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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

heyy - 12 DAYS!!!!!!! ^^
heyy guys! i actually got on myOtaku today. have you guys ever seen an e-Card that has Rock Lee on it and is screamin "YAY! TODAY IS FRIDAY!"? i sent that to 3 of my friends. if you havent seen it go check it out. lol (sorry if im bossing you around!) nope. no new fan art to submit yet... workin on it TT.TT ehhhh... im bored. some girl on my bus today felt like she was gonna pass out. oh, by the way, 12 days till Christmas. ^^ happy happy! (lol) i really want my mom to go and buy me new manga (ok, at least take me to the bookstore so i can get it)... she had off mon-today, but now shes at work... and she said she wouldnt be... TT.TT so much for that, and so much for her doin w/e she was suppose to be doin. was playin asround w/ her cell this morning ^^ it rained over here too! we gave a fit to the teachers cuz we wanted to go outside, but luckily we didnt get in trouble!! ^^ i luv it when it rains. actually, its only snowed 2 days out here and yet... its been warm (unless somehow it managed to get below 30 degrees -_-") yeah... and i live in the USA (where else?) and it hasnt been that bad this winter... oh well. as long as the penguins dont die!! so i might as well just end it here. well, anyway, how was your day?
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Monday, December 11, 2006

WOOT! 13th b-day!!!! XD
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my 13th b-day!!!! got presents from my friends, and were havin cake in a lil (i had 3 cupcakes in school and ate a while ago... and im not grownin fatter [tnx God]) well, me happy ^^ (can you tell) today was cool and all, school ended fast, im the oldest kid in my class, new teen in the school! (lol) anyway, how was your day? not long after i got to school today we found out my teach (homeroom teach) got fired. wanna know why? cuz on Craft Day (thursday) he didnt teach us at all and every other class was taught. we were outside on the recess yard (or w/e) and were playin kickball, so he got fired for that. remember the lady i told you in the begin of sept and how i didnt want her as my homeroom teach? shes now our homeroom teach - until june - and i was like... "oh.... no....!" (lol)
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas tree
today, i got my Christmas tree!! ^^ well, actually we got 2 - one for my g-ma and one for my fam. i v=cut myself twice w/ the saw: once on the finger and also on my leg. i didnt cut any body parts up (tnx God!) but my leg was bleeding and it smeared, but wasnt that bad that i had to go to the hospital. right now im doing this project thats due tuesday. ^^' WOOT! my 13th b-day is tomorrow ^^ cant wait. i have studyin still left today and other stuff.... guess ill do em in a while. anyway, how was your day?
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Saturday, December 9, 2006

"Hear me, Kingdom Hearts!" is actually what Xemnas said 10 minutes ago after i vs him! i was bored and decided to play it! i luv KH! its such a good game! the story line never gets dull and boring the more times you play it and hear the same thing over and over. its a truly unique game. i give it a 10/10 (10 out of 10). what would you rate it? well, my b-day is in 2 days...! ^^ woo-hoo! anyway, my new years resolution (maybe im starting the resolution now) is to play KH everyday!! (no matter which one it is, it still has to be a KH game for everyday!) lol anyway, how have you guys been? ive been doing well. another question: how many files of KH2 do you have? KH? for KH2 i have 24 files and for KH i have 4 or 5. lol i think i like KH2 better, ill try and get 99 files ^^ actually, i probaly will get 99 files if i play everyday from the beginning to the end >< lol lol lol anyway, i guess this is the end. i should write up another post tomorrow cuz im not doin anything special right now. how have you been? !!by the way, i have new fan art up, its probaly sucky (in my eyes) but check it out if you want!!
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its just this morning...
well, its only morning over here so im gettin off in 10 and added another post later, kk? WoW! arent many people who update their site in the morning o.O lol anyway, im bored out of my mind... maybe i should draw... my lil bros friend is over. he came over 8:50 this morning and wont leve till like, 2p!!!! not cool! its only 10:02a right now, might as well browse around, get off, draw, yatta yatta and then come back on at 12p or 1p so i can IM more of my friends. only a few come on so early in the mornin. sigh.... not really much to write but a block away (i can see out my window) and 1:30a or so, a house went on fire. everyone made it out alive but by the time they made it out, their house was engulfed by flames!! i feel so bad. im just happy they survived. and my grandma went to the hospital yesterday for surgery. shes doin ok, just not allowed to walk upstairs for a few days or drive. tnx God shes ok. well, anyway, hows your morning? ill write more later
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Friday, December 8, 2006

Axel, my little hawtie - Sora, my little hawtie
elouai's doll maker 3his hair aint long but hes cuter. i made this up one day. Axel, my little hawtie <3
elouai's doll maker 3i put this on our collab site

