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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

came on, cant stay on long
came on, can't stay on long. *sigh* not even enough tiem to check out sites. just have time to read e-mails, that's all. *sigh* i'm still working on my pic. probaly won't get on till the end of the week... most likely. so bored, so very bored. what can i write? i guess my day was good. i recieved some sad news. i'll tell you guys another time. i have to go, i'm not even suppose to be on :P how was your day?
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Monday, January 29, 2007

oh, God! what a day today was! well, it was a monday... i hate mondays. but, today was a good monday ^^ (suddenly, i'm commenting days of the week?) it was lots of fun, other then me having some homework. bleah... homework makes me wanna throw up but it's finally finished (i think). i actually never came back on myO last night... i was suppose to, but didn't. lol this is strange. i never post on mondays... (or i rarely do). i got home from school and pushed myself to finish my work so i can read my final Fruits Basket manga. i didn't even read it all *weeps* and it's been... 2 weeks since i got my manga. and i have about 3 weeks to wait until KH:CoM manga comes out. yep... another 3 weeks or so TT.TT anyway, i was reading the Furuba manga and started crying. that's rare. i usually don't cry. actually, it's more like i never cry (when at sopmethings i do but only if they're really horrible or something like that). i wanted to stop reading but i was like "NO! i have to know what happens next!!!" it was hard to read. tears were coming down my face and my eyes grew a lil blurry so i couldn't exactly read what happened, but i still saw the words. it was sad... very sad. i stopped crying and then told myself i had to stop reading the manga for awhile... to prevent myself from crying again. but i kept reading on... i really don't listen to my conscience (sp?)... or at least not all the time. o.O i did stop though. i read a third of the book. i also continued drawing my Temari pic that i plan on submitting on theO sometime this week. i really do. i also have another pic i wanna submit, but i'm holding off. deciding whether or not i want to. but i'm defenitley gonna try and submit my Temari pic... and hopefully my Hinata one after i outline and color it. i outlined most of the Temari one. just to color it in... and then it's big moment arrives. lol has this been a long post? *sighs* i must stop here, before i create boredom for everyone :P how was your day?
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

my 'rents say i'm like that. i don't pay attention to what they say. i just end up saying "wha---?" and my parents get mad. yes, i have no life. aren't i a special person? yes, indeed. very special. special enough to get killed almost 10x last week by a staircase! ok, i exaggerated, i almost got myself killed once (i almost tripped down all the stairs). Angel Zakuro... i read her post. she said she tripped down stairs... maybe i got cursed luck from her? nah. lol and i'm NOT clumsy!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< rawr! ok, i'm hyper today. i plan on playing a video game right now with my bffl who came over today ^^ maybe i'mso hyper because of that? she's watchiong me type... she's humming a song. we're laughing hysterical. yeah, i had too much sugar. gotta cut down on the suger *nods* she says i need fiber... more fiber. nah, i'll just cut down on the sugar :P i can't listen to her. no, i can't. i'll check out sites later. i don't know when we're dropping her off at her house :P kk, bibi for now ^^ how was your day?
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

bit of a slacker today. i feel like that's nothing new. gotta prevent myself from staying up so late (lol). i'm soooooooo tired! look, i'm actually addin in gramer to my posts. how scary. i never do that :P so, uh, i guess i can start with "hello"

it's like, 4:00p over here. *sigh* i don't think i really did anything all day. all i did was listen to music, go on the comp, play some video games, draw some pics, and eat nachos while i was in the car. doesn't that sound so exciting?

i'm skipping around in this post... i shouldn't do that. oh well. not like it matters. i'm not the only one (people who do this know what i mean). so, tomorrow i'm thinking of submitting new fan art. i drew a hinata pic today. i was pretty bored. have you ever drawn a pic that you liked and then all of a sudden a day or 2 later, you don't like it anymore? that's what happens to me. i mean, i even look at the pics from my past. horrible. they're the worse things i've ever seen. i improved alot. that's good news, though! :P

ah.... i smell soup. now i'm hungry... i ate so long ago. well, i have today to tell you all: i'm NOT clumsy! i read your comments. i'm fine now. i guess i just had an 'off' week. that's it. *sigh* i'm bored. i guess this means my post ends here. how was your day?

...i think this post came out very long... o.O (whoops!)

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Friday, January 26, 2007

promise to KIRSTEN and ACE
hi guys. i havent been on for almost a week... how sad (lol). my HTML is still a lil messed up (even if it doesnt look it) so i turned my site off. i may have to do that again sometime... this week was so boring and was horrible. i almost got myself killed like a gazillion times... i almost tripped down the stairs, almost choked on Pocky, i hurt my hand, i had about a nosebleed everyday... ok, maybe only 3 days (one day was durin PE. i ended up getting hit in the face with a ball!) and well, i ended hurting myself somehow, somewhere, sometime. what else can i say? funny... just saw a Naruto commercial.... Shino action figure? since when? weird... oh, and by the way, KIRSTEN and ACE, if you are reading this continue to read it!!! this is my promise to you guys who get sick of me writin about Naruto all the time; my promise: i will STOP talking about it soooooooooo much!!!! my promise!!!!! ill end here. anything special going on? this week, last week, next week, the week after next week, the week after the week after next week (so on and so forth) nothing special is going on.... so booooooooooring!! every week is boring.... i have to submit my fan art sometime soon.... oh, one more thing: theres a mini Naruto marathon tomorrow night (i dont know when. i think 7-10p). ok, i have to stop talkin bout Naruto. Axe and Kirsten will hate me for talking about it. anyway, how was your day?

