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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Late Birthday (to me! lol)
konnichiwa!!! wow! i havn't been on in such a long time!!!!! everytime i meant to post, i never got the chance -_-" i've been so busy, lately. rawr...! well, anyway, what should i say? so much has been going on, and i have so much to say!!!! maybe i should just shorten it all, so nobody kills me o___________O lol ok, now i should continue.....

tuesday was my birthday! yup ^^ my birthday!!!! yayz! i had lots of people wish me happy birthday (and get me presents :P) but hey, that's what birthdays are about right? lol i had some of my friends tell me, "wow! you're old!" and i was like "......i'm only.....fourteen" lol you had to be there to see how funny it was. they were counting up to 14 and my friend was like, "holy shit! that took forever!" and i was like, "couldn't you just say, '1, 2, skip a few 14'?" lol like i said, had to be there. my lil sis (aka- ky)'s birthday was 12/3.

yesterday was craft day. it was the whole morning; wasted because of some crafts we were making for christmas. but that'd ok! it's better than learning ^^ crafts beat learning anyday!! because i was one of the best class artists, i had to do some drawings (snow flakes, holly, etc) on the people's stuff if they asked for it. and at craft day, i hate so fricken much, i couldn't eat lunch!!!! i was like, "damn....! i'm so full!" everyone in my class was full, and no one even ate lunch. then me and my friends matt and nikki started talking. somehow, we got into a convo about basements. matt was like, "mine has a pool table, air hockey table [insert more]". i said that mine - back to the days of my great grandpa - was a bar. like literally, it had a small bar table and it still has some wines left. (when i asked my grandma why she had wine dating back over 20+(?) years, she said that the wine bottles (which are filled with wine, still) are left as a 'momentum') my friend nikki was like, "wow! that's so cool! it was like a bar!?" then my friend nikki said that one time she went into her friend's basement (with her friend, obviously) and there was this huge tank with this huge fish in it. by how big she said it was, it was pretty huge! i was like, "how the hell did the fish turn around when it wanted to?" or something-orother, that made us laugh hysterically for a good minute or two. then she continued on by saying that the fish had gotten out of its tank and she screamed. her friend came rushing out, asking what was wrong, and nikki said she continued to point at the fish, unable to speak. then nikki's friend said, "oh, don't worry. it does that all the time" me and matt were like, "well, i guess it tells her when it wants to get out" it was great; yet another moment you had to be there to understand (unless, you already do now....?)what else.....? hm.....

i'm really sorry if you have no idea what i'm saying on this post (like i'm writing random things that have nothing to do with what the whole paragraph was about). i'm watching Naruto, downloading music, updating my deviant account, and..... typing this up. i can't really think of much to say. and i really don't have time to answer everyone's comments (sorry!) if i did have time, i would be answering them.....

btw (i'm ending the post after this), i'm trying to draw 'real people' *cough cough* i don't think i'm good, but my mom says its coming out just the way it should and my art teach says i should try and draw stuff besides anime *gasp!* she suggested that i tried to draw real-life people, so my first life-like person is none other than Zack ^0^ i guess he didn't come out bad. my mom says (she agrees with my art teacher on this) that the reason i don't think my life-like people are coming out like i want is because i'm so use to drawing anime, and not life-like characters. i guess they were right(?)

have a great day!
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