

lol "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU KILL ME FOR???!!" lol that was funni~

ok, that's about it. i put in lots of pics and wrote an extremly long posts. now, i'm off to wandering around this place. how was everyone's day?

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