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Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy belated birthday, angel zakuro!!!!!!!!!
hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! i am so freakin glad trimesters are over!! =] i was getting sick of studying every night and then being pounded with - not just homework - but "random" tests that were thrown in this week, as well. but tnx god it's all over. but, before i can continue the rest of the post, i want to thank everyone who visited me (both on da and myo) *hugs* and everyone, tell angel zakuro happy (belated) birthday!!!!!!!

(i know you like sephiroth too, but since you seem to like air, i did this pic instead)

so, i guess i can continue on now. i'm munching on pizza (and it's really good!!!) yummy..... =] lol, why the hell did i wrote that? besides that random part, i've been drawing lots of new pictures and havn't gotten to play FF7 lately (gasp! the horror!) the game keeps freezing at the part where cloud (and two other members) are in the cosmo canyon and bugehagen (the old floatin' guy) invites cloud and the 2 other members into his 3D Space thingy (the thing that's like a re-incarnation of outer space) however, keeps freezing. and i can't remeber correctly; do i need 2 specific members to get through the scene? i don't remember what 2 i had, but, i think the game is just freezing at how scratched the disk is (i always say ,"i love my cousin for owning the game, i hate hime for taking such poor care of it") well, if any of you can wheel your memories to the past, anyone remember who they brought with them? this was also random........

besides that, what should i say? did i happen to mention my best friends aren't completely in that fight with me anymore? once happen to go on vacation and the other didn't get to school yet, so i asked one of them if they were mad at me or something, and she said she's not mad, but she doesn't understand or know what's on the other two minds. hmmmmmmmm.......that's about it for now. all else i can really say is that i have 2 1/2 days off this week ^.^ aren't i lucky? ok, off to the comments!!!

milleniumorcarina!!!!!!!!! i'm glad i'm back on too!!!! unfortunately, i havn't submitted new artwork - just wallpapers. and yay! now you have a scanner, so i can see your hand-drawn artwork soon!!!! oh! and i wouldn't mind doin' another trade art with you, if you'd like. and you are so fricken lucky you don't have staph where you are!!! i think someone got it out here....? midnightqueen!!!! oh, god! it's like you havn't been here in ages!!!! i havn't talked to you in so long! *hugs* yeah, my friends driend has staph (although i have no idea how she got it) but she still goes to school too. supposedly, if you find out you have staph right away, it won't be immune to too many antibiotics so you'll be able to treat it. however, if it's too late, i think the worse thing that will happen is death (all of you, please don't start freaking out). sis (kybeary)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, now you havn't commented on any of my posts in a loooooooooooong time. lol it was so much freakin fun talkin to you!!!!!!! yeah, william was just doing sooooooo many random stuf in the bg that made us crac up hysterically. lol he was, like, trying to sing at one part and i was like, "omg!!!!!!! shut up!!!!!!!!" hope we can talk again soon, sis! xigbar-addicted-to-coffee-buddy, Rei-syn!!!!!!!! i can't believe your friends broke up with you just because you guys disagreed on a pronunciation. that's pretty gay, don't cha think? corn!!!!!!!!!! ^^ i have to agree - lots of people on myo are nice. weird, ain't it? there really hasn't been a staph warning at my school. i mean, yeah, they handed out papers but they were like, "what to do to avoid getting staph" and then, in the bathrooms, they started putting papers up with the "3 C's" which was like, really retarted. they were like, "avoid Crowded areas" and i was like to my best friend, "how the hell do you do that? are you just suppose to go to the mall or somthing and say, 'OK, EVERYONE HAS TO GET OUT NOW 'CAUSE THIS IS A CROWDED AREA AND I NEED TO BUY STUFF!'??????" i mean, it's true, right? malls are crowded. and then another "C" was "Clean your hands" and i was like, "no shit. isn't that what you're suppose to do when you're done using the bathroom????" literally. ******can't remember the last 3 C's****** and yeah, you're school giving you a flyer saying "it's worse than AIDS and it can kill you" shit and shit is suppose to calm kids down!? i mean, yeah, my teachers talked about it to us too but when you said "when a kid catches it and then coughs up blood and dies right there on that spot by the teachers, the teachers will go, 'oh, it's ok. you'll be fine.'" i have to say, something was COMPLETELY screwed with that picture. literally. lol and finally, Angel Zakuro *hugs* i'm sooooooooooo sorry i didn't know it was your b-day!!!! (if i did, i would've put a pic up for you already) this is a warning: ANYBODY WHO HAS A B-DAY COMING UP, NOTIFY ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT POSTED SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN TELL YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! after all, who doesn't like being told "happy birthday"? ^^

ok, that's it for now. i don't have much more to say. although, i would like to tnx everyone for giving me good luck on my trimesters and being there to comfort me when i was upset about what my friends did! *hugs* and now, to conclude this post (entirely), here's a pic and video! enjoy ^^

Cloud = plumber
Tifa = janitor
Barret = some sweaty guy who had his gun arm changed into a toilet paper gun XP
Person = JohnSu, who is the creator of this pic
(btw, the toilet logo is "SHIN-RA" except the "RA" was replaced with "BEN" which is a word used for the toilet (supposedly).)

FF7 Teo Spoof Part Deux

Rude: He doesn't seem to have your pizza, sir.
Elena: Surrenderly quietly and DIE!
Um...I mean LIVE!


have a great day :D

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