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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

happy (belated) birthday, Artchoke!!
*hugs* geez, i don't think i'll ever stop tnxin' people for visitn' my site... but that's a good thing, ne? so, once again, tnx you ^0^ so, how was everyone's day?? i guess mine was ok... my throat seemed worse (like i had lost some of my voice) and i'm coughin' a bit harder... my mom says that's good cuz then i'm clearin' all that junk outta my thorat or whatever... i still have a stuffy nose. well, i guess since it's the first cold i've gotten in awhile i'll have to deal with it. but, yes, i want it to go away asap (isn't that the first thought we have when we get a cold?)

last night i couldn't fall asleep until about 11p or 12a.... it was dreaded terror. i was gettin' pretty mad i couldn't and was like "if i never get to sleep this cold will stay with me!!!" so i think i through a bit of a tantrum... ^^; well, uh, whatcan i say?? *thinks* yeah... this is gettin' off the subject but i haven't played FF3 at all today..! gotta play some!

i haven't had dinner yet... what should i eat?? hm...... any ideas? (and don't come up with any crazy ones either!!!) so, i have to think of something - yesterday's post was too short - dontcha think? well, my friend drew the following members from akatsuki: tobi, itachi, itachi's.... bunny!?, sasori (i made him draw it; both forms), and kisame (me and my friends were jokin' around like, "isn't that a place in FL!?" lol) i told gim to draw dei-sama, but he said "he'll be the second to last akatsuki member i draw" geez, i don't wanna wait!!!! (can you tell i'm impatient?)

Happy (Belated) Birthday Artichoke!!!

i have a questions that i'll ask at the end of this post, bit lemme continue: the weather is a bit colder than it was yesterday (yesterday was a 'beautiful 350 degrees day outside' as a ki in my class called it) i'm almost done with my Deidara pic ^0^ woot! just got finish colorin it in and then write in the words and *click* submit! and yes, to whoever asked me, it WILL be in my Portfolio ^^

Questions of the Day
1) to all my fellow Naruto friends, the plant guy in Akatsuki... his name is Zetsu, ne?

2) how does my new bg look? i'm goin' Akatsuk-style XD

3) do you like orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream? my friends wanted me to ask people :P

4) would you like to see girl-scout cookies named Carl (and Jim) "fly"? no? i didn't think so (lol)

5) like my new avi? it's Dei-sama XD

ok, i have to go eat dinner and i'm changin' to my wonderful Akatsuki-style cuz... i don't know :P how was everyone's day??

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i have a cold TT.TT
heyy. tnxies to the people who visited me today/yesterday *hugs* tnx you guys very much. i read all your comments ^^ see? i'm not evil like everyone accuses me of :P well, today hopefully i don't talk too much about FF3 ^^; (i'm sorry if i do!) eh... i still have the cold. i just have a scratchy throat and i have a stuffy nose -_-" (will it never end??)

*continues* ahhhhhh!!!! my leg's asleep!!!!!! (lol) anywayz... (tries to stop thinkin' 'bout the foot sleepin') *cough cough* i'm workin' on a Dei-sama (aka-Deidara) pic for no reason really. it's going to say something like this;


ok, i know that's pretty stupid but some idea i came up with on the bus *cough cough* i've been coughin' every now and then today. seems a lil' better... i think. i just keep coughin... -_-" i wish it would go away!!! so annoyin'!

uh..... what can i say...? there's not much, now that i've forgotten -_-" lol i'm such a loser. yay! it's so much fun to finally get on after not being on soooooooo many weekdays!!!! anywayz, guess i'll just do some browsin' around :P how was everyone's day??

