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Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th
heyy. well, i haven't been on for what seems like forever so first off *hugs* tnxs for all the visits, everyone!!!!! it makes me so happy ^^ *hugs again* tnx you all and now i shall continue with the post! byh the way - it's FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!! this is my fav day of the whole year!!!! lol

the e3. it's on the week. i've been watching it since wednsday (i think that's when it came on). not once have they mentioned ff13. they said they would and not once...... ah! i don't know why i even wrote this! ><

the weather is actually nice down here. it's cool and warm - not too hot or cold - just perfect. last week it was flaming hot out. and now, starting sunday, there will be chances of thunderstorms everyday. which, i don't mind because i love thunderstorms - especially at night - because i love how they light up the sky and you hear the loud thunder that's loud enough to literally break your ears :P

oh, i also played some Final Fantasy X. no joke, the game i havn't played in forever (along with FFX-2). i finally got past the part with this boss i couldn't beat!!!!! made me so happy! and i mean, i neglected this game for months because i couldn't get passed it. you have no idea how thrilled i am to get finally beat this boss!!!

i've been drawing alot more lately. drawing is just my life. i draw every single day. by the way, i need an idea for a Final Fantasy VII pic. anybody got ideas? i was thinking of drawing a Cloud/Aerith/Zack pic, but i can't think of how to draw it. tell me if this sounds good:
Zack and Aerith are in the background (only because they're dead) and Cloud is in the front and (maybe it will) say "I Get the Feeling They're Still There" or something along those lines.
anybody got any other ideas?? like that it should say something else in the quotations, or how i should draw it differently? just wondering, and lemme know if you do.

also, everybody who has made a kh-chibi/plushie request, i'm working on them! believe me! here are the following people who requested a pic and if it's complete or whatever stage it is in:
Angel Zakuro: Sephiroth chibi/panda plushie - finished
midnightqueen: Riku chibi/Takara plushie - needs to be colored in
kybeary: Aerith chibi/Cloud plushie - being worked on
Talim-of-the-Wind: Demyx chibi/shark plushie - will be started soon
Rei-syn: Luxord chibi/(stuffed) wolf plushie - will be started soon
ok, that's everyone who requested. i've been busy this week, so i'm drawing everything so it can get on soon. by the way, the reason it's taking awhile is because when i originally drew Takara's (midnightqueen) request, i messed up on Riku, and had to re-draw it. so, like i said, i will try and get everyone's done asap!!!!

ok, most of the post should be done by now. now to answer the comments:
Blane Hoshi, omg! havn't talked to you in, like, forever! yes, and i know what the song is, and tnc for the compliment on my site ^^ Angel Zakuro *hugs* i'm sooooooooo glad you liked the Sephy-pic! and yay!, no getting stabbed with a sword XD (lol) i just thought i'd put this cute pic in the post before i got to the bottom

heehee~ Sephy-kun! and yes, there will be more pics at the bottom of the post ^^ yes, the subtitles are in french (reliazed a few days back) why in the world did i think spanish...?? i got more rest, by the way, too (you told me to get more rest). *huggs* wub you too! miteeka! omg! you're another one i havn't talked to in a gazillion years! *hugs* i missed you!!! midnightqueen, yes, aren't the Sephy-kun pics cute?? haha~ i like the one with the lil girl too. by the way, you're request is almost finished!!! *hugs* sis!!!!!! (Kylie) i missed you too!!!! about your aim name, that totally sucks. by the way, i maybe able to call you this weekend =D how cool will that be?? Ace! *hugs* glad to hear that the summer school thing is over! haha~ i feel like i can NEVER get requests done but, amazingly enough, i do get them finished. yes, KH2 manga is out. well, i don't save my money. well, i sorta do, since i don't buy much. i usually by manga. that's about all i buy :P so, i still know what the green stuff called "money" looks like (lol) more computer time.... lol you're right, i do end up writing these huge posts to make up for all the time i missed XP lol yes, i'll try and get on often! i'll try and get on sometime during this week!!!! (other than today, that is) you have a great day too! Tsumeato, did you really see Last Order: Final Fantasy VII????? omg! i'm dying to see that!!!!!! (is it a DVD?) please tell me how you saw it!!!!! i'm (literally) dying to see it!!!!! i luv the screenshot of Vincent too (my bg). it's the one scene i watch over and over, and want to draw!!!! Talim-of-the-Wind!!! *hugs* havn't talked to you in forever!!!!! *hugs again* yes, KH2 volume 1 is out. Axel makes his reappearance ^^ (hm.... i wonder what Demy-kun will look like??) yes, you can have a request i'm beginning the request as i, erm, type. yes, Ninja Lover, i had fun at the parties i went to! alot of funny stuff went on during the party, so we were al laughing hysterical :P yeah, summer can be boring (sadly). hm.... i got enough anime and manga and video games to kill summer time.... and finally, my Xigbar-coffee buddy, Rei-syn! yes, KH2 manga is out. knowing you, you probaly flew to the store and got it?? lol Luxord is weird.... and british-like.... hm..... never really thought about that until you mentioned it :P and yes, Stick Figures on Crack is worth the watch!!

ah..... i finished all the comments. the answerinf-of-comments paragraph is probaly the longest paragraph out of all my posts :P not that i mind - i luv getting comments! please keep them coming ^^

finally, to finish the post, my usual pics of Sephy-kun and other Sephiroth-related stuff. enjoy!

this is wishing Katir (temaris-fan) a happy birthday!!!!! ^^

you have to admit - it IS pretty cute =D

ok, i admit it. the pic scares me in a way, but it is sorta cute with him looking all evil :P

lol. Fenrir is really one of those toys you see n front of supermarkets that you have to pay for XD

y'know in FF7:AC how Reno says "You know you're pretty heavy" now we all know how Cloud was carried to Tifa's bar :P lol

somaigawd! gimme that damn chocolate bar!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!! XD

lol "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU KILL ME FOR???!!" lol that was funni~

ok, that's about it. i put in lots of pics and wrote an extremly long posts. now, i'm off to wandering around this place. how was everyone's day?

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