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Saturday, June 30, 2007

heyy (and for Angel Zakuro.... SEPHY-KUN!!!!!!!!!!)
heyy. it's only about 9am (8:51a, actually) and i've been up so i decided to post. first off, tnxies to everyone who visited me!!!! *hugs* even more than last time! i'm so happy ^0^ (i mean, you have no idea how happy i am!!!!) and second off, i'm glad Angel Zakuro didn't come after me with Buster Sword or something (i was afraid) because i didn't put up a pic of Sephy-kun. lol. well, she didn't *hugs Angel Zakuro* and as promised, i'll put up a pic of Sephiroth. but once again, *hugs* tnx you for the comments! some of you may know that i left comments on your posts, but not all because i was really tired (otherwise, i would've updated). anywayz, to continue....

havn't had enough sleep. i think i had more sleep the night before but.... i only got, like, 6hrs. i went to bed at 1 in the morning and woke up at 7 something. some alarm or something went off, and kept me up. and i have a party!!!!!! guess i'll just have to rest in the car, right? for my friends present, i got her the first volume of Fruits Basket because when we were in school, she said she didn't have the first volume, and wouldn't get any other volumes until she had rthe first one. well, now she only has 15 more to go :P speaking of books...

...i went to the bookstore yesterday (well, obviously to get her her present) and i just had this feeling that Kingdom Hearts II volume 1 had come out, and the minute i got to the manga section....! i saw it! Kingdom Hearts II manga!!!!! i was so happy ^^ they original said it wouldn't come out until july but... i really don't care.

well, i have my younger brothers party to go to as well this week. see Ace? i have just as many parties to go to as you do. :P hm.... what to say? *thinks* well.... i never got a chance to go on the internet at all this week (and last?) because of the heat. it was so damn hot out!!! and our comp, if too much power (air conditioners, etc) is being used, my computer beeps. when it beeps, you're not really suppose to go on or it'll kick you off TT.TT so retarted, but somethings i have to live through, right? *sigh* but i wish it wasn't the comp....

also, during this week, i decided i might take requests/trade art for KH-only chibis. i've already drawn Namine for myself, and when i get it on (hoepfully) this week, it will be decided if i do the chibi requests/trade art. and no, that doesn't mean that if you tell me you want one, i won't do. i will. but, for the heads up if i say yes - which i proaly will - i need to know the following:

~what kingdom hearts character do you want as a chibi? (they can be kh/ff characters, not disney, and the ff characters MUST appear on any of the kh series)

~if the character is from all 3 kh games (cloud, squall, aerith, yuffie, etc), which version do you want? (Note!: if you don't pick a version, i will pick for you)

~what type of stuffed animal or plushie do you want it to hold? (the plushie could be you if you want, or you can have a stuffed animal (such as a tiger, penguin, etc. like, for example, i made a Namine chibi with a penguin plushie)

ok, that's really about it.... i think. hm.... well, i think i've talked about mostly everything (you know how summer can be dealt doing nothing sometimes) so, to answer all the comments:

ky (sis), i reliazed (right after i shut the comp off), that i didn't e-mail you. i'm sorry i told you i did. i think the zombies took my brain out XP lol who doesn't love Potter Puppet Pals? and i agree, i think the "Mysterious Ticking Noise" was the best. Ninja Lover, i'm happy i'm finally back too! *hugs* i'm glad you're back to, NL! my week, was boing, just like yours. lol nothing new, i guess. Angel Zakuro! tnx you for not hating me for not putting Sephy-kun in my last post! but, as promised, i'm putting him in this post (as well as an amv with him in it XD) glad you don't hate me *hugs* Ace! you're one of the sites i visited last night =D alot of people are saying they're glad i'm back! at least i know i was missed!!! glad i'm back too, Ace! oh, and tell your girlfriend "Happy Birthday" for me; didn't you say she was having a birthday party or something? i hope your other friends party goes well too. have fun at the parties ^^ Artichoke, i'm gonna submit the bunny-like character. i promise. when it's on, i'll tell you. haha, and luv your icon:
yea... a friend would lend you an umbrella in the rain...but a true friend would take yours say RUN BITCH RUN!!
lmao. eues1, those were funny videos, weren't they? honestly, Potter Puppet Pals are hilarious ^0^ Rei-syn! missed ya! *hugs* you are my Xigbar-gets-high-on-coffee-buddy XP (we should make a club outta that. lol) Stick Figures on Crack?? hm, don't think i've ever seen it. guess i'll have to go watch it now =D corn, Gackt does look like he's having a seizure, right? lol well, Gackt is just... Gackt. RSRKingdomStars! i think you're another one i visited last night. can't remember.... Gackt does dance a lil creepy.... but than again, this is a music video. who doesn't dance like they're having a seizure?? i've seen tons of videos like that XP glad tohear you're doing fine, too. and kakshi s, i say again, who doesn't like Potter Puppet Pals???? they're hilarious XD