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Monday, March 26, 2007

i have a cold... *cough*
*hugs* tnx to everyone who visited my post yesterday (and today - hint, hint! Angel Zakuro and 15385bic :P) *hugs* if i hug you all i'm afraid you'll die, so i'll stop. anywayz, tnx--! (ah! there i go again!!!) *hugs* ok, i'll stop now.

hm... so, what to say? right, i've been palyin' FF3 and when the Bahamut boss came up (Dragon's Peak) i didn't know i was suppose to run away. i didn't get that message until the 4x i battled it ^^; i agree with 15385bic, it is sorta hard. i changed Refia into a thief.... i wish i just left her as a white mage but if she attacked, usually it would only damage 2% of the monster, and what happens if the HP of a monster is over 200??? then that would be bad, so i changed her. i seem to be in a huge ff3 craze, so i'm drawing Luneth (as a real lookin' person, or so i'm hoping ^^;) but why continue on about this?ok, let's face the fact: i'm too much of a video game fanatic; it will never get off my mind.

to all of you who visited, glad to hear you didn't kick your comp and do anything bad (besides sakurie.... she sounds like she did something bad) so, yeah, what else to say? *thinks* i had alot of homework, like that's nothing new. seriously. tnx God school is almost--... somaigawd! school is almost over!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! ^^ (i actually noticed that during the week.)

i hope everyone is feeling fine... i have a sore/scratchy throat that's been bothering me today (no! i don't have allergies!!) my mom says it's a change in weather. i hope so. who knows how long i'll be able to put up with this. i mean, it's not that bad but it's not absolutely teriffic either. i think i'll survive though.

i guess that's it. i'm not posting at 8:30p again :P this time it's almost 6p. anyway, how was everyone's day? and i hope you're not gettin' a cold like me either.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

welcome back, sis!!!! *hugs*
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ky-chan is finally back!!! i'm so happy =D i'm also happy you had a great time sis *hugs* i love you! i'm also sorry for the people (including sakurie) who will kick their comp because mine user profile was off - and yes - it was off (so sakurie, no computer bangning, please!) so, how should i start off?

well, this weeks been awfully busy (not to mention this post is being posted at 8:30p) so i never had the chance to get on. so i'm sorry to everyone i haven't visited (and Rei-syn's PM i never got back to her). please don't hate me!!!! unfortunately, i can't visit anyone's sites, so tomorrow i will, kk?

friday i went to GameStop and got FF3 (which is an awesome game). i've been playing it non-stop. although i can't say i'm really far in the game: i'm supposedly headin' to Dragon's Peak to find some guy names Desch or somrthin' orother :P i had to play the game 4x from the beginnin' cuz i'm not the type of person to look into an insruction manual :P i was about to ask taytay how you save, until i read the insrtuction booklet. i'm so stupid (15385bic, don't say i'm clumsy!!!!!) so now i can talk to people through the Wi-Fi connection. can i talk to any of you guys? first.... you'll have to tell me how (besides talkin' to Mognet and then sending messages by clickin' a button and.... wait! is that it?) so, i have all my 4 characters: Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus. i didn't want them all to stay as freelancers, so i changed their jobs.
Luneth: warrior
Arc: black mage
Refia: white mage
Ingus: red mage
i'm on Dragon's Peak right now... why do i keep talkin' 'bout FF3??

well, i played some FF12 yesterday and i wasn't so use to it. it's nothing like any of the FF games i adapt to so well; i didn't expect romance from a wedding in the beginning and seeing a prince and princess (what's-his-name and Ashe) kissing since they got married and all and then i had to listen to some guy speak and i'm not very use to it. but i'm getting there, i know that much.

what else can i say? *thinks* i really don't know. this whole pose has been mainly about FF (more like FF3). right! i remember now: when i was watchin' Naruto last night, something happened at one of the scenes where Kakashi visited the stone with all the KIAs (Killed In Action) because Obito's name was on it and something happened and they didn't play anymore Naruto so i got upset. they didn't end it; i didn't get to see how it ended!!!!! so, i guess i end here *hugs* how was everyone's day?? and once again, sorry i wasn't on!!
p.s. my new bg bg is one i made and just submitted: tell me watcha think =D

