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Monday, February 7, 2005

Oh god oh god...I'm not the type of person who's afraid of bugs but...holy shiznet this bad-boy was HUGE! I can't believe it! I'm like the CLEANEST person ever and having *that* in my room. *shutter* This thing was so fast too but it somehow got into a sticky spot in the corner of my room and it's wings got stuck. That mother trucker didn't know what hit him! My shoe took good care of him. I then showed it to my suite mates and they flipped. I think I'm going to give them nightmares.

I was reading some mangas and have you ever come across a certain page or pages that somehow just strike you. You know, those shots that make you stop reading just so you can stare at the drawing itself. Most of you have read mangas so probably know what I'm talking about. I was reading Rurouni Kenshin and Immortal Rain...again and these shots somehow struck me and thought I should share!

Something about this Kenshin page was just so cool! Not only is Kenshin's pose so full of life that it's like he's really moving but the guy that he's hitting...the artist made it almost surreal in showing that his face was getting smashed to beyond reason. So cool GO KENSHIN!!

Then there's Immortal Rain:

I LOVE how this artist draws tears. And there's something about this sequence...it's like you could see this being animated and you can feel everything the character is going through without many words being spoken and the words that are spoken are so pure. AH! I LOVE IT!!

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