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Saturday, October 20, 2007

*phew!* finally.......
hi everyone!!!! i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!! it seems like i havn't been on here in forever (2wks is more like it)! i've just been piled with homeowrk (after homework) and tests (after tests) that i can never get a chance to get on (it took forever just to turn on my ps2 in order to play some ff7) well, i'm finally back, so why not continue on with the post.......?

i really don't feel like saying much (i'm not int the mood) so, i'm just gonna say i'm tired and.....on this note......sleep? lol no, i guess i can continue on a little more. well, i don't think my da account is doing good. i submitted 2 fan arts and only got one fav. an di submitted them about an hour ago. am i expecting too much?? maybe...... i also submitted 2 new artworks on myO, so go to my portfolio and see them, or, better yet, i'll just post them here.

the reno pic was a request :P well, besides that, i havn't been completely getting enough sleep. i feel like there hasn't been one night where i havn't actually gone to sleep without waking up TT.TT also, i havn't been able to play ff7. my brother has been playing on the ps2 and i havn't had time to do anything......

well, i don't have much to say, so i'll answer the comments know.....actually, i don't feel like it. but........TNX TO THE SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT VISITED ME!!!!!!!!!!!! and tnx to ace, who helped me get my da accoutn since my computer was being absolutely gay that day.

Tokyo Nights [Utada Hikaru]

well, that's it for now.....i guess. maybe i'll post tomorrow.....? for now, lemme go drown my worries in pocky...... (lol)

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