now, i've finished all the comments, and totally forgot what i was gonna say next, so, to do as promised...
1....2.....3..... TA-DAH!!!!!

Sephy-kun for Angel Zakuro!!!! i hope you like him - the only version i liked the best was this one - a chibi! i hope you find him cute! he's the best pic i found so far!!!!!

poor little girl....


and finally, the amv

don't blame me if you have no idea what they're saying. i think they're speaking in spanish or somethin.... i dunno. i really didn't pay attention to the words, just to the scenes. (i like the song...)

how was everyone's day? hope you enjoy the amv and pics ^0^

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   youtube-ness!!!! (sorry, Angel Zakuro, no Sephy-kun pic)
hihihi ^^ wow, today i'm a tad hyper... quite unusual for me to be hyper on a rainy day. i'm usually sleepy :P lol by the way instead of pics today, i'm posting videos from youtube ^^ so, tnxies *hugs* to everyone who visited me!!!!! it's been so long - and so many people visited ^0^ tnx you all!!!! *continues to hug* well, i guess i better continue, right?

today was pretty boring. well, this whole week, was boring, period. i just spent my time drawing, and creating this new bunny-like character and over the weekend, changed formats, etc. like my new avi? it's Gackt. the way he's dancing, you can't help but wonder, "is he spazzing out??" lol well, what else to say...? lemme think....

lately, i've been obsessed with "Longing", by Gackt. i dunno why, but i luv the song. i've seen the video a gazillion times, and i'm like, "again! again! AGAIN!" (lol) for some strange reason. besides that *totally skipping over Gackt subject* it's, like i said, raining. not that i mind, i like he rain (sometimes) but it's strange for it to be raining when, it's been hot and sunny all week. what's up with that??

to answer everyone's comments:
*hugs* somaigawd Ninja Lover! i haven't spoken to you in like, ages!!!!!! so good to hear from you =D ky (sis)! i missed you too!!!! *hugs* omg, i must call you sometime! i will! i'll try!!!! you get any of my e-mails, sis? i hope your throat feels better, corn! my throat no longer hurts, but i can't say all my colds have gone away (but they're almost gone)!!! Rei-syn, i guess you're right about non-anime girls seein' Vincent has a girl, not a guy. tnx for lettin' me understand whay you were sayin! (and you do have a point!) yup! all songs i've listed are by asain singers, 15385bic! tnx you for the song suggestions! (*still continuing to download songs my friends have suggested me to download*) you have a great holiday too when you get it, 15385bic! ElvenNinja! luv your new icon. so funny (a monkey screaming). ugh! lucky! you got outta school earlier than i did >< glad you like the Sephy-kun pic, again, Angel Zakuro. today, however, Sephy-kun will not be on my site (please don't hate me!) Sephy-kun's been in every post up til now, and i promise to put him in my next post!!!! tnx you too, Angel Zakuro for giving me song suggestions! as i said, i'm still downloading XP i mean, they all don't download in one day, ne? why would they bother to put finals on the last 3 days of school, Ace? guess you find that just as retarted as i find it :P well, i hope you did well!!!! and i agree, LightAngel13! what better than to combine the FF and Pokemon world? it's totally cute XD

now that i've finished answering everyone's comments, i come to conclude my post. i don't think it's been very big. it's probaly not big cause i didn't even feel like posting today :P well, how's everyones day? and i hope you enjoy the videos!!!!! please watch as many of the videos as you can!!!! (all of the videos names are posted above their movie screen-thingys)

