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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Would all pyscho's please leave me alone. That includes all you weirdo's sending me PMs saying "Your life is bad? So what? I won't pity you. But i can be your friend". You sound like a bad advert. Now that *that* is outta the way, i'll leave you all be.

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Yes i know, i'm a day early, but i doubt i'll be around tomorrow =P

Edit: I've finally read some of Suiyuki (Goyjo & Hakkai are my favs), i have the first 2 Manga. And my friend said she'd send me the rest, yay =D Happiness!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

I don't know where i went wrong in my life. But nothing goes right for me anymore. I have no motivation or will power to make something better of myself anymore, that part of me died not too long ago. And i seem to be losing friends on a daily basis. The only 2 friends i have left are Phil and Kessra. That includes both offline & online. They're the only people who will actually *start* a conversation with me, not needing me to say the first word.

I'm beginning to feel some hatred towards Trish, one of the people who i would have called a friend not too long ago. She manipulates me quite abit, and i've only just noticed it. As much as i know my father hates me when i don't work, he doesn't say so. Yet Trish feels the need to voice his un-spoken opinion. When i said i wanted to quit working at the factory, for the pure reason that it's soul destroying, she says "Dad will be really pissed if you do." Why? It's not like it's his loss in anyway. I've bought all the Christmas presents i need too. I was simply going to work to save up for a new Computer and to get my internet back. So how does it effect him if i stop working? Answer: It doesn't.

Now i don't want your pity, nor do i want "I'm still your friend", because quite frankly, none of you are anymore. There's a few of you i would count as a 'mate', but none of you as a friend, as stated, i only have 2 friends left now. Some who i use to consider friends, have simply disappeared from my life.

I don't honestly know why i wrote this, if anything it's either going to annoy you, or upset you, depending on whom you are. I guess i just needed an out-let. And now that i've found it, i bid you all farewell.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hey, once again people. Guess what? Josie now has purple hair =P Not entirely, but half/half lol. Also, for Christmas, outta the money my dad's no doubtedly guna give me, i'm guna get my lip pierced ^_^ Something i've always wanted done lol.

Ordered 4 Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto) Yaoi Doujinshi. Yay. Go me. Also, ordered the whole Naruto series =P Well, what they have out so far. It comes extra with pictures, manga, and loads of other bits and bobs which i'm happy about.

Decided what i'm guna go as for the next Anime Convention, which is in May. Decided to go as an ANBU from Naruto. I would go as Kakashi as an ANBU, except for the fact of the whole Sharingan eye thing, which costs quite a pretty penny, not to mention the hair. How would i make it stick that way? I'm sorry but i ain't wearing a wig XD I hate the darn things.

Some people asked whats going on between me and Shanny, and well, unless she tells ya, i have no place to say.

One last thing. I can't get the HTML for that music thing to work. Ya know where ya get several song options into one? Yeah, well, it's being sucky and not working XD

Anyways, my bro wants to come back on so tata <3

PS - Would random people who don't know me stop saying how much they're missed me please? It's getting annoying.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hmm...how do i say this without going back on my word...

Oh, wait, i can't. So might as well just say it. I'm back! Miss me? Didn't think so but you'll have to put up with me anyway haha.

But even though i'm back, i won't be posting on a daily basis like i use too, i don't even do that at my LiveJournal and i go there more often than here =P Yes, LJ has me hooked, what started off as only a graphics journal has slowly changed into a personal journal as well.

But, i decided to come back here cos i miss some of the people, and i can't seem to keep in contact with them unless i'm here and active.

Wanna know whats been going on in my life since i last had a *real* update? Well, you might, but i can't be bothered to tell in detail so i'll put it into points;

1} - I've had several large arguments with Phil (my best friend) over various crap. One time resulting in me having a panic attack.

2} - Tried to go college, but they cancelled all my classes. Sucks =/

3} - Got a job at a factory, although it's only when they have too much work that i go in. I hate it, but the people who work with me are funny so i can bare it.

4} - I hate myself for becoming the failure that i am.

5} - I think i've either pissed off or upset Shanny. Although i'm still waiting for a reply to my email to actually confirm which it is.

And lastly 6} - My internet at my house (currently at my mum's) has been cut because my dad's an ass. So my updates here will be limited to when i'm at my mum's.

