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Sunday, August 12, 2007

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
heyy everyone. wow, i havn't been on for, like, a month? anybody miss me? lol so, anyway, as some of you may have noticed the minute you came to the site, it changed - it ALL changed - colors, avi, bgs, EVERYTHING!!!! i was sortof getting sick of them, so i changed them all. well, tnx to everyone who visted me *hugs* i happened to visit some people when my comp was fix (it ws broken for sometime) so i went to some sites and cmmented, just not all. *continues on...*

summer vacation is almost over TT.TT it sucks; REALLY sucks. i don't wanna go back to school.... why must all good things come to an end? *sigh* well, besides summer vacation ending *coughs* i got my cousin into Naruto. she just happened to see book 10 on the table and read it, and was like, "can you get my book 11?" so on and so foth, 'til she had read them all. then she was like, "can i read #16?" and i was like "#16, 17, and 18 don't come out until september" so yeah.... i have to wait even longer for manga. and the worst part is, the day they come out is the day i go back to school >< well, anyway, any Naruto dvds i had (of recorded Naruto Marathons) i showed her and we watched, like, all of them. now i have to draw her a pic of Kakshi sensei, Gaara, Asuma sensei, Shikamaru, the 4th Proctor (Genma?), Orochimaru and some other people. i was like, "GAH!!! AND I HAVE OTHER REQUESTS TO FINISH!!!!!" *sigh* well, i'll get them all done. i promise.

so, for anyone who asked for requests, they're all drawn, they just need to get colored. and because my comp broke down, it's taking even longer. please, don't hate me!!!!!! i'm getting them done asap!!! i will as soon as i get home! (right now i'm somewhere else on the laptop)

*continues on* it's also been quite hot out, except for a few days which were really nice ^^ yesterday we went to an amusement park, and it was sortof hot out but they're were water rides so i lived. i also had to wait 6 days for the bookstore to send me Fruits Basket vols 11 and 12. *sigh* and it was a dreaded long wait TT.TT today is pretty hot itself, but the ac is on so i'll live....

ok, now, to answer comments:
yes, 15385bic, Friday the 13th (last time i posted) is suppose to be an unlucky day but i actually like friday the 13th ^^ i guess you're right... draw what i like, but i totally have no poses or anything in this head of mine *falls over* zombies suck my brain out :P Ninja Lover Happy (Forever-long ago) Friday the 13th to you too! :P *hugs* game? what game? i was suppose to beat a game...? it's been so long that i can't fricken remember :P t-frogs! i luff rain too! who doesn't? especially when theres a t-storm! t-storms are my fav (especially during the night)!!! and yay! possibility today ^^ ...sugar!!!! lol (i'm a tad hyper) tnx for rootin for me!!! i'll be sure to beat whatever game it was that i said!! my xigbar-addicted-coffee-buddy, Rei-syn!!!! *hugs* Luxord is weird.... and i couldn't draw his hair on your request so i started making his hair look like Loz's.... lol and yes, FF7 is very addicting!!!! me and my 'sis', kylie, made an FF7 club (look at bottom of post). yes, i'll have to go on deviantart and look for it. oh! and i'm glad the stuff i told you helped ^^ yayness!!!!! snow EVERYWHERE!!!! Angel Zakuro!!!!!! *hugs* you're sooooooooo nice! you always visit when i update, so from now on, i'll visit you everytime i get on ^^ *continues* FFX-2 must have been the game (though i had an eerie feeling it was FFX) i mentioned in my last post. i got stuck at some boss too.... i think it had something to do with the Leblanc Syndicate... wait.... that may have been one of my newer files.... *brain smokes* and i'm very happy you liked the pic (and no, i never reliazed you had a Sephy Collection from all the pics i put on. how about i put an amv on for today?) you have a great day too *hugs* you're welcome, katie (temaris-fan)! of course i'd mention your birthday!!! i mention whoever birthdays are comin up so everyone can wish em a happy b-day! *hugs* glad you had a great b-day ^^ oh, so the game was FFX. i thought so. tnx for mentioning it, RSRKingdomStars!!! *hugs* yeah, i pray i'll be able to finish the game.... someday (lol) *looks into the distance* someday.... in the.....future..... *stops gazing* (lol) and BoomStar, wow, i havn't seen you come here in a loooooooooong time *hugs* how have you been?? and i guess you liked the pics, hunh?

to continue, yes, me and my 'sis' have made a FF7 Club. here's the banner

if you would like to join, please contact me or ky!!!

and finally, to end this post, i have something for you to watch ^^

Naruto- Real Ninjas

lol i luv this video ^^ tell me wactha think, and i hope your all having a great day!

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