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

im not a shirker!!!! >
well, hi (i guess). today was all fine until i got yelled at TT.TT and then it went fine, and then everything got all messed up again and now i guess its fine...? im talking to my friend. :P im trying to think. all of a sudden, i was trying to think what type of people im like from Naruto. well one, im Neji. i (sometimes) think something is predetermined or that i can see whats gonna happen. and then, im also like the lazy ass Shikamaru. im not a complete shirker (only when i think i am - in other words, when im bored and i watch tv. but thats not being a complete shirker, is it? im not as bad as Shika-kun. at least i HAVE an imagination!!). then, im like Naruto (sometimes). i get all hyper sometimes. and finally, im like Temari in a way. i may be a girl but i kick ass. so, i may be like more characters, but i dont know. i was just thinkin about that. oh! and i saw last night episodes and thought it was a little disapponting that Shika didnt have a new justu but wt? i mean, it was still good and my lil bro actually thought the 9th Sound Ninja was gonna cut Shikamaru's head off when right away i reliazed it was Asuma (sensei). 'scuse me for turning this whole post into a Naruto-addiction post. very sorry!!! well, besides that, i may not be getting pocky *sigh* and i have to study for that huge science test tomorrow... -_-" i havent been in the mood to study for that science test but i have to... later. my mom said i could at least spend an hour on the internet but then im not allowed on anymore tonight... eh... now im getting in trouble... better end this post here and now. how is your day, guys?
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

my new site looks!
hi guys!!! how does my site look? i got a Gaara bg and changed the colors. does it look good? i know the bg is sorta small, but i still like it ^^ its currently 1:03p over here. Naruto's coming on tonite... i wanna see it!!! lol ive been Naruto addicted for the longest time... its my favorite thing!!!!! i may keep my avi though... i was thinkin of changing it to a Naruto avi but i dunno... right! i forgot to tell you, thursday, i had pocky (w/ strawberry cream). it was soooooooo good ^^ my friend bought it to school. she told me where you could get them (right by where my mom shops for groceries!) so we may pick some up. pocky is soooooooooo good!!!!! im trying to think... ah, im bored :P we went outside for 15 minutes. its soooooooooo cold!!!!!!! >< so im in here, typing up this post, and then ill finish up my manga and do some h/w :P i have a huge science test coming up... i hope ill do well. so hows the weather by you guys? it hasnt snowed at all today... i miss it already! so, until i write another post later, how is your day?
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Friday, January 19, 2007

nee! look at em!
hiya! i actually think i did good on my social studies test!!! ^^ YAY! my moms sick (sucky) and im watching Naruto right now (YAY!) lol i was on Photobucket (for 5 seconds approx) and saw this pic of the 4th Hokage, Jirayai (PervySage), Kakashi, and Naruto(?) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting heehee look at Kakashi sensei!!! lol ah... im bored. since im too lazy to write a post, ill write later (maybe) :P what else...? what else...!? nothing. how was your day?
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

yo people!! what up!? lol im hyper for some reason :P gah! Naruto will be on in 6mins so have to type fast (rush rush). first off, i wanna tnx IWMA (iwantmyanime) for the Shikamaru art trade pic!!! i really luved it!!!!!!! i really cant tnx yiu enough!!! am im also glad you liked the 'sexy' Axel pic hichi thought was no where close to sexy when i first drew it! but seriously, you have the pic!? lol i read ya comment and your post (lol)! i still have tons of manga to read. gotta finish Fruits Baskets and the Naruto vol 12... and then dread the long wait for more manga... lets see... i have tests to study for, so i really cant stay on :P eh, i hope i do well!!!! i got 2 tests back today (both high grades) and one yesterday (i got an F) but my mom didnt kill me. it was the night i was multitaking. so, i hopoe i do well on the tests tomorrow!!!!anyway, i have to go (how 3 minutes fly by). so ill ask you guys:how was your day? kk, time to eat KFC!!! lol
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Monday, January 15, 2007

my intertnet connection is really lousy today. im on the laptop cuz everytime i sign on with the regular comp cuz no websites can be displayed whatsoever!!! >< damn crummy connection... so, im really sorry iwantmyanime. i WAS gonna post our trade art but since my dad has to fix the comp, i cant post it anytime soon... sorry. gah, and its gona be forever before Naruto comes on... im REALLY bored... *sighs* i cant think of what to do... im listening to Naruto music right now (Orange Range is on). can ytou believe it? school is already in session tomorrow... and i have MORE Presedential Testing... and what sucks more then that is that im pobaly gonna ache for 3 days (again!) because i dont train... i hate training. i mean, whats the point of pres testing anyway? all you do is get a piece of paper sayin you got National or Presedential and its signed by the president and your principle. *sarcasm* wow!! i got a piece of paper signed by the president! *ends sarcasm* seriously people, IT IS A PIECE OF PAPER!!!!!!!!!! anybody could get one - anyone could copy the paper and pretend they got Pres or Natio - ANYONE!!! not worth anything, is it? so, um, bug deal. the school expects alot out of you. whatever, i mean, were kids (yatta yatta) and theres no point. is not like were goin into a competition, is it? so, does anyone besides me think Presedential Testing is worth all the trouble or anything? do you guys think is pretty lame? i do. anyway, how was your day?
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