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Saturday, October 6, 2007

current theme: crisis core: ffvii
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! omg, havn't been on for 2wks (again!). i am sooooooooooooooo sorry!!!! it isn't my fault. my teachers are so strict, it's almost unbelieveable. and then, they pound us with homework everynight and so many tests the next day, that i never actually get time to anything. *sighs* and i was so hopin' to get on last week, but that didn't happen...... well, to continue *hugs* tnx to everyone who visited me!!!!!!!!!! you guys are so nice (and amazing!). so, lets continue.

first off, i can describe the past two weeks to you in 2 words: it sucked. the last time i posted, i was heading home (later on) and my voice was a little scratchy. then, the next day, it was almost like i lost my voice. and for that whole week, i could rarely talk. my friends and me also got into a fight that week. thank god we were able to fix our problems. then, the next week - my voice fully restored - even more things went and got screwed. my friends and me got into another fight (but we were able to solve the problem so that wasn't that bad) and our teachers gave only-god-knows-how-many tests, and i ended up getting a D on one TT.TT i was so upset cuz my mom told me not to get a bad grade and, here i am, with a close to F mark. this is the first time i've gotten an F this year - all the rest have been As and Bs - and maybe one C. but, yeah, i got into a couple of fights with my younger brother, but all in all, maybe this week will get a little better....?

anyway, last night i played some more FF7 since i havn't been able to play it in 2wks (due to the amounts of hw, tests, etc). i played for about 3hrs straight and i got even further. so, i'm happy. and my younger brother (the same one. he's my only sibling) kept telling me "wait! don't continue the game without me watching!!" but i didn't listen to him. i sortof kept playing. for someone who isn't as obsessed with FF7 like i am, it's amazing he wanted to keep watching. the wolrld is full of scary things.....really.

i'm sooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!! can't answer comments today - sorry!!!!! hopefully tomorrow (if i get on) and there will be no pics/vids (sorry!!!). if you want to see a pic or vid, please go to one of my posts below this one!!!!

well, ok, me lies. here's one vid.

Crisis Core - Ending (English Subs

hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

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