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Friday, July 21, 2006

Billy Connolly: 13 Things I Hate About People
1: People who point at their wrist while asking the time....I know where my watch is pal, where the fuck is yours? Do i point at my crotch when i ask where the toilet is?

2: People who are willing to get off their arse to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.

3: When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Fucking right! What good is a cake if you can't eat it too?

4: When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the fuck would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they?

5: When people say while watching a film "did you see that?" no tosser, i paid 10 quid to come to the cinema and stare at the fucking floor.

6: People who ask "Can i ask a question?". Didn't give me much choice there, did ya sunshine?

.....Haha! Now you have to wait till Shanny updates to read the rest x3 And for when she does, here's a link; LINKY LINK LINK!!! My fav is #5 xD !!

Other than that, i went and saw POTC:2 Wednesday night with the family. And OMG XD Loved it. Totally. Brought back my Orlando & Johnny obsession, ask Shanny bout that lol x3 I actually have this lovely picture of Orlando biting (yes, you heard me right) Johnny's shoulder at the Premiere in Paris xP No lie! Serious! Still don't believe me? Here ya go:

Told ya =P Don't i just find the best pictures lol. And if you ask me, Johnny looks like he's enjoying himself XD

Ohhhh, and did anyone else swear at the cinema screen when it (meaning POTC:2) cut off and left ya with a cliffhanger bout what happens to Jack? I don't think the people in front of me were too happy >>; But then again, fuck em xD I was sitting there going "Wtf? No seriously, wtf? Where's the fucking ending =O Noooooo! How long am i guna have to wait?!"

Anyway, hope that with SKFs help i shall have a new layout =P More complicated then this one, but ah well lol. Also have some Zodiac Star Sign icons that i need to finish, which i shall post up here cos well, they're Zodiac Star Signs x3 Anyone can use em lol. But that shall all be after the weekend >>; Since i'm going down to dad's this weekend (like i do every weekend) to get mashed with my mates (like i do every weekend) XD The minute i get a job my life is sorted perfectly....Ohh that and get a car xD But that comes after learning how to drive lol!

Anyway anyway tata! See you Sunday!

[EDIT:] Ohh SKF or Sw33tz (or anyone with a good knowledge of myO HTML), i just made another layout (i seem to be making alot of these recently) & i was wondering if one of you would like to code it? It's a pre-made layout which if you want can go on your Help HTML Sites =) Here's a quick preview:

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Friday, July 7, 2006

It's been one year from today that the London bombs went off. 52 people lost their lives & hundreds were injured. I know several people who were in London that day, and you have no idea how scared i was that they were injured.

Those people who lost their lives that day, i hold you in my prays, and the families who have lost loved ones due to a few peoples radical behaviour. If you could do the same (hold a prayer) that would be lovely.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

[Warning: Long post]

I had a great time overall folks =D Some of it was slightly poo, but you get that with most holidays no lol? I didn't burn although the sun was out constantly (seriously), i drank a fair bit, met Sam again (OMG i love him so much <3), and got closer to all my family members in general. Ok, i'll tell you who's who in general lol.

Aunts: Leslie, Jackie, Toni (Wendy didn't go)
Uncles: Jeff, Kevin
Cousins: Katie, Jessica, Sam, Abegail, Jade, Emily
Siblings: Amy, Stephen, Lauren, Becky
And then there's mum and her bf Mark.

So there was a fair few of us lol. Well i'll just write down what happened each day.

Friday: Completely didn't recongize Sam at first! Cos Jackie (Sam's mum) had quite abit of a drive, they didnt arrive till bout 6, when most people got there 2/3 (afternoon btw) and so by that time we were at dinner. Me and Mark were walking by with trays and someone (Sam, who i didn't notice at 1st) let us through this narrow section, and i just thanks without even realising it was him xD ! It's not like he's changed alot, it's just he use to be quite tall and lanky, but now he has a build on him, so it makes him seem shorter, and he's quite tanned so i walked past without giving him a 2nd glance! It wasn't till i nudged Amy and asked where Sam was that i realised it was the guy i walked past XD

After dinner we went to the Centre Stage thing, and that's where the drinks started lol. I didn't get hammered, just got tipsy, but i fed off Sam's drunk-enness, cos he was wasted lol! But me, him and Lauren amused ourselves x3 Me and Lauren were signing n dancing (while still seated may i add!) to all the songs we knew, Sam joined in several times lmao! I loved it when we were singing Love Shack xD That's why i got the bunny ears lol, Lauren got em as well. Flashy bunny ears =D Sam is a very funny person may i add lol, he pinched my side at one point (in a friendly way) cos i told him i smoke weed n he said he had some with him x3 Not that we smoked it while we were there, we drank lol! Honestly not too sure how to decribe that day too you, it was just a laugh.