Harry Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Tiocking Noise

Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Bothering Snape

Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Banana Phone

Redemption (music video) - Gackt

Longing - Gackt

enjoy! hope everyone is having a good day =D

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

hihihi - week of finals.... OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
somaigawd!!!! how has everyone been? i havent been on for 2 weeks due to: finals/other-school-stuff/etc! so, how has everyone been? schools almost out for me... less than 2 weeks left (yes!) and then i can go on without the world bothering me ^0^ what to say first? well, tnx you all for comin and commentin *hugs* i would be nothin without you guys!!!! and... well, hm.... well, i have many e-mails and messages to answer. ugh! i feel like i have nothing to write!!!! so, i guess i'll continue...

starting off, its raining. and i have, nevertheless, a cold. 2, in fact. i have a stuffy nose and i'm coughing. i thought i'd be the only kid in school and - ha! - there's like, 7 others :P at least i know i'm not alone. i was afraid, because my throat hurt me so badly on monday, that i was gonna miss out on finals. tnx God i didn't (phew!) ended up going to school everyday this week. well, at least testings over ^0^ something to be proud of.... literally. getting back to the rain, i stood out in it today for over an hour in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. not too bright, i guess, but i can't help the fact that it wa sactually suppose to be sunny :X

hmmm..... i need to download more songs onto my MP3. the songs i'm thinking of are:
Longing (Gackt)
Flavor of Life (Utada Hikaru)
Real Emotion (Jade from Sweetbox)
1000 Words (Jade from Sweetbox)
-songs by- L'Arc~en~Ciel
-songs by- Malice Mizer (Gackt was from this band)
-songs by- ORESKABAND (i think that's the name of it...)
....and probaly more. anybody got any ideas for possibly any songs/bands i haven't listed?

now to get to everyone's comments:
yes, MissGoldenAngel (aka-Goldy), course i remember you!!!! how in the world could i forget you!? *hugs MGA* haha~! Tsumeato, you thought this WHOLE post was gonna be 'bout Vincent-kun's past!? lol i saw your comments on my pics, that's probaly why you thought so :P hey *hugs* Tsumeanto, i haven't seen your comments in awhile! glad you came back to visit me ^^ i guess everyone thinks the same thing: "Gackt looks like a girl" lol and who would put cow processing on youtube? you have a point 15385bic, i would've probaly had become a vegetarian too o.O ah! i love the one where they shoot Voldemort, Ace! but i have to admit, i like the "Mysterious Ticking Noise" one too. Vincent is kewl! Rei-syn, where you saying that he looks like a girl!? (i was talin 'bout Gackt lookin like a girl in my last post, not Vincent :P) and finally, Angel Zakuro, who has always been kind enough to come to every post *hugs* and because you're so kind enough to do that...

...TA-DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sephy-kun all for Angel Zakuro! *pushes you into Sephy-kun's arms* i still can't believe you haven't seen FF7AC yet.... maybe it's on youtube. give that a try =D

now that i've answered everyone's comments and can't think of anything to say, i'll look for a new avi, bgs, etc. i'm thinkin of changin this site up a bit. how was everyone's day?

awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! look how cute this is ^0^

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Friday, May 18, 2007

'how can anyone question Vincent Valentine's coolness?'
hihihi! *hugs* tnxies to everyone who visited my site! wow, some people who rarely visit have visited since such a long time!! (makes me happy ^^) *hugs* Artichoke, his name is Cloud, fyi (that's whos arms you were throwing me into but i'm no longer sleepy so... yeah) Angel Zakuro, i'm glad you're happy with the Sephy-kun pic *throws you into his arms* i'm sure he's the one person who's never stab his sword through you (not like Aerith... such a sad moment. but why am i talking about that now anyway??) *hugs* and to continue on with this post...

i haven't been on for 2 weeks. actually, i got on yesterday but i didn't have time to post or anything so... i agree with everyone on the whole Vincent Valentine subject. who could question his coolness? he's just so damn awesome! and yes guys, i can still draw him at home. (i can still probaly draw him at school but not with her around) and i (think i'll) say this for the final time: yes, Gackt does look like a girl. even my friends at school were like, "who the hell is she!?" and i was like "first off, it's a man" i dunno... maybe when people see pics of him for the first time they imagine it's a girl but when, for the first time, i saw a pic of him, i knew it was a guy.