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YAAAY! (i had NO school!)
well, for one thing, i dont have any school today. yeah, not many of you commeneted on my post last night (probaly cuz i put it up at 9 something at night). my backpack is heavy for h/w and studyin i have but i think ill be fine. my b-days monday and were goin for our christmas tree sunday (i keep thinkin today is saturday,. this always happens). so, i guess ill start another poll:
1. how far are you in ALL KH games?
2. your fav snack?
3. do you want my AIM name? (jk jk)
4. i suck at art, right? ive always believed that... TT.TT
5. am i boring you? (lol)
6. whos your fav character from Naruto?
7. whats your fav music?
8. your fav band?
9. do you like J-rock?
11. do you know waht J-rock is?
12. is your b-day comin up? i wanna put up a post wishing you one
13. ok, im boring you? lets stop the questions here. my answers:
1. beat KH2, almost beat KH:CoM and half way through KH(?)
2. idk. i have many
3. thats pretty dumb answerin my own question sayin i want my own AIM name
4. yes
5. i have no possible idea
6. Hinata
7. idk
8. idk (Panic! At The Disco i guess)1
9. yes
11. who wouldnt know this answer? yes
12. mines monday :P
13. idk....
guess what, you may have not even noticed this but: I SKIPPED 10!!!!! I DIDNT ADD IN A 10. didja notice that? and be honest. i did that on purpose. ill write a post later. how was your day?

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

tamarraw i dont have school, today was Craft Day so we watched a video in Spanish class, played kickball outside the WHOLE day and we watched a video for the last 25 mins before we went home!!!! ^^ some kid went on his knees cuz he wanted gum (started callin me 'lord Rose'), i made an awesome catch and kicks today in kickball, my mom is tellin me something (i have no idea what) amd some kid got freakined pissed off at me today but i could crae less. it was the same kid who made us get the tissue rule (dumb ass). some boys in my class were mimicing 6th graders (you had to be there! it was soooooo funny!)
heres the results of my KH games (how i did w/ progress):
KH: i have to beat Olympus Coliseum, seal the keyhole and then maybe ill be able to go to Halloween Town!
KHCoM: i just have to find this card, beat Marluxia and i finished Soras story mode! then ill have the option to play Rikus or not. i plan on playing his.
KH2: ive finished that games MONTHS ago, but i still paly it! its fun to play from the beginning, y'know? i have 24 files!
i promise ill write more tomorrow! how was your day? im in a delightful mood!!! today rocked!!!!!!!!! ^^

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

idk (how my past 2 days were)
well, i havent been on theOtaku for 2 days (or 1! heehee) and i havent seemed awfully busy this week either. i dont really habve tests and i have Craft Day tomorrow so i dont have work or anything like that ^^ (yay me!) so, last night sucked, today (more like this morning) sucked and then, all my friends and other kids wanted me to read my story (i had to do some creative writing assignment). i added in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinder, and the class went hysterical. it was funni - so if this doesnt seem funny to you - you just HAD to be there! oh... right. i have to do some more work on the first KH game. you dont even wanna know what part im on. im doin better on KH:COM and i beated KH2, so you really, really, REALLY dont wanna know what im stuck on... heh... heh... heh... ^^' (ok, its NOT the beginning of the game!) lets see what else... the kid who likes me.... i guess he likes me. everyone says he does: even though he doesnt say it. YAY! my b-day is in 5 days!!! y'know what? my friends always buy me gifts! there sooooooooooooooooooooo nice! my one friend was talkin to me in PE yesterday. her name was Kristina. this is something luike the following convo:
Kristina: "Rose, what do you want for X-mas?"
me: "idk"
Kristina: "whens your b-day?"
me: "this monday"
Kristina: "THIS MONDAY!?!? forget about x-mas!!! i need to know what you want for your b-day!!"
it was actually funny how she freaked out. my one friend, Maria, were like the same ppl. we both like games and all, but were not totally alike. nuh-uh. were only about 50-50 alike. my one friend wont be here for my b-day. were also doin secret santa. its fun! we did it last year (and maybe the year before?). (it seems damn amazin we can get tissues now w/o asking, amazin, aint it?) anyway, nm to write anymore. so ending here; how was your day? oh! and we had to do the secret santa all over again, so i got Kristina.

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Monday, December 4, 2006

roday was retarted. i mean, sure it wasnt bad, but we get these new rules EVERYDAY in school cuz this one fat kid in my class is a tattle-tale. screw him! dammit! i said screw him! SCREW HIM!!!!!!!!! sorry, like the rest of my class, were really pissed at him. were doin Secret Santa - me and my friends - and i got Maria. shes easy to get stuff for. were almost like the same people. weird, huh? besides that wanna hear the new rule in my class? it goes like so: "you need to raise your hand to ask the teach if you can get a tissue" is that fing retarted or what? i mean, SCREW THAT KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got in even MORE trouble today because of him!!!!! well, now you know how my day was.... how was yours? (oh and dont mind the language. i usually dont say 'f' so please dont hate me for sayin it)
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