Saturday: Went to the outdoor pool (which was freezing at first!!) & then to the indoor pool (which had some funky slides haha) with Becky, Emily & Jade. Jade's only 9 (10 as of Thursday) and before hand whenever we saw eachother she only ever gave me this shy lil smile, but she started talking to me properly Saturday which i was happy about =D We're closer now. Saturday night wasn't exactly eventful, went to the Centre Stage again, had some drinks (didn't even get tipsy =() just watched the people on the Stage make mugs of themselves lol. Ohh, and watched England lose, which i stressed about for a good while, and swore alot >>;

Sunday: Walked by the beach with everyone, which was quite fun, but cos my sunglasses weren't as dark or big as they should have been, the sun still effected my eyes and my eyes were watering all day. I have blue eyes, which are more sensitive, i tell ya, its a bitch to put make up on when your eye don't stop watering xD But i left that till later on that night so it was cool. Sunday night alot of people went to Bingo, but cos it's an over 18 thing (& i forgot my ID) i couldn't go and ended up going bowling, which was fun anyway so i didn't mind =P Apperantly Bingo was shit anyway lol, Sam came back with writing all up his arms where he got so bored x3 Amy said they would call out 2 numbers, and he would go 'fuck it' and just started drawing on himself lol. Played some pool with Mark and Becky. Lost both times xD And then a couple of us went to the Centra Stage again to have some more drinks. Sam complained to the bar people bout the price of a pint of Shandy (half/half mix). He said 1 pint of Shandy costs 2.85, where as 1 pint of plain beer (he called it 'real life' beer lol) costs 2.90. I mean, considering Shandy is half lemonade it should be alot cheaper than that oO Bloody rip offs.

As i said, it's not like we did anything overally exciting, just the fact that when we're together we can have a laugh anyway, and i liked the family bonding. Grandad said he had a good time, which i'm glad for =) I know i talked alot about Sam, but you have no idea how nice it was to see him again. Luckily we're going up to see Jackie at the end of August so i should hopefully see him again then =) And i'll actually remember my ID this time lol!

One bad thing that came out of this, i had to come to the realisation that Sam does indeed have a problem with drinking. He binge drinks and drinks whenever he wants, but at least he ain't a violent drunk, just louder, can't walk straight n you can't get a coherant sentence out of him lol. Anyway, this post is long enough as it is. Here's a picture Amy took of me and Lauren in bunny ears (i'm the blonde), oh and yes, i have messed about with it on photoshop:

Me & Lauren in flashy bunny ears

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OMG i am so pissed at L-Factor right now >>; The rules there have a strangle hold on both the members and mods alike, and the results are sad to say the least. I tried to help this member have some fun, allowing him to have some shorthand/l337 in his thread (can ya believe, l337 isn't allowed at all, and you get a warning straight away for it?), and the other Mods simply bashed me for it and then deleted the thread saying it had been discussed. Wtf? How had it been discussed, i was away the weekend it was fucking discussed, and i brought up the damn subject! I should be one of the final people to have a say.

Damn that's pissed me off so much ><; And the fact is the member i tried to help isn't even a bad member, he's done nothing to break the rules ever and now because of this he's seen as a rule breaker. Pfft. Fucking forum is in decline i swear.

Other news, going away Friday =D Got my bikini top ready, getting me new hair-do Friday morning before i leave. Ya know, for once, i wish i could meet someone. I know i've always been the first one to turn around and go "you shouldn't look for people, or you end up missing the really decent ones", but i just would like to have a boyfriend =/ I'm not lonely, and i'm not the type of person usually to crave being in a relationship. But now that i'm older, and now that my view on the world has changed for the better, a relationship would be nice. But of course, that won't happen this weekend. We'll probably all sit in the main hall, and me and Stephen will spend all our time in the arcades like we usually do. But i can dream no?

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Going Butlins in a couple of weeks for my Grandad's 80th birthday =D W00t, can't wait. The whole family (mum's side) is going, i finally get to see my cousin Sam after so long O.O You know though, i'm not sure if i wanna see him.

