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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

   Step-By-Step Tutorial!
Ok, I decided to create a step-by-step tutorial teaching people how I color like I do. I'm using a drawing that I just started today and it's of Kenshin and Kaoru. What you're seeing in the tutorial, is all I have done so far...which is all the flesh tones which is what I get asked the most about from people who need help. In my tutorial, it shows you frame by frame my drawing in progress so you can see how it looks as I start adding different colors to it! As I finish more of the drawing, I'll add more frames and let you guys know when the next steps have been added. I think it's kinda cool that you guys will be able to share my drawing steps with me now!^_^ Here's the link to the tutorial and make sure and let the whole page load before you close the banner along the side of the page. If you do, then the page wont finish loading. Sorry about that guys! When I find out how to add the tutorial to DeviantArt, then that wont matter anymore. Link: Click Here!

I got to see Inuyasha tonight on Cartoon Network...I rarely watch the english dubbed but I heard it was the one with the 3 monkeys...I LOVE that one! Heehee...so funny..I love when Inu is so exhausted from carrying the boulder, that he's just like passed out on the ground and you see some little kid poking him with a stick! HA! So great! I LOVE the next episode too...when Kagome gets sick. Inu is such a sweetie! Oh and I think that episode leads to another great one which is when Kagome's little brother falls in love with a girl in his class and he asks Inuyasha for advice and then he practicing saying "I Love You" to Inuyasha and Kagome walks in and is like..."what the hell?!" The little bro keeps asking Inu for "girl" advice too and Inu's like..."I dunno." It's SO cute!

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