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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

[Warning: Long post]

I had a great time overall folks =D Some of it was slightly poo, but you get that with most holidays no lol? I didn't burn although the sun was out constantly (seriously), i drank a fair bit, met Sam again (OMG i love him so much <3), and got closer to all my family members in general. Ok, i'll tell you who's who in general lol.

Aunts: Leslie, Jackie, Toni (Wendy didn't go)
Uncles: Jeff, Kevin
Cousins: Katie, Jessica, Sam, Abegail, Jade, Emily
Siblings: Amy, Stephen, Lauren, Becky
And then there's mum and her bf Mark.

So there was a fair few of us lol. Well i'll just write down what happened each day.

Friday: Completely didn't recongize Sam at first! Cos Jackie (Sam's mum) had quite abit of a drive, they didnt arrive till bout 6, when most people got there 2/3 (afternoon btw) and so by that time we were at dinner. Me and Mark were walking by with trays and someone (Sam, who i didn't notice at 1st) let us through this narrow section, and i just thanks without even realising it was him xD ! It's not like he's changed alot, it's just he use to be quite tall and lanky, but now he has a build on him, so it makes him seem shorter, and he's quite tanned so i walked past without giving him a 2nd glance! It wasn't till i nudged Amy and asked where Sam was that i realised it was the guy i walked past XD

After dinner we went to the Centre Stage thing, and that's where the drinks started lol. I didn't get hammered, just got tipsy, but i fed off Sam's drunk-enness, cos he was wasted lol! But me, him and Lauren amused ourselves x3 Me and Lauren were signing n dancing (while still seated may i add!) to all the songs we knew, Sam joined in several times lmao! I loved it when we were singing Love Shack xD That's why i got the bunny ears lol, Lauren got em as well. Flashy bunny ears =D Sam is a very funny person may i add lol, he pinched my side at one point (in a friendly way) cos i told him i smoke weed n he said he had some with him x3 Not that we smoked it while we were there, we drank lol! Honestly not too sure how to decribe that day too you, it was just a laugh.

Saturday: Went to the outdoor pool (which was freezing at first!!) & then to the indoor pool (which had some funky slides haha) with Becky, Emily & Jade. Jade's only 9 (10 as of Thursday) and before hand whenever we saw eachother she only ever gave me this shy lil smile, but she started talking to me properly Saturday which i was happy about =D We're closer now. Saturday night wasn't exactly eventful, went to the Centre Stage again, had some drinks (didn't even get tipsy =() just watched the people on the Stage make mugs of themselves lol. Ohh, and watched England lose, which i stressed about for a good while, and swore alot >>;

Sunday: Walked by the beach with everyone, which was quite fun, but cos my sunglasses weren't as dark or big as they should have been, the sun still effected my eyes and my eyes were watering all day. I have blue eyes, which are more sensitive, i tell ya, its a bitch to put make up on when your eye don't stop watering xD But i left that till later on that night so it was cool. Sunday night alot of people went to Bingo, but cos it's an over 18 thing (& i forgot my ID) i couldn't go and ended up going bowling, which was fun anyway so i didn't mind =P Apperantly Bingo was shit anyway lol, Sam came back with writing all up his arms where he got so bored x3 Amy said they would call out 2 numbers, and he would go 'fuck it' and just started drawing on himself lol. Played some pool with Mark and Becky. Lost both times xD And then a couple of us went to the Centra Stage again to have some more drinks. Sam complained to the bar people bout the price of a pint of Shandy (half/half mix). He said 1 pint of Shandy costs 2.85, where as 1 pint of plain beer (he called it 'real life' beer lol) costs 2.90. I mean, considering Shandy is half lemonade it should be alot cheaper than that oO Bloody rip offs.

As i said, it's not like we did anything overally exciting, just the fact that when we're together we can have a laugh anyway, and i liked the family bonding. Grandad said he had a good time, which i'm glad for =) I know i talked alot about Sam, but you have no idea how nice it was to see him again. Luckily we're going up to see Jackie at the end of August so i should hopefully see him again then =) And i'll actually remember my ID this time lol!

One bad thing that came out of this, i had to come to the realisation that Sam does indeed have a problem with drinking. He binge drinks and drinks whenever he wants, but at least he ain't a violent drunk, just louder, can't walk straight n you can't get a coherant sentence out of him lol. Anyway, this post is long enough as it is. Here's a picture Amy took of me and Lauren in bunny ears (i'm the blonde), oh and yes, i have messed about with it on photoshop:

Me & Lauren in flashy bunny ears

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