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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

   Holy Crap!
Judging by yesterday's comments left...I better not screw this realistic Inuyasha drawing up! I'm glad to hear that you guys are so excited about it though! I got his face, necklace, and neck done and I like how he's coming out. I'm even making him shirtless *snicker.* C'mon! We ALL know we pay better attention when they're shirtless! I know I'm sucked into a scene more when they show Inuyasha walking around with no shirt...is that sad saying that?

Oh and speaking of Inuyasha...I was talking w/Kanashii Ramen on aim and we talked about the love/hate relationship Inuyasha and Shippou share. I mean, they drive each other BONKERS but it's so cute 'cause the second one or the other is in trouble they risk their own lives to help them. I have a few cute piccy's of the 2 showing off this love/hate relationship:

I think the last is my fave...I just LOVE both their expressions. You now Inuyasha is saying some smart-ass remark to Shippou and Shippou...well, his face explains it all. I LOVED that episode!

Oh! I was watching my Rurouni Kenshin DVDs today and there was this one thing that happened that had me CRACKING UP! Yahiko was trying to win a fight against a group of people all by himself to impress a girl and Kenshin and Sanso find out about it and decide to sorta watch over Yahiko to make sure he doesn't get himself killed without Yahiko knowing about it. Well, the bad-guys come CHARGING at Yahiko only to be stopped in their tracks by the piercing gazes of Kenshin and Sanso, who are standing on a roof above Yahiko and they run away in fear. Later, Yahiko looks up just in time to see Kenshin and Sanso dive behind the roof so Yahiko wouldn't know they were there helping him out. And to try and trick Yahiko, they begin making mating call sounds of birds!! LOL! And they sounded SO horrible...I mean, it was so obviously them which only pissed Yahiko off even more 'cause he KNEW it was them. Heehee! It was just so great...I wasn't expecting these rough tough guys to begin chirping like cute little birds!^_^

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