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Sunday, October 7, 2007

yup! i'm still here ^^
i feel like it's the most amazing thing to happen since forever. yup. that's right. i'm actually posting again and without delay ^0^ lol it's just sorta because, i only seem to post every 2wks and due to that we have off tomorrow from school and all, i was able to post today ^^ (i think i was exaggerating when i said it "was the most amazing thing" though)

well, anyway *hugs* tnx to everyone who visited me!!!! i'm also glad everyone liked the new theme. i saw this bg (the one with cloud and zack) on thursday when i was in comp class. i had some freetime so i went to look for a FF7 bg and saw this one and thought "ooooooooooh~! me likes!" so i remembered where i saw it to make it my bg here. (btw, i think my bg on the school comp is aerith*zack ....actually, i'm not sure :P lol) once again, *hugs* i'm glad you guys visited me! i wish more would've came, but that's my fault for posting at, like, 8pm.

*continues* i felt like i rarely got sleep last night. i went to bed at, like, midnight and kept waking up almost every hour and then finally decided to keep myself awake. i felt like i couldn't take it anymore. maybe because it's hot, and my air conditioner wasn't on. hmmmm....that could be possible. it has been hot down here and it's suppose to be cold cause it's october (fall). where is that cold weather anyway!? i did feel a little funny this morning, but i'm feeling fine now, and the air conditioner is on, so that may have been the problem.

anyway, i want to play FF7 but my younger bro is too busy playing Mercenaries which i think is probaly one of his many stupid games that he plays. so, i'm hanging out on the internet. what better thing is there to do? well, right now, besides me typing up this post, i'm downloading Why by ayaka. the song was stuck in my head all last night after i watched the Crisis Core ending (about 100000000+ times). it's downloading, so i pray it gets on. last time i went and downloaded Why, it came up as some prank thing.

hmmmmmm......what to say???? *thinks* i can't really think of anything. it's only 12:16p, so there's really not much to say. probaly because nothing exciting is goin on (unless you call all the gun firing you here on my bro's game exciting). so, i guess it's time to answer peoples comments (i didn't get a chance to do that yesterday)

False Dreams! *hugs* glad you like the theme. alot of people do. i really can't wait for CC:FF7 to come out (it only came out in japan on sept 13th). same here. hate school, and its tests after tests after tests. the lowest i've gotten was a D - no Fs -and i really can't let my grades slip....y'know? ace! *hugs* omg, you're right! you havn't visited my site in a loooong time! lol. don't worry, i'm not mad or nuthin. my themes have changed alot. you know, i think i'll just leave it as Crisis Core for awhile. yeah, i hope i have a good luck streak soon too! *laughs* i think i really need one :P once again, my xigbar-addicted-to-coffee-buddy (i think i'm really gonna start callin' you that), Rei-syn! *hugs* just like your week sucked, mine did too. the rest of october better be better.....seriously. and finally, Angel Zakuro! *hugs* haha~! sorry for no sephy-kun pic and that sephy ain't in any of my bgs. well, at least cloud and zack are theire, right? lol yes, that's Zack's name....Zack (lol) i love him!!!! he is my older brother!!!! (lol. laugh. i'm a lil hyper) but no, seriously, on a family tree me and my friend were making, Zack is my older brother ^^ yeah, i hope my week(s) get better too. *hugs you back* well, at least you understand why my younger brother is intrested in the game when he doesn't seem to be such a big fan. like i said, the world is full of amazing things :P well, don't kill me today, but i may not get a *cough/sputter* sephy-kun pic *coughs* today. maybe tomorrow. there's some stuff i have to change around on the comp and all, but next time i'll try and get a pic of him on!!!! promise!!!!

ok, that's it for all the comments. guess i'll post a video or something (if youtube actually decides to load for me)

Furuba Randomness 2!!!!

this thing is so weird. my friend told me about it. i don't know why hamtaro appears, but, whatever. i still think it's funny :P

Naruto Randomness 2

Itachi: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's Paris Hilton's album!!!!!!!
Sasuke: Mwuahahahahahahahaha!!!!

hope everyone has a good day! these were just random things i saw on youtube :P

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