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

thanks to the people who visited me ^^
to everyone who visited my site yesterday... thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* i felt so bad when no one visited on monday. i need people to come and 'm glad some did ^^ *hugs again* thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! *never stops thanking* so, what can i say besides thanking everyone to death...? *thinks* right! i agree with everyone all about how we notice people are turning emo (corn, get outta there! don't celebrate!) because i hate the idea of thinking i'm emo. i may like the dark but that doesn't mean i'm emo. sure, sometimes i get really upset. how do i cure? i just read manga, draw, etc and i totally forget what happens (so, see? i'm not emo!) and i hate the idea people cut themselves. i only cut myself when i'm not paying attention to cutting the paper :P and just because my site is dark, i'm not emo! the only reason my site is dark is because i liked the vincent bg (and it's dark) and if i had gotten a light bg, it wouldn't go well with the somewhat-dark vincent one. le's get off the emo subject, cause it will go on forever if i don't stop. yes, i'm a senior otaku and it seems like all my friends ae becoming that too (now i won't see 'otakuite' under their names anymore)! i really can't say much more since i have to get off TT.TT well, i'm looking for a new bg theme (thinkin of changin it to a naruto theme with akatsuki or something on it). well, i'm still looking; i'll probaly have a new theme before i get off. ah! i found one: for now it will be itachi (yup!) ...i have to go now... -_-" hopefully i'll get on later. how was everyone's day? (yay! and my wp got on ^^)
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Senior Otaku =D
yay! i'm a senior otaku ^^ (i'm no longer an otakuite) wow.... i'm so hyper (all because of that!?) well, i'll continue on: looks like alot of you updated today. i only got a chance to visit 15385bic's but i am visiting others too (don't worry!) all i need next is for Rei-syn to start yelling at me. she wrote to me and was like "you deactivated your site... how dare you" so i have the feeling she's out to get me ^^; there was more to the message, but that was the first line (what'd i do wrong?). it's turning into an emo-world out here: so many kids i know are starting to act emo (ok, so maybe it was only for friday) but alot of funni things have been happening this week (excluding the emo part). like me and my friend saw these hugs tv's and they had ff7 and parrapa the rapper on 'em and me and my friend were rushing to every PS they had but none of the PSs had the games on it. then i started saying "my life is incomplete unless i play that game!!!" and, yeah.... ^^; don't mind me. i'm sorta hyper now. well, i'm doing lots of stuff. oh! i forgot to mention: new theme!!!! my new main bg is vincent since i've been so adicted and not i just have to find a "dark" bg for my gb page :P how long will that take? it has to be a drak kh one. i found a roxas one; that will have to do for now. i forgot to say i have to pay my mom $12.50 becasue she helped pay for my manga. i had only brought the money i thought was enough to pay for it all but wanted extra books so now i have to pay her back TT.TT she probaly won't take me to the bookstore until i pay her back (and it's not like i'm gonna walk) so i have to give her the cash soon... i always pay her on time though (and when i say "on time" i usually mean that night or the next day). well, i won't write much more cuz i've probaly bored you to death :P can people please visit? no one visited my post on monday TT.TT how was everyone's day?
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Monday, March 12, 2007

hihihi =D
hihihi today's been a good day. nothing really happened, and i'm just in a good mood ^^ (ok, so i'm hyper too, but that adds to my good mood) so, what can i say? *thinks* it's nice out. nice and warm ^^ no need for jackets =D i ate lunch outside (for once). it's nice to get away from nasty cold weather *nods* what else? *thinks* alot of people like the vincent picture i'm making, but they all thought he was a girl. that's when i said "no, he's not a girl! he's just an amazin' guy who slept in a coffin for 30 years~" and some of them stared at me like "what the heck...?" lol it's coming along though. i still have to outline it and make him look more like a guy instead of a girl :P since i haven't outlined it, it looks like i made a mess out of the paper (lol) so i have to fix that. 've been listenin' to alot of j-pop ^0^ i wuv j-pop. the j-pop fav. singer/band winner is... *opens envelope with a piece of paper inside with the winners name on it* ...L'Arc~en~Ciel and Utada Hikaru ^^ (nobody else got votes; isn't that sad?) since i'm turning into an ff7 geek (all over again) i decided i'll show you a pic done by XxAerithXx!!! it's cute, isn't it? aerith is over-happy with the idea she's braiding sephiroth's hair :P
(took out on 3/17)
how was everyone's day?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