Also, i got a funny PM asking me if i was single and if i wanted to go out with the sender (male). [sarcasim]Why yes, of course, i'll go out with you, Mr. No Name who i don't even know.[/sarcasim]

Ohh and for those interested, i went to my first anime convention in late October, dressed as some random person from Noir. Ok, not exactly a random person, but a main character, the funny thing is, i've never even watched Noir. And i still don't know the name of the girl i dressed as. Although alot of other people sure did.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Well i know i said i'd keep my site open, but, well no one seems to be in need of contacting me, so i'm just guna turn this site off, otherwise t'is only guna collect dust.

My site will be turned off as of tomorrow, i might come round every month or so just to check on people =P

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tales of Symphonia...the Anime!?!

Apperantly so. According to this link it's in production. I'm hoping this isn't a joke x.x

Any info you have about this will be greatly appreciated!

and no, i'm not back, i'm just posting this everywhere to see if i can get any new info XP

and just to clarify, i've found a new home over at LiveJournal, so it's doubtful i'll ever come here again, and if i do, it'd only be to post things like this trying to find out things >>;

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

About a week ago, i was more then certain i was guna re-join. Well not leave at least. I was guna just use this place as somewhere i can post my graphics. Until i got back into the swing of things at least.

But now? Well i don't think my new layout plan is ever guna get a foot off the ground ^_^; So i've decided to drop MyOtaku.

I already have a graphics journal, over at LiveJournal. And the whole diary thing, well i just don't seem up to it anymore. As i said before, there's only a hand full of people that come here for me, and well, most of them i talk to on MSN anyways.

I'm having a shitty time at the moment, things just keep getting worse, and i just don't worry about this place. Not to offend anyone, but this place is now on the bottom of my list.

I may come back =/ So yes, i'm leaving this place open. You can comment etc, and i'll still read em. I just ain't guna post. And i'll comment on your sites, but only rarely.

Can i ask a quick favour of some of you? Seto Kaiba Freak, Me Luv Kyo Kun and Broken Blade could i have your MSN address'?

Until i either next post (which could be months), or i speak to you, tata my loves óż óż

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lately i've been thinking about closing my site down. Why? Many reasons really. This place really doesn't mean what it use to for me. I don't tell it all the secrets i use to, in fear of scaring off some of my friends. And that's mainly the reason i stayed here, to have someplace to vent, but now i can't even do that. And before you say i could tell you my secrets are you won't run, i just can't. It's hard for me, it truly is. Also i think i've met all the friends that i'm guna now. There's only a select few i can say who actually come here for me, and not the layout or theme. Heh. If i do close my site, i won't delete it, so i can still comment on other pages and re-open this place if i ever want too. Well, i'll probably make a definate decision soon, so until then bye. óż
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Time: 4:15pm
Mood: Hot -_-
Music: SOAD - Spiders

Sorry for not being around, Michelle keeps dragging me out.

I don't know how active i'll be, i feel so, empty, as of late. The only people i ever want to talk to would be Val or Mai. I don't know why, i love ye all, never doubt that, it's just...i don't even know anymore ya know.

The theme shall be changing soon, once i finish everything, and that means i'll be putting up the rest of those buttons.

Ya know around Michelle and all my other friends, i feel like a loser, stupid, lower than any of them. Why? Maybe cos of all the laughing sent my way, even when i'm trying to be serious *shrugs* my life is one big joke, why should i care anymore?

Anyway, for the time i'm not here, ya know i'll be missing ya, especially my gals, ya know who you are. I might comment on other pages, depends on how i feel.

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Friday, July 8, 2005

Time: 6:15pm
Mood: Meh
Music: Nothing >.>

I'm guessing you've all heard the news? If you haven't, then you've had your head under a rock since yesterday morning. Firstly, let me put your minds at ease and assure that i'm ok and so are my friends and family. I've had several PMs and mentions from sites asking if i'm ok, well as i just said, yep i'm fine.

The death toll is at 50 and still climbing due to all the critical injuries people had. I could say alot more, but you probably don't need to hear it, poor Shanny's had to deal with me rambling on about it all, so i'll spare you the drama. Let's just say, i hope those bastards gets what's coming to em. I seriously do.

Other than that, Phil has said sorry, so me and him are ok again. Actually, Phil apoligized about 6 hours after i made my last post. I went out with Michelle Wednesday, at about 1pm, and i ended up sleeping round Paul's house.

It was fun other than when i found out about the whole London bombing thing. That was more than a downer. Me and Michelle was just watching TV, and than 'breaking news' came through about the bus blowing up. But as i said before, i'll leave the drama out of it all.

Most of the evening was spent shooting Chris and Peek with a BB Gun. Which was quite funny really =P And i finished my next set of 10 Joey icons: Click Here!

Anyway i'm off to play TS3 with my bro again. Have fun yo.

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