*continues on* yes, i hate food that's hot (and to Ace's coment), even when it is pizza that's been sitting ther for a whole hour o.O this all brings up that my friend was on youtube and happened to see a video where they make cow into meat and (this was like 2 weeks ago) she became a vegetarian o.O what was i doing last night? i was on youtube watching potter puppet pals and all that... *starts singing to the Harry Potter and Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise*

Ron Weasly: hey guys! i found the source of the mysterious ticking noise! it's a pipe bomb!

lol, and then the place blows up and you see Voldemort. i annoyed my cousin with that song ^^ the only thing i have to say is that Hermoine has a manly voice and Ron has a girly voice XP they screwed up somewhere. ugh! forgot what i was gonna say!!!!! *thinks*

nothing much happened today - just been boring as usual - and it rained. ah! now i remember what i was gonna say! did you guys read one pf the anime mews post? they're making another FF7:AC movie - and they're adding in 2 new scenes! it's a blu-ray disc and what really gets me mad is the idea of the 2 new scenes. they could've just added that in the original AC movie, couldn't they have? grrrrrr!!!! i read that they're making this special edition one with a novel and all that in it so i plan on getting that. if it doesn't come with the 2 new scenes, i'm gonna throw something out the window! i don't think my 'rents would be happy with 3 FF7:AC disks (after the way i watch it every single day and know every single line. no, my 'rents would probakly throw the dvd player down the stairs or something o.O) anybody else pretty upset about this? i know that (i think it was) corn who commented and said they she didn't like the idea. phooey. i would probaly be happy to have 3 disks, but it looks like i have to send my friend on a hunt for it. after all, she happened to go to the store and see it. that's how i got the original (i tnx her and she hates the idea she even found it - same goes with KH - she got me into the game, and now she regrets it)

this concludes my post. how long was it anyway? i happened to start writing shorter posts. by the way, this is an e-Card i made last night. tell me watcha thing! (and it's no other than Reno and Rude) hope everyone has a great day!

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

not as tired! WOOT!
'mornin! ok, i actually woke up in a good mood (i woke up like, 10mins ago) and ate beakfast. it was a little hard to fall asleep, but i did sleep (even if i went to be at midnight and woke up at 8a) *hugs* yay! i'm loved! (lol) (answering back to Angel Zakuro's comment) yes, i missed everyone too, and to everyone else, i know this "new rule" sucks. oh! and by the way, tnx to everyone who threw me into Cloud's arms ^^ (Angel Zakuro joined me, by the way. then Sephy-kun came along and she went into his arms. lol) so, once again, *hugs* tnx for the visits!!!

so, what should i say? *thinks* well, its only morning and there's really not much to say but i'll find things to write XP for one thing, i keep repeating Redemption by Gackt over and over again. i'm looking on photobucket for a pic of Gackt so you all know what he looks like ^^ i've actually only seen one pic of him in my whole entire life (lol)

ok... 2 will do for now.

skipping over that *thinks* i wanted to see my friend's sketchpad, but had to make a promise. my promise was i had to stop drawing Vincent Valentine. i had top agree, unfortunately, if i wanted to see it. so, i haven't drawn Vincent in school, but i secretly draw him at home :P when i brought in a pic of what Vincent-kun looked like, she was like, "he's weird" i was shocked since all my friends say he's a col character (and i totally agree) and she was like, "what makes him so cool?"

owwwwwwwww!!!!! my breakfast is ho *burns toung* water! milk! just give me something >< (lol. spazz moment) anywayz, what an i say....? well, i guess i'm just off to go visit some sites.... and Angel Zakuro, here's Sephiroth so you can be thrown into his arms

*pushes you into Sephy-kun's arms* ^0^ (sorry. couldn't find a bigger pic. all the ones i liked were too small) so, how was everyone's day?

