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Saturday, September 22, 2007

please......do not......delete.......!!!! oh look! it's Sephiroth!!!
konichiwaa!!! again, i havn't been on for 2 long and dreary weeks TT.TT this time, it was due to a different amount of things - fights, homework, tests, projects - you name it, it probaly happened. besides that, everyones goin though stress, and i just happen to be one of them "lucky" ones who are goin through it. i have a project due within a week, my best friends fought and geez, the quarrels seemes never ending. um.... besides that, i guess the week has been fine. it was fall-like weather until wendsday, when it started feeling a bit like summer, and now, it really does feel like summer...!!!!! tnx god it's rainin though - where would i be without rain?

well, to continue, *hugs* omg! tnx you so much for visitin me, everyone!!!!! its much appreciated ^^ and Angel Zakuro, today i will search until i collapse from searchin for a Sephy pic ^0^ (lol) as most of you know, i couldn't answer your comments back in the last post cuz the laptop was actin like crap (not that it isn't today, but lemme tell you, it hasn't deleted anythin yet!) so, once again, *hugs* tnx you so much for visitin me!!!!

....wow....! i feel like i talked about most of my post in the first paragraph.... that wasn't suppose to happen o.O well, let's continue on with anything i missed.

i don't know if i told you guys in my last post, but my cuz has finally (and once again!) let me borrow FF7 ^^ the bad news is, my younger brother erased my file i got so far on, which meant i had to create a new one =/ i was very upset. i worked so hard on it and here, my otouto (younger brother. i'm teaching myself japanese ^^ lol), erased it TT.TT life must go on.... what else....? *thinks* oh, right! today we went out to breakfast (although it was like lunch to me because i already ate breakfast 2hrs before). i didn't wanna go, but my otouto (younger brother), haha (mother. sounds akward, i'll just call her "okaa-san" from now on) and chichi (father. this sounds weird too, maybe i'll just call him "otou-san" from now on) didn't have breakfast and wanted to eat out. i got dragged along for the ride cuz i was spendin it with my kazoku (family). we had to wait about an hour and i was really mad. when we finally got table (it was crowded like hell), i was still a tad pissed. it didn't even seem much like breakfast, cuz we really didn't get served till the afternoon.....

ok, i think that's about it. if any of you notice i'm sayin the wrong things in japanese, please lemme know! and heck, i was only doin some japanese words in here for the hell of it. it probaly won't ever appear in any other posts, so don't worry! (worry? why would you worry??) ok, so now, to get back on track and answer the comments!!!

Angel Zakuro!!!!!! *hugs* you're so nice and always visits me! like i promised, a Sephiroth pic will appear!!! and i know what you mean by the long posts disappearing after you type them. and i was so tired, i didn't feel like re-doing it =/ tnx you for bein patient for your Sephy, and school does suck. my xigbar-caffeine-addicted buddy, Rei-syn! *hugs* just like everyone else said, it does suck when those long posts get erased >< kyoshiro elric! *hugs* (it seems like i'm constantly hugging everyone i write down... o.O) i added in the gackt video because..... actually, i dunno why :P JungWoo! *hugs* (and yet another, i hug)i did miss your FF7 theme..... :( 'tis sad. well, today there will be a Sephy-kun pic (if you decided to come and visit, you'll see) and i'll give you the urls for the clubs, kk? you don't have to really do anything but put them in the intro on your site :P and lest but not least, ha-harumi!!!!! *hugs* it's ok that you havn't visited. i havn't visited you either.....sorry! glad you liked the videos ^^

well, replyin to comments are done, so as usual, i'll have some vids and pics. (gotta keep my promises!)

and now, vids!!!!!

First Love (Utada Hikaru)

(btw, where it says, "i'll remember to hold, you taught me how" it should really be "i'll remember to love, you taught me how")

Naruto Fan Flash - Buddy

Narutarded Fan Flash 2: The Airport

ok!!!! thats it. i have to go check some other sites and answer pms. hope you all have a great day!!!! =D

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