When i was young i loved him (not incest you dirty pervs you >>;), whenever we went to Jackie's house (aunt) he would make up stories for me n Stephen (ryudostarwind). You know the ones where every now n again it gives you options? Like, buy a sword or whatever. I simply loved those stories.

But i heard recently that he's turned into an alcoholic. And honestly, i don't wanna see him like that, cos if i do, all that love n respect goes 'poof'. Why? Because although my dad isn't an alcoholic as such, he definately drinks way more than he should & always puts beer above other things, yes, including family. And i really don't wanna see Sam like that.

But alas, he's going, so i'm just guna pray that he's either changed/someone got it wrong when they said he was an alcoholic/that he don't get too drunk.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

RAMBLINGS OF LIFE// Lately, i've been real happy. I mean, for once in such a long time, i'm truly happy. I want to live my life, in my own shoes. I wanna grow old. I'm even giving the thought of kids a chance. I don't go to bed each night wishing to wake up somewhere else...or not to wake up at all.

And although i love every single one of you, and thank you for all the times you've lifted me up when i was down, which would be countless. The people i need to thank most are my friends. Namely a few of them: Phil, Richard, Chris, Sneaks, Sarah. There are more, but these lot made the biggest impact. I finally feel like i belong, that i ain't just an attachment easily thrown to the side. I'm actually part of the group. Part of the friendship. And it's not like they did anything extremely radical. They did what friends are meant to do; listen to you, talk things through with you, have a laugh with you, and even sometimes, let you see their weaknesses. That way, you know they're sincere.

Honestly, the only thing in my life that i ain't happy with atm would be the fact that i have no job, and i know i'm not guna be jobless for the rest of my life, so that isn't a major major concern. And even then, my friends take me out of a weekend and i forget that worry till i'm back on Monday.

Your all sitting there thinking, "Wtf? Why do we care", but it had to be said. Some of you may still think i'm depressed. But i ain't. For once in a long time, i truly truly ain't (although no matter how many times i tell Paul that he won't listen). I wanna live my life to the full =)

I know some of you don't agree with the lifestyle i'm living now. Although to be perfectly honest there's a hell of alot of worse things i can be doing then simply smoking weed on the weekends.

There's a select few of you i wanna thank with all my heart, for being there for me holding me up till the right people came along to save me (although that sounds corny/cliche, t'is true). So thank you, Shanny, Puppy, Sw33tz, Broken Blade, Lockheartifa & Constance. You people will never truly know the extent of what you've done for me, and my only regret is that i have nothing to give to you all to thank you for this 2nd chance. //RAMBLINGS OF LIFE

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anyone know how to make hair look shorter without cutting it xD

I might go as Elena instead of Reno, why? Because if i go as Reno i'll have to dye my hair bright red, and since i'm blonde, it's likely to stain my hair in the long run.

And yeah, I DON'T WEAR WIGS! Unless you buy some ultra expensive wig then i think they look poo, and just plain wrong.

So does anyone know how to make long hair turn into a short bob like Elena's xD Cos if i can, then all i need is the suit and i'm set lol. I'm guna take that toy gun i was meant to take last time >>; Ya know, just for props.

Also, for some reason, it only seems to rain on Saturday now days o.o; Why a Saturday?! Why not Thursday or any other weekday (except Friday xD)! Stupid weather lol.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Guess who i might now be cosplaying at May's London Expo Convention. Guessed? Didn't think so...

...RENO! Haha xD

My friend, Richard (chocobo gene), said he's going as Tseng, and Marc already said that if i go as Reno he'd go as Rude =P

Orginally i was guna go as an ANBU, but i still have a few bits and bobs to sort out on the costume, and i was worried that i wouldn't get it done on time (for the 28th of May), but since Reno's costume is so damn easy, i think i'll leave my ANBU one for the next convention.

This time, i'm definatly taking a camera lol.

RANDOM// I so wanna see how Marc turns black for the day xD is he guna spray paint himself or something lmao!!


I'm boiling here. Seriously. England is meant to be the rainy country, the rainy country damn it >.<;

It's bright, hot and sticky. Wonderful. If this is our spring, how the hell am i guna survive summer o.o

Answer: wear no clothes xD

And just so you know, don't hate spring/summer, it's just i'm so pale i burn easily and i get hot real quick.

While i'm writing this i'm at 13,985 Hits, by the time i come back Monday it's more then likely that i'll hit the 14,000 mark, so i'll put this up now =P

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ain't feeling all too well today, nah i don't feel ill, just down really. The whole getting a job thing is not going at all to plan, and at this rate i can see myself never getting a job -_- It's sad, cos my mum might be losing her job too, and god knows how we're guna bring in money then. I just hope things work out.