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

status: tired.... VERY tired
heyy. i'm tired today: very tired due to: lack of sleep/waking up early/crying for probaly no apparent reason/watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 2x. so, tnx to everyone who visited my site *hugs* i only got 3 comments but, oh, whatever. *hugs* alot of people visited me so i really don't care and what's most important is that at least people noticed *nods* so, how was everyone's, er, day? week? if you were wondering why i wasn't on this whole week it's because there's a "new rule". i'm not allowed on during the week until school ends (that's in, like, another month TT.TT) by the way, i'm not visiting anyone's site today 'cause me too tired. by the way, if i hug you and fall asleep on you, throw me into Cloud Strife's arms... he's hawt XP

so, i guess i'll continue on today. it's 8:05p as i'm typing, and i still haven't eaten (i'm about to eat now). i told my mom i didn't feel hungry and asked if it's because i'm tired. she says that's why. i mean, i cried today for what seemed like no apparent reason. i cried in the car. i have no idea why either... i think i'm just tired. it's not like me to cry for "no apparent reason". um.... i end typing this part of the post. and no, i'm NOT emo!!!!!!

i have this suspicion not alot of people are going to visit since it's so late.... i guess i'll post tomorrow morning... this week of school *totally skipping subject* was ok, i guess. and everyone else's week was....? ugh! i really don't feel like posting, i just forced myself too for the heck of it >< so, anywayz, i'm too busy on photobucket to find and ff7 icon. and corn, even if i am weird, i'm glad you still love me *hugs* so, how was everyone's day/week/all that? i have to download some music now... *downloads* by the way, these nachos are good ^^ i think i'm gonna fall asleep in another hour in Cloud's arms.... (lol. i'm becoming Cloud-obsessed XP)

heehee cute ^^

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Friday, April 27, 2007

it's been about... say.... 4wks?
heyy! it's been about a whole month since i updated - the longest i've ever gone without updation - and the longest i hope it will ever be XP well, thanks to everyone who visited me on my long ago post... *hugs* i'm very happy. my internet connection has been down and i wasn't even able to get on... even if i tried!!!! i was soooooooo upset! i missed all you guys; i was very sad TT.TT but all is better now (i think). so *hugs* once again - THANKS!!!!!! so, lemme continue, k?

well, when i did get very little connection last week, i managaed to post some e-Cards. well, 3, actually (not that the number really counts). i went from Number of Times Sent: 19 to Number of Times Sent: 112 in a whole week XD i'm so proud (and this is making me hyper), so i decided i'd show you what they look like (by the way, they're in order from the first, to the last):
(sent: 8x)
(sent: 16x)
(sent 19x)
(sent: 38x)
(sent: 31x)
out of all of them, the Vincent Valentine asnd Hojo "Let's Play Doctor" e-Card was sent the most, and the Naruto vs. Kakashi "We Are Chibis, Fear Us" card was faved the most (i think. i can't remember) when i first put the "Let's Play Doctor" e-Card on, there was no faves/sends at all, which made me upset, thinking no one would send it. i was actually thinking of deleting it, but, after i saw it being sent so many times, i was really pleased ^^ so, what do you guys think? what's your fav?

continuing on, it's been pretty boring. the weather was all nice and warm and went to being cold (today) in one day... and i was pretrty upset TT.TT for warm weather to last that long... it's pretty sad - especially when it's close to may - but still, i can't control mother nature, now can i? erm.... what can i say...!? *thinks* AUGH! why is it so hard (especially when i haven't been on for a month and i can asay alot!!!)!?!?

*sigh* i just can't seem to think of anything -_-"
eh.... i think i'll just end here... well, i have questions, that should be the end of it. and this probaly isn't a long post either.

random moment now, weather! you shall make a thunderstorm - and make it very dark!!!! that way, i can enjoy it! mwhahahahahahaha!!! (er.... random much? yeah, i just had to write something to make this post a tad longer, seriously)

Questions of the Day
1) you don't think i'm weird... after the random moment, do you? please don't! i'm.... on a sugar rush XD

2) which is your fav e-Card outta the 5 i showed you?

3) how's the weather by you?

4) ummm.... there's no question 4 because i forgot what to say o.O

5) since i skipped over question 4, i was thinking: should i write down the words to the FF7: AC movie, and post 2-3 chapters on my site every time i update? if so, i'll start tomorrow.

