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Monday, February 14, 2005

Sorry about not getting to everyone's sites recently...I think we all are going through the Otaku changes right now. Oh, and the realistic Inuyasha drawing is done and you can now see it here: Click Here!
For those who have already seen the one from below...this version is actually bigger and slightly better quality so if you want to check it out and possibly comment and vote you'll be my hero!^_^

Soooooooo...people want a realistic Kenshin drawing now, huh? That sounds like fun! And I would SO add the red highlights to his hair...hmmmmmm....

Oh, and I found some cool Kenshin pictures recently and thought I share the wealth:

Um, one word...YUMMY!

I just think these 2 look so cute in this piccy:

LOOK! It's Kenshin's son! And the boy behind him is Yahiko grown-up. You can see both of them in the 3rd Samurai X movie:

AH! I can't wait to see this episode! There's something about this pose that's so sweet that it makes me feel all warm and squishy inside:

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