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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OMG i am so pissed at L-Factor right now >>; The rules there have a strangle hold on both the members and mods alike, and the results are sad to say the least. I tried to help this member have some fun, allowing him to have some shorthand/l337 in his thread (can ya believe, l337 isn't allowed at all, and you get a warning straight away for it?), and the other Mods simply bashed me for it and then deleted the thread saying it had been discussed. Wtf? How had it been discussed, i was away the weekend it was fucking discussed, and i brought up the damn subject! I should be one of the final people to have a say.

Damn that's pissed me off so much ><; And the fact is the member i tried to help isn't even a bad member, he's done nothing to break the rules ever and now because of this he's seen as a rule breaker. Pfft. Fucking forum is in decline i swear.

Other news, going away Friday =D Got my bikini top ready, getting me new hair-do Friday morning before i leave. Ya know, for once, i wish i could meet someone. I know i've always been the first one to turn around and go "you shouldn't look for people, or you end up missing the really decent ones", but i just would like to have a boyfriend =/ I'm not lonely, and i'm not the type of person usually to crave being in a relationship. But now that i'm older, and now that my view on the world has changed for the better, a relationship would be nice. But of course, that won't happen this weekend. We'll probably all sit in the main hall, and me and Stephen will spend all our time in the arcades like we usually do. But i can dream no?

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