6) have you ever heard Redemption or Lasting by Gackt? jwjw

7) did anyone even reliaze i wasn't on for so long??

that's about it. really. um, i think questions 4 was this: how was everyone's day/week/month, and all? i hope you're all doing well *hugs*

oh! something i remembered!!!!: i was so tired today, i almost fell asleep during my exams/ classes. no joke. i was told to rest (and probaly sleep) the minute i got home but, i don't listen to people, so i never fell asleep (lol) but i was really tired today! well, i'm off to play DoC: FF7, cause i have nothing better to do right now :P

The Greatest FanManga of All Time
it features Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth :P (um, iot wasn't posted on the site cause it was screwin' the site up, fyi)

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

back since forever-yon
heyy. sorry i haven't been to anyone's site yet... yesterday, i planned on going to some sites and the cable guy took FOUR HOURS to get the place i was at (NOTE: not my home. we have connection) and after he showed up and left, i STILL had NO connection!!!! >< anywayz, tnxies to all the guys who visited me *hugs* you guys don't get annoyed that i say that all the time, do you? i hope not, anyway. *hugs* still, once again, tnxies and i guess i'll stop now cuz i have some evil eyes lookin' at me o.O

it's currently 9:43a, i still haven't had breakfast, even though i was awake, since like, 6:30 :P what should i have? ...any ideas? well, by the time you tell me it will be probaly close to lunch in this area so....

ok, so guys, there's a thing called Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+?? i heard that in japan, KH2 was released as Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and KH3 will (i guess?) be released as Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+? does anybody know? i have to go look that up. oh! and someone said there wasn't an official KH3 site, right? well, actually, some site i visited had KH3 on it, or bits of it at least. now if nly i could remember the name... (wouldn't that help?)

*thinks* right! i started some clubs (look in intro) if you wanna join XD just lemme know, kk? i always wanted to make clubs for some reason and i finally did. there's about.... 6.... i think XP i'll have to go count again. that's why, if you reliazed, "Helena" by My Chemical Romance isn't in my intro anymore (i took it out).

i can't think much of what to say. due to yesterday was absolutely boring with no "life" whatsoever in it and today only began, so, yeah...

(i think i put these lyrics up before, but i can't remember)
(My Chemical Romance)

Long ago
Just like the hearse you die to get in again
We are so far from you

Burning on just like a match you strike to incinerate
The lives of everyone you knew
And what's the worst you take (worst you take)
from every heart you break? (heart you break)
And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)
Well I've been holding on tonight

What's the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Came a time
When every star fall brought you to tears again
We are the very hurt you sold
And what's the worst you take (worst you take)
from every heart you break? (heart you break)
And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)
Well I've been holding on tonight

What's the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight
And if you carry on this way
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Can you hear me?
Are you near me?
Can we pretend to leave and then
We'll meet again
When both our cars collide?

What's the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight
And if you carry on this way
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

i luv that song... such a good song. doesn't MCR make good songs 9for those who know them)? anywayz, how's everyone's morning - uh, - day?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

'down deep, bunnies are rockers'....
....and in truth, they dance in a graveyard with RayMan to this oh-so-wondefrul music ^^; ah, yeah... that was a bit random, ne? i just know someone who's been playin' it and i like to watch the bunnies rock in the graveyard :P mhmm, i have no life XD (is that even somthing to be proud of??) so, anywayz, i haven't been on since sunday... *hugs* omg! tnxies for the comments!!!! i got 8 of them XD and yes, Artichoke, you are loved *hugs* once again, happy belated birthday!!! *hugs* once again, tnxies!!!! how is everyone's vacation so far?? i have - ha! - more days off (and this is actually true, it's also true Spring Break just started for me, as in, today). i guess i'll continue on what happened from monday to today (it's wendsday, for those of you who don't know)

monday: i got my friend into Naruto. hm? is that an achievement? well, i would say so since she isn't all into anime/manga. i was readin' the newest volume and she wanted to check it out so i let her and she finally finished it today. and when me and my friend wre talkin' 'bout Naruto, she told us she didn't want us to spoil it for her (she also wants to learn how to draw the Naruto people).

