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Sunday, October 5, 2008


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anything Hyde Can Do, Gackt Can Do Better (or not)

OMG, this is HILARIOUS!!! You have to watch this!!!!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hello everyone! How are you guys? I've been good. I'm not exactly in the mood for posting but I will post anyways!!! :) And as you most likely guessed, the reason for not posting in sooooo long was because of horrible weather and redoing my room. It took even longer than me thought. And now my mom wants me to clean up and piles I have in the very corners of my room.

So, I saw my friend (the one who got a whif of Tokyo air) and she did get me a present!!! I luv it!!! It's a real Japanese fan. I'll have to take a picture of is sometime and show you guys, just like my room :) I may see her again tomorrow....maybe. It's not certain yet. If not, most likely next week. We're hoping so anyway. She's always so busy!! She, in fact, got back from PA the other day. And she was eating at a Japanese restaurant!!! I told her she had to send me pictures and everything, and she did (yays!). I must have, like, 10 pics of that restaurant.

In other news, I completely hated Friday. Everyone was getting on my case for absolutely NO REASON! And then I went to the eye doctor, for 2hrs, which I absolutely hated and I was given "wonderful" news: I need reading glasses. Yes. Reading glasses. The eye doctor said my right eye needs to catch up to my left. My left has been overcompensating for my right eye, and now he wants me to get reading glasses. Basically, I can see perfectly fine. My left eye can see perfect, my right eye is near-sighted. And for sometime, my left eye has been, and still is, overcompensating my right eye, which is why I can see without bluriness. But the doctor's wants my right eye to get better by the time I drive. He said I didn't have to wear the reading glasses alot or anything, he just wants me to get use to them because I'll be wearing them basically when I grow up and drive (and that'll be the only time, hopefully). He said that I can use them any other time I want to, if I felt I needed to, and he would prefer I wear them a bit each day so my right eye can catch up to my left. And, if my right eye does well and catches up to my left even faster than expected, I won't even need reading glasses -- I'll need none!! I havn't gotten them yet, though. My mom still has to get me to the glasses place and then I'll get 'em. And my friend said she'd still be my friend even if I looked like a fag (cuz I kept complaining that I will look like one!) I just hope.....I don't look too retarted...

And I don't like writing much about upsetting stuff but my aunt went into the hospital this morning due to chest pain (she went in at 4a). The last I heard, she was going into her 2nd operation and had been transferred to another hospital before the operation. I'm scared. I really hope she does ok!!! Please keep my aunt in your thoughts and prayers!!! Please!!! I would be soooooo upset if something bad were to happen.....and I don't even wanna think that far :'( I really hope she is doing ok! So please, please keep my aunt in your thoughts and prayers!!!!

Now, tryiing to be on brighter news, how many of you guys are watching the Olympics? I am. I missed some of it today, though. My brother was playing the PS2, so I spent most of my life on the computer. The opening ceremony was nice though ^^ The US got alot of applauding and cheering when they marched in. I was like, "YEAH! WE GONNA KICK ASS!!!!" lol The Olympics will go on for another....15 days, I believe. I'm excited for the rest of the events to come!!

And that concludes my post today!!!

Have a great day :D

Please keep my aunt in your thoughts and prayers!!!!

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