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Monday, January 31, 2005

Fruits Basket Drawing^_^
Many have commented how the style of my latest drawing is different...well, that's because that's the style of the Fruits Basket manga as opposed to the anime style. I like the manga style much better than the images I saw of the anime...it's more...I dunno, unique? So yeah, for those who commented they didn't think the characters looked like the anime ones, that's why. I'm glad you guys seem to like it though! I'm thinking of creating a step-by-step tutorial on how I color since oh-so-many people ask me to teach them how to use the colored pencils. Perhaps with my next drawing I'll do that. Here's the link again to my drawing if you guys missed it: Click Here!

I finished watching the Samurai X DVDs...you guys who have seen it were right..Kenshin needs a hug!! Poor guy! Poor Kaoru! Poor Kenshin's son(can't remember his name at this moment)! Poor...everyone who knew Kenshin! It was so sad. It was hard for me to see him become so weak since he was such a strong person and Kaoru...bless her...stayed by his side no matter what. Oh, so good! The style was interesting too since it's not drawn the same as the anime series. I LOVE Kenshin's voice in the Japanese version...so soft, gentle, calming. And then I watched parts with the English dubs on..*sigh* they made his voice WAY too harsh and masucline...he's supposed to sound young!! Ah well, I'll live^_^ And now, another pretty Kenshin picture:

Awwwww...gotta love 'em!^_^

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