tuesday: more Narutoness and she went on reading, askin' if maybe she could come over the break that way we could watch some Naruto episodes i recorded. i told her i had 4 full hour disks of the Naruto Marathon :P she wants to see them; she's only seen one episode.

today (wednsday): my friend who is a highly Naruto geek like me got sick today. he threw up and we heard him as he did it. everybody looked at eachother and i lost my senses (as in i lost my appetite). and to make matters worse, he threw up on his best friend!!! >< ewwww.... i hope he feels better.

hm, monday looked like the longest day i had to talk about... i really have no clue what happened yesterday and today.... thankls to the whole big commotion. i also have to wait for the bookstore to call me back (if i haven't mentioned it), because my Fruits Basket wasn't in TT.TT what else can i say? *thinks* well, when i came to look at my comments, i had totally forgotten i went from the 3-day Akatsuki-style to KH ^^; windrygurl, is The Dreaming good? i wanted to read it, but i have no idea what it's like (doesn't it have to do with some cases that involve murder in a certain part of the world in one of the school's?? i'm memorizing this if i got it correct).

what else? hm, i have over 3 hugs piles of manga (NOTE: i asked people how much manga they owned). the piles, unfortunately, fall from time to time. when am i gettin' that bookshelf in my room?? yes, Sakurie! i own all the KH/KH:CoM manga too ^^ there may be hope for KH2 manga to come out, since it already came out in japan XD

Artichoke (and windrygurl), KH3 is Kingdom Hearts III. didn't you ask the same question when i was talkin' 'bout KH2, Artichoke?? lol Talim-of-the-Wind, i have (i think) found out it will be called "Kingdom Hearts III". for proof, look at this logo i found.

and tell me that does not say "Kingdom Hearts III" (oh, and i'm not sayin' it mean, i'm sayin' it in an amusin' sorta way :P) so, i think it will be called KH3. hm, you gotta point Sakurie. i wanna play Kingdom Hearts Final Mix too, but i think that was supposedly released as KH2 in japan (so i think i read somewhere, or i read it was the last KH in japan, which, i highly doubt).

and i think that's it for now. *hugs* once again, tnx for the comments (i ALWAYS look foward to them!) and i hope you guys are all doin' fine. how was your day?

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

somaigawd! KH3 XD
heyy. guess i haven't posted since wensday, hm? actually, i was on last night but never posted... i was talin' to my 'lil sis' for 3hrs :P but i WAS on theO... but i was too lazy to post ^^; sorry! *hugs* tnx to the 3 people who visited my site ^^ *hugs* tnxies ^0^

what to say? well, it's saturday (woot!) and i'm sorta bored... well, when i first got on theO i went to the wp sectipn for some reason and saw - gasp! - a KH3 bg!!!!!!!! i'm sorry, the Akatsuki trend is gonna have to wait; i need to make it KH3!!!! uh..... am i driving you crazy with KH3? i'm sorry!!! but.... i though this today, "it's been a whole year since KH2 came out" (call me crazy, i just messed up the whole post by mistake :P)

i'm goin' to the bookstore - i am dyin' to get that new Naruto book (as well as others). i feel like i have nothing more to say. there must be somethin'!!!!! *thinks* oh, i was gonna ask you guys these questions, but sadly, that will be at the end of this post.

uhmmmmmmm.....? i really have nothing to say. i feel so weird. must be because i wanna read this story (you guys have no idea what i'm sayin') so i think i'll go and do that. so, uh, has everyone's day? and please answer the questions. if i have more to add in, i'll add, but that's only when i can think of something...!

Questions of the Day
1) anbody who plays FF3, please (PLEASE!) tell me this: how do you shrink Refia, Luneth, Arc and Ingus with the spell Mini? everytime i shrunk one person, the other 3 would never shrink - even if i made them all learn it - how do you get all 4 to shrink?

2) my new bg? it's now KH3. and you think it's...

3) how much manga do you own? i'm just wonderin'

4) what anime/manga are you a big fan of?? (list Top 3 if you must)

5) what video game (series) are you a big fan of?? (list Top 3 if you must)

6) am i boring?

that's it. i'm done. how was everyone's day... and... how long is this post? *hugs* tnx to everyone who visits the site (and comments)!

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