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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

   Tutorial!..... Again!
The next part of the tutorial is done. The next part of the tutorial is the hair...Kenshin's hair *grumble* still takes FOREVER but...I still showed it. I'm glad you guys are finding it useful and again, make sure and let the whole page load before you close the big-ass banner on the side of the page. If you close it, the page will stop loading...stupid geocities. Here's the link: Click Here!

I have a question for those who have seen Samurai X...Logan asked me this question and I'm kinda curious now. Is Samurai X rated NC-17? He heard it was and I was looking all over my DVD's packaging and I don't see a rating anywhere. I mean...NC-17 that's like...porno movie rating! I mean, yes, we do see Kenshin do the dirty twice but it's not explicit or anything! It is extremely gory so I'm wondering if that's why. I own all 3 of them and can't find a rating! GAH! Does anyone know? 'Cause now I'm curious! Gee, thanks a lot Logan!:-P

MAKE SURE AND WATCH INUYASHA TONIGHT!!! It's one of my fave episodes! It's so incredibly cute...c'mon...Souta asking Inuyasha for advice on girls?! And he practices on Inuyasha saying I love you. Inuyasha's advices are great too...you just HAVE to see it!^_^

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