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Saturday, September 8, 2007

ugh! i don't have muh time to be typin up a message since i DID type it up and all of a sudden, it erased and never appeared TT.TT i won't write a message now cause i have to go, so hear are some amvs and all. please forgive me!!!!! i will write a post some other time!!!!

*hugs* tnx to everyone who visited my site. second time typin up this post cause, somehow, it magically disappeared....

Hatsuharu: A mystery....

(lol. Haru from Fruits Basket always has something to say with "a mystery" whether Yuki has just walked in the mainhouse or 'fairies' cleaned the classroom he teared to parts :P)

but still, to continue, i can't answerin anyones comments because i really don't have time to type up the whole post!!!! forgive me!!!!! PLEASE! (and yes, Angel Zakuro, that means no Sephy-pic. i'm sorry. i'll try and include him in a video)

once again, i would like to tnx everyone who visited me last time ^0^ *hugs* you're all such great friends (even the ones who didn't come are great friends!) today, is, 'hot' depending on where you stand (if you're in the sun it's hot, shade, you're cool) so i decided to stay in the house and get some stuff done. i couldn't get on for awhile cause, once again, school is starting TT.TT i'm so unhappy. but now, i can get on ^^ (prehaps that means i'll be able to post more??) well, i must really conclude because i don't have much time. i promise!!! - i'll be back on track with my usual postings! - today just got out of line. so, here, to conclude, some vids ^^ (PLEASE WATCH THE NARUTO VIDS IF YOU CAN'T WATCH THE OTHERS!!!!! THEY ARE FUNNI :P)

Duvet (BoA) - FFX/FFX-2

Hikari [PlanitB Remix] (Utada Hikaru) - KH/KH2

"Hikari" [PlanitB Ambient Remix] (Utada Hikaru)

Naruto Ultimate Fan Flash 0.6

Naruto fanflash 2

Vanilla (Gackt)

that's it. i'll have more next time i get on! hope everyone has a great day ^^ hope you enjoy the vids :D

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