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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok, this is a continued post from last night k =D As i said, there's quite abit to add to the story since i wrote that post a while ago >>;
You know that me and Michelle had this 'rift' between us? Well that's gone...What's left is this big hole of nothingness. We don't talk at all anymore. Wanna know why? Well i was sitting with Phil in his back garden just listening to music and having a smoke and Michelle comes down f-ing, swearing & screaming about the music being too loud. Seriously, it wasn't that loud. Not to mention it was midday on a weekend but that ain't really the point. So considering this was an argument between siblings (Phil n Mic) i kept out of it. And then i hear:

Michelle: You and all your dickhead friends (couldnt hear the rest)!
Phil: There's only Josie here.
Michelle: Yeah?!

OMG. Then she had the nerve to get rude to me when i was holding the door open for her boyfriend, who may i add, i don't even like. You know when people say "Excuse me!" but in that nasty sarcastic tone? Well that's what i got. FOR HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN FOR HER BF? I hadn't said a word to her and i got called a dickhead. Now i know, i'm over reacting right? But that was the straw that broke this camel's back. Whenever me and her have an argument it usually gets either sweeped under the carpet, or i'm the one saying sorry, simply cos i don't like losing friends. But since i started hanging around with Phil she's been nothing but bitchy to me and i've had it.

And everyone else is staying well clear of this rift. Honestly, you wouldn't wanna touch it with a 10ft pole encase it explodes. Cos quite honestly, there's only so many dirty looks n crappy words i can take before i switch and start swinging fists. But whether that'll happen or not i don't know.

You know what though? Michelle keeps driving her friends away. She use to bump everyone (including me) off for her newest best mate, Katie. And then, Katie bummped Mic off the minute she got a bf. What comes around goes around neh? So now Michelle trying to cling hold of the only people she's got left, Paul, Sarah n Olive (Sarah's bf). And you wanna know what? I'm better mates with Sarah then Mic is xD I'm the one who basically introduced them lol. And no, i don't feel sorry for Mic, the way she's been acting towards me recently, why should i?
Anyway, should stop rambling about her now >>; I sound like i have an obsession with her lol, but the only reason i know these things is cos of Phil n Rich (phil's/mic's older bro, whom i'm also great mates with) tell me all about it.
SKF: Me and Phil talk about everything and anything, but love isn't on the agenda between us xD He's made that clear several times before, although i don't know why he had too o.O; I don't like him in that way lol.

Yes, that boy moved way too fast for me o.o; I don't like boys who see me as girlfriend potential right from the off. I want to be their friend first.

I did get that sash! My friends Toria n Trish (who also came clubbing with us) made them in the end for me n Sarah =D And they worked lol, loads of people said happy b-day to me and Sarah lmao. Mainly when we were in the girls toilets, simply cos it was *always* packed in their lol.

And why would i wanna escape the insane clutches of MyO xD I welcome the insanity lol.

Mui K: I had a wicked excellent super duper time on my birthday XD Thank you for asking! (And wishing me belated b-day, same goes to you too SKF)!

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