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Monday, November 12, 2007

moshi moshi
moshi moshhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! (lol) hey guys, what's up? i'm pretty hyper today, 'specially bein that i should be all tired and such (which i am, a bit) due to how cloudy it is. maybe it's the hot chocolate......gotta be the chocolate :P so, how's everyone doin?

my weeks have been all ups and downs and almost like roller coaster rides. my friends and me didn't get into a fight but - before halloween - was like, "yeah, we wanna be friends. but not best friends, just friends, like someone we can talk to but not all the time" the minute i heard that i was like "shit! i know what that means: they're not gonna talk to me even if it would save their lives" so i was like, "ok....." well, to make it easier, i'll make it into a conversation:

tori: "can we talk to you?"
me: "yeah...." *gets up and goes to the group*
tori: "there's something we need to say. we've all been thinking that, we really don't wanna be best friends. we wanna just be friends, y'know? like someone we can talk to but not talk to all the time"
me: ".........."
bridg: "yeah. it's not like we're meaning to hurt your feeling or anything, we just wanna be friends. is that ok?"
me: ".........."
bridg: "are you okay?"
me: ".....yeah....."
tori: "so you're ok with this?"
me: "yeah, i completely undertsand"
bridg: "you're not mad or anything?"
me: "no. why would i be?"
tori: "because, the last time you walked away crying"
me: "hey, that was one time. just because i do it once, doesn't mean i'll do it again" *walks away*

i walked away after that. the only one who didn't speak was my friend who has been friends with me since kindergarden, emily. i walked away, knowing that when they said "we just wanna be friends" they really meant "let's never talk again". it was pretty hard for me to accept - i thought about it everyday at school - and it's like me and my friend emily we're trying to get some message across the room whenever we were in the same classes because we looked at eachother and then one of us would look away. it got better after awhile, though. emily began talking to me, telling me that they were being snobs to her, but they became best friends again and i was left out for exclusion. then, bridg and tori went somewhere and em hung out with me, and started telling me that she didn't even like bridget and that she didn't really like tor, but knew that even if she stopped being friends with tori, tor would find a way to become friends again. it ended up where, just friday, tori and em broke up, and now i'm forced to between the two, or find away to solve the problem. i'll just have to play it by hand for the time being; got trimesters this week.

besides that whole conversation, even if they did break up with me in school, i had friends on myo who have been even nicer than them! *hugs* i'm really happy i have great friends like you guys ^^ you guys actually seem to care, where, if i told my friends, only emily would seem to care (i have other friends but i don't hang out with them. so i don't tell them anything, really, except for maybe a few things) *hugs* once again, you guys are so nice!!!!

well, that ends that. what else should i say.....? hmmmmmmmm....... well, after trimesters this week, i'll be on alot more, due to that i don't have much school for the next 2wks XD hmmmmm......what else.....?

hey, have you guys heard about that staph disease (aka mrsa)? there's been a rumor that one of my friend's have it, because she's been out 2wks straight except for, 2 days.....about. not many people believe though because wouldn't the school be notified? i would think so, anyway. some believe she just had mono or the flu. it's most likely, because i don't think her younger brother has anything, and my friend, cassey, has a friend who has staph but because it's not serious she can go to school.

k, that's really it. time to answer comments, yes?
Rei-syn, you know what my DA name is! you already visited me :P lol Angel Zakuro!!!!! you're one of the friends who's always there for me! tnx you!!!!! yes, i've survived all those tests and homework. life's gonna a bit easier. now i just need to do timesters this week.....TT.TT omg! i do need the sleep! ever since that daylight-thingy, i've been waking up at 5:30a instead of 6:30a, so now i get a little more tired than usual......maybe this weekend i'll sleep in.....but that's another 4-5 days before that can happen >< glad you like the pics! and finally (yeah, not alot of people visited me this time), Talim-of-the-Wind! i hate homework and school cause it really is what keeps me away from the internet! and you're lucky to have the ps2 all to yourself. i think i'll just have to kick my brother off of it more often :P lol and yes, pocky can make everything better ^.^

well, that's it. not many people visited due to.....some reason i don't remember. well, i'll put a pic or 2 and then i'm off to call my "sis" ok.....maybe i lied. no pics. i'm too lazy at the moment, so here's just *cough* one pic.

found this on 's site!

have a great day and honor the vets

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