final fantasy 7 geek O.O -vincent valentine-
i am proud enough to say i'm a complete Final Fantasy VII geek (as if i haven't been one) i guess it's because i've been playing Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII lately. i'm working on a picture that has to do with ff7 (more like doc:ff7 actually). it's Vincent Valentine (the once ShinRa gun-slinging Turk) back in his days as a Turk portraying his "sin". he's behind a gate that will only open a little and his cuffed because of his "sin". the gate is only open a little because he wants to see Lucrecia. so basically, my imagination went a little (er, i take that back) last night and i started drawing Vincent, behind a gate which i decided would only open a little and he's handcuffed because of his "sin". i know, weird, but where would we be without an imagination? getting off this subject, it seems like everybody's fav j-pop band is L'Arc~en~Ciel (how can i blame them? i luv that band too ^^) i only got, uh, 5 votes i think (without me voting). i would like to thank the 4 or 5 people who visited my site last night *bows* the others probaly didn't want to 'cause i didn't visit theirs o.O sorry... i said i might not be able to -_-" i'm really hungry (no worries, i won't starve myself) gee, i'm bored. *thinks* oh! i called my friend because i was like "what was the spanish h/w!? i lost the sheet of paper!" so i called like 5 different people and only one picked up (if your cells are off or dead, learn to charge them/turn them on)! so i went to look through the book when i was talking to her and what happened? i found my sheets of paper for my spanish h/w. so much for them being "missing". *sigh* i'm so stupid. maybe today ain't my day? it seems fine, i'm just a lil off... cursed daylights standard time or whatever. -_-" for any Final Fantasy geek go to ffinsider.net just for fun. ffinsider has many different games you can look out (no, it's nothing like e-Bay) that you can view the characters, screenshots, pictures, wallpapers, etc. i discovered this site about 2 years ago, and only visit it every now and then o.O visit it if you have the time. how was everyone's day? eh.... my wp won't appear (still!) so, where are those headphones of mine? i need to listen to some j-pop. i really can't visit sites today either. sorry!!! forgive me? k... time to keep drawing Vincent. hopefully he'll get on ^^'
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

i wub j-pop!!!! ^.^
heyy! i haven't been on for awhile?i think that's been hapening lately o.O so, i guess i should ask: how was everyone's day - er, - week? mine was good, i guess. sis, why are you so depressed!? *continues* i'm sorry i haven't been to any sites all week. and i'm sorry for all the requests/trade arts; they're almost done!!!!!! i'm upset though... i made 2 wp's last night and submitted and they never appeared TT.TT i'm sad... but i guess that's life. i'll just have to submit them again, won't i? here's the first one. it's tifa lockhart (from ff7) but this version of ff7 is "last order" (aka, last order: ff7) unfortunately, it wasn't big enough at first and it created pink on the bottom -_-" gotta watch out for that in the future

and the second one is vincent valentine (another ff7 character) but from the ff7 called dirge of cereberus (aka, dirge of cerberus: ff7)

nm to say.... i'm bored. so, what's up? i'll try and visit some sites today, but i'm busy, so don't expect to get one (sorry!) *hugs* can you guys forgive me? by the way, here's a poll :P

Get your own Poll!

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

doesn't it seem a little weird? o.O
when i got on the computer a few minutes ago, i received a PM from my friend, katie. she told me half the pics in her portfolio were missing. i checked out my portfolio, just to see if any of the pics were there. 7 out of 36 pictures appeared; that's it. and it still said i have 36 pics, but then what happened to the other 29? and i really don't wanna re-submit them; i already had to do that once. but isn't that akward? that so many pics are gone when only 7 are still there? i checked 5 portfolios: mine, katie's, 15385bic's, taytay's, and kylie's. only taytay's, mine, and and katie had missing pics. what's going on? i PMed adam and asked, hopefully he'll get back. i also left a comment on his post. so i hope he answers back. i really don't wanna lose any pics: especially that temari chibi one i drew that i got alot of votes on. i worked hard on these pics, and now only 7 will appear? i don't undertsand why. what's going on; does anyone know? it's not happening to everyone, but i happen to be one of the unlucky ones TT.TT if anyone knows, can you please tell me? please!? i'm starting in a horrible mood.... not knowing why these pics won't apperar TT.TT
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