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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anyone know how to make hair look shorter without cutting it xD

I might go as Elena instead of Reno, why? Because if i go as Reno i'll have to dye my hair bright red, and since i'm blonde, it's likely to stain my hair in the long run.

And yeah, I DON'T WEAR WIGS! Unless you buy some ultra expensive wig then i think they look poo, and just plain wrong.

So does anyone know how to make long hair turn into a short bob like Elena's xD Cos if i can, then all i need is the suit and i'm set lol. I'm guna take that toy gun i was meant to take last time >>; Ya know, just for props.

Also, for some reason, it only seems to rain on Saturday now days o.o; Why a Saturday?! Why not Thursday or any other weekday (except Friday xD)! Stupid weather lol.

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