Other then that, my weekend was completely ruined by thugs who should've been taught manners by their parents. About 30 of them chased 7 of us. 7?! Can you believe that? It takes 30 of them to chase 7 of us, actually, 6, cos i didn't run. And if they had hit me then...well let's say i know alot of people who wouldn't take too kindly to that.

Unfortuantly though, they got my friend Glenn. I didn't see what they did exactly to him, but i saw the aftermath of it, and was told what they did by someone who had seen it. As Glenn was attempting to run across the road (i assume to follow Phil, Martin, Olive & Chris down the alleyway) one of those thugs run into him and ran him into a car. And as if that weren't enough, two boys then began to beat him while 1 filmed it. Filmed it?! They filmed it for fuck sakes!! Luckily he's ok though, he went to hospital afterwards, and they sent him home from there.

And the thing is, we didn't even provoke them. We were out just to have a laugh, and ended up running from 30 people. Fun eh? Actually, i'm fumming about this. Seriously. But that isn't going to be the end of it. We're definately not guna take this laying down, something will be done about this, whether it be 1 month from now or 6.

Can't really say much else, since i don't know who exactly reads this etc. I can't really believe we ended up getting dragged into this all really heh.

And just so you know, i miss alot of you out there. Especially you Shanny, haven't spoken to you, or heard from you in a long time...

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok, this is a continued post from last night k =D As i said, there's quite abit to add to the story since i wrote that post a while ago >>;
You know that me and Michelle had this 'rift' between us? Well that's gone...What's left is this big hole of nothingness. We don't talk at all anymore. Wanna know why? Well i was sitting with Phil in his back garden just listening to music and having a smoke and Michelle comes down f-ing, swearing & screaming about the music being too loud. Seriously, it wasn't that loud. Not to mention it was midday on a weekend but that ain't really the point. So considering this was an argument between siblings (Phil n Mic) i kept out of it. And then i hear:

Michelle: You and all your dickhead friends (couldnt hear the rest)!
Phil: There's only Josie here.
Michelle: Yeah?!

OMG. Then she had the nerve to get rude to me when i was holding the door open for her boyfriend, who may i add, i don't even like. You know when people say "Excuse me!" but in that nasty sarcastic tone? Well that's what i got. FOR HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN FOR HER BF? I hadn't said a word to her and i got called a dickhead. Now i know, i'm over reacting right? But that was the straw that broke this camel's back. Whenever me and her have an argument it usually gets either sweeped under the carpet, or i'm the one saying sorry, simply cos i don't like losing friends. But since i started hanging around with Phil she's been nothing but bitchy to me and i've had it.

And everyone else is staying well clear of this rift. Honestly, you wouldn't wanna touch it with a 10ft pole encase it explodes. Cos quite honestly, there's only so many dirty looks n crappy words i can take before i switch and start swinging fists. But whether that'll happen or not i don't know.

You know what though? Michelle keeps driving her friends away. She use to bump everyone (including me) off for her newest best mate, Katie. And then, Katie bummped Mic off the minute she got a bf. What comes around goes around neh? So now Michelle trying to cling hold of the only people she's got left, Paul, Sarah n Olive (Sarah's bf). And you wanna know what? I'm better mates with Sarah then Mic is xD I'm the one who basically introduced them lol. And no, i don't feel sorry for Mic, the way she's been acting towards me recently, why should i?
Anyway, should stop rambling about her now >>; I sound like i have an obsession with her lol, but the only reason i know these things is cos of Phil n Rich (phil's/mic's older bro, whom i'm also great mates with) tell me all about it.
SKF: Me and Phil talk about everything and anything, but love isn't on the agenda between us xD He's made that clear several times before, although i don't know why he had too o.O; I don't like him in that way lol.

Yes, that boy moved way too fast for me o.o; I don't like boys who see me as girlfriend potential right from the off. I want to be their friend first.

I did get that sash! My friends Toria n Trish (who also came clubbing with us) made them in the end for me n Sarah =D And they worked lol, loads of people said happy b-day to me and Sarah lmao. Mainly when we were in the girls toilets, simply cos it was *always* packed in their lol.

And why would i wanna escape the insane clutches of MyO xD I welcome the insanity lol.

Mui K: I had a wicked excellent super duper time on my birthday XD Thank you for asking! (And wishing me belated b-day, same goes